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Job Listings Starks General Store is looking for two new cashiers and one new stock boy. The positions are all part-time. For more information and your application visit the store or contact Janie Starks. Our local post office is in dire need of three to four new paper boys running routes throughout town. Your own bike is necessary, applications located in the office next to the traveling brochures. Ages 10-20 are welcome.

Weather Monday: High of 98 degrees, low of 50. Sunny with 68% chance of thunderstorms throughout the night. Tuesday: High of 102, low of 40. 98% chance of thunderstorms. Wednesday: High of 70, low of 56. Sunny. Thursday:High of 76, low of 63. Sunny. Friday: High of 80, low of 60. Partly Cloudy. Saturday: High of 77, low of 60. 30% chance of rain. Sunday: High of 86, low of 50. Sunny.

SALE AT THE GENERAL STORE Grapes for .10 paint

Apples .30 a bundle

Pears .05 for 3

50% off all

Loaf of bread .30 jam .20

Lb. of Chicken .85

Jar of Pickles .20

4 jars of

Elections For Our New Town Mayor will be held in three months! Tony Anderson and Reynold Cummings will be giving their campaign speeches next thursday at 11:00 am in the town hall. Each candidate will be expressing all of their views and ideas for the town to hear. Be sure to come out and support them in their efforts to better us, just as our past mayors always have. There will also be a short service following the speeches at the Baptist church to honor our former mayor, Jody Sparks.

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