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INSIDE OR OUT TrackMan™ is available in an indoor and outdoor model. Both systems provide the same industry leading accuracy and data analysis performance. All you need to get started is a computer with a USB 2.0 port, the TrackMan™ unit, TrackMan™ software, and you’re ready to swing.

The US Open is a great opportunity for the USGA to measure launch conditions and swing

TrackMan™ weighs just 12 pounds (less than 5.5 kg.) and can be carried in its own travel case. It comes with it’s own battery and takes less than two minutes to set up. Golf swings and shots to be analyzed just need to be hit in front of the unit, with no specific tee location required.

Dick Rugge, USGA Senior Technical Director


performance of the best golfers in the world. TrackMan™ has given us the ability to do this accurately, efficiently and reliably.


TrackMan™ Pro, the original version of our swing and ball flight analyzer, is a staple on the professional tours, with leading club fitters, manufacturers, retailers, universities, and instructors. The PGA Tour, R&A, and USGA, all choose TrackMan™ for their swing and ball flight analysis, as does broadcast TV to improve coverage.

TrackMan™ Launch is the indoor only version of our swing and ball flight analyzer. Using the same hardware as the outdoor TrackMan™ Pro, it measures ball launch as well as the 3D movement of the club. Then instantly, using our proprietary world-class ball flight model, it calculates the length, dispersion and trajectory of the shot. Delivering to you an easy to use, easy to understand report based on the application you have chosen.

TrackMan™ Pro is the first of its kind to map the entire flight of the golf ball from impact to landing, displaying its 3D trajectory in real time. At the same time, the solution provides a complete statistical analysis of the swing and ball flight with all the important club data and angles delivered to you in an easy to understand, ready to print, save or email report. TrackMan™ Pro can be used inside or outside, in any weather, with the same precision, confidence and stability.

TrackMan™ needs only a short distance to determine ball flight information, making it the ideal tool for indoor club fitting, teaching, practice and fun. TrackMan™ has solved the challenges of consistency and accuracy that have plagued existing launch monitors. Providing the same precision, quality and stability you expect from TrackMan™ technology.

TrackMan™ is a fantastic tool for measurement and analysis of ball flight. It has become an

TrackMan™ helps you improve what really matters in golf, tangible numbers, no guesswork,

important part of our club fitting programs for tour players and amateurs alike.

improving your awareness. It has been a big part of our winning the NCAA championships.

David Leadbetter

Conrad Ray, Head Coach Stanford University Men’s Golf Team

Learn how TrackMan™ will drive your profits Golf instructors Club fitters Equipment manufacturers Retailers Tour professionals Universities Golf courses Driving ranges TrackMan™ is used by the world’s leading tour players and coaches, equipment manufacturers, golf academies, golf courses, club fitters and by golf’s governing bodies; the USGA and R&A. Its industry leading accuracy and easy to use interface enable you to provide a new level of service to your customers, clients and students. The wealth of TrackMan™ applications for both indoor and outdoor use will help you develop innovative ideas, programs and services that drive your profits and accelerate your business growth.

We wouldn’t be where we are if we didn’t have TrackMan™. Our pro­duct services have definitely grown and expanded due to it. Corey McKay, President of Z Golf Custom Fitting Centers


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Enabling golf industry professionals to perform with precision and confidence

TrackMan™ is a completely portable, easy to use radar-based solution

Portable, lightweight

for analyzing the golf swing and the resulting ball flight. The choice

Easy to use

of the PGA Tour, USGA and R&A, it has set the industry standard for

Industry’s most accurate

accuracy. Delivering real-time data and graphics on club movement,

Real-time data and graphics

ball launch, the flight and landing.

Print, save or email PDF reports

Not to mention, extremely cool to play with. The Wall Street Journal


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