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April 2014

Issue 2

Inside ASC Welcome to our 2nd edition Continuing Professional Development events for all providers of mental health and learning disability care. The Andrew Sims Centre also provides an event management service, specialising in healthcare events. The Andrew Sims Centre produces a range of events for professionals working within

Inside this issue Foreword………………………………...….2 Essentials CPD calendar……………….2 Intro to Civil & Criminal Court..…...3 Interview with Dr Tony Zigmond….4

mental health and learning disabilities. For registered practitioners, these seminars &

Mental Health Law Programme.….5

workshops carry Royal College of Psychiatry CPD points.

Love Arts Festival & Conference…..6 Book Review……………….………………..7

Over thirteen years the ASC has built its reputation as a leading provider of continuing professional development events, focusing on evidence-based clinical and therapeutic practices for a national multidisciplinary audience.

SAS Doctors review……………………...7 Contact, feedback and mailing list..8 Competition……….………………………...8

We are a self-financing and not for profit department within the Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, however our events are open to anyone working within the field; health and social care, third sector, NHS and private organisations. We also provide an event management service.

Foreword from Maria Warner Maria Warner, Head of Learning and People Development has been a part of Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust for 8 years. During this time, Maria has seen the ASC develop, broadening its scope into event management as well as medical CPD. “In recent times the Centre has produced The LYPFT’s Trust Awards, Yorkshire and the Humber’s Leadership Recognition Awards and the annual national Nursing Conference.” Alongside this, the Andrew Sims Centre has never lost focus on providing up to date relevant training courses “To provide the best medical CPD, the centre remains agile and adapts to meet demands. In response to feedback from industry professionals, the ASC has launched the ‘Simply CPD’ programme of two hour, more focused courses, so it is not only huge conferences that they provide” “It’s of substantial benefit to our delegates to have the CPD events department within Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust, as it gives the events team immediate links to medical experts who can steer the centre towards the topics they need to be delivering. We have expert input from the likes of Douglas Fraser, Tim Branton and Nick Brindle, who provide current and topical subjects, allowing the ASC to provide responsive, flexible and focused training. “ The Andrew Sims Centre is commercially focused. The team are professional event mangers. “Their unique selling point has to be their ability to create a customer experience. They think about the whole package, choosing appropriate venues and delivering a professional service with customers always in mind . “

Essentials Our Essentials series of seminars cover a wide range of topics in mental health and learning disabilities, delivered by acknowledged experts in their fields. The aim is to cover basic principles and practical scenarios, appropriate for those with limited experience in that specific subject area, and also for more experienced practitioners who wish to refresh, improve and update their knowledge. These sessions are suitable for all health and social care staff with an interest in the subject area.


Our ‘Essentials’ Calendar Thursday 8th May 2014 Essentials: Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms and Non Epileptic Attack Disorder Dr Peter Trigwell Professor Markus Reuber Village Hotel Leeds North Thursday 12th June 2014 Essentials: Sleep Disorders in Mental Health Practice Professor Gregory Stores Village Hotel Leeds North Thursday 19th June 2014 Essentials: Francis Report—Dame Professor Sue Bailey OBE Village Hotel Leeds North

Friday 27th June 2014 Essentials: Psychosis and the Importance of Early Intervention Professor Alison Yung Met Hotel Leeds

Wednesday 16th July 2014 Essentials: Computer Aided CBT for Anxiety and Non-Suicidal Depression— Professor Isaac Marks Village Hotel Leeds North

Friday 5th December 2014 Essentials: Personality Disorder and Inpatient Management Dr Gwen Adshead The Met Hotel, Leeds

Forthcoming Event with a difference Introduction to Criminal and Civil Court Proceedings Leeds Town Hall Tuesday 8th July 2014 Professor Keith Rix “In 1995 one of our then senior registrars, Dr. Steve Curran, asked me if I could give a talk to the trainees on the court system. After I had filled a number of overhead transparencies with boxes and arrows, using as many different colours as possible, I realised it was going to be a deadly boring talk. It then occurred to me that it would be better to follow the progress of a suspect/detainee/defendant/offender through the criminal justice system. Then it occurred to me that dramatising this would be even better.” Professor Keith Rix

This event takes place in the atmospheric surrounding of Leeds pate making the subject as understandable and memorable as Town Hall’s former Crown Court room. The room is now used for possible. meetings and training or as a film and television set. Professor Rix has run this workshop for many years across the Professor Keith Rix will be facilitating discussion during two country and we are delighted that he is now bringing it to the workshops in which participants will dress up as police officers, Andrew Sims Centre giving us the opportunity to provide this barristers and judges and have fun. experience to our delegates. The purpose is to familiarise psychiatrists with criminal and civil Professor Keith J B Rix is a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, and procedure. The criminal case starts with a homicide in a psychiat- visiting professor for the department of post graduate ric hospital and proceeds through the police interview and mag- medical education at the University of Chester. istrates court to a crown court trail. Professor Rix has thirty years’ experience as an expert “Psychiatrists are often called upon to prepare reports for the witness. He is the author of ‘Expert Psychiatric Evidence’ He courts in criminal cases and in personal injury cases. Sometimes has a Master of Laws in medical laws and ethics and is a it is necessary to give oral evidence and this course is an oppor- part-time lecturer in the department of law at De Montfort tunity to experience criminal and civil procedure using two fully University. scripted plays.” The event also offers an opportunity to take part in a tour The civil case starts with a meeting between the experts for the of the disused Victorian cells beneath Leeds Town Hall. opposing parties and ends with the judge’s comments on the expert evidence. and scripts are provided for each delegate to participsychiatrists/


Mental Health Law Interview with Dr Tony Zigmond, Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Did anyone/thing inspire you to do what you do? I first became involved with mental health law after I had shouted, at a conference, at the then Chairman (Loius Blom-Cooper QC) and Chief Executive (William Bingley) of the Mental Health Act Commission about what a disgrace the MHAC was (I thought then, and still believe, that to have a mental health act is stigmatising, unfair, unnecessary and damaging to both patients and the community. Only people with a mental illness can be incarcerated and have medical treatment forced upon them despite retaining full decision-making capacity and being no threat to anyone). Following this the Secretary of State invited me to become a Commissioner (that was the process then - one was invited rather than applying). Listening to detained patients talk about their lives under detention was very influential. Despite that, I would not have had the confidence to do what I have done without the unbelievable support of two particular local colleagues, both previous medical directors of the Trust, Doctors David Thompson and David Newby. It may surprise some colleagues, who have attended our courses, that I used to be so anxious about public speaking that for 10 years after becoming a consultant I refused to give any talks.

I hear you are preparing a new addition of your ‘A Clinician’s Brief Guide to the Mental Capacity Act, when do you think it will be available? Both Clinician’s Brief Guides, the Mental Health Act and the Mental Capacity Act, need regular updating. As soon as an edition is published we start collecting material which may be needed for the next edition. New editions will only be published when there’s enough important new material to make it worthwhile for the readership. It may surprise people to know (it certainly surprised me) that authors receive less money when new editions are published than if they let the old editions carry on, which is something of a disincentive to updating. Are you working on at anything else at the moment? Nothing major. I’m amazed anyone still wants me to do anything, I’m very much yesterday's man, but I still get asked which is flattering. I do quite a lot of 'peer reviewing’ for journals and a little for the HSCIC and a couple of other organisations.

He writes and lectures extensively on mental health law and has designed and run Section 12 and Approved Clinician courses since their inception. Tony served as a Mental Health Act Commissioner and SOAD for 11 years. He was a VicePresident of the Royal College of Psychiatrists for four years. He led for the College on reform of the Mental Health Act, has given evidence to two Parliamentary Select Committees (draft Mental Incapacity Bill and Draft Mental Health Bill) and Parliament's Speaker's Conference, and was a Special Advisor in the House of Lords during the Mental Health Bill’s passage through Parliament.

He continues to advise a number of organisations in relation to the Mental Health Act. He is author of 'A Clinician's Brief Guide to the Mental Health Act', RCPsych publications and joint author of ‘A Clinician’s Brief Guide to the Mental Capacity Act’

You present all our MH Law conferences, do you have a particular favourite course to present? I prefer the two day courses because you have time to chat to and so get to know some of the delegates. Which colleagues do you present with? Nick Brindle and Tim Branton are, I think, at all of the events. Alison Stansfield and Guy Brookes pop in for some courses and then we have Christian Walsh (AMHP and BIA) and Michael Hurwood (lawyer) as other regulars. It’s been a settled and very experienced team for many years. They’re not only well-informed and excellent speakers, they’re very tolerant of me!

Tony Zigmond has been a consultant in adult psychiatry for 30 years although is now retired from clinical practice.

A clinician’s brief guide to the Mental Health Act


The delegate feedback we get for you is very complimentary, how would you describe your teaching style? It’s mostly complimentary although a very few delegates aren’t so keen. When the latter group outnumber the former I’ll know it’s time to give up! I’ve no idea how my style would be described. I hope I convey my enthusiasm for the subject. Do you have a particularly memorable course/event/moment during your time training with ASC? Some of the courses the ASC ran to inform colleagues of what was happening during the years of law reform were very interesting, particularly one at the Royal Armouries when we had all the important mental health act law reform people speaking in Leeds rather than London. But it’s the section 12 and Approved Clinician courses, with more junior colleagues, which are most stimulating and the positive feedback from delegates which is particularly memorable.

Do you have any interest outside work that you’d like to mention? How does one define work? My ‘work' as a Mental Health Act Commissioner, Vice-President of the College and lead on law reform, member of the Mental Health Alliance, advisor in Parliament and elsewhere and to a range of other countries and organisations (e.g. Egypt, Northern Ireland and Pakistan, MIND, victim support, HSCIC etc) has all been unpaid and largely in my own time. Technically it would probably be more accurately described as a hobby! It’s been fascinating, stimulating and personally rewarding, what more can one expect of a hobby? I have other interests and obsessions, as those who are close to me know to their cost. I shan’t inflict these on your readers. Do you have any advice for newly qualified psychiatrists? Lots but I’d only offer advice if they asked. Otherwise I’m just being a boring old xxxx. Comments on the ASC/Any other information? I’ve given talks at a lot of conferences for countless organisations throughout the UK and abroad and I can say with absolute honesty that the ASC is the best organiser of conferences of them all.

Mental Health Law CPD 2014 21st & 22nd May – Approved Clinician 5th June – Mental Health Law Update 2nd October – Mental Health Law Update 15th & 16th October – Section 12 Induction 19th & 20th November – Approved Clinician


Event Management Projects LOVE ARTS FESTIVAL IS COMING! October 15th – 23rd Assorted venues across Leeds including the first Love Arts Conversation ‘Confestival’ October 21st and 22nd Leeds will be buzzing in October with the launch of the fourth annual Love Arts festival in Leeds, the first festival of its kind to be organised by an NHS trust in England. Love Arts will once again be partnering with many amazing art organisations across the city to explore connections between the arts, mental health and wellbeing. The festival is an eclectic mix of events including exhibitions, films, performances, and participatory events. Arts & Minds have commissioned some of these events, their partners have commissioned others, and some events were already planned that have been given an extra thematic twist. Love Arts is adding a new secret ingredient to this year’s Festival mix.....Love Arts Conversation. This two day ‘confestival’ will bring together a wide range of presenters, performers, and participants to debate and deliberate on a range of themes related to arts and mental health work. Whether you’re a mental health clinician, a researcher or commissioner, an artist, someone with experience of mental distress, or just curious will be a vibrant and inspiring affair not to be missed. Love Arts is the culmination of ten fruitful years developing links between arts, mental health and wellbeing through the Arts and Minds network. Their aim is to develop the role of the arts in health and social care, whilst enabling people who may feel excluded to take part in the rich cultural life of Leeds. They harness the power of the arts to explore mental health issues such as identity, stigma, and even happiness! Love Arts Festival also supports Time to Change, England’s biggest ever attempt to end the stigma and discrimination that faces people with mental health problems. It is a campaign to change attitudes and behavior. One in four of us will experience a mental health problem in our lifetime, and if we do, we’re highly likely to face stigma from others. The festival hopes to change all that by using the arts to get us thinking and talking about mental health.

For more information on the festival and love arts conversation contact the Andrew Sims Centre on 0113 85 55 638 and check out the website Early bird bookings for the Love Arts Conversation start on June 23 rd so get on the mailing list now for updates! Places are 6 limited.

Book Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is a murder mystery novel like no other. The detective, and narrator, is Christopher Boone. Christopher is fifteen and has Asperger's Syndrome. He knows a great deal about maths and very little about human beings. He loves lists, patterns and the truth. He hates the colours yellow and brown and being touched. He has never gone further than the end of the road on his own, but when he finds a neighbour's dog murdered he sets out on a terrifying journey which will turn his whole world upside down. I was a little late to the party with this novel. First published in 2004, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is now an acclaimed stage play as well as a best selling novel. The story is original and irresistible and is easily readable in a day or two. This insight into the life of an autistic child is remarkable, and I have seen many reviews from parents of autistic children that have agreed. The mathematical and scientific concepts are explained beautifully in terms of a fifteen year old and these were some of the highlights for me. The lack of sentiment in the narration doesn’t make the story any less moving. It gives a good sense of the struggles of both parent and child. This was the second of Mark Haddon’s novel I have read—The Red House is a totally different read but shows that his talent for narrating in the styles of different genders and age groups is by no means a fluke in this book. I’d recommend them both, but the Curious Incident would probably make it onto my list of top reads of all time.

ASC Service Review Monique Schelhase LYPFT SAS Tutor One of my responsibilities as LYPFT Staff and Associate Specialist (SAS) Tutor is to organise educational opportunities for the SAS doctors working within the Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust. These training days need to be relevant to the training needs of this large and diverse group of doctors. Over the last twelve months the SAS doctor training programme has included: Revalidation Ready Training for SAS doctors Training and Facilitation Skills for SAS doctors Patient Safety for SAS doctors Advanced Communications and Negotiating Skills. All of the above days have been arranged by the Andrew Sims Centre as I rely on them to negotiate competitive day delegate rates, to book convenient venues and to invite suitable speakers. Often I do not have a specific speaker in mind and rely heavily on the Andrew Sims Centre (ASC) staff for advice regarding the best person for the job! Consistently their speaker suggestions are creative, original and highly appropriate as they appreciate the need to ensure


the quality of the training delivered. Collaborative working with the Andrew Sims Centre has proven invaluable in achieving the establishment of a regular training programme. They designed a training needs analysis questionnaire, using SurveyMonkey, which gathered the views of the SAS doctors regarding their future training needs as well as satisfaction with the existing SAS training programme. This has greatly assisted me in planning the new programme which will run over the next twelve months. They too continue to aid and encourage the need for the completion of post training reflection which is increasingly necessary for medial appraisal and revalidation. The training days always run smoothly and I can rest assured that ASC staff are always on hand to assist both delegates and speakers and to liaise with the venue staff when required. Nothing appears too difficult for the Andrew Sims Centre staff to achieve. They are enthusiastic, efficient and demonstrate a timely way of working. There is no doubt that they make my role considerably easier and in particular a very big thank you goes to the team for continued patience, support and enthusiasm – long may it last!

Feedback? We’d love to hear from you. For you to get the best out of our CPD programme, we keep our event subjects relevant and up to date. We are only able to do this by listening to what you want and taking suggestions for topics and speakers from our course delegates as well as the medical team here at the Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. If you have any subjects in mind, if you would like to hear a particular speaker, or perhaps you would like to speak yourself on your speciality, then please get in touch.

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Newsletter Competition We are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a free place on any of our One Day Conferences, Master Classes or Essentials Training events For your chance to win a free place, all you need to do is tell us: What is the date of our ‘Introduction to Criminal and Civil Court Proceedings ‘ event? Send your answer to with ‘2nd edition newsletter competition’ in the subject line and your name and answer in the email body. The competition closes on Friday 16th May 2014. A winner will be chosen at random and will be notified by the 30th May 2014. Non winners will not be contacted. There is no cash alternative to the prize. The winner can chose any one day event they would like to attend, subject to availability.

Andrew Sims Centre The Mount, 44 Hyde Terrace, Leeds, LS2 9LN

Last edition Competition Winner Congratulations to Dr Adaeze Bradshaw who won the newsletter competition from Inside ASC , Edition 1 - December/January. Dr Bradshaw won an free place on any of our forthcoming Andrew Sims Centre oneday conferences, Workshops, Master classes or Essentials training courses. Thank you Adaeze for your comment on the ASC:

T: 0113-85-55638 F: 0113-85-55632 E: W:

“I have always found all the courses I attended at your centre well organised to the details I need, so please continue with the sterling work all at Andrew Sims are doing”

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