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Andrew Shaffer | Madison, WI RESEARCH SUMMARY My research asks how memories about the past – the material and ideological remnants of queer history – are incorporated into city geographies; how their preservation is shaped by local politics, queer institutions, individuals, and national trends; and how the past is used as a resource for action in the present. EDUCATION Ph.D., U.S. History | Gender & Women’s History | Global Studies (ABD, Spring 2017) University of Wisconsin – Madison M.A., International Studies (2012) University of San Francisco • Thesis: “The Lavender Tide: LGBTQ Activism in Neoliberal Argentina” B.A., History Honors | Latin American Studies (2011) Augustana College A.A., Liberal Arts (2008) Black Hawk Community College TEACHING EXPERIENCE University of Wisconsin – Madison | Madison, WI • History 102: History of the United States from the Civil War to the Present (Spring, 2017) • History 346: Trans/Gender in Historical Perspective (Spring, 2016) • History 160: Asian American History, Processes of Movement & Dislocation (Fall, 2015) • History 462: The American West since 1850 (Spring, 2015) • History 101: History of the United States to the Civil War Era (Fall, 2014) CURATORIAL EXPERIENCE Madison LGBTQ Archive | Madison, WI • “You Are Here: Finding LGBTQ Community” (April, 2017) • “Take A Peek: Found LGBTQ History” (April, 2016) RESEARCH AND ARCHIVAL EXPERIENCE LGBTQ Archivist (2015-2016) University of Wisconsin – Madison Archives | Madison, WI Research Assistant (2014-2015) University of Wisconsin – Madison | Madison, WI • Conducted archival research for Dr. Stephen Kantrowitz.

Research Assistant (2011 – 2012) University of San Francisco | San Francisco, CA • Collected and analyzed media reports for Dr. Susana Kaiser. Co-founder & Lead Archivist (2011 – 2012) Quad Cities Mexican-American Research Center | Rock Island, IL PUBLICATIONS Peer Reviewed Articles • “A (Re)Turn to the Past: Memory and Movement in ¡Viva 16!,” Queer Studies in Media and Popular Culture 2.2 (Summer, 2017) – forthcoming Reviews • “West Side Stories and Narratives of Displacement and Resistance Map,” Oral History Review 43.2 (Fall, 2016) • “StoryCorps,” Oral History Review 43.1 (Spring, 2016) Other • “Madison LGBTQ Archives,” Our Lives Magazine (January/February, 2017) • “In a Queer Time and Place,” Our Lives Magazine (May/June, 2016) • “Preserving our Past: An update from LGBTQ Archives, “ Our Lives Magazine (March/April, 2016) • “The Continuous Coup: Honduras 18 Months After the ‘Return to Democracy’,” International Affairs Review (December, 2011) CONFERENCE AND RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS Film & History Conference (October, 2014) “From Glee to Grindr: Media Representations & the Sexual Inequality Gap Among Queer Men” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference (March 2013) “The Color of Invisibility: Sexual Racism and Online Sexual Ideals” VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Volunteer Receptionist (May – August 2015) GLBT History Museum | San Francisco, CA TrevorChat Counselor/Peer Mentor (January 2013 – July 2015) The Trevor Project | Online Membership Coordinator (September 2012 – July 2014) The Body Is Not An Apology | San Francisco, CA

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