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Timothy Winson Architecture Portfolio

Contact details: Timothy Winson 646-417-3039

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Project 1 A study of the Roman Doric order. The first ever drafting exercise that was done and learnt how line weights were an important aspect in architecture drawings.

Project 2 A more in-dept study of a Roman order which was the Doric order. Shading of shadows are now included andgiving the drafted drawing a little bit more texture to it. A view of

Project 4 A studuy of a train station located in Niles, St Joseph. All dimensions are close to exact and scaled down. Most details are included except for the materials used.

Project 4 A close up view of a secion of the the train station. This particular area was selecte because it showed the most

Project 5 A drafting project of a perspective view that waas obtaine from a floor plan, a 2D side view and a 2D top view. All drafting were hand drawn and no computer help were used.

Project 6 Final design of an outdoor prayer center. Created for everyone who wants to spend time in a quite location accompined only by the sound of nature.

Project 6 Floor plan of prayer are made uf of an original idea by myself which is almost similar to the “Yin-Yang� symbol which has the meaning of balance in life

Project 7 This project consists of designing a building which would be used as an environmental center. The whole idea in the project is self though and the next few pages will show the different views and aspects of the building.

Project 7 The image above shows the interior perspective view of the building.

Front View

Side View (Rihgt side)

Project 7 This image shows the exterior perspective view of the environmental center.

Project 7 An exterior perspective view of the garden arealeading onto the main entrance of the environmenatl center.

Project 8 This project required 2 skills which is drafting from a single image of the facade and also the skill of watercolor. The project had to be completed within a time frame of no more that 2 weeks.

Contact details: Timothy Winson 646-417-3039

Timothy winson arch portfolio  


Timothy winson arch portfolio