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What is Brochure Printing?

ď ś Did you know that brochure printing could make or break a potential client sale or relationship? ď ś A brochure is one of the most useful tools in your marketing belt. A brochure is a small booklet or a magazine that contains captivating pictures and information about a particular product or service.

 The various categories of brochure printing include: ● Showcase – This is the type of brochure you’ll find in a car dealership. It’s slick, it’s beautifully designed, and contains the best imagery anywhere. By the time the prospect is done reading a good showcase brochure, the first question is not “How much?” but “How soon can I get it?” ● Catalog – This brochure lists most of all of the various products for sale and includes brief descriptions of each and may include even more specific information such as dimensions, shipping requirements and even costs.

●Technical – As the description says, this brochure has the fine points of the product or products and may include information such as assembly instructions. ●Full capabilities – This is an “about us” piece that describes everything or almost everything you do. It’s long on making the right impression on your ability and short on the specifics of how you do it

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What is Brochure Printing?