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The Good & The BAd In Drugs.

The Good



Bad Of


What are Drugs?

Drugs come in loads of different shapes and forms and it is very hard to tell one from another. The most common form is a pill these are normally round shaped like the one above. The second is in the form of powder and another form is liquid which is normally taken through a needle. All of these except the powder form have types that are used for medical and types that are illegal.

Drugs come in many shapes and forms, All have their positives and negatives. However some negatives outweigh their positives and therefore are illegal, and also some positives outweigh the negatives and these drugs help millions of people get from day to day, and also keep some people from dying.

Drugs are used day in day out all over the world, the average person is said to take over a hundred different drugs in their life. Many excel this in built up countries.

Many People need drugs for General health, these people are patients and may have illness’s, therefore they are prescribed drugs by doctors and GP’s to help them get better, these will have side effects, but they were created to make sure the side effects are minimum and the results are beneficial, these drugs are normally classed as antibiotics, Every day we take drugs, these range from headache tablets, to even just a cup of tea, although these things make people feel better or calmer or more at ease, to much of one thing is always bad, you can overdose easily on tablets and many people have, these drugs are readily available over the counter and in stores. However if you are responsible with them they can be used to make you happy or even just relaxed. We will always create drugs as every day they save millions of lives.

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There are certain habbitds that have been around for centuries, take drinking for example. Alcaholic beverages have been around for longer then anyone can remember, it has been around since way before the romans. People still drink today as it is a way of socializing with their fellow peers. It helps people express emotions and feelings and helps people have a good time. Alcahol can relax and sooth people, take away stress and help people be happy. However there are alot of downsides and negative effects of alcahol, these include brain damage, lung damage, liver failiure, heart disease etc. hoever people will always drink.

The Dark Side...

However on the other side there are drugs that many governments have made illegal, these drugs are arranged in Class’s Starting with Class A which includes drugs such as LSD and Ecstasy and this class is seen as the most harmful, Next is Class B which includes Cannabis and Class C which includes Ketamine.

Although people take these drugs as they alter their state of mind and reality and to some people this is exciting and they enjoy doing this, there is serious long term Disadvantages Which range from Addiction to illness’s.

What effect can drugs have on you? Drugs can make even the most sociable person feel lonely and depressed. Many people know Of Marshall Mathers ( eminem ) and his fight with drugs, he spent countless years on his own due to drug abuse.

Millions of people a year use drugs as a way out of the pressures of their life, the feelings they experience and the stuff they do during there nonsobar periods make them forget the stress’s of their lives and for a price they feel free and their life is simple.

Sex Drugs and Sausage Rolls...

The most popular illegal drug is cannabis, it is said that 9/10 17 year olds have tried or are using cannabis. There is no stereo type for cannabis smoking, this is because all groups of teenagers smoke weed. It is not a ‘Chav’ thing or a ‘Grunger’ thing.

why do people smoke weed

To chill Because its cool Due to Pressure easily available

. .. s l e e h w e v i s n e p Drug deals for ex Although it is illegal to sell there are many people that will sell it ignoring the law. This is because it is any easy way to make money and it is hard be caught. There are many ways to hide cannabis e.g smell proof bags.

The police will only normally catch cannabis dealers if they are randomly searched or have been given information. Otherwise if they are not growing it, catching them becomes impossible.

Addiction to illegal drugs is a dark Path, its very easy to become addicted to anything from a chocolate to a sport, however its not always healthy, illegal drugs are among the worst addiction, hence why they are illegal, not only are they the most harmful but commonly they are the most addictive.

Drugs addicts are normally anorexic and poor, this is because they use their wages to fund their drug addiction and it is very had to stop a drug addiction. They are normally skinny as drugs replace their appetite and they just end up eating minimal.

If a drug addict cannot overcome their addiction most end up either seriously ill or dead. Effects from legal and illegal drugs include, Brain damage, Lung cancer, Alcohol Poisoning, Becoming psychotic.

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The Good & The BAd In Drugs. The Good & The Bad Of Drugs.

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