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Challenge24 Impact Report

A unique collaborative leadership development programme which gives people the skills, confidence and inspiration to become better leaders

Challenge24 Impact Report

We have had a fantastic year working closely with a group of very progressive organisations and their leaders who are approaching their ways of working from a new collaborative perspective. This exclusive group of cross sector organisations recognise that while the world of work and the business landscape is continuing to change at the speed of light, it is collaboration, and not control, that is the way to create sustainable success. These organisations are focusing on delivering results and building the collaborative capability of their leaders at the same time – something we at The Collaboration Company have discovered is essential to making positive change happen in the long term. We have been busy working with groups of diverse leaders who are learning how to take responsibility for problems other than their own, asking big questions, embracing people with different perspectives, and sparking their imaginations to create strategies that they not only believe in, but are also committed to making happen. These leaders are gaining a better understanding of how to unleash the collaborative potential of both themselves and their teams so that people really do commit to making a difference. Our learning programmes are helping these leaders to not only recognise the need to think and act beyond their immediate circle of influence but also to practice how to actually do it. 2 IMPACT REPORT 2010

“It was a very useful course. It was particularly helpful as a problem solving tool as it helps me understand how to avoid jumping straight to solutions.� Charles Cliffe, Head of Projects and Commercials Thomson Reuters


of participants say it improved their ability to behave collaboratively

Our Impact Survey

We believe it is important to understand the impact our programmes have on both participants and the organisations where they work - we are very keen to ensure that the learning from our programmes is embedded equally within both. In November 2010 we surveyed all the previous participants from our 2009 and 2010 Challenge24 Programme. We also reconnected with each challenge sponsor from the last 12 months to find out how useful and worthwhile the Challenge24 session had been for them. This report highlights the impact that our Challenge24 Programme is having on individual participants and the host organisations.


“I really enjoyed Challenge24 and afterwards I had a perfect project which required collaborative working. I’ve had more confidence in collaborative working going into this project and have really enjoyed the successes that have been achieved.� Rob Warne, Senior Design Manager Wates Construction Ltd

of participants say as a result they have adopted a more collaborative approach to problem solving


The core idea A collaborative learning programme involving non competing organisations including British Airways, Forum for the Future, Iron Mountain, NATS, Royal Mail, Thomson Reuters, Wates, Which?, and Unilever.

Providing a collaborative learning environment for senior leaders that: • Demonstrates the power of effective collaboration • Challenges the participants

• Stimulates creative solutions through collaborative behaviours

• Promotes networking and learning with peers across other organisations

“Challenge24 was a very positive experience and illustrated well the power of collaboration to solve complex problems. Working in an organisation where everyone is short of time, this is a good reminder and as a result I will look for ways to schedule collaborative approaches to determining strategic issues.”

David Mason Head of Communications Forum for the Future


“I would highly recommend Challenge24 to colleagues. The time was well spent – an experience I would not have had ordinarily. It was intense but hugely enjoyable and personally satisfying.”

Angela Van-Den-Bogerd Network Change Operations Manager Post Office

The core elements • Exclusive network for identified senior managers

• Additional input and ideas for real business challenges • Facilitated collaboration work session

• Unique insight into other organisations

• Opportunity to learn from subject experts from host organisation

Participants receive a personal assessment and feedback to evaluate key behaviours that are important to highly effective collaborative leaders.

The Challenge24 Benefits

There are benefits on three levels – to the individual participants, their organisations and the hosting challenge sponsors.

Participants repeatedly say that as a result of their Challenge24 experience they: • Broaden their understanding of the power of collaboration to solve complex problems • Gain more confidence in leading others in a more collaborative way • Pick up new tools and techniques to help drive collaboration within their team and

across their organisation

Organisations benefit from leaders who are:

• Able to inspire and engage the people responsible for making strategy happen • More collaborative and innovative in their approach to existing problems and new opportunities • Capable and confident to use collaboration to drive positive change, particularly in complex settings

Challenge sponsors benefit from:

• New thinking and fresh ideas for a real organisational challenge • Opportunity to explore different ways of thinking about their challenge with a diverse group of senior leaders from different organisations • Creating a network of senior leaders to continue to engage with in the future



of participants say it was a worthwhile learning experience


of participants say it had a positive impact

“Fascinating topic, real challenge and an interesting group of people to work with – they had different insights and experiences. It was energising and rewarding.”

Nick Kitchen, VP HR Research and Development Unilever


Collaborative Working - A Case Study



of participants say it broadened their understanding of collaboration

participants say as a result they now lead teams more effectively


of participants say the experience has increased their willingness to engage with diverse groups


participants say it has enabled them to see the broader business perspective

Rob Warne, Senior Design Manager, Wates Construction Ltd.

Having attended the Challenge24 event at British Airways in the summer 2010, I was lucky to be presented with the perfect project back at Wates to develop my collaborative skills.

Over the course of one year, our goal is to develop the design of a world class youth centre with a group of 13 to 23 year olds (known as the youth steering group or YSG). The YSG is made up of people from many different backgrounds, and none of its members have worked on this kind of project before. In addition to this there are other organisations involved such as a local third sector organisation and the local council.

My job is to employ a multi disciplinary design and engineering team and to bring everybody together. We will develop the design and should our application for funding be successful; build it too.

Over the course of this project I’ve adopted a process similar to the problem solving approach that we used on Challenge24. It has been a process of education for the YSG in learning about engineering and construction. I have been focused on building upon people’s ideas, keeping people in the green zone, and encouraging people to take ownership and pride in their ideas. We have been very successful and there is a real sense of shared ownership and team spirit; one which has led to much praise for our organisation from our customer. One of my objectives for this year is to upskill our bid team in terms of collaborative working. Challenge24 certainly helped to equip me with the right skills and experience to achieve this.


Fresh insights and new ideas Challenge24 sponsor feedback

“I'm so glad that it worked as an experience for everyone. We definitely have some ideas and insights that are very valuable and we will be working to incorporate these into existing plans.” Sean Bowman, Unilever

“The outputs have been incorporated into a wider project on how best to convey our social and community impact. The new descriptions of the values are being used in corporate communications. It was great to have such a high calibre enthusiastic team working with us, and this really helped to have an external group reinforce that there is something special about the Wates culture.” Judith Bufton Wates Construction Ltd


“The output from the group was really helpful for us to get a ‘big picture’ view of our growth challenge and all the associated strands of work.” Kate Naylor, NATS

“I found the opportunity of having some free consultancy extremely valuable. The team threw themselves head long into the challenge I set them and, as they only had 24 hours to come up with the goods, produced some very interesting and instinctive suggestions on how to deal with my challenge.” Alan Peever, British Airways


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Challenge24ImpactReport Auniquecollaborativeleadershipdevelopmentprogrammewhich givespeopletheskills,confidenceandinspirationtobecomebetterl...

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