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It was a warm August evening, the hunter was sitting in the hide. He was waiting patiently for movement in the field. He stayed still for such a long time, that he entered almost meditative state. The sky was getting dark. Suddenly an owl lands on the hide right next to him. It is dark now, but the peace that was before is gone. When I was 6 years old we got a big yellow dog. My brother really wanted a dog and I didn’t care much but the dog decided he liked me more than anyone else in the family. He quickly became ‘my’ dog and followed me everywhere, even to bed. He was my best friend. One day, he didn’t come home. The next day he didn’t come home again. I took my bike and rode around to try to find him, calling his name. Finally I found him under a tree. He had been hit by a car and was badly injured. He had managed to go to the tree but couldn’t move further. I went home and my dad and I drove back to pick him up. We tried everything to save him but after a few days he died. I’m glad I could spend a few days with him before he died but I think that if the person who had hit him had come to tell us quicker, then maybe we could have saved him and he would still be following me everywhere. It happened a long time ago, that time there were not such strict rules and my father had a gun on the wall in his house. We children were able to use the gun. I was in the seventh class and it was 31st December and deep snow. Men gathered for hunting wild boars and I was taken with them. We noticed in the snow quite big animal tracks. I was already quite tall but anyway the snow was until my waist. My father gave one of the guns. He says I shouldn’t go too deep but stay in one place. I hear other men talking, they say nothing will come my way, maybe a fox, nothing more. I stand in my place, suddenly a bush moves, the snow falls away from the tree and a wild boar appears. I shoot once, twice but the boar turns around and escapes. I go closer and see that there is blood so I know I shot him. I have hopes that it is a real catch. I hear dogs barking. The men follow the blood trail but because I am just a child they force me to go and wait in the car. The men were tracking the blood trail for almost one hour before they got the boar. The biggest insult is that they did not let me go with them. My shot was good but the boar hid in the forest, it was a big boar and it was my first big game catch. We swim here the second year because the other pond where we usually swam was empty. Once my mother was swimming in the old pond and she saw an old boat, she swam deeper and she saw something, When she got closer to it, she saw a body, actually a dead body. The body was an old man’s body. No one knew him. We were driving to my grandmother, 30K from Pelci. There is a highway next to our home. There was an eagle that had an injury on his wing and he couldn’t take off properly and he was hanging out near the highway trying to fly. My father saw that and he realised that the eagle would die if we left him there. We brought him to the pond where there were no cars. After one month the eagle got better and for five years we saw him flying around and every time he saw my father he recognised him. I was six years old and at this age I was bitten by three different dogs always on the chin and all within one month. The first was a small dog running after a stork when he got tired I tried to pet him and he bit me in the chin. The second one was next to a pond near my grandmother’s house. The neighbour’s dog escaped and he bit me on the chin. The third one we were walking near the pond, there was a group of people with a dog on a leash and the dog got off its leash and bit me on the chin. My family and I rescued a dog who had been kept on a chain for a very long time. His owner was an old woman that didn’t feed him or take care of him. When we took him with us, he was already older and was used to live in the streets, so even if we treated him right, he was always aggressive. One day, while I was feeding him, he bitted me really hard on my right hand: he thought I was taking his food away. Because of this incident, and the way he became more agressive, we had to call a hunter to shoot him.


Kā Debesīs tā arī virs zemes / As above so below Costanza De Rogatis

ÄŒetri divdesmit / Four Twenty Lauris Aizupietis

Mednieka nakts / Night of the Hunter Kumiko Motoki

Iejaukšanās Dabā: Ūdens / Intervention of Nature: Water Alexander Mihalkovich

Materiāls no Latviešu folkloras krātuves nr: 140304009 (reti skatīts) / Extract from The Archives of Latvian Folklore ref: 140304009 (Rarely read by the public) Baiba Buceniece & Maxim Sarychau

Krustojums 97 (Zemes ceļš) / (Dirt Road) Alex Morvan

Act 3, Scene 1

Iekšpuse uz āru / Inside Out Bea Uhart

Act 3, Scene 2

Bijuナ。ie mト)dzトォvnieki / Passed Pets Celina Bordino

Possum When I was a little girl, I lived in Australia, which is famous for its dangerous animals. However, my adventure involves a notvery-dangerous animal – a possum. I was about 7 years old when I finally got my own room (away from my little sister). But I wasn’t really on my own, because the ceiling and walls were home to a possum and its family. Each night I lay in bed and listened to their walking and scratching, thinking that any minute now they would nibble through the wall and fall on top of me. One day we called the possum catcher, who trapped the possum family in cages and took them to a neighborhood park. But it wasn’t for very long – they soon returned to their home. There were rumors that possums could find their original homes even if they were sent far away, to the other side of the city. Liana

Bez nosaukuma. Origami / Untitled Origami Iwauko Murakami

Doe Since the childhood does always have felt close to me because of their free spirit and grace. The feeling of freedom in the middle of thicket of the woods and every day challenges to survive are those things which are not so different from our society daily life. The Doe is the symbol of movement, freedom, fighting spirit and grace. Shintija

Owl Puce is my girlfriends cat. Puce has big eyes. I haven’t seen such a big eyes. Puce was brought from an animal shelter. When we first met i could`t even hold her in my hands. She was frightened. But after some time we got close and become friends. Puce has moved together with us for several times and now nothings surprises her anymore. Puce is a domestic cat so she has never really been outside. She`s a funny cat. Lauris

Tumšajās ēnās / In the Black Shadows Karlis Bergs

Dīķis / The Pond Maria Baoli

rof llits deyats eH .dlefi eht ni tnemevom rof yltneitap gnitiaw saw eH .edih eht ni gnittis saw retnuh eht ,gnineve tsuguA mraw a saw tI ot txen thgir edih eht no sdnal lwo na ylnedduS .k rad gnitteg saw yks ehT .etats evitatidem tsomla deretne eh taht ,emit gnol a hcus detnaw yllaer rehtorb yM .god wolley gib a tog ew dlo s raey 6 saw I nehW .enog si erofeb saw taht ecaep eht tub ,won k rad si tI .mih dna god ’ym‘ emaceb ylkciuq eH .ylimaf eht ni esle enoyna naht erom em dekil eh dediced god eht tub hcum erac t’ndid I dna god a emoh emoc t’ndid eh yad txen ehT . emoh emoc t’ndid eh ,yad enO .dneirf tseb ym saw eH .deb ot neve , erehwy reve em dewollof rac a yb tih neeb dah eH .eert a rednu mih dnuof I yllaniF .eman sih gnillac ,mih dnfi ot y rt ot dnuora edor dna ekib ym koot I .niaga ot kcab evord I dna dad ym dna emoh tnew I .reht ruf evom t’ndluoc tub eert eht ot og ot deganam dah eH .derujni yldab saw dna deid eh erofeb mih htiw syad wef a dneps dluoc I dalg m’I .deid eh syad wef a retfa tub mih evas ot gnihty reve deirt eW .pu mih kcip eb llits dluow eh dna mih devas evah dluoc ew ebyam neht ,rekciuq su llet ot emoc dah mih tih dah ohw nos rep eht fi taht kniht I tub llaw eht no nug a dah rehtaf ym dna selu r tcirts hcus ton erew ereht emit taht ,oga emit gnol a deneppah tI . erehwy reve em gniwollof derehtag neM .wons peed dna rebmeceD ts13 saw ti dna ssalc htneves eht ni saw I .nug eht esu ot elba erew nerdlihc eW . esuoh sih ni yawyna tub llat etiuq ydaerla saw I .skcart lamina gib etiuq wons eht ni deciton eW .meht htiw nekat saw I dna s raob dliw gnitnuh rof nem rehto raeh I .ecalp eno ni yats tub peed oot og t’ndluohs I syas eH .snug eht fo eno evag rehtaf yM .tsiaw ym litnu saw wons eht yawa sllaf wons eht ,sevom hsub a ylneddus ,ecalp ym ni dnats I .erom gnihton ,xof a ebyam ,yaw ym emoc lliw gnihton yas yeht ,gniklat si ereht taht ees dna resolc og I .sepacse dna dnuora snrut raob eht tub eciwt , ecno toohs I .s raeppa raob dliw a dna eert eht morf tsuj ma I esuaceb tub liart doolb eht wollof nem ehT.gnik rab sgod raeh I .hctac laer a si ti taht sepoh evah I .mih tohs I wonk I os doolb .raob eht tog yeht erofeb ruoh eno tsomla rof liart doolb eht gnikcart erew nem ehT .rac eht ni tiaw dna og ot em ecrof yeht dlihc a ti dna raob gib a saw ti ,tserof eht ni dih raob eht tub doog saw tohs yM .meht htiw og em tel ton did yeht taht si tlusni tseggib ehT ym ecnO .ytpme saw maws yllausu ew erehw dnop rehto eht esuaceb raey dnoces eht ereh miws eW .hctac emag gib ts rfi ym saw ,ti ot resolc tog ehs nehW ,gnihtemos was ehs dna repeed maws ehs ,taob dlo na was ehs dna dnop dlo eht ni gnimmiws saw rehtom K03 ,rehtomdnarg ym ot gnivird erew eW .mih wenk eno oN .ydob s’nam dlo na saw ydob ehT .ydob daed a yllautca ,ydob a was ehs dna yl reporp ffo ekat t’ndluoc eh dna gniw sih no y rujni na dah taht elgae na saw erehT. emoh ruo ot txen yawhgih a si erehT.icleP morf eW .ereht mih tfel ew fi eid dluow elgae eht taht desilaer eh dna taht was rehtaf yM .yfl ot gniy rt yawhgih eht raen tuo gnignah saw eh dnuora gniyfl mih was ew s raey evfi rof dna retteb tog elgae eht htnom eno retfA .s rac on erew ereht erehw dnop eht ot mih thguorb no syawla sgod tnereffid eerht yb nettib saw I ega siht ta dna dlo s raey xis saw I .mih desingocer eh rehtaf ym was eh emit y reve dna ni em tib eh dna mih tep ot deirt I derit tog eh nehw k rots a retfa gninnu r god llams a saw ts rfi ehT.htnom eno nihtiw lla dna nihc eht .nihc eht no em tib eh dna depacse god s’ruobhgien ehT . esuoh s’rehtomdnarg ym raen dnop a ot txen saw eno dnoces ehT .nihc eht tib dna hsael sti ffo tog god eht dna hsael a no god a htiw elpoep fo puorg a saw ereht ,dnop eht raen gniklaw erew ew eno driht ehT taht namow dlo na saw renwo siH .emit gnol y rev a rof niahc a no tpek neeb dah ohw god a deucser I dna ylimaf yM .nihc eht no em ew fi neve os ,steerts eht ni evil ot desu saw dna redlo ydaerla saw eh ,su htiw mih koot ew nehW .mih fo erac ekat ro mih deef t’ndid thguoht eh :dnah thgir ym no drah yllaer em dettib eh ,mih gnideef saw I elihw ,yad enO .evissergga syawla saw eh ,thgir mih detaert .mih toohs ot retnuh a llac ot dah ew ,evisserga erom emaceb eh yaw eht dna ,tnedicni siht fo esuaceB .yawa doof sih gnikat saw I



STORK - ISSP 2015 from the workshop Human Nature by Andrew Bruce & Anna Fox