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The Puckwick Papers an Upstart Publication Second Folio

14th August – 13th September 2014

Courtyard, Schönes Haus, Nadelberg 6

Lusty ‘Llyria August and September 2014 The latest Royal news and features, brought exclusively to you by the Puckwick Papers. see title story p. 1

Tempestuous Times Hurricane hits coastline Gale force winds struck our island yesterday, wrecking at least one ship. Eyewitness reports survivors spotted. Identities and whereabouts unknown.

cont. p. 4

Spotted Invasion of the Earth Tones and Fashion Faux Pas It seems that pantaloons and earth tones are all the rage this season. And although yellow has been virtually banned by official decree, some seem to be defying the trend - and in a shocking manner too! cont. p. 9

The Mutt’s Nutts our lap dog’s been out sniffing... and dug up some spiffing news. Get all the lowdown and dirty. cont. p. 10

Love Struck Illyria Faces Lusty Future Multiple love triangles threaten the equanimity of the idyllic island


hilst Illyrians are slowly but surely coming to terms with their love struck Duke Orsino and his unrequited love for Countess Olivia (who, we might add, has extended her miserable mourning), rumours have reached our ears that much of Illyria is infected by this love plague. According to our sources, all of whom insist on remaining anonymous, both Orsino and Olivia seem to be setting their sights on the Duke’s new manservant Cesario, a fellow who has mysteriously appeared on the island recently. Should this be no more than idle gossip, we aren’t at all sure which of the two will find his favour. We are

not above speculating that he could swing both ways! The Puckwick Papers has also discovered that the Countess has more than one suitor – one such being the questionably honourable Sir Andrew Aguecheek (undoubtedly hoping for a financial windfall), and the other, interestingly enough, Olivia’s main man Malvolio, who apparently aspires to greatness? Will the tree of life reveal more? Will it take a tempest to shake, rattle and roll these stricken souls from their perches and bring them back down to earth? All shall be revealed as The Puckwick Papers relentlessly researches on your behalf. ❊


Break a leg!

The inlingua team wishes you an enjoyable performance

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August/September 2014

August/September 2014


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Who’s Who


Agony Aunt Fashion and Newsflash

6 –7 9





Director’s Diary I

Editorial T

ypically, you would find a long (winded?) editorial from me on these front pages, but, in deference to my partner and director, Nicolaia, who has virtually single-handedly pulled this project up by its boot straps and put it all together, I shall be brief and not hog the space. Nicolaia worked her way through the script, battled with the extremely complex task of scheduling rehearsals, surmounted the challenge of getting sponsors (successfully I might add), researched and found appropriate music, rehearsed with a scarcely available cast, and what you experience here today is almost exclusively the fruit of her labour. My sincere, heartfelt gratitude to her for all the tireless energy she has spent on this project and for making Shakespeare in the Courtyard such a memorable experience.  ❊ Andrew Padre Fernandes, silent partner!

t is exciting to get to direct Shakespeare in the Courtyard a second time. The Courtyard as a stage is very special, historically, looks-wise and it is challenging in many ways. Playing in the round requires more movement than on a classical stage – the actors need to be on their toes and aware of everything around them more so than in other spaces. Being in the moment is essential for any good acting, but outdoors, with distractions from traffic, airplanes, an open ‘roof ’, the wind and the weather means even more being tuned into the moment and agility, likend to riffing on a jazz-tune by Sir Toby in one of our rehearsals. It may have been a bit of a challenge to some at the start of rehearsals, but I hope that by the time you see it, everyone will be enjoying the liberating side, allowing each and every one (within a certain agreed upon framework)

to keep the element of surprise in every performance. This freedom obviously also means responsibility and an awareness to react to things that change. Having had the good fortune of getting Shakespearean training at drama school in the London Globe, getting to work with such wonderful teachers as Stuard Pearce (Voice) and Glynn MacDonald (Movement) standing on that stage and playing out into that marvelous Wooden O so many Shakespearean plays evoke – it strikes me again, directing this show, how similar the two spaces are from the point of view of an actor. Creating a show in this space also means that at a moment’s notice our actors should be able to adjust to a different venue – so, should you have a courtyard of your own – get in touch with our agent. And now enjoy a night of Shakespearean magic in the Courtyard! ❊

Masthead Produced and Published by: Upstart Entertainment Director: Nicolaia Marston Costumes: Claudia Ott Set: Antoinette Fernandes & Karl Megules Music Director and Arranger: Tobias Stückelberger Assistant Director: Johannah Schüpbach Music Coach & Composer of “Come Away”: Aurea Marston Editor: Andrew Fernandes

Senior writer: Flavio de Rosa with contributions from Ariel Steffen, Frédéric Anklin, Madeline del Real Layout and Design: frefel DIGITAL & Co Sponsoring: BLKB Jubiläumsstiftung, Swisslos, Kulturservice Bar Manager: John Hyland Volunteer Coordinator: Danielle Zammit Volunteers: Too numerous to mention individually. Our sincere thanks to them for their hard work.


4 Weather

August/September 2014

Michael Clarke, Feste Born and raised in the UK, living in Basel since 1981. Stage Appearances: Henry IV part I, Cinderella, Aladdin, Interior Designs, Babes in the Glen, Doctor in the House, Robin Hood, The Problem, A Chorus of Disapproval, Ali Baba, Sleeping Beauty, Robinson Crusoe, Feeding the Ducks, The Memory of Water, The Christmas Cavalier, Expert in Flowers. 2004 Best Actor award at Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies (FEATS) Michael has also directed a number of plays and had numerous film extra roles.


he t ea








Fann’d with the eastern wind

Hoary headed frosts fall.

Dance thy ringlets to the whistling wind!

Sun, lose thy light!

Foul wind is but foul breath.

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

Lean, rent and beggar’d by the strumpet wind!

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven.

Tempest Strikes Illyria Ships wrecked off the south coast of the island


he auspicious Twelfth Night celebrations on Illyria were severely disrupted by a horrendous hurricane late yesterday. Gale force winds picked up off the south coast, the heaven’s opened up and metre-high waves struck a path of destruction over an area of the island where, fortunately, there was nothing to destroy! A visibly Shaken eyewitness who called himself The Bard, reluctantly disclosed that at least one ship had fallen victim to the storm,

saying that “passengers after the ship did split, were seen binding themselves to a mast, and hold acquaintance with the waves as long as one could see – perchance they are saved, perchance they are drowned.” The Bard was not very forthcoming with further details claiming he was a playwright who wished to tell the story in his own words. The Island’s Duke was, as usual, not available for comment, being love lost and immersed, as it were, in self-pity. ❊

August/September 2014

Nicolaia Marston Director

Who’s Who

Hypochondriac and Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. She got her first taste of directing with Lyly’s Gallathea. When not busy with theatre projects, Johanna is working on her MA in Literary Studies at the University of Basel.

Claudia Ott Costume Designer

Nicolaia obtained an MA in Acting from the renowned East15 Drama School in London. She also has a Master’s degree in English, German and Media Studies from the University of Basel. These backgrounds have served as a solid basis for both her acting and directing career – especially when working on Shakespeare in the Courtyard. She currently works as a freelance actress and director and is a founding member of upstart entertainment. Directing credits: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Luca@Aisha, Baggage, Twist & Shout, Return to The Forbidden Planet, The Importance of Being Earnest. Acting credits: Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Beatrice in Much Ado about Nothing, Mother in Doña Rosita, Anna in Closer, Mrs Peachum in The Beggars’ Opera, and Nanny Weatherwax in Wyrd Sisters.

Johanna Schüpbach Assistant Director After various theatre productions in German during her school years, Johanna switched to the world of English speaking theatre after having moved to Basel. Stage appearances include: Barrie’s Half an Hour, Frayn’s Noises Off, Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan, Molière’s The

As a costume designer and historian Claudia loves all things fashion – especially historical fashion. She has been involved with costume design for many theatres and is virtually resident costume designer for the Gay Beggars and Upstart Entertainment. Claudia currently earns a living by archiving and cataloguing the HANRO textiles collection and is part of the team that runs the Textilpiazza-Atelier. Oh, and she just loves making corsets…

Antoinette Fernandes Sets Antoinette is an artist and art consultant. She is a partner in Upstart Entertainment and has been resident stage designer for many of the Upstart productions which include A Slice of Saturday Night, Return to the Forbidden Planet, Twist and Shout and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Karl Megules Sets Karl moved from the USA to Basel just over a month ago, met the producers at a social event, told them he was a carpenter and the rest is history. Karl basically came, saw and did what needed

to be done - we’re especially proud of his tree bench!

Tobias Stückelberger Music Director Tobias started playing the piano when he was 12 and singing when he was 15. He arranged and directed a musical for his high school degree for which he was awarded the best marks and a prize. He is now studying towards becoming a choirmaster at the music school in Basel. Besides studying, Tobias currently directs a number of choirs, in Nunningen and church choirs in Weil am Rhein.

Aurea Marston Coach & Composer Aurea Marston is a trained singer, currently freelancing as an opera singer. Besides singing she enjoys vocal coaching. One of her next stage appearances will be as Ellen Orford in Benjamin Britten`s Peter Grimes in Theater Koblenz, Germany, where she was resident opera singer previously. Aurea has also been a guest opera singer at Theater Basel.

Danielle Zammit Volunteer Coordinator Danielle discovered the theatre world two years ago, and has acted in four productions since. She is interested in further developing her attraction for the performing arts. This is her first venture behind the scenes and very happy to be involved with an outdoor Shakespeare production.


6 Agony Aunt

August/September 2014

Agony Aunt Our in-house Agony Aunt, Agatha, provides some sound advice to our gentle readers. Post Scriptum: To add to the confusion, the other night we heard a wonderfully sad song together, and my Lord, he touches my hand, giving me looks of such… only to then jump up and send me off as if I had done something wrong. Confused and anonymous.

Dear Agony Aunt

Dear Agatha,

How manly must one be with men?

I simply do not know what to do.

I mean, I know it is good form to pursue manliness with men who are one’s servants. I’ve been very manly with my manservant. And we do many manly things together. But sometimes, I cannot help but admire his good form, which some might view as less than manly. In fact: all is rather semblative a woman’s part. Which is unusual. Contemplating his good form makes me feel very manly in a way that I can scarce explain.

My beloved brother is in Elysium, I am all alone, and by the very fangs of malice, I disguised myself as a man and am not that I play, serving as a manservant. My master is in love with a woman of truly blent beauty and great wit to boot. Because she refuses to see him, he’s sent me to woo her in his name, yet, a bareful strife: whoever I woo, myself would so much rather be his wife.

Dear O - and dear C/V

The other day, my servant (whose name I’d rather not reveal) gave me a manly stare. At which I realized my manliness was being challenged, and so I returned the stare. This prompted my breeches to tighten in a manly fashion.

As you may have read over the last few weeks and months, there has been increased chatter in the world press about gender – the third sex, the in between gender – the undefined gender and the transgenders.. the short and the long dear C/V and dear O: The time of binary gender definition is over!

How much manliness befits a man, that he might be a manly man of men? O.

Bad comes to worse – I now find myself in love with him – and stalked by this lady, who fortune forbid, has been charmed by my exterior. So much so her eyes lost her tongue… How will this fadge? My master loves her dearly, and I, poor monster, fond as much on him, and she mistaken, seems to dote on me. As I have no time to untangle this I beseech thee, dear Aunt – help me untie this knot. C/V

Frédéric Anklin Orsino

Lesley Loew Viola

Madeline del Real Olivia

Lesley studies English and Eastern European Cultures at the University of Basel, giving her the opportunity to act in both English and Russian, experiencing the different ways of performing and directing of those two very different cultures.

Born in C a l i f o r­n i a , raised in Switzerland, Ma­ deline has completed training at the American Music and Dramatic Academy, and the Pearl Conservatory in New York City. She has performed in both classical and original works in the city that never sleeps.

She has appeared in:

Stage appearances (selection):

Der Besuch der Alten Dame, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Lady Windermere’s Fan, Oscar Wilde, The Imaginary Invalid, Molière, Obyknovennaja Istoria, Ivan Aleksandrovicˇ Goncˇarov. Lesley is also a musician who plays the piano and sings.

Romeo and Juliet, Recalculating, Don’t Do It, Sex in the Classroom, The Sandra O’Day Show, Prayers, Rubberneck, Lysistrata goes to Harvard, Between Daylight and Boonville, Months on End, Much ado About Nothing, Wyrd Sisters, Return to the Forbidden Planet, Richard the Third.

Frédéric grew up in Asia, holds a Swiss and a Norwegian passport and speaks German, French, Norwegian and a little Swedish. His acting career is just as mixed up: He was an Italian Renaissance wifebeater in ‘Tis Pity She’s A Whore, a middle-aged theatre critic in The Real Inspector Hound, a Shakespearean monarch in Henry V, a Wildean dandy in The Importance Of Being Earnest, a Polish-American wife-beater in A Streetcar Named Desire and a dubious priest in Doubt. This is his fifth Upstart production. He also helped create Twist & Shout, their original musical play, in 2009.


I rarely answer two people in one letter – but it seems your predicaments have some things in common.

You are no longer restricted to he or she – you can easily be a xe or a ze!

August/September 2014

Enjoy those freedoms – wherever your heart desires you to go follow it. There is no better guidepost in life than that amazing little throbbing blob in the middle of our chest (or elsewhere in some cases) that makes us feeling and seeing and compassionate people. The native American tribes calls them Two Spirits – the people who defy our binary definition of human beings. Be it that you feel yourself less of a manly man, due to your servants looks, or that you are dressing up in a man’s attire as a woman – you are obviously experiencing the female man and the manly woman Two Spirit side of yourself. Be proud of it. It is a special, magical thing. Let those spirits roar! Yours truly, Agony Aunt

·•· Dear Diary, You will not believe what has happened!! This afternoon I received another embassy from the Duke (one would think he would have learned his lesson after I sent one of his

Police Blotter ortly aristocrat, Sir Toby Belch, was once again arrested by the City Watch after a fracas P at the “in” drinking establishment “The Phoe-

nix’s Mast”. Sir Toby, who was arrested together with two companions: lank-haired Sir Andrew Aguecheek and an elderly gardener known as Signior Fabian, is well known to authorities as a serial carouser and trouble maker. he matter began this May morning betimes, as the three revellers were drinking in “The Phoenix’s Mast”. The landlord, Mr Dromio of Ephesus, told the watch “the three gentlemen had been drinking very large quantities of my most expensive sack (a fortified wine from the Canary Islands), almost a whole hogshead, when they started singing catches. This disturbed other drinkers and when Sir Toby and his friends were put down by an ordinary fool, there was much pushing and shoving”. Another eye-witness, who refused to give his name, added “there was much caterwauling, squeaking out of coziers’ catches without any mitigation or remorse of voice and absolutely no respect of place, persons, nor time. It was disgusting” The City Watch determined that after the pushing and shoving, there was some brawling, with one participant suffering a broken coxcomb. ir Toby, Sir Andrew and Signior Fabian were detained upon the arrival of the officers of the watch and taken to the Clink prison. Appearing before Mr Justice Shallow, Sir Toby claimed in mitigation that an unknown assailant “has hurt me, and there’s the end on’t” Sir Toby and companions were each fined forty pound and released.



Agony Aunt

menservants back to him with a black eye) but that’s beside the point. I was surprised, to see a youth walk through my gate, since normally the men he sends are old, and grizzled and recite the same speech: “Most raidient, exquisite and unmatchable beauty... Blah Blah Blah” (which I know the Duke copied out of “The Wooer,” an awful book which promises the reader “Sonnets, Songs, and other Tips and Tricks for wooing thy Lady”) Anyway, back to the youth. He made such declarations of what he might do were he to love me, that I lost all sense, and sent my ring after him! If he understood the meaning... well who knows what the future holds! Tomorrow he returns. I am astounded at my boldness, and hope that I may show restraint at our next encounter. Yours ever faithfully, Olivia. Postscriptum: I heard Toby whispering in the garden with that fool Andrew and some of the others.. I anticipate a plot. Yours, the ever watchful -O.

Flavio De Rosa Sir Toby Belch Italian born Flavio has lived and worked in Switzerland for over two decades. He has been involved, off and on, in theatre and radio; acting, directing writing and producing. His acting credits include 12th Night, Godspell, Congreve’s Love for Love, Miller’s The Crucible, Auburn’s Miss You and Strange’s A Jolly Sinister Jape. His directing credits include: Sweet Caroline Sweet, Interior Designs and Too Long An Autumn, as well as Robin Hood, Babes in the Glen, Aladdin and Cinderella. Co-writing credits for Robin Hood, Babes in the Glen and Aladdin.

Cathy Barker Maria Cathy Barker has been a resident in Basel for over three years now, having spent some time previously living in Nairobi, Kenya, and in Lima, Peru. This is the first time she has acted in a Shakespeare play since leaving school. Her first acting role in Basel was in Losing It, and in June 2014 she appeared in Calendar Girls.

If you wish to stay informed about exciting upcoming Upstart projects, please either subscribe to our newsletter (found on the top menu at or visit our website: www.



August/September 2014

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August/September 2014

Fashion · Newsflash

Invasion of The Earth Tones Illyria Illustrated


host of prominent Illyrians have been hitting the hot spots of downtown Illyria flaunting earth tones. With browns, greens, khakis dominating the scene, we wonder if this is a back to the roots fashion movement? Sort of a ‘how earthy can you get’ statement! Definitely out of tune with the times are bright colours, especially yellow, which according to a particular woman at Olivia’s court, ‘is sooooo last year.’ And what about cross-garters? Are they making a return?

Eric Collino Fabian British born Eric has appeared in more than 20 plays over the last 22 years. He has played leading roles in: An Inspector Calls, Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime, The Marriage Proposal, A Christmas Carol, Quartet, Dinner for One. His experience includes work as Assistant Director in several plays.

Gregor Heinrich Curio & Court Musician Gregor Heinrich is new to theatre (apart from acting and singing in school plays last century) but (in his spare time) has performed as a guitarist and singer for many years in many band formations all over the world.

Anthony O’Sullivan Valentine Tony O’Sullivan played Inspector Craddock in A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie, and Fred in A Guest Lecturer by A. R. Gurney and several smaller roles over the last 20 years.

Andrew Fernandes Priest Born and bred in Bombay, India, Andrew’s has pursued acting and singing all his life and has performed on stages all over the world. Recent and possibly most memorable ones are in: The Boyfriend, Oliver, A Slice of Saturday Night, Return to the Forbidden Planet, Twist & Shout, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Directing credits include: A Slice of Saturday Night and Closer.

Not for us to say, but for what it’s worth, we have knowledge of one individual caught prancing about in yellow stockings and crossgartered, muttering to himself something along the lines of “some have greatness thrust upon them?” ❊

Newsflash The City Watch was called to a fracas at the corner of the orchard on Lady Olivia’s estates. An officer attended and an arrest was made. The City Watch made no statement about the incident beyond confirming that a man is helping them with their enquiries.

r r r

Thomas Cranmer, the Bishop of Illyria, has confirmed that the Reverend Andrew of St BarnabasWithin will succeed him upon his retirement. The Reverend Andrew is currently ministering to the spiritual needs of Lady Olivia.

A Gentleman, one Sebastian of Messaline, has posted a reward of 50 Ducats for any news of his sister, Viola of Messaline, who went missing in the recent maritime disaster. Signior Sebastian may be contacted at the Elephant.

Signior Valentine, a gentleman attending on the Duke Orsino, has been appointed spymaster of the Duke’s newly formed “agency of secrets”. The Duke commented: “Signior Valentine, in his service to me, has eyes and ears everywhere protecting my personage. Who else is better placed to help me protect Illyria?”


10 Gossip

August/September 2014

The Mutt’s Nutts

Samuel Ammann Sebastian

Sniffing out and listening in


our friendly doggy has scented that a certain young gentleman, from Messaline, now in the service of Count Orsino, is breaking hearts across Illyria. One noble lady (no names, but we all know who) swooningly declared “Nor wit nor reason can my passion hide”. Lucky Lad from Messaline. WoofWoof. Your friendly doggy is always happy to befriend new faces, especially if they are generous

Ariel Steffen Sir Andrew Aguecheek Male tenor, percussionist and hobby pianoplayer, Ariel is currently working on his PhD. Diverse musicperformances since early childhood. 1998: winner of the “Promotion Prize” of the Musik-Akademie Basel for a team-based improvisation. Stage appearances: The Hostage, The Real Inspector Hound, Return to the Forbidden Planet, Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters, Much Ado About Nothing, Miller’s Resurrection Blues, Lyly’s Gallathea, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

and loaded. The Mutt’s current favourite Top Dog is Sir Andrew Aguecheek, newly arrived and seen drinking in all the swish places. The word on the evening howl is that he’s worth three thousand ducats a year!!! He is a great eater of beef and generous with his scraps. Woof-Woof! We dogs are so lucky, love for us is simple, not so for you humans: a beagle I know has been telling me that a certain nobleman has been neglecting the hunt and moping around the castle, feeling VERY sorry for himself. My beagle chum says this gent is all irritable moody and off his food, preferring music over meals. Woof-Woof. Well “call me cat”! It’s an improbable fiction, but a well known Puritan, famed for his ambition and pompous self-regard, has been swanning around town in the most ludicrous combination of stockings and garters this mutt has ever seen. Yellow? What can I say? “The cat will mew, and dog will have his day” Woof-Woof. That’s all from me this week. One final thought, for those up to naughtiness “since I am a dog, beware my fangs”. Woof-Woof. ❊

Jacob Dixon Malvolio Jacob is from New York city and now lives and works in Basel. On Stage: The Author’s Voice, A Streetcar Named Desire, Surprise, Bouncers, Unoriginal Sin, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Film appearances: Digital Evidence and The Vault. Miscellaneous: Primary Host for The English Show – Radio X Basel, Ring announcer/Commentator for Swiss Championship Wrestling.

Sam grew up in Basel, and is studying English and History at the University of Basel. He has performed theatre in both English and German. Recent stage appearances: Half an Hour, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Baggage, Lady Windemere’s Fan, The Merchant of Venice, In the Dark.

Pablo Arnaiz Antonio Pablo is currently working on his Master’s Degree at the University of Basel Faculty of Law. Stage Appearances: Schuld, Staub, Slam with Junges Schauspiel Theater Basel, The Hypochondriac, Jerry Springer is God, Noises Off, Scherbenpark, Schauspielhaus, Vitamin T Produktion

August/September 2014

Ye Olde Captain’s Tavern


John Hyland Sea Captain & Officer

r r

Ex Policeman, Ex Royal Naval Officer, Ex Chemist, Ex Banker, John Conleth Hyland, was born in the UK, graduated from Bath, Bristol and Liverpool Universities and has been a Swiss resident since 1993.

Where the hooch flows measure for measure and there's always whiskey in the jar-o! Captain Tempest, may have been washed ashore, but he was anything but washed up. Being a man of action, he wangled a day job with the IBI (Illyria Bureau of Investigation) and by night he moonlights as a publican. It's the place to be in Illyria, where the drinks are long, the hems are high and the nights short.

Stage appearances: On Hold at 30’000 Feet, Hard Candy, Squashed, Miss You, Unoriginal Sin, The Dear Departed, RENT (The Rock Musical), Calendar Girls. Numerous appearances with the Basel Panto Group.



ADORABLE BEAGLES True Bred Call Maria ILLyria 41705

YELLOW STOCKINGS Used once by one careful owner 2 Ducats o.n.o. Call Malvolio on ILLyria 22012 CROSS GARTERING Used once by one careful owner 1.5 Ducats o.n.o. Call Malvolio on ILLyria 22012 HORSE FOR SALE Due to change in marital status my horse is now redundant. Reigns well and answers to the name Grey Capilet. Price upon application. Apply Lady Viola née Cesario, Castle Orsino


12 Weather

August/September 2014

Puckwick papers second folio  

Shakespeare's Twelfth Night Programme as played in Basel within the Shakespeare in the Courtyard series. 2014 Production

Puckwick papers second folio  

Shakespeare's Twelfth Night Programme as played in Basel within the Shakespeare in the Courtyard series. 2014 Production