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2012-2013 Academy

At Ten West Center for the Arts Ten West Academy offers students in grades 1-5 age appropriate activities involving Art, Music, and Dance. Along with homework assistance, these activities complement what students learn in school and help further their knowledge and creativity. If your child arrives straight to Ten West after school: • Students either ride a school bus, a Ten West transport vehicle, or get dropped off by a parent at Ten West at 2:30pm. They receive homework assistance, a snack, and attend art, music, and dance (movement) class. Students are picked up at 6pm. If your child arrives at 4pm: • Students arriving at 4pm will attend art, music, and dance (movement) class only. Students are picked up at 6pm. Program 2:30pm 4pm

1-2 Days Weekly $50 $40

1-2 Days Monthly $160 $145

3-5 Days Weekly $120 $105

3-5 Days Monthly $460 $400

Ten West Academy stresses the fact that we do not provide after school care. We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to express themselves. Due to the fact that students will be learning all throughout an afternoon, it is preferred that they stay until 6pm whenever possible. This ensures that your child gains all the information presented that day at Ten West Academy. For more information or to register please contact: Ten West Center for the Arts 10 West Church Street Fortville, Indiana, 46040 317-403-0323 For more information on this and other programs, please visit our website or contact Andrew Okerson at

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Flyer with pricing for Ten West Academy