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Ten  West  Center  for  the  Arts  

Issue 9,  December  

update. Everything  you  need  to  know  about  Ten  West   Center  for  the  Arts  this  month.    

Issue 9,  December  

Save the  Date!   December  18        January  12  

Caroling at  Ten  West     Chili  Cook  Off    

         February  9     Valentines  Dinner  Dance    

For most  accurate  dates,  including   closures  and  changes,  please  visit  

November wrap-­‐up   Tis  the  season!  The  holiday  rush  kept  everyone  at  Ten  West  on   tiptoes  this  month!  From  decorating  the  building  (page  2),  to   welcoming  new  programs  (page  3),  we  just  don’t  stop!  Dance,   Music,  and  Art  classes  continue  as  we  prepare  for  upcoming   events  like  the  Mt.  Vernon  High  School  Choirs  caroling  on   December  18  and  the  Chili  Cook  off  on  January  12.     We  continue  to  search  for  fund  raising  opportunities  and   gradually  upgrade  technology  and  infrastructure  of  our   building  in  Fortville.     Looking  at  the  progress  that  we’ve  made  in  a  few  years  is  very   exciting  and  we  can  only  grow  more  in  the  future!  

a look  inside:   New  classes  for  adults  at  Ten  West?  Find  out  more  on  page  3.    

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Ten West  Center  for  the  Arts         Ten   West  Center  for  the  Arts  


Issue 9,  December  

Issue 1,  October  

Getting in  the  Spirit   More  Decorations  than  ever  at  Ten  West  

Over 3,000  lights,  5  separate   displays  covering  over  half  a   block.  It  is  safe  to  say  that  the   decorating  efforts  at  Ten   West  this  year  were  worthy   of  mention  in  the  newsletter.   A  team  of  volunteers   assembled  the  outdoor   displays  last  week.  It  took   over  8  hours  to  get   everything  up  and  running.   The  indoor  decorations  were    

the responsibility  of  Paul   Okerson.  He  and  his  crew  put   up  7  Christmas  trees  and   little  displays  in  almost  every   corner  of  the  building!  Ten   West  is  open  in  the  afternoon   Monday  through  Friday.  We   encourage  the  public  to  look   around  and  enjoy!  The  trees   of  lights  outside  dance  to   music,  and  if  patrons  take   pictures  with  our  life  size    

Santa and  post  them  on   Facebook,  we  will  put  them   up  on  our  page  too.  This  was   easily  the  largest  and  most   spread  out  display  we  have   ever  done.  Now  we  can  sit   back  and  enjoy  the  holiday   cheer,  and  plan  how  to  make   next  year  bigger  and  better!    

Chili Cook  Off     The  second  annual  chili  cook  off   will  be  held  on  Saturday,   January  12.  Last  years  winner,   Eric  Hammond  is  coming  back   to  try  and  reclaim  his  title.  We   will  have  valuable  prizes  for   1st,2nd,3rd    place,  as  well  as  for   fan  favorite.    Submissions  are   excepted  as  early  as  4pm  and   judging  starts  at  6pm.  All   contestants  are  encouraged  to   bring  enough  chili  for  the  public    

to sample,  and  a  batch  for  the   judges.  Ten  W est  will  also  have   chili  to  serve!  Contestants  can   enter  for  free;  admission  to   taste  is  $5.  This  includes  a  b owl   of  chili,  crackers,  and  a  drink.   We  welcome  all  ages  and   everyone  competes  on  the  same   level  (no  kids  contest)  Last  year,     a  12  year  old  b oy  took  2nd  place,   so  anything  can  happen!    

    For  more  information,  or  to  sign   up,  email  us  at  


West Center  for  the  Arts         Ten   Ten  West  Center  for  the  Arts  

                                                         Issue  9,  December  

Issue 1,  October  

The Paint  Cellar  comes  to  Fortville     We  are  proud  to  welcome  a  new  group  to  our  center!  The  Paint  Cellar   is  a  painting  instruction  class  from  Carmel,  Indiana.  They  have  a   brilliantly  talented  group  of  artists  holding  painting  parties  for  kids   and  adults.  Wine  and  canvas  evenings  will  be  coming  soon.  Ashlie   Duncan  and  her  artists  and  assistants  are  a  great  asset  to  Ten  West.     We  look  forward  to  creative  group  projects,  and  introducing  the   community  to  this  new  creative  outlet!  Keep  up  to  date  at  their  

Giving Back.  

website www.paint-­‐  All  class  information  is  available  

Ten West    Donated  services  and   equipment  for  the  3rd  annual   Winter  Festival.  A  group  of   talented  musicians  also   performed  that  day.        



Upcoming Auction   Ten  West  is  hosting  an  auction   soon  that  w ill  include  socks   signed  by  famous  people  from   all  over  the  world.  This  is  part   of  our  fundraising  effort  SOCKS,   or  Support  Our  Creative  Kids.   We  will  include  signatures  of   Betty  White,  Barbara  Streisand,   and  more!  This  auction  will   benefit  Ten  West  and  ensure   quality  programs  in  the  future.  


Ash lie  Du

ncan-­‐ Ow



Ten West  Center  for  the  Arts       Ten   West  Center  for  the  Arts  

       Issue  9,  December  

Issue 1,  October  

Godspell Volunteer  Profile   Ten  West  is  very  proud  to  announce  that  we  will  be  putting  on  our   very  first  musical  in  the  spring!  Godspell  is  a  musical  by  Stephen   Schwartz  and  John-­‐Michael  Tebelak.  It  opened  off  Broadway  on  May   17,  1971,  and  has  played  in  various  touring  companies  and  revivals   many  times  since,  including  a  2011  revival,  which  played  on   Broadway  from  October  13,  2011  to  June  24,  2012.  Several  cast   albums  have  been  released  over  the  years  and  one  of  its  songs,  “Day   by  Day”  from  the  original  cast  album,  reached  #13  on   the  Billboard  pop  singles  chart  in  the  summer  of  1972.     Ten  West’s  production  will  feature  young  adults  ages  14-­‐19.   Auditions  are  January  28  at  4pm.  Godspell  will  run  from  March  28-­‐30.   Tickets  are  $5  for  students  and  $10  for  adults.     There  is  so  much  young  talent  in  our  town  that  we  have  to  show  it  off!   So  come  on  out  and  support  our  students  in  the  spring!    

Volunteers are  what   make  Ten  West   possible.  Without  them,   we  would  be  nothing!   We  would  like  to   recognize  Geoff  Hensley   a  son  of  Fortville  who   has  made  the  transition   to  Orlando  Florida.  He   helped  establish  our   online  information,   assisted  at  many  events,   and  even  comes  back  to   town  every  now  and   again  to  volunteer!    He   has  had  the  unique   opportunity  of  being   with  us  from  the  start   and  watching  us  grow!   Many  others  in  this   world  do  not  match  his   dedication  and  passion   for  helping  people.  Ten   West  truly  thanks  Geoff   for  all  that  he  does!    


Ten West  Center  for  the  Arts  

Issue 9,    December  

Ten West  Center  for  the  Arts:   the  mission   Ten  West  Center  for  the  Arts  is  a  performing  arts   center  run  by  the  Non-­‐Profit  Periko  Partners.  Our   mission  statement  is  simply  to  “help  youth  stay   creative.”     We  strive  to  provide  an  environment  for  youth  and   adults  alike  to  learn  and  be  inspired  through  the  arts.     If  you  wish  to  contribute  to  the  cause  please  visit     You   Thank  

MADE YOU  LOOK!!      

Advertise here!       Call  317-­‐403-­‐0323  for  details           Wedding?  Reunion?  Charity  Dinner?   Rental  Space  Available!   • 150  seat  auditorium/sanctuary   • Full  Service  Kitchen   • 150  seat  dance  hall/banquet  hall       Call  (317)  437-­‐1913  for  Details  

December 2012 Newsletter  

The December Newsletter for Ten West Center for the Arts

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