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2013-14 Annual Ministry Preview


A special thanks for being a part of our lives. We are honored to be an extension of your ministry to the lost.





We’ll give you a quick update on our marriage and family. In case you were wondering what life is like with church and ministry responsibilities and having 2, 18 month olds.

We will introduce you to our current staff team and the students we will be discipling this year. We’ll also share key campus dates and a breakdown of our time.

God has provided wonderfully for us and our new family. We will share our current financial position and potential ways you can partner further.

We’ll highlight some key travel, events, goals, and an expansion we are hoping to make some headway towards by your faithful intercession.

10 Yr. Anniversary Ministry Review




April 4th, 2014

LEARNING The learning curve feels steep as we seek to parent well and uphold marriage by pursuing time with each other despite our little guys’ needs. We want to be available to them while intentionally loving one another through our love languages of quality time and acts of service.

Our boys’ 2nd birthday and our 4th wedding anniversary!

LIVING We recently moved! In August we moved down the road to a house that was previously rented by students. It was a big move coming off our summer but we have more room than in our apartment and love hosting more frequently. FUTURE We are hoping to move towards an international expansion with CO in the next 18 months. We have trips to South Africa, the UK, and the Middle East lined up.




Good dates for us are comprised of good food, deep conversation, and quality time. We would also say that an extended time at a bed and breakfast is most refreshing for us!

We are right in the middle of college football season so we love watching UGA - Go Dawgs! We also both like to travel. We have taken 18 flights since the boys were born. Whew!

We love taking walks together, running with the boys in our stroller and going to parks. We also like to wrestle and tackle the boys on the bed. They love it.















Time Breakdown

Our Disciples Cody






God Meeting Our Needs Each of you comprise part of the pie chart below and we thank God for His provision through you for the last decade of ministry. He has graciously raised over $500,000 for the past 10 years of our ministry! Our health insurance and baby costs have raised our budget but God has met our needs through you! Thank you for your invaluable friendship.

We’re at 100% of our current support goal. God has graciously provided!




God has given us 59 friends and partners who have held the rope for us for many years. We value you and love being an extension of your ministry among the lost in the Twin Cities.

Many of you have increased your giving to us over the year to meet our growing ministry and family needs. This increased partnership has increased our thanksgiving to God.

We have a small vase with each of your names in it and we pick one out at dinner and pray specificaly for you. It is a way to involve the whole family in prayer for you at one time.



Please pray...

We’re seeing God accomplish a two year dream as new graduates stay in the area and plug into church life on their own. The last two years we have seen over 30 recent graduates plug into the small group life in our church and become members. Please pray that this trend only increases and pray for Andrew as he leads the initiative and develops training for the small group leaders of our church.

Above is a university in Lebanon that needs the gospel. We are hoping to live in a location of the world (still investigating) for 3-4 months this summer as we begin looking into longterm college ministry opportunities like the one above. Within our 3-4 month summer stay we plan to receive a shortterm student team from Minneapolis and hope it lays a good foundation for a longer term work in the near future (1.5 years).

Our boys are more fun than ever. They are walking, talking, and wrestling all the time. We love them and need prayer for this very developmental time. Pray as we consider discipline and parenting techniques. Please pray for our sons, Grayson and Jackson, asking that God would bless them and that they would “grow in wisdom and stature, both with God and with men� (Luke 2:52) just as Jesus did!

Andrew has trained over 125 Campus Outreach staff in the last year and a half via new staff orientation and supporter team raising. Please pray that God continues to lay convictions in our staff for building, developing, and shepherding their teams.

2013-14 REVIEW

Summer: where we were...

India - we had 12 students in India through two organizations. One was doing college ministry and another was working with at risk youth.

Lebanon - We took 5 Malaysia - we had 1 students this summer on a student working in cultural exchange trip to Business as Mission (BAM) Lebanon to build in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia relationships and open the which has become a world bible with students. melting pot of culture.


years since we first walked on the campuses in Minnesota

10 year Anniversary Above is a picture of the original Campus Outreach staff team that left the South to journey up to Minneapolis. We reunited this summer to celebrate all God’s done in a decade here. Since then God has done significant work in us and on the campus. Not only by giving spouses and blessing with children, but also by raising up indigenous staff-all but four of our current staff team are Minnesotans. Thank God for His grace through you!

New Brighton, MN 55112 238 New Brighton Rd.


2013-2014 Annual Ministry Review

Andrew, Sara, Grayson, and Jackson Knight

Knight annual ministry preview 2013 14  
Knight annual ministry preview 2013 14