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Deploying Graduates

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E ported The gospel has changed everything. You are an evangelized believer in Jesus Christ who has been established to walk with God and has been equipped to help others do the same. You are now exported to share all of your experiences with a church and world that needs you. You are now ready to embark into the world upon graduation as an exported laborer. This packet aims to help you not only survive life, but also thrive as a laborer in the world. It contains life management and ministry skills that bridge the gap between college culture and post-graduate culture. It covers new subjects to help you navigate changes in your coming lifestyle and current subjects adapted to fit a post-graduate context. All of the following lessons aim at setting expectations, resourcing, and preparing you to meet the challenges and questions that await you upon graduation. Invest time into your transition now so that you can more readily and fully devote yourself to others during your transition. Those who are unprepared for transition miss ministry opportunities because their own lives are logistically consuming and they are unable to be consumed with others. As you lead yourself well in this new chapter of life you will avail yourself of much more opportunity to lead others in the future. May this packet serve to perpetuate laborers who are pursuing the person and purposes of Jesus Christ in our world because of your successful transition into the lost world.

ˈek. spôrt spread or introduce (ideas and beliefs) to another city, country, or continent 3

E ported Contents Philosophy…………………………..….5 Methodology………………….…….….6 Introduction………………….…….......7 Management………………….………..8 Work………………………….………..9 Maturity……………………...……….10 Wealth…………………….…………..11 Wardrobe……………….…………….12 Will…………………….………………13 Ministry……………….………………14 World………………….………………15 Mate…………………………………...16 Membership...………………………...17 4


IDENTITY COMMUNITY MISSION Identity- who am I? Community – who can I partner with? Venue – who should I pursue? The key to understanding the worldview in place in this study is based upon the above illustration. The biblical concepts of Identity, Community, and Mission are the framework and the engine for living and laboring as a believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Starting with the outward ring is Mission. Mission is the call and command of every believer. Every believer, whether they know it or not, is deployed or exported to live and speak out the saving realities of Jesus Christ in a given context. But within our mission sphere is another important context called Community. Community is our home away from home. It is our place to come and receive refreshment and rejuvenation from being on mission. But it is also the source from which mission gets its manpower. Mission is not a lonely effort but a interdependent effort stemming from teams of believers united in vision and value of the gospel. But without a God and gospel-sealed identity there would be nothing to share fellowship around. Community builds around commonalities and biblical community thrives on identities that exist by who God has made us in Christ and not the identity that we make for ourselves. All identity is forged by Jesus’ work on the cross and is bought by grace and lived out in faith. Only identities of sinners saved by grace create lasting community that will result in a sustained mission. Your perception of others all begins with a right understanding of yourself. 5

METHODOLOGY VISION VEHICLE VENUE Vision - who do I want to become? Vehicle - who can I do it with? Venue - where should I do it? The illustration above is a grid for decision-making as you leave college. So many recent graduated make decision backwards and unbiblically or unconciously. The grid above emphasizes a strategic approach. Instead of first asking, “Where do I want to live?” ask “What vision do I want to live for?” or ask, “Who do I want to become?” Vision is important to determining the rest of the decision-making steps. A vision for maturing in Christ and/or living on mission with Christ must be set first. These are the first questions to consider when thinking about deployment into the world upon graduation. After vision, consider the vehicle. A vehicle is any church or mission agency or place of employment that will best serve you in helping you accomplish your vision. Your vision is unique and so your vehicle must also reflect that. It may not be the most popular option but search out vehicles where others can also accompany you. Finally, consider the venue or the place where you can live out your vision within the vehicle, which will most help you accomplish it. Instead of deciding to live in a place or taking a job and then hoping there is a good church or mission field that interests you there, consider finding a community and mission that reflects your vision and then trusting God to provide for you in that locale. 6


Initiation Hosting,

not just attending


not just following


not just responding

Is there is one clear point to make in this study on a practical note it is this: What usually just required response will now require INITIATION on your part to enjoy the same experiences.


MANAGEMENT (Time) Resource: Reading Your Gauges by Bill Hybels Workshop: Prioritization Scale

Sabbath Principle = Time Time is not the issue, you are. Time is purely the result of your roles and goals. You make time for things you value.


WORK Resource: Reading Your Gauges by Bill Hybels Workshop: Determining Your Fit

Work is a Pre-Fall Work exists to reveal the glory of God (Psalm 19:1-4) You will spend 33% of your life at work! We were created for work (Gen. 2:5, 15) Idleness is the Devil’s Workshop (Proverbs 19:15) The Gospel has made us Workers.

Hedgehog Concept What am I best at?


Where do I receive most positive feedback?

What do I love?


Results 9

MATURITY Resource: 10 Questions to diagnose your Spiritual Health by Donald Whitney Workshop: Write out a Bible study plan

Word of God + People of God Maturity Defined: process of becoming increasingly governed by the truth in how you think (head), feel (heart), and act (hands). Romans 12:2 2 Cor. 10:5-6 Philippians 2:12-13

Discipline – Creating your own bible study plan • Pick a Subject that meets a need • Set a Schedule that will keep you on pace • Find Someone else to study with • Get a Spot that is all alone • Pick a time Slot that has the fewest possible interruptions 10

WEALTH Resource: The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn Workshop: Personal Budget

Money is not bad, you are! The #1 cause for divorce is financial issues. Giving is the most direct way to fight an idolatry of money. Debt is most students’ greatest challenge after graduation.

Ephesians 4:28 1 Timothy 6:17-19 Financial Plan 1. Limit spending. 2. Earn a living by getting a Job. 3. Pay down Debt. 4. Create a savings Plan. 5. Give! 3 Tier Savings: 1. Emergency (3-6/month salary) 2. Mid Term (large expenses: house, car, colleges) 3. Long Term (Retirement savings)

Philosophy “Give as much as you can, Save as much as you can, and Live On as little as you can.” 11

WARDROBE First impressions are not everything, but they are definitely Something. You need to dress your Age. Brown and Black do not match? Can you tie a double/single Windsor? You need a Black business suit. Top 5 needs: 1) Black Suit/Business suit 2) Dress shoes 3) Ties/scarves 4) Dress slacks/skirts/pants 5) Dress shirts/blouse Philosophy You get what you pay for. Therefore, buy fewer higher quality clothing items that will last longer, than many lower quality clothing items that will have to be replaced often. 12

WILL of God Resource: Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung Workshop: How will you best MATURE & MAKE?

You are In the will of God! The will of God is Clear and Commanded. Colossians 2:6-7 Matthew 28:18-20 1 Peter 3:18 The will of God: 1) Maturing as a disciple 2) Making disciples The Three Wills of God? 1) Decree – whatever happens 2) Desire – what God wants 3) Direction – specific and personal calllings Philosophy Do whatever you want as long as you place yourself in a context to maximize your maturing and your making. It does not matter as much what you do, but JUST that you DO SOMETHING! 13

MINISTRY Resource: Trellis and the Vine by Collin Marshall and Tony Payne

Minister where you Are. Remember, you are a Missionary first, who just so happens to be a… Pray Immediately for someone to share with. In the first two weeks of your place of employment… * Identity with Christ In the first month begin… * Inquiring about someone’s life at a deeper level In the first two months start… * Involving yourself in out-of-the-office activities


WORLD Resource: Seeing with Eyes Wide Open by David Livermore

Campus Ministry Culture

Church Ministry Culture

Homogenous (similar age and life situation) Sprint pace (4 months and then long break) Ministry results much more quickly Less Responsibility and More Availability


Short-term Involvement Week broken up between class and discretionary time Typically less immersion with nonChristians You are pursued more and need to initiate less You are established, have history with your relationships, younger students look up to you

Marathon pace (2 weeks vacation) Ministry Results seem slow More Responsibility and Less Availability Long-term Involvement Week day is block of work (9-5pm) Typically more immersion with nonChristians (40/hr. work weeks) You are pursued less and need to initiate more You are new, stepping into relationships where you have no history, around older and established people looking to you for little

Your involvement in World Missions • GIVING – your money and time in prayer o Support a missionary and/or a cause o Begin praying through Operation World or church

mission list

• GOING – your life o Take a Short-term mission trip while you are free to

• GROWING – developing your convictions o Sign up for the Perspectives Class o Start reading Missions Frontier magazine 15

MATE Resource: The Guided Path by Rick Holland

God is more committed to you and your future mate than you could ever imagine! You become who you are Around. Your relationship with Christ in singleness will cripple you relationally and maritally or catapault you relationally and maritally. Focus on becoming the right person instead of just looking for the right person. Jesus will never be substituted. You will bring your pre-marriage baggage into your marriage. It is not the cure all. You marry a Family. Is this Healthy? 1. Is it in the light? 2. What are my friends saying about it? 3. Do I like who I am becoming? 4. Am I ashamed or proud of talking about our relationship? 16

MEMBERSHIP Resource: Quit Dating the Church by Joshua Harris Workshop: Church-Hunting

Marry a church upon graduation, quit dating. She will not be perfect. Look for opportunities to give, not just receive. Is where you are living going to compromise your local church involvement? Questions to ask before becoming a member of a church? 1) Is the church explicitly Bible-based or is it personality-based? 2) Is the gospel of Jesus Christ prioritized, rather than minimized? 3) Do you connect emotionally with the worship? 4) Are there needs in the church you can fill or ways in which you can serve? 5) Are there resources (people, groups, classes) available to encourage growth. Church-picking like a House-Hunter: 1. Foundationally – Jesus Christ & theology 2. Structurally – leadership, service order, govt. 3. Functionally – values; relationships; practical 4. Environmentally - how does the church feel? 17

ˈek. spôrt spread or introduce (ideas and beliefs) to another city, country, or continent



A final study on exporting graduates into the world after college.