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The Benefits of Using Twitter Andrew Miller JRNL 202 - 1 Twitter is taking the Internet by storm, and for good reason. The social media site has well over 100 million users with more registering every day. Twitter has myriad benefits for the common user as well as the Internetsavvy user. 1. Easy access to news - A countless number of journalists use Twitter to share information about politics, sports and other topics with their followers. Instead of waiting until 5:30 to watch the news you can follow NBC political reporter Chuck Todd and find out what he’ll be reporting on during the broadcast and other critical information regarding the President and other politicans. If you’re interested in the St. Louis Cardinals you can follow blogger Matthew Leach and gain valuable insight into contracts, injuries and trade rumors.

3. Interact with celebrities and athletes - Twitter is one of a kind in that it gives regular people the chance to interact with their favorite celebrities and athletes. If you like listening to Rihanna you can follow her on Twitter and talk with her. If you’re a fan of Ashtun Kutcher you can follow him and try to interact with him. If you like basketball you can follow LeBron James. Also, Many athletes have contests where they give away free tickets and signed gear to their fans.

4. Expand your interests - With Twitter it’s easy to find out about different interests. You can 2. Put your own material out there - It’s unknown whether there are more bloggers than Twitter users, check out what people worldwide are talking but anyone who blogs can share their own material about in the ‘Trending’ section. You can also see on Twitter with as many people as possible. Just what others are talking about by going to differsimply put the link in your tweet, along with a few ent people’s pages and see who’s tweeting who. key words or hashtags, and tweet it. I have done If a newsworthy story is happening, like recently this and had more traffic go to my blog, and I’ve also in Egypt, it’s easy to find out what’s going on met other people on Twitter with similar interests as from first-hand accounts of events. With others me because I tweeted a link to my blog. By doing tweeting various links it’s easy to find out what’s this you can meet others with the same interests as being talked about on different Web sites around you such as sports or fashion. You can develop a the world. large network of online friends simply by tweeting.

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