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Andrew Merrison NFTS Production Design MA Ongoing Portfolio Jan 2018 - Present

Moor Park Stairwell Detail - Unfinished Plan and Elevation

A Game of Tric Trac - Take One Painting Plans and Elevations Scale 1/4’’ : 1’ - 0’’ Painting by Johannes Stroebel

Photo of the set completed Bottom Right: The original painting

Blood Simple: Marty’s House Set Design NFTS Selection Workshop

The Tiger’s Bride: The Tiger’s Palazzo Fantasy project, ongoing Plans and Sectional Elevations @ 1/4’’ : 1’ - 0’’

Sketches and process work

Courtyard walls with partial damage

Partially destroyed staircase

Main Hall Facade connecting to destroyed wall

Courtyard walls with increased damage

NFTS Selection Workshop and Terms 1 & 2  
NFTS Selection Workshop and Terms 1 & 2