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Definitions place parameters, putting the essence of something into a box. Places and people evolve, and what is defined advances on into a new generation. In 2015 the mines live on, but only in a historical sense. What was once a measuring stick for economic, social and cultural progression now survives only as a shadow. The ghostly definition of what used to be lies in purgatory, waiting to be destroyed or reinterpreted. These images are from the Silver Coalition mines in Park City. Film photography connects me to the organic pulse of the world around me- the natural rise and fall of people, places and things. I feel an energy that draws me into survived places like the PC mines because they remain in existence uncorrupted by the politics of progress. I explore into these places that have resonated into the landscape and hope to gain an enlightened interpretation of what used to be. Who are the people that touched it? Where has the history of this place gone to rest? Why did the connection between this land and the people living in it cease to exist? What remains unanswered speaks most powerfully to me behind a lens. I become vulnerable to the things I cannot necessarily explain or define, release my inhibition and click to capture.

With each picture I create the more comfortable I become with surrender. There is a long disorderly journey from the concept of a film image to its processed and printed picture, and often times the results are unpredictable.

Entropy: lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder. As described, entropy in itself will eventually deteriorate away from its own definition. I believe in Entropy. I believe that undefined pieces of entropy are the only thing that define life as it propagates daily. Catching the essence of our surrounding world as it exists sheds a rare light of interpretation. When I see an image come to life in the dark room I am reminded of how the moment looked when I surrendered to it. A tale that is now indistinguishably intertwined with my life transcends and I can feel my powerless yet integral part in this world’s ever-evolving entropy.

Root Mag SLC Issue 1  
Root Mag SLC Issue 1