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Step 2. Review the health risk assessment that you receive. There will be a confidential one for employees and an overall summary for the company.

Company Wellness Programmes Yield Big Results Faced with only 26% of employees participating in their employee health and wellness programme, Johnson & Johnson offered employees a $500 discount on medical insurance costs if they completed a health risk profile. The number of employees participating in the Johnson & Johnson corporate fitness programme jumped after they offered the incentive — to more than 93%.

Step 3. Create a wellness programme within the company to work towards a healthier lifestyle. Companies need to identify potential team members who can be champions of wellness. It is essential that the team represents the demographic diversity of workers within the company. Employees also need to be incentivised for participating in a wellness programme by rewarding them for achieving certain objectives related to weight loss or participating in an activity such as a charity run.

quantify the healthcare cost savings that will result from specific levels of lifestyle modification and health risk reduction. So the programme must include goals/ objectives in terms of reductions in sick days, claims costs or by aiming for reductions in health risks. That way management support will be provided.

Step 4. This programme will only work if companies can

Step 5. There will need to be an ongoing relationship with

your medical provider to provide simple periodic checks on employees, and an annual audit to measure progress.

What about the bottom line? Employee Wellness Programmes provide many advantages to a company’s bottom-line. Actual statistics from Prudential

Insurance show a medical benefit expense of $312 per individual enrolled in an Employee Health Promotion Initiative compared to an expense of $574 per worker that wasn’t enrolled. Another company showed member absenteeism dropping by 18%, thus greater production and less healthcare costs overall. Remember the healthier your employees, the lower the overall healthcare costs for a company. If you are self insured just one lengthy hospital stay can almost deplete a small business’ healthcare budget. If you are insured why not use the improved health of your employees to negotiate a discount with your insurer. Such can be the benefits of a healthy workplace and performance culture.



BBBForum Summer 2009  

The magazine from the Bahrain British Business Forum

BBBForum Summer 2009  

The magazine from the Bahrain British Business Forum