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significant opportunities for British construction, design and project management companies to engage in.

Khalid Al-Zayani Chairman Dear Members, Welcome to the Summer edition of the BBBF magazine. A number of you will shortly be taking a wellearned opportunity to visit the United Kingdom and cooler climates on your summer holidays. No doubt you will have time to reflect on the year so far, and revisit your plans for the 2nd half of the year. In April, we were delighted to host another successful Formula 1 race with record attendances both from within the Kingdom of Bahrain and internationally. Once again the race acted as a solid platform for numerous business development opportunities. I was delighted to see that many of our members engaged in events, on the sidelines of the race, promoting Bahrain to a very diverse and influential group of visiting business leaders. We all should be proud of the contributions that we made to supporting a successful race and demonstrating that Bahrain is a great place to live and do business. May also saw a huge turnout at our lunch where H.E. Eng. Basim bin Yacob Al Hamer, Minister of Housing, outlined the large number of diverse housing projects that are ongoing and others that will commence in the next couple of years. The housing sector is a key priority for the Bahraini government and represents

The new Committee are grateful of the trust that you have vested in them and are all very eager to make a significant contribution over our two year term and continue the forward momentum that we have achieved. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jill Boggiss and Rob Grey who stand down from the Committee after many years of dedicated service. Jill made a fantastic contribution as Chairwoman of the Special Interest Groups. Under her leadership the SIGs have grown and are now an integral and widely respected component of the BBBF. Jill was the initial architect of the SIG concept, successfully designed the operating structure and obtained the vital sponsorship which powers the SIGs forward today. Rob served for 12 years on the Committee and is accordingly our longest ever serving Committee member. Rob has had held several different roles over the years and was the catalyst for starting and developing the members’ discount benefits concept. The Committee has been very fortunate to have been able to repeatedly tap into Rob’s wide network and memory bank of ideas throughout the past 12 years. We are delighted that both Jill and Rob will continue to be active BBBF members and we look forward to working with them both in the future and seeking their wise counsel. The Special Interest Groups are actively engaging our

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members and I strongly encourage you to join one or more of the groups, which are all free-of-charge for BBBF members. Keep an eye out for forthcoming events or contact Paula Boast, our SIG Leader, or one of the SIG Heads directly. Please do join us as often as your diary permits as these events represent an excellent opportunity to discuss topical sector issues and make new contacts in a particular industry. A special mention also to HSBC, our corporate sponsors, and Standard Chartered, our Special Interest Group sponsors, who continue to be a great source of financial support and generous encouragement. Their support allows us the financial security to increase the number of initiatives and enhances the quality and quantity of events that we are able to organise for your benefit and enjoyment.

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We hope that you enjoy this Forum edition and the Committee is looking forward to seeing you, and your guests, at forthcoming BBBF functions and hearing more about how we can serve you better. Despite the traditionally slower summer vacation period, the BBBF will continue to run events throughout the warmer months and I do sincerely hope that if you are in town, then you and your guests will be able to join us.

Feature Article Porsche or Pension .......28

I wish those of you travelling - safe and relaxing journeys and we look forward to catching up with you and your guests on your return.

Regional Round-up .......58

Please see Page 7 for details of our forthcoming events. With kind regards

Khalid Al-Zayani Chairman

BBBF Tel: +973 1781 3488, Fax: +973 1781 3489, Email: Bahrain British Business Forum, P. O. Box 10051, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

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The 2013-15 BBBF Executive Committee

Chairman Khalid Al Zayani

Deputy Chairman Austin Rudman Mob: 3969 9475

Hon-Secretary Jill Boggiss Mob: 3604 4100

Treasurer Jonathan Trafankowski Mob: 3914 8599

Embassy Representative Debbie Dixon Mob: 3947 4208

Member Julia Atherton-Dandy Mob: 3966 0598

Member Nasser Al Arayedh Tel: 1727 2575

Member Mazen Al Umran Tel: 1771 5555

Member Adel Fakhro Tel: 1727 5000

Member Rick Hopper Tel: 3979 1090

SIG Chair Paula Boast Tel: 3930 0577

Executive Manager Dena Wales Tel: 3969 6191

This edition of the BBBF Forum magazine was compiled by Andrew Mead at Mead Management Services Ltd. email: UK Mob: 0044 7940 559 925 Bahrain Mobile: 00973 3638 7595 KSA Mob: 00966 506 271 151 If you would like to contribute to a future edition please telephone or send an email to A full page advert is charged at BD330. A half page advert at BD200, A quarter page advert at BD110 A small panel at BD55 Assistance with Advert design is available if required Please note: The BBBF nor its agents do not warrant the services of any of the individual or corporate members of the BBBF. The views and opinions expressed by independent contributors must not be regarded as those of the BBBF or its agents. Publication of any article or advertisement does not imply any endorsement of the views, products or services described therein.



Hassan Ali Tarradah 1923 - 2013 The BBBF Executive is saddenned to report the passing of BBBF Member Hassan Ali Tarradah who died recently. Mr Tarradah who was born in 1923 joined the BBBF in 1999 and has been a regular and active member of the group attending many of the luncheon and special interest group meetings. Hassan started his career at Bapco as a safety officer before moving to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to set up its safety department. He later set up his own safety consulting business. He was also the founder of the Dilmun School in Adliya, established in 1976.

From Her Majesty's Ambassador

It is hard to believe it has been only eleven weeks since I last put pen to paper for the BBBF magazine. How time flies when you are enjoying yourself! Or when the pace just does not let up, both on the commercial side and in the wider bilateral relationship. Let me kick off on the latter as today, as I write, the Crown Prince is back in London for his second visit in 2 weeks. In between, he has been to Washington. It is an incredibly important visit as we and our American allies throw our political and practical support behind the government’s reform plans, which the Crown Prince, as First Deputy Prime Minister, is tasked with driving forward. Implementation is key. The UK is committed to providing Bahrain with the support it needs to do that effectively. Every week seems to bring another UK partner to Bahrain to engage in reform support. And that collaboration can lead to some unusual situations, or at least ones which would have been unthinkable 18 months ago. For example, a senior Bahraini minister sitting in my office in the Embassy a few weeks ago for a video conference with London and Geneva on implementation of an important recommendation of the groundbreaking Bahraini Independent Commission of Inquiry. If further evidence is needed of the closeness

of the bilateral relationship and how Bahrain’s leaders cherish it, let me direct you to the speech His Majesty gave in the UK in May at the end of the Royal Windsor Horse Show, where Bahrain sponsored the Endurance Race and His Majesty met Her Majesty! In his speech, to a very senior British audience, King Hamad reflected the genuine warmth of feeling which most Bahrainis feel towards the UK when he

said "The choices we make become our life, and the choice we made is a lasting friendship with the UK". He also paid tribute to the British community in Bahrain when he said they "make a major contribution to the prosperity of the Kingdom, as they have always done". Here, here. And talking of the Prosperity agenda, April saw the highly successful Bahrain UK Business Forum in London, with around 400 delegates attending, which was quite astonishing. Lord Marland, the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy whom the Crown Prince is meeting today, gave a rousing opening speech, urging British companies to take advantage of the business opportunities on offer in Bahrain. Government

ministers and officials then laid those out. I and several Bahraini and British business leaders then talked about the operating environment. I highlighted what I saw as Bahrain’s two unique selling points, namely its location and its people. Judging from the great response the UK Trade and Investment team at the Embassy has had from British companies in the seven weeks since, all of those messages have resonated.

For example, I am hosting a reception next week for a British company which met its new Bahraini partner at the event. Two other wellknown British companies in Bahrain, one a FTSE 100 company, will be holding Bahrain launch events over the next fortnight. Gulf Air have just announced that they will be buying the new Bombardier C Series aircraft, the wings for which are made in Belfast. This is all good news for the UK and for Bahrain. And on a final business note, as part of my commercial outreach during the Foreign Office Leadership week in May, the Head of UKTI Bahrain Debbie Dixon and I went to an amazing stateof-the-art car manufacturing facility (I can’t bring myself

to call it a factory) in leafy Surrey. In short, I have seen the future and it’s called McLaren. Someone described it to me as a cross between NASA and Disney’s Epcot. Google it and see for yourself. As many of you know, the McLaren Group is 50% owned by Mumtalakat. I was keen to show my support for Bahraini FDI in the UK, not least in the hope of encouraging more. I and my UKTI team have been working closely with McLaren following the recent launch of their P1 supercar in Bahrain, the opening of their showroom in Moda Mall and the F1 team’s participation in the Bahrain Grand Prix. We are in discussion with McLaren about a major Embassy event in Bahrain early next year, on which more in the next edition. I got a avour of their product when McLaren gave me the chance to take an MP412C around the BIC a few weeks ago. Nice! Very nice! But somehow I can’t see the Foreign Office letting me replace my outstanding Land Rover with the McLaren! I hope all of you get the chance to have a break over the summer ready for what we all hope will be a busy and prosperous autumn. Ramadan kareem. Forum




Mohammed Abdulrahman Ali Arabian Int’l. Mech. Cont. Est Managing Director Tel: 1746 6532 Mob: 3967 7780

Stuart Blaik Gulf Brands International Director of Sales Tel: 1772 8014 Mob: 3655 3777

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Khalil Ahmed British School of Bahrain Head of University Foundation Tel: 1761 0920 Mob: 3326 1061

Mark Buisseret Trust Re Planning & Bus. Dev. Officer Tel: 1751 7171 Mob: 3689 9892

Mazin Ajawi Talal Abu-Ghazaleh & Co. Int’l Intellectual Property Manager Tel: 1755 0003 Fax: 1738 2208

David Clarke DSC Solutions WLL Chairman & Managing Director Tel: Mob: 3638 9519

Saif Al-Bawab Talal Abu-Ghazaleh & Co. Int’l Executive Director Tel: 1755 0003 Mob: 3640 3430

Laith Damer Talal Abu-Ghazaleh & Co. Int’l Legal Consultant Tel: 1755 0003 Mob: 3680 2800

Mahmoud Alkhalafawi Talal Abu-Ghazaleh & Co. Int’l Business Development Manager Tel: 1755 0003 Mob: 3301 5330

Katie Davies Trowers & Hamlins Solicitor Tel: 1751 5612 Mob: 3941 9385

Welcome to New Members Tim Evans DWP Bahrain General Manager Tel: 1774 9700 Fax: 1774 9711

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Welcome to New Members Myles O’Connor Safety Media Ltd Regional Manager Tel: Mob: 3387 5294

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Rajan Sharma Arabian Int’l. Mech. Cont. Est General Manager Tel: 1745 6532 Mob: 3998 0720



Diary Dates Wednesday July 17th Ramadan Quiz Night Tuesday August 20th BBBF business lunch meeting Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel Tuesday September 17th BBBF business lunch meeting September (tba) BBBF ICT Meeting Thursday September 26th BBBF Security & OSAC Meeting Tuesday October 8th BBBF business lunch meeting November 6th to November 12th Chelsea Pensioners visit Thursday November 7th Poppy Ball Tuesday November 19th BBBF business lunch meeting Thursday December 12th BBBF Christmas lunch Events in the pipeline Please visit the BBBF website and check the calendar for updated details on the above and other events/ meetings being held.

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BAHRAIN The Pearl of the Gulf has had a long standing relationship with Britain and is still a major trading partner.

Membership directories are distributed to members of visiting Trade Missions and are available through the Embassy and business centres in five star hotels.

BRITISH Trade with Bahrain is now subject to significant competition in this era of globalisation particularly from countries in Europe and from the USA.

Simply click on “Sign Up” on our website complete the application form and click submit. Sounds simple, it is, it must be worth it.

BUSINESS between Bahrain and Britain must be promoted in order for Britain to maintain its dominant position. The BBBF has been formed to help in whatever way it can to do this and through its close cooperation with the British Embassy seeks to promote exchange of trade and good relations between Bahrain and Britain. FORUM Is defined in the Collins English Dictionary as, “an assembly or meeting to discuss topics of public concern”. The BBBF provides through its monthly meetings a platform for networking amongst its members and the exchange and dissemination of useful business leads and opportunities. In addition, in return for a modest subscription, members receive the benefit of inclusion in an annual directory describing the products and services they have to offer and a listing on the BBBF website again with a description of activities, contact numbers and useful links.

BBBF Membership Application Please complete the membership form and send it to: BBBF Executive Office, Fax: (00973) 1781 3489, or Email: For further information call (00973) 1781 3488, Web site:

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Embassy News Visit of the Lord Mayor of the City of London to Bahrain

The Lord Mayor, Alderman Roger Gifford, visited Bahrain on 25-26 February on a regional tour. He was hosted by the Crown Prince (CP) and joined by a five-strong business delegation which was granted full access throughout. Alongside several high-level meetings with the Central Bank Governor, the Finance Minister, and the Culture Minister to name a few, the Lord Mayor also attended banquet lunch hosted

by the CP which was followed by an audience with the King. The packed programme also included an Embassy reception, sponsored by HSBC, and a dinner hosted by the Chairman of the Bahrain British Business Forum. The British Embassy Bahrain was able to deliver a worthwhile and packed programme with calls at the highest levels. In the absence of other prosperity visits by

ministers, this visit was an excellent opportunity to show UK intent and set out what we have to offer. The visit underlined the current strength of the bilateral relationship and showed the high regard in which UK financial and professional services are held. As a result, the Bahrainis are keen to work more closely with UK financial and professional services, particularly in further developing Bahrain’s highly-skilled local workforce.

Business Opportunities in Bahrain Showcased to British firms in London Forum Bahrain’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC), in partnership with UKTI, the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Bahrain Embassy in London hosted a Business Forum on 24 April at the Dorchester Hotel in London. The aim of the Forum was to showcase the large number of opportunities in Bahrain, which British companies and organisations could capitalise on and become involved in. There was high-level attendance at the event from Bahrain, with Ministers and CEOs representing a wide range of sectors including financial services, infrastructure, housing, energy, transportation, and education to name a few. All Bahrain delegates delivered presentations focusing on the key opportunities within their 10 Forum

sectors, followed by a Q&A session for each. Bahrain was able to demonstrate its ambitious plans, including a number of high value projects, particularly in infrastructure. A networking lunch also took place following the presentations, allowing British companies one-onone face time with key representatives from Bahrain. Some companies also had private meetings

with Bahrain representatives within the margins of the event. All in all, the well-attended event proved a great success – British companies were very keen on taking up the various opportunities available and Bahraini representatives strongly welcomed their interest and scope for future involvement.

McLaren - leading the way with technology

British Ambassador to Bahrain Iain Lindsay shows support for iconic British brand

As part of his commercial outreach during FCO Leadership week, British Ambassador Iain Lindsay, accompanied by the Head of UKTI Bahrain Debbie Dixon, visited the stunning state-of-the-art McLaren manufacturing facility in Woking, Surrey, which was opened by Prime Minister David Cameron in November 2011. Not your everyday car plant! The Ambassador and his UKTI team have been working closely with McLaren following the recent

launch of the McLaren P1 supercar in Bahrain, with the opening of a McLaren showroom in a prestigious mall and of course the Formula 1 team’s participation in the Bahrain Grand Prix. During the visit, McLaren revealed an exciting range of projects in applied technologies. The Ambassador was “totally blown away” by the possibilities and agreed that “the future is most definitely orange” - one of McLaren’s

Joint Working Group (JWG) The Joint Working Group (JWG) is the formalisation of the UK’s bilateral relationship with Bahrain, with the aim to strengthen and further develop our strategic relationship across a range of issues, through practical collaboration, co-operation and the exchange of information. There are five pillars to the working group including political & diplomatic (including consular and visa), reform and assistance, prosperity, regional co-operation and security and counter-terrorism. From a prosperity perspective, this gave UK Trade and Investment a platform to highlight key areas that British expertise could be applied to, particularly with a large

number of high value opportunities currently presenting themselves in the Kingdom. Recent successes have included Royal Mail who conducted an evaluation of the Bahrain postal system and engineering consultancy firm Atkins who conducted a road study for the Ministry of Transport. Bahrain is experiencing an infrastructure boom, driven partly by the US $10bn marshal aid fund, generated by its GCC neighbours to get Bahrain on par with wealthy neighbours such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Therefore, projects that had gone quiet have now begun to emerge as viable business opportunities for British businesses. Opportunities such as the long

most popular colours. Attempts to persuade the FCO that his ‘flag car’ should be a McLaren are, however, likely to fall on deaf ears! Bahrain’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, Mumtalakat, acquired a significant stake in McLaren Group Ltd in 2007 and also has a significant stake in McLaren Automotive Ltd. UKTI is in discussion with McLaren about participation in a major Embassy event in Bahrain in 2013/14

anticipated airport expansion, road networks, social housing, hospitals and GCC transportation link all provide a platform for British businesses to share their expertise, knowledge and skills. The JWG will be co-chaired at Ministerial level. At the first meeting the UK was represented by the Minister responsible for the Middle East, Mr Alistair Burt. The Kingdom of Bahrain was represented by Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, the Minister for Foreign Affairs. The work of the JWG will not be confined to these formal meetings. British and Bahraini officials will maintain regular contact between the formal meetings, including joint meetings as necessary, in order to follow-up progress on issues discussed. Forum 11

Special Interest Groups

for the future. His efforts have been very much appreciated and he will be succeeded by his Charles Russell colleague Patrick Gearon. Patrick is new to the Kingdom of Bahrain so we welcome him on board.

Paula Boast SIG Chair We start with more goodbyes and thank yous. Clive Hopewell is leaving us as Head of Legal SIG. We wish Clive all the very best

Also new to the Kingdom is Katie Davies of Trowers & Hamlins. She replaces Cate Barbour who has moved to the bright lights of Dubai. Thanks to Cate for her efforts on the Youth SIG. Katie will be working closely with Khalid Zayani in taking the Youth SIG initiative forward in 2013.

We promised you more integration between our SIG Groups and local entities following on from our joint construction and security SIG event at the end of 2012. We have had a busy Spring it seems. We have seen a diverse variety of events ranging from updates on FATCA (an integrated event between the Finance SIG and Legal SIG), to delays under FIDIC Contracts, ICT Presentations from CISCO, and the popular “X Factor” series on extraordinary organisational performance.

We will be a little quieter over the Ramadan period but looking ahead to Autumn we have integrated events planned between Construction SIG and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), as well as Legal SIG and the Charted Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb). Also on the agenda will be a return of Aon insurance specialists focusing on commercial insurances including professional indemnity. Standard Chartered remain unwavering in their support for our SIG Groups which is much appreciated.

SIG - Organisational Effectiveness

The ‘X’ Factor series - ‘A new mindset for extraordinary performance’ Self belief is key to achieving your potential "Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re probably right" Henry Ford

The Organisational Effectiveness meeting was held at the Crowne Plaza on Wednesday June 19th. As part of our continued focus on the ‘difference that makes the difference’ in terms of personal and organisational performance we were lucky to have Tom Flatau of Teamworking International, run a workshop that focused on mindset and how changing this can lead to substantial changes in performance. Tom ran an interactive session offering us a range of ideas that we could apply 12 Forum

very quickly, one that he uses himself is to set an alarm in his phone that reminds him to take stock of the day and to recall all of the positive things that have happened – he does this in the evening. We had around 28 people attending, there were problems with the traffic which caused quite a few no shows. These are some of Tom’s thoughts on the topic: Intelligence and ability grow. They are not fixed traits – expertise takes 10,000 hours to acquire. No matter where you start you can always change substantially.

Your language creates your reality – we give words meaning and then believe this meaning. If we use negative language we create negative thoughts, if we create a positive frame of reference we feel better. Feedback gives information about current abilities, to learn and improve How do you give feedback to others? How do you react or respond to feedback offered to you? Attitude to ‘failure’ Is failure a personal reflection on you – John McEnroe behaved in this way when he gave up playing doubles. Or is it an opportunity to learn – Michael Jordan and Churhill as examples. Do you experiment at work, do you encourage others to do this? How are you when things go "wrong"?

Jill Boggiss Reslience and handling setbacks – it is not the circumstances that cause the upset it is our attitude to them. Your attitude is in your control - stay centred and open to learning. Many circumstances are out of your control, but don’t let setbacks put you off course. You are not your brain – the brain generates your thoughts and emotions. The brain’s job is survival not happiness – that is your job. Details of Tom and his work can be found on Future topics in this series will cover communication, engagement, alignment and team building. More info from Jill Boggiss,

Special Interest Group - Construction On March 26 th we hosted a FIDIC Contracts special event focusing on the complex issues of prolongation and concurrency under FIDIC Contracts.

Our speaker was Robert Horne, Rob, a regular speaker for BBBF Construction SIG, is a senior partner from Trowers & Hamlins whose background is in costs consultancy and analysis. Rob is a Chartered

Arbitrator and Adjudicator appearing on the Roster of International Arbitrators. He regularly lectures on dispute resolution and construction contracts, particularly the NEC form of contract on which he is a recognised expert, and is acknowledged as a leader of the filed in complex delay and disruption claim preparation. The event was well attended and generated a long song debate on the intricacies of this subject which continue to pose ever ongoing issues in the Bahrain, and indeed global, construction market. NO doubt the issue will come up again when we run the Construction SIG and the Royal Institute of

Paula Boast & Rick Hopper Chartered Surveyors (RICS) event in the Autumn, as the QS fraternity remains inundated with contractror claims. We are aiming to hold a Christmas social event in conjunction with the National Theatre Bahrain. Details to be circulated in due course

Special Interest Group - ICT The ICT Special Interest Group held a second meeting in 2013 at the Diplomat hotel on Wed 23rd April. There were two presentations from Cisco:1. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and 2. Unified Platform (Collaboration) The presentations were made by Hussain Ebrahim of Cisco and the event went very well with 25 turning up. There was considerable interest from

the attendees and active participation with their mobile phones following the instructions of Ebrahim. Pictured alongside is David WAles ICT SIG Chair & Hussain Ebrahim from Cisco who did the presentations and demonstrations. We are planning to have the next event on Cyber Security and are working with Kalaam Telecom to secure a suitable date and venue.

SIG - Legal ’Ernst & Young and Charles Russell jointly hosted a seminar at the Capital Club on 21 st May on the US Foreign Accounts Tax and Compliance Act (‘FATCA’). This was a joint BBBF Legal SIG and Financial Sercices SIG event. Chris Gant of Ernst & Young and Martin Griffiths at Charles Russell were joined by Khalid Hamad, the Executive Director of Banking Supervision at the Central Bank of Bahrain and Khalid Al-Zayani, Chairman

of the BBBF, to discuss the issues raised by FATCA in Bahrain and MENA. With Chris focussing on the accounting, administrative and compliance issues, Martin spoke about the legal issues raised by FATCA. With the forthcoming phasing in of various stages of FATCA, the seminar focused on what banks and businesses in the region should be doing to ensure they are ready for implementation. Due to the broad scope of the legislation, the seminar

raised awareness of the broad range of business, from banks to private equity funds, to private companies, that could be potentially affected by FATCA and what the consequences of noncompliance would be. Mr Khalid Hamad provided interesting insight into the inter-governmental aspects surrounding the legislation and Bahrain’s position in relation to signing an intergovernmental agreement with the US, in addition to how the banking sector in Bahrain is responding to FATCA generally. International

Clive Hopewell information gathering remains a particularly ‘hot topic’ at present with the G8 recently discussing and the G20 expected to discuss, further measures to combat international tax avoidance and the possibility of more FATCA equivalents being enacted throughout the international community in the coming years

Forum 13

BBBF SIG Security - in partnership with OSAC - Bahrain Council an event. He said, "It is possible that terrorist groups may try to use the occasion of the summit to, at the very least, garner publicity for themselves.

Anthony Peter Palys MBE This Summer Edition picks up from where we left off in the Spring Edition and also from our recent Formal Networking Gathering (FNG); namely Travel & Cyber issues. These two subjects form the main crux of this latest group of guest contribution articles and updates but you will also find reports with reference to our Formal Gatherings, 2013 Speaker Progamme, Conference Attendance and some well deserved Presentations; so do please read on. Where shall I go on holiday this year? As the temperatures creep even further up the mercury scale our thoughts wander to escaping the oppresive heat and to reach out to better climates so as to enjoy some well deserved vacation. But the decision as to actually where to go becomes even more dificult to decide on due to the forever increasing conflicts, disruption and threats that are unfortunately happening around the world as well as here in the region Snippets: USA: The surviving Boston marathon bomber allegedly scrawled a note inside the boat where he was discovered, blaming America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the deadly attack which killed three and wounded more than 260 at the race in May. Egypt / Ethiopia: President Morsi made an uncompromising speech on state television warning Addis Ababa that his government would not accept any reduction in the flow of the river Nile caused by a large dam project currently under construction in Ethiopia. "Egypt’s water security cannot be violated in any way". Turkey: Hundreds of Turkish riot police backed by armored vehicles stormed Istanbul’s Taksim Square in June clashing with protesters. Police fired tear gas and water cannons whilst groups of protesters threw stones and petrol bombs. Talks with the government and protestors are imminent… one hopes. Europe Travel: Belgian air traffic controllers affiliated to the socialist and liberal trades unions have announced work to rule action. Employees are protesting together with colleagues at other European air traffic control centres and the action could cause disruption in aviation across the continent of Europe. Ireland: Mobile phone providers in the Irish Republic could be asked to cut signals during the G8 summit being held in Northern Ireland amid fears terrorists may use them to detonate bombs. The Irish Defence Minister warned that there was a "real danger" that lives could be lost in such 14 Forum

Brazil: Days before the beginning of the FIFA Confederations Cup, Brazil’s security forces prepare to deal with all kinds of trouble, from crowd control to terrorist attacks. In Rio de Janeiro, which will host several matches of the FIFA competition, the National Security Force joined the local forces in ensuring safety for the next few weeks. MERS: In a breakthrough to help identify the mysterious Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-coronavirus (MERSCoV) which has killed 31 people mostly in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced the completion of the genetic sequence of four infections in Al-Ahsa. “This is a significant move that could lead to a breakthrough in revealing the genetic mystery and generate more information on the virus, which will eventually lead to finding a quick diagnostic methodology and a vaccine against it” said Dr. Khalid Marghalani, adviser to the minister and MOH spokesman. Summer Safety Travel: Planning for that special vacation can be as exciting as the trip itself. When preparing for your journey, remember to observe good personal safety practices. A traveller will spend much time researching fascinating locations based on personal interests and sometimes without holistic consideration. Part of travel planning should include examining relevant advisories, crime statistics and present geo-political issues. An excellent starting point is to visit your respective embassy website for travel tips, country specific information and any alerts or warnings. Prior to travel you can register with your embassy in your destined country, typically online, and receive important e-mail notifications with current information. Lastly, know the street address and telephone number of your embassy or consulate in your country of travel in case of an emergency. Extended holiday travel means time away from home. After your itinerary is arranged and before you board your flight consider the following tips to safeguard your residence. A monitored security system is an excellent tool and supplemented with web-based cameras allows a vacationer to remotely view the interior and exterior of their home with a laptop, tablet or smartphone connected online. Using remote electrical timers to activate your home lighting can give a lived-in appearance. Temporarily stopping mail and newspaper delivery will prevent overflow and remove the tell-tale sign of an empty home. Keeping your landscape tidy with a mowed lawn and tended gardens. Asking your trusted neighbor to park extra vehicles in your driveway can help maintain a “lived-in” façade. For good measure, notify the police and provide a contact number should they need to reach you.

When in an unfamiliar place, the best safety measure is not behaving and looking like a victim. Active situational awareness of knowing your surroundings, assessing people and their intentions as well as blending into the environment can greatly reduce the chance of victimization. Choose your dress carefully and without flashy jewelry or accessories to reduce targeting by thieves and pickpockets. Keep your money and wallet in your front pockets and/or use a money belt to best secure your identification and currency. Avoid using handbags, purses or satchels that can be easily grabbed, but if necessary wear them with a sturdy strap slung diagonally across your chest. Safeguard your zippered backpack compartments with travel locks to deter potential pickpockets. Remember to make photocopies of your identification, passports and travel itineraries. Keep your bank contact information handy in the event your credit cards are stolen or compromised. Using your smartphone camera take photographs of your luggage to help you describe them to airport personnel and overcome language barriers if lost in flight. An itinerary placed inside your luggage may help direct it to your destination if lost and the airline tag is removed or damaged. Summer travel and holiday is more enjoyable when incorporating personal safety measures into your vacation plan. Have an emergency point of contact available who knows your travel schedule. Limit your social media footprint during your holiday until you return home to share your journey to keep criminals from targeting an empty house. Stay vigilant, stay safe and enjoy a terrific summer holiday season.

In Case of Emergency (ICE): In case of emergency (ICE) is a programme that enables first responders, such as paramedics, firefighters, and police officers, as well as hospital personnel, to contact the next of kin of the owner of a mobile phone to obtain important medical or support information (the phone must be unlocked and working). The phone entry (or entries) should supplement or complement written (such as wallet, bracelet, or necklace) information or indicators. The programme was conceived in the mid-2000s and promoted by British paramedic Bob Brotchie in May 2005. It encourages people to enter emergency contacts in their mobile phone address book under the name "ICE". Alternatively, a person can list multiple emergency contacts as "ICE1", "ICE2", etc. The popularity of the programme has spread across Europe and Australia, and it has started to grow into North America. Additional information may be found on several websites, including Wikipedia, by simply searching google for ICE Emergency.

Forum 15

BBBF SIG Security - continued

Partnerships 2013 AGM


n what has been dubbed as a "twenty-first century bank heist", US prosecutors have announced that they have charged eight individuals believed to be part of the New York cell of an international cybercriminal group. The organisation is thought to be behind a complex, global scam to drain ATM machines of their funds, involving more than 40,500 cash withdrawals across twenty-seven countries. The scheme consisted of two incidents in December 2012 and February 2013, which targeted Middle Eastern banks via their Indian credit card processing partners. Cyber Security-1: President Barack Obama used an unusually lengthy and informal desert summit to present Chinese President Xi Jinping with detailed evidence of intellectual property theft emanating from his country, as a top U.S. official declared Saturday that Cyber Security is now at the "center of the relationship" between the world’s largest economies. Cyber Security-2: An employee for the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton admitted Sunday to providing two newspapers with secret documents about the National Security Agency’s previously undisclosed surveillance programs. Edward Snowden, a tech specialist who contracted for the NSA who is also a former undercover CIA employee, said that he gave the documents to The Washington Post and Britain’s Guardian newspaper because he was upset about what he said was the systematic surveillance of law-abiding citizens. Cyber Security-3: Hackers who breached Google’s network in 2010 obtained access to the company’s system for tracking surveillance requests from law enforcement, according to a news report. The hackers gained access to a database that Google used to process court orders from law enforcement agencies seeking information about customer accounts, including classified FISA orders that are used in foreign intelligence surveillance investigations, according to the Washington Post.

16 Forum

Earlier in the year OSAC Bahrain held its 2013 AGM on Thursday 21st March at the Moevenpick Hotel courtesy of our great supporter GM Heinz Kraehenbuehl. The VIP guest speakers were HM Ambassador to Bahrain Iain Lindsay and US Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Timothy Pounds who provided an enlightening and pragmatic insight into the bilateral relationships between the countries together with security assessments. The Executive Committee was very grateful to National Hotels GM Ian Bricklebank for sponsoring drinks for the event and an excellent informative evening was experienced by all. Both HM Ambassador to Bahrain Iain Lindsay and the US Deputy Chief of Mission Timothy Pounds were presented with The OSAC Bahrain Country Council Coin at the event to recognize their continued support. The "Coin" Highlights the partnership between the United States and United Kingdom with the Arabic text highlighting the importance of the cooperation with the Kingdom of Bahrain by mentioning the three countries by name. The Crests on the interior of the circle highlight the organisations involved: US EMB, UK EMB, RSO’s Office, NCIS, US Diplomatic Security Service with the crest of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the centre. Serial numbers are incorporated so that the Council can maintain a registrar of recipients. A Bahrain Council Coin presentation was also made to the General Manager of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Spa Mark Neukomm in the presence of the full committee by our visiting VIP from DC the OSAC Executive Director David Schnorbus on Wednesday 22nd May in recognition to his long serving support to the OSAC & BBBF SIG (S) partnership. Formal Network Gathering: The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) Bahrain Council & Bahrain British Business Forum Special Interest Group (Security) were extremely pleased to host our VIP guest & speaker the OSAC Executive Director David Schnorbus at our recent Formal Network Gathering which was held at the Radisson Blu Diplomat Hotel & Residence on Wednesday 22nd May 2013. Special thanks goes out to both the General Manager Panos Panagis and the Regional Security Manager Tony Johnson for facilitating what was an excellent venue and a most informative meeting with over 70 members and guests attending. David, who is based in Washington DC and had just arrived from Bagdad, joined guest speakers Glen Harwood (Senior Manager ICT Security Etihad), Ahmed Husain (Founding Director Reload Consulting), and Gert Du Preez (ISSO American Express MENA) providing presentations with the main theme being of Cyber Awareness & Cyber Crime. In what was a very well-attended event the speakers answered many probing questions and provided an in-

Presentation Coin

British Ambassador Iain Lindsay & US Deputy Chief of Mission Timothy Pounds

David Schnorbus & Captain Walsh

depth prospective coupled with some excellent advice on cyber-crime and its resulting potential security breaches. More detailed information can be found in the "Speaker Programme" article below. David gave members a very interesting delivery on the global perspective/ outreach of OSAC Chapters and praised the Bahrain Chapter for its progressive direction and very active membership. He followed by speaking at length on an actual high profile security incident to illustrate the events as they unfolded including the security responses which was well received by the membership. Presentations followed firstly to Captain Colin S. Walsh Commanding Officer, Naval Support Activity Bahrain for all his outstanding support to the OSAC & BBBF SIG (S) partnership and to David Schnorbus by our Chairman Jerry Lonsdale, Managing Director G4S Kingdom of Bahrain & Jordan, in recognition of his visit.

Speaker Programme Since the last BBBF magazine was issued the Bahrain OSAC Council has held two Formal Network Gatherings (FNG’s). The first of the two was held on 18 April 2013 at the InterContinental Hotel and aside from the usual security updates from the Regional Security Officer the Naval Criminal Investigative Service the theme was Financial Crime. The first guest speaker was Monsieur Leon Jankowski, CFE, Vice President and Head of Security Middle East & Africa, DHL Global Forwarding & Freight, Global Advisor – Anti-Fraud & Crisis Management. Leon gave a most illuminating presentation on the skills and work of Certified Fraud Examiners and how their work can contribute to business. Particularly interesting was the contrast Leon made between CFE’s and company accountants in terms of function and approach. Leon was then followed by our own Executive Committee Secretary Gary Theobalds who addressed the audience on the issues of credit card fraud in the Middle East. Again this was a very practical and enlightening presentation during which Gary was able to give numerous examples of the way dishonest people commit theft and criminal deception through the use of forged credit cards. The next FNG was held at the Radisson Diplomat Hotel on 22 May 2013 and we had four guest presenters. The first speaker was David Schnorbus, the Executive Director of OSAC based in Washington. David gave an overview of the OSAC organisation and in particular touched on Middle East issues. He then went on to speak about the terrorist atrocity in January

2013 at the In Amenas, Algeria facility and the OSAC reporting on the incident.

Paul Gorman

Following David’s address our other three guest presenters were invited to speak on the theme of Cyber Crime. Our first speaker in this session was Glenn Harwood, CISSP; CISM; CISA; CRISC; C/EH who addressed the audience on the topic of information system hacking. Glenn discussed the types of hackers from white to black and the type of things hostile hackers engage in to disrupt business or commit thefts and other crimes. Following Glenn was local Information Communications Technology consultant Ahmed Husain, who spoke to the subject of Computer Emergency Response Teams. Ahmed gave some very recent case studies including an attempt to disrupt the ticketing system for the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix event. Our final speaker was Gert Du Preez C/CISCO; EC-Council; CISM; ACE; ISACA a specialist in digital forensics who explained the concept of the term to the audience. As with the previous speakers Gert gave very practical examples to illustrate his presentation. He showed examples of data hiding techniques and anti-forensics employed by unscrupulous people that were in reality extremely simple but often overlooked. The Bahrain OSAC count themselves fortunate to have assembled three subject experts all of whom gave of their services willingly and free of charge.

Glenn Harwood, Ahmed Hussein & Gert Du Preez giving their presenations Forum 17

BBBF SIG Security - continued

Introduction to ASIS International and Certification Awareness Lunch During one of the Chapters meetings a few of the current members started a discussion on ways of introducing potential security professionals to the benefits of ASIS International and their certification programme, from these discussions, came the idea of an ‘Introduction to ASIS International and Certification Awareness Lunch’. As ever the first person to step up with an offer of support was Jassim Darwish HSSE Manager at GIPC, who offered to hold the event at the GIPC Club in Al Eskr, an outstanding venue at which the Chapter has held other events. The next person to arrange was the Guest speaker, and for this the Chapter Chairman knew the ideal person, having seen him present a similar presentation to the Dhahran Chapter in Saudi.

18 Forum

Dennis D. Shepp, MBA, CPP, CFE, is currently the Professional Development and Training Advisor to Saudi Aramco Industrial Security Training Centre, and has been involved in ASIS International for more years than he probably cares to mention, (it’s a lot !!), Dennis as ever was more than willing to come and present. One of the most surprising things that often comes from this presentation is the full benefits that are available to members of ASIS International, most of which existing members do not realise are available, the full list is highlighted on the next page.

Andrew Deamer, CPP,PSP

The event was held on Thursday 23rd May, and was attended by current and potential members who enjoyed a first class presentation followed by an outstanding lunch, and the opportunity to network with old friends and new ones.

Member Benefits Joining ASIS is an investment in you and your professional development. As a member, you become connected to a global community of security management practitioners. Regardless of where you are in your career, membership offers many paths and opportunities to learn from and interact with colleagues in ways that will help you meet your professional goals, including: Networking: • • • • •

Online Member Directory—Search for members by name, organisation or location. ASIS Chapters—Attending a local chapter meeting is your best way to stay informed of relevant local and regional issues and make valuable professional connections. Councils—Share best practices, collaborate on common issues, and discuss emerging trends with security management peers. Social media—Join our ASIS International LinkedIn Group, follow ASIS on Twitter and become a fan of ASIS on Facebook. Special Networking Groups - Connect with peers, benefit from specialized programming, and take part in mentorship opportunities in the ASIS Women in Security Group and Young Professionals Group. Interest and Committee Workspaces - Join interest groups and collaborate with your peers in committee workspaces

Information: • • •

Security Management—Members receive a free subscription. ASIS Library—The largest single source of Englishlanguage security related information in the world. Career Centre—Take advantage of member pricing on a range of career development tools, information, and resources to guide you through your entire career.

Professional Development: •

• •

Educational programmes—Members receive preferred pricing on our broad range of offerings, from international conferences, classroom programmes, webinars, eLearning, and customized on-site programmes. Annual Seminar and Exhibits—Each year, more than 20,000 security professionals attend this premier education and networking event. Online Store—Members receive preferred pricing on hundreds of peer-reviewed security related publications and other resources.


Middle East & North Africa Regional Security Conference in Amman, Jordan Our Chairman Jerry Lonsdale and our Secretary Gary Theobalds attended the conference which took place during the period 21-23 April. OSAC and the International Security Management Association (ISMA) jointly hosted the Middle East & North Africa Regional Security Conference which was attended by over 200 private sector security professionals from global companies, law enforcement, including U.S., U.K., and Australian Embassy representatives. The first day’s agenda items included remarks by Jordan’s Minister of Interior, the Chargé d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy Amman, OSAC’s Middle East and North Africa Analyst, a presentation on the de-radicalization process regarding the Syria conflict, and a panel of seven Regional Security Officers. The second day’s highlights included a panel discussing school, compound and hotel security, a presentation from the Department of State’s Cyber Threat Analysis Division, and presentations on business operations in post-conflict Iraq, analytical perspectives on Algeria and Iraq, Israel’s security concerns and role in the region, and the rise of political Islam. The conference was a success and has received a large amount of positive feedback. OSAC would like to thank ISMA for their continued support in these joint efforts and would also like to thank the speakers and attendees whose participation contributed to the overall success of the event. (Kind permission of the Research and Information Support Center (RISC) OSAC)

OSAC Bahrain Sponsorship Packages We are encouraged to greater things with the solid sponsorship partnerships that have been afforded to us by such stalwarts as Sam Mulholland at Standby Consulting www.standbycon / +973 13673555, Anna Kelly at Kalaam Telecom Bahrain / +973 1616 8628 and Faieq Alzayani Co. W.L.L.

Anthony J. Tesar

Please contact Tony Tesar directly to see how you, or your organisation, can benefit from what is on offer, should you have any questions, wish to sponsor an event or simply to discuss alternatives that would better suit your needs. OSAC Sponsorship Representative SIG Sponsor

CPP, PCI, and PSP designations—Recognised worldwide as the standard of professional competency, ASIS certifications validate your professional competence, increase your marketability, and ensure you remain at the forefront. Forum 19

BBBF SIG Security - continued

Consular Excellence: Important changes to consular registration: ways to stay in touch on these issues, including via email updates of the FCO’s country-specific travel advice or by following FCO on social media.

Millions of British people travel abroad every year. Most have a journey free from trouble and do not need consular services. However sometimes things go wrong and British nationals can be victims of serious crime, require hospitalisation or be caught up in a major crisis. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is committed to doing its utmost to assist British nationals in serious difficulties abroad. The FCO has staff in 146 cities around the world ready and able to provide assistance when necessary, often in tragic circumstances. On 18 April 2013 the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs launched a new consular strategy for 2013 to 2016 titled "Consular Excellence". This strategy will drive innovation and excellence in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s consular service over the next three years. As part of this strategy the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is also responding to what British nationals have said about how they want to stay informed about crisis and security situations when overseas. The FCO is updating its systems to offer a wide array of 20 Forum

So every British National going abroad will have access to up-to-date country-specific travel advice at any time. We encourage you to subscribe to this free service so you will be alerted by email when there are important updates. This is a fast and effective method already used by nearly 34000 email subscribers. During a crisis our advice to British nationals will be published on our travel advice website and updated regularly. It is particularly important to consult travel advice if you are considering travel to: Afghanistan, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen. You can also follow us on social media so that wherever you go, you can stay informed and stay safe. We encourage you to follow us on Twitter @fcotravel and on Facebook: fcotravel. Your local British Embassy or High Commission also has a website and may additionally have its own social media feeds and/or consular warden network. Contact details for all of our diplomatic posts are available on our website. We have also produced some new guidance on precautions to take if you are travelling to or resident in areas where a crisis may occur. In effect, the FCO is moving from a system where British nationals are encouraged to register when they travel in case there is a crisis, to one where we are using a number of channels to give the latest information and advice on what you should do if you need our help in a crisis and how to contact the FCO’s crisis response team. This faster and more practical system

supersedes the Locate system, which is used by less than 1% of British nationals overseas so does not offer what we need to help British nationals in a crisis. From 14 May we will no longer use the LOCATE system, instead using our resources to improve our travel advice service and focus on those who most need our help. Your personal data which is stored on LOCATE will be handled in line with data protection legislation. The new Consular Strategy is available on GOV.UK at: publications/consularstrategy in accordance with Government Digital by Default principles. It will be a dynamic document that will be updated as we achieve our aims and set future targets.

Security and the Weathered Eye – Keep Informed, Remember: 1.


Please use caution as you drive and plan for additional time to arrive at your destination. Also ensure that you have some water and snacks with you; especially for the children To monitor the local UK and US Embassy websites, Local media and the MOI twitter site, see links below, in order to keep aware of the current situation & conditions

OSAC Bahrain in Partnership with the BBBF SIG (Security) - /groups?gid=2463039&trk=hb_side_g

Please Note: Whilst we seek to ensure the information we give is as reliable as possible, we cannot confirm that all such events will go ahead as listed. Events may change or be cancelled. The Next Formal Networking Gathering is scheduled for Thursday 26th September 2013

US Embassy Bahrain


British Embassy Bahrain

A particularly dense cannabis grower, aged 29, was immediately arrested by police after he phoned 999 to report that three of his home grown plants were stolen.

Gulf Daily News

MOI Twitter Account


Demonstration Notices – Update:

On arrival at the alleged crime scene the arresting officers found more cannabis plants and an "unsophisticated" growing setup. They also found bags containing cuttings of dried cannabis suggesting a continuing operation. On sentencing the Judge remarked "That the fact that you called the police yourself to report the theft is not a mitigating factor". He was sentenced to 26 weeks in custody suspended for 12 months and 150 hours unpaid work.

Forum 21

Financial News

AXA unveils growth plans in GCC region during Group Chairman and CEO visit

Mr de Castries also visited the AXA shop at Bahrain City Centre during his visit to Bahrain. The shop, situated opposite Carrefour, is aimed at offering a strategic and accessible location to boost AXA customer convenience and is part of its mandate to extend world-class service backed by unique insurance solutions. He added: "This region plays a pivotal role in our future expansion plans. The needs for insurance and risk management are ever increasing. Our objective in the region is to become the preferred insurance company for customers, distributors, employees and shareholders and ensure that AXA Gulf is fully aligned with the market needs."

Mr. Henri de Castries, Chairman and CEO of AXA Group – worldwide leader in insurance and asset management serving 102 million clients globally, announced plans to accelerate AXA Gulf growth in the Region. The plans were unveiled during Mr de Castries’ visit to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE. The visit of Mr de Castries to the region comes amidst AXA delivering robust financial results in 2012. The Group recorded revenues worth Euro 90.1 billion and underlying earnings amounting to Euro 4.3 billion in 2012, and had Euro 1,116 billion assets under management. In the past decades, AXA Group has built one of the largest insurers worldwide and is the number one global insurance brand for the fourth consecutive year1. Mr de Castries comes to the region as AXA Group reinforces its focus on high growth markets to build on its market leadership. Globally, AXA Group has already invested Euro 4 billion in new markets through acquisitions and partnerships in the past years and the company has already reinforced its presence in 19 countries in the last three years. Talking about the visit, Mr de Castries said: "We have grown from strength to 22 Forum

strength every year in the GCC, which remains one of our key growth markets. The region still records low insurance penetration levels, risk awareness of the population is increasing thus there are growing insurance needs to address. The insurance market in the region has a great future and we are committed to work with the regulatory bodies, partners and teams here, who have made our success possible. We aim to support the current business model here by leveraging AXA Group’s strengths and expertise." During the year, AXA maintained its growth and profitability across the globe with a strong focus on delivering its strategic plan "Ambition AXA" by being more selective and by shifting its new business towards more profitable segments that address evolving customer needs. AXA in the Gulf also recorded strong financials with a growth of more than 20% of its premiums reaching US$626 million with a contribution of all its five countries in the GCC. AXA over the last years has built the leading non-life international insurer in the GCC. In few years, AXA Gulf has grown from a small team of 150 employees to over 800 employees across the GCC, servicing in excess of 500,000 clients.

Jérôme Droesch, AXA Gulf CEO, said: "We are well positioned to make the difference in the Gulf. We have continued to relentlessly pursue efficiencies and product innovations to extend competitive advantage and value for policyholders in the evolving market environment. Across the five countries in the Gulf where we have presence, we report a very high customer satisfaction over 80% and I think the best proof of our success is our recent recognitions received at the MENA Awards - General Insurer of the Year and Personal Lines Insurer and the Banker Middle East Awards - Best SME Healthcare Insurance Product." He added: "We are committed to accelerate our growth in the region by engaging and building the capacities of nationals in the insurance sector. We are looking at aggressive expansion of our multi access model and notably our AXA Shops - we now have 16 shops in the region and planning to open more than 10 in 2013. Our success is mainly attributed to our efforts to delight our customers by surpassing expectations and we are very grateful to our clients, partners and shareholders for their trust". As one of the leading names in the UAE and regional insurance sector, AXA Insurance Gulf products are tailored across all sections - corporates, SMEs, individuals and families.

Financial News New banking survey - a first for Bahrain

Bahrain has scored a first in the GCC by producing a detailed analysis of its domestic banking sector. No other country in the region has undertaken such a huge task. The Bahrain Banks Annual Review 2012 was launched on 14 April. This 260-page work of reference looks in close detail at Bahrain’s 42 registered banks over the five-year period ending in 2011. The Bahrain Banks Annual Review 2012 is a jointventure publication by BBBF member the Bahrain Association of Banks (BAB)

and the Centre for Research at Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance (BIBF). Work is already underway to produce an updated edition of the review to include banks’ results for 2012. The Bahrain Banks Annual Review will be produced annually. BAB CEO, Mr Robert Ainey, said at the launch: "The Bahrain Banks Annual Review 2012 is a really valuable tool for anyone who follows the banking and financial sector in Bahrain and the region as a whole. Its publication encourages research and analysis and this, in turn, should promote

transparency and product development, which will ultimately benefit all banks and their customers." The Bahrain Banks Annual Review 2012 offers a vital snapshot of Bahrain’s banking sector during a time of great volatility and the key message is positive, showing that domestic banks’ assets recovered from the low of US$ 131.594 billion recorded in 2009 to post total assets of US$ 139.973 in 2011. The real value of the huge research that has gone into the making of this first

Left: Launch panel with BBBF Members James Grant-Morris, Abdulla J Wallace, Robert Ainey along with Gary Muriwai & Dr Mohammad Farooq from BIBF. Above: The publication cover

edition of the The Bahrain Banks Annual Review will be evident as each new edition is updated. The very latest data from banks will be analysed and trends will be tracked and highlighted. Work has already started on processing banks’ results for 2012 which have just become available to the project’s researchers and a second edition will be published in the autumn. Copies of The Bahrain Banks Annual Review are priced at BD 15.000 each and can be ordered from BAB,

Dar Al-Arkan successfully closes first tranche of $750m Sukuk programme Bank Alkhair has announced the successful close of the first tranche of a US$750 million Sukuk Programme established by Dar Al Al-Arkan Real Estate Development Company (Dar Al-Arkan), a leading residential real estate developer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Bank Alkhair jointly led the Sukuk Programme, which is based on the Islamic Wakala structure. The Programme was established to fund Dar Al Arkan’s current and upcoming development 24 Forum

projects. Bank Alkhair also acted as the Shari’ah Advisor of the Programme. The first issue, a benchmark sized, 5-year, Regulation S issue (Reg S), was offered to the market on Monday, the 20th of May, 2013. The Sukuk, which offers investors a coupon of 5.75%, received an overwhelming response from regional and international investors and was significantly oversubscribed. Dar Al-Arkan opted to close the first issue at US$450 million on Tuesday, the 21st of May, 2013, despite it being almost 4 times

oversubscribed, with overall book order reaching up to US$1.68 billion. Bank Alkhair, Deustche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Emirates NBD Capital were the joint bookrunners of the transaction. Commenting on the successful close of the first tranche, Ikbal Daredia, Head of Bank Alkhair’s Global Capital Markets division, said: "We are pleased at the positive response we received from the international

financial community. The oversubscription of the issue demonstrates increasing investor appetite for Sukuk and for quality issuers like Dar Al Arkan." Sh. Yousef Al-Shelash, Chairman of Dar Al-Arkan, commented: "The success of this Sukuk issue given the continued adverse global economic climate is a testament to investor confidence in Dar Al-Arkan’s solid business model and Saudi Arabia’s robust economy."

Financial News International Investment Bank announces second consecutive dividend distribution from IIB KSA Investments BSC International Investment Bank (IIB), a globally focused investment bank based in the Kingdom of Bahrain operating in line with Shari’ah principles, is pleased to announce the second consecutive dividend distribution to its investors in IIB KSA Investments BSC (IIB KSA). IIB KSA owns an equity stake in Ewaan Global Residential Company – EGRC, a leading real estate development company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. EGRC was established through a strategic partnership with some of the strongest financial and development institutions in the region and is collectively owned by the Islamic Corporation for Private Sector Development (the investment arm of the Islamic Development Bank - IDB), Al Numu Real Estate Company (a subsidiary of SEDCO), The Saudi Public Pension Agency, IIB KSA, and other leading organisations. EGRC core activity is the development of high quality and affordable residential communities in the region, mainly targeting

the middle income sector. Ewan Global Residential Company – EGRC, is the main developer of the Al Fareeda Project, strategically located in the north of Jeddah. The project is being built on 1.1 million square metres of land. The Al Fareeda Project will consist of more than 1,750 residential villas of various sizes, commercial spaces and service amenities such as schools, a sport centre, mosques, recreation areas and shopping complexes. EGRC is also currently developing its second residential community - Al Miyar Project, adjacent to Al Fareeda and will consist of apartments for sale. Furthermore, a new project is under consideration in Jubail, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, to develop a 100 villa residential compound.

HSBC installs a new ATM in Manama Souk As part of its ongoing expansion strategy dedicated to providing outstanding services to its clients, HSBC has recently installed a new Automated Teller Machine in the heart of Manama Souk. Identified as the birthplace of Manama commerce, the Souk is a constantly evolving and developing Bahraini landmark, and has recently undergone dramatic rennovations to support its expansion. "We are continuously seeking to identify the most convenient ATM locations across Bahrain to offer our customers the freedom to bank at their own convenience. The Souk, is an ideal location for catering to an expanding community, and we hope to be a part of that history" said Shakofa Asghar, Head of Retail Banking the financial year ended 31 December 2012 and

EGRC is well positioned within the Saudi market as it enjoys a strong cash position, thus allowing it to invest its own resources into development, diversification and growth of its business in Saudi Arabia. EGRC achieved a net income of SR 27.2 million for

and Wealth Management, HSBC Bank Middle East Limited – Bahrain. Continuously monitoring new growth and expansion opportunities within the Kingdom, HSBC has recently unveiled plans to install a new ATM machine on Tala Mall in Suqqaya to better serve the newly developed community. "The services available through our wide ATM networks are comprehensive. Customers can easily deposit cash, cheques or bank correspondence, pay bills, transfer funds between their HSBC accounts, make thirdparty payments to accounts within HSBC Bahrain and request a statement, in addition to checking their account balances and withdrawing cash" added Asghar. its Board of Directors have recommended a dividend distribution to the shareholders, which was approved during the AGM held in March 2013. Commenting on the announcement Mr. Aabed Al-Zeera, IIB CEO and Board Member (pictured) said: "We are pleased to announce the second consecutive dividend distribution to IIB KSA investors after strong

Alfareeda Project: The Project is being developed on land of about 1.1 million square meters located in the Dhahban area of Jeddah. Once commissioned in three years from now, the Al 26 Forum

Fareeda City will comprise more than 1,750 residential villas spread over 4 Zones, commercial areas and service amenities such as schools, a sports centre, mosques, recreation areas

and shopping complexes. The sales of residential units commenced in 2012 and Zone 1 & 2 of the project is considered sold out. Zone 3 of the project was launched at the recent Cityscape

exhibition in Jeddah and is receiving an extremely positive response. Current sales of Zone 3 are at 50%. Handover of Zone 1 and Zone 2 are expected in Q3 and Q4 of this year.

Above L to R: Mahmood Al-Ali: Manager - Wealth Management & Premier Services; Francesca McDonagh - Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management - Middle East & North Africa; Shakofa Asghar - Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management - Bahrain; Rana Hussain - HSBC Bahrain staff The HSBC ATM service is accessible to all cards bearing the Visa, Plus, MasterCard, Benefit and Cirrus logos. With access across Bahrain’s entire network of ATMs,

withdrawal facilities at over 800,000 ATMs worldwide and credit card access to your accounts from more than 16,000 ATMs around the world, with HSBC you are truly connected.

performance of EGRC in 2012. With robust support from the government, the Saudi residential real estate market in recent years has become one of the most attractive avenues for investing in the middleincome property sector. At IIB, our key consideration in investment decisions is the potential for sustainable value growth and as one of the regional market leaders, IIB strongly believes in partnering with companies that share our vision and one such investment is EGRC."

Germany, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the UK, across various sectors including manufacturing, automotive, real estate, banking and retail. The Bank undertakes two core business activities - private equity and real estate – and aims to offer its clients an internationally diversified range of investments generated through its network of strategic partnerships, which it intensively manages on behalf of investors in order to maximise the yields at the time of exit. IIB has been involved in investments worth US$3.0 billion since its inception.

IIB maintains a diverse portfolio of global investments covering the geographies of France,

Forum 27

Porsche or Pension?

The barriers and benefits of savings products Even in markets where they’re an acceptable staple of the Financial Services world - Savings products never sell themselves, and their providers need patience to reap the rewards. So what are the benefits in the GCC, a market that’s so often savings-averse. Emmanuel Lantzos, General Manager at Nexus Financial Services assesses the pitfalls and the perks


t may be something more or less exotic than a Porsche, but in essence this is the choice that consumers the world over are making every day – do I spend today what I earn today and let the future look after itself, or do I save some of what I earn for the future and live today on the remainder? This is a big question in the Middle East, with its cosmopolitan population of indigenous Arabs and expats. This is a place where cultures clash with and complement one another on a daily basis to create one of the most exciting, challenging and changing environments in the world, and as I have found, Bahrain is no different.

28 Forum

The demographic time bomb We all know this story, longer life, longer retirement. Reducing birth-rate, more women working, deferring parenthood and increasing expectations of generating wealth. Increased focus on healthcare as the population ages. Added to this, many developed economy governments are running large budget deficits and are carrying debts from wasteful past years. They see private pension funds as part of the solution to the ageing problem, but can’t keep their hands off them as they seek to shore up their woefully inadequate balance sheets. What does this mean for us as consumers? At its simplest, it means citizens who depend on the state to look after them in their old age can guarantee they will be poor. If they want a healthy and wealthy old age, they have to provide it themselves.

Why save? We have established why individual citizens should save for their retirement. However there are a series of events throughout life which create shorter –term needs for saving – the ‘critical events’ in people’s lives. In the Middle East, especially in the ex-pat community, there is a real and pressing need to save for our children’s education – the average investment for a typical 4 year degree course is in excess of BHD70,000, when you factor in the associated costs of accommodation, travel, keeping in touch, etc. This has to be funded out of income unless it is funded out of savings. There are other critical events – buying a property, providing for a marriage, and so on.

Why don’t people save? There are many reasons – religious, cultural and psychological – all of which apply in the Middle East, The Porsche vs Pension question looms large – how can saving for a pension (deferred gratification) ever compete with the pleasure obtained from driving that supercar or equivalent (instant gratification)? The savings industry has struggled with this issue, all around the world, year after year – it is perhaps exacerbated in the Middle East, where even instant gratification among consumers seems too slow, but it is not a new problem. Behavioral economists have studied the issue and its possible solutions. They identify five core problems for savings and insurance companies to overcome - hyperbolic discounting (leading to procrastination), inertia, budgeting and its irrational outcomes, information overload and regret aversion (buyer’s remorse). We don’t have the space to delve into these in this article, but they are embedded in all of us to one degree or another and the solutions are not easy. So, there are concrete reasons to save and strong reasons why people don’t save. How does the savings industry, and more importantly each government, tip the balance in favour of saving?

Porsche or Pension? - continued Regulation?

Give people a nudge?

Around the world, the savings industry is becoming highly managed. Regulators typically focus on the financial prudence of savings companies and the competence of distributors, whether tied or independent. Undoubtedly, this is necessary; it has led to better–run companies and more professionally and technically competent distributors.

If regulation and education don’t solve the problem of encouraging more consumers to save more for their retirement and critical events, what is the solution?

But, has it led to more people saving more? Probably not, and if anything, the reverse – as there are fewer savings companies and fewer distributors, with consequently reduced access for consumers to savings products. Education? A major thrust of most governments to encourage saving has been, and will continue to be, consumer education. Undoubtedly, education increases knowledge and expands choice. However, there is little evidence to suggest that education is increasing consumer’s desire and commitment to save. It is more likely that education adds to the confusion that many consumers suffer, rather than clarifying financial issues, and leads them back to their favourite and often ill-informed sources for information – friend and family.

Most people need a ‘nudge’ to do the right thing. This can be provided by governments obliging consumers to provide for themselves as they do with some forms of insurance, but it is politically unpopular and difficult to enforce. It can be done more subtly, through the astute use of appropriate ‘default’ options in certain key situations, such as signing up for a pension scheme when joining a new employer (i.e. default to join unless the individual makes a definite decision to opt out). Or, it can be done by developing a body of competent and trustworthy financial advisers to support consumers’ needs. This solution has been tried and found wanting, and is the subject of intense regulation, to the point where we risk throwing the baby out with the bath water.

The savings companies and their distributors Whether savings companies and distributors are joined together formally (the tied sales force) or loosely (the independent financial adviser), they exist in close association. The economics are largely the same, because the nature of the products sold, pitching deferred gratification against instant gratification, means that the distributor receives a share of the sales price (premium) in the early years, leaving both the consumer and savings company waiting until a lengthy period has passed before they get their just desserts. Back Office costs vary, according to the ‘quality’ of the business – how much quality assurance is applied to the sale, to ensure each consumer receives the right product over the right term to suit their needs exactly. Unless companies place a lot of emphasis here, then the risks of mis-selling are great, and the likelihood of intrusive regulation becomes greater. Quality assurance comes in the form of supervision, competencetesting and enhancement, compliance, attitude to risk testing, comprehensive needs analysis and exacting ‘Reason Why’ letters – ideally. These factors would loom large in distributors’ and consumers’ minds as features of a decision that typically lasts ten to 25 years.

What is obvious, though, is that the age of regulation has provided a barrier to entry for savings companies – the cost of regulation has pushed weaker savings companies to the wall; it has persuaded many to ditch their sales forces and distribute only through the independent financial adviser channel; and it has prevented new companies emerging other than those trying to distribute through the internet or direct offthe-page (where they find the cost of marketing soon mounts up). In Summary The Middle East is a microcosm of the world in its approach to saving. There are some unique features, but so there are everywhere – these need to be built into leaning away from instant gratification to deferred gratification. Savings companies have a part to play; so do regulators and educators - but we must work together to involve individual consumers (people like us) more fully in key decisions that impact their lives if we are going to enjoy longer, healthier and wealthier lives.

Article by Emanuel Lantzos, General Manager at Nexus Financial Services 30 Forum

Health Matters State-of-the-art operating theatres The International Hospital of Bahrain (IHB) commissions three new operating theatres. Following a complete renovation and refurbishment of its three main theatres the IHB has amongst the most modern operating theatres in Bahrain. State-of-the-art facilities include modern surgical and anaesthesia ceiling mounted pendants, LED theatre lights, High Definition (HD) viewing monitors and camera system. Clean air is ensured by HEPA (Highefficiency particulate air) filtered air

flow. HEPA filtration removes at least 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 microns which ensure the operating zone is kept clean. The concept design of the theatres ensures an efficient workflow from initial preparation of the patient including anaesthesia, to surgery, to the Recovery Room. The theatres are fully integrated with the Hospital’s Management Information System (MIS). This allows easy and fast access for the theatre team to the patient’s electronic medical record

(EMR), radiology images, laboratory reports, patient safety checklists and other patient information. Having such information easily available in the operating theatre, together with the workflow design and implementation of the patient safety checklists, helps ensure patient safety in the operating theatre. The newly renovated Recovery Room, ICU, NICU, Endoscopy Unit and Central Sterilisation Department compliments the new operating theatres.

Health Undersecretary announces application of PACS system Health Ministry Undersecretary Dr. Aisha Bu’unq announced in June that all Ministry of Health hospitals and health centres, including Salmaniya Medical Complex have started to apply the new integrated electronic system of storing X-rays, known as the Picture ArcChiving System (PACS system) and communications, without the need to resort to printing patients’ X-rays. She added the Kingdom of Bahrain is the first country in the region to apply this new system in all government hospitals and health centres. This 32 Forum

is a major achievement to add to the government’s accomplishments in developing the health sector in the Kingdom in accordance with the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030. It will contribute significantly to the egovernment project. Dr Bu’unq pointed out that this system is linked to the electronic system used in King Hamad University Hospital, which forms an integrated X-ray system among the largest hospitals and medical centers in the Kingdom.

The Health Undersecretary praised the efforts of the working team of the National System of Health Information (I-Seha), and gave her full support to accomplish their mission on time and with high efficiency. She concluded this project has the continuous follow-up of the Minister of State for Defense Affairs and Chairman of the Supreme Council for Health, Lt-General Dr. Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa and Health Minister Sadiq bin Abdulkarim Al-Shehabi.

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Keeping you secure Listen to any news program on almost any day of the week in almost any country in the world and you’ll hear news of yet another atrocity. What you don’t hear is how many incidents have been stopped because safeguards have been put in place to detect those threats before they turn to tragedy. Mohammed Jalal & Sons WLL Engineering & Technology division is celebrating 40 years of business in Bahrain. We take a look at some of the British products available from one of Bahrain’s best known suppliers which contribute to threat detection.

As a world leading manufacturer of X-ray inspection and trace detection systems for high risk security applications Smiths Detection develops government regulated advanced technologies used in threat detection equipment to detect and identify constantly evolving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) materials, contraband and dangerous or illegal materials. Smiths Detection takes science out of the laboratory and puts it in the hands of security professionals. Its technologies are built into products that safeguard those in the front line and the public at large; 34 Forum

protecting buildings and transport systems; screening everything from a ticket to a truck. The products and systems are designed for the real world and are based on a deep understanding of the real operational environment faced by security and military professionals. Smiths Detection also integrates products into complete security solutions, including networking, customised to individual requirements. Among the major users of Smiths Detection equipment are armed forces and public service workers who need

protection against the growing threat of chemical and biological agents; security professionals who ensure our safety on board aircraft or in public places; police forces and customs officers combating a rising tide of illicit narcotics; and the emergency services who are confronted with unknown threats every time they attend an incident. Smiths Detection has long been committed to eliminating threats at airports and on board aircraft, and provides security solutions

for mass-transit systems and passenger terminals across the world. More than 65,000 x-ray systems have been sold worldwide and over 5,000 trace detectors for explosives are deployed in U.S. airports alone. Smiths Detection systems provide similar levels of security in government buildings, public facilities, vital utilities and at highprofile sporting events. For customs and border protection Smiths Detection offers complete x-ray systems for cargo inspection that scan single parcels or fully loaded freight containers. Some of their other products include:

The brand new HazMatID Elite, is the next-generation handheld unknown solid and liquid chemical identifier that is capable of identifying chemical warfare agents, explosives, toxic industrial chemicals, narcotics, and suspicious powders, among other dangerous chemical classes. The HazMatID TM 360, an advanced portable FTIR chemical identifier, features mixture analysis which allows effective chemical assessment of samples that may have been contaminated with more than one material, like water or dirt. Ther portable Raman chemical identifier

ResponderRRCITM identifies unknown solids and liquids such as explosives, white powders, WMDs, and toxic industrial chemicals. The recently launched RadSeekerTM, a handheld radioisotope identifier, was specifically designed for detecting and identifying nuclear threat materials. Applications include emergency response, radiological facilities/ personnel monitoring and also Customs inspection and border protection.

The tri-mode SABRE TM 5000, a handheld trace detector for explosives, chemical agents and toxic industrial chemicals or narcotics will also be showcased. The dual detector system IONSCAN500DT TM is capable of detecting and identifying explosives and narcotics during a single analysis. Facility security professionals will be aided in better protecting access points to commercial buildings, courthouses and correctional facilities. HI_SCANTM5030si A compact X-ray system for mobile and stationary applications. It is ideal for use in mailrooms, entrance halls, correctional and juridical facilities and schools.

News from the Eastern Province The British Business Association (BBA) - Eastern Province P.O.Box 1868, AlKhobar 31952 Tel: 03 882 5288 ext 1651 Fax: 03 882 5384 Email: Website:

Mike Tunstall General Secretary, EPBBA To give our Chairman, Geoff Fennah a much earned, but very short "breather", I have prepared this quarter’s article. The last five months leading up to the summer have been extremely busy and productive. March started with a visit from the Middle East Association (MEA), a small select group, which sadly once again illustrated that visa issues can be variable and unpredictable. Notwithstanding the visa issues, mission leader David Lloyd was pleased with the response from the BBA, EP and we look forward to his next mission. The MEA visit was closely followed by the successful Mining Mission; the opportunities across the Arabian Shield are quite staggering. It has taken many years for it to really start to move, but the levels of current activity and investment are justifying the potential. Ras Al-Khair, our new mineral city, is leading the way with its new port, aluminium and phosphate plants. Rumour has it that Land Rover are looking at the opportunities of being next to the new aluminium plant.

Business Association, Eastern Province, held our 41st Annual General Meeting. We thank departing committee members Gavin Ames and Alexandra Robak for their contributions last year, and welcome Norman Sheppard (again!!) and Peter Donkin to the committee. David Harries and Colin Clarke where both recommended and approved as Honorary Life Members, both thoroughly deserved. Invest Northern Ireland (INI) led by Noel Johnson and Wissam Saadi brought an excellent and wide-ranging group of companies to us in May. The sectors covered mining, manufacturing, education, nutrition, diary, facilities management and fashion, to name but a few. INI are regular visitors to Eastern Province illustrating the level of opportunity seen by themselves and Northern Ireland companies.

The Queen’s Birthday Party was extremely well attended again, as usual, with David and Carol Harries kindly opening up their residence and garden to a wide cross-section of the British and Saudi community and business sectors. Shortly after QBP, we, the British

We were very proud to have HMS Dragon visit us at Jubail Commercial Port in June on the first “very humid” evening of the summer. Not only does it illustrate the vital role our armed forces are playing in our region, but also the leading and cutting edge of UK technology. For me personally, I am always impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication of the crew and the empowerment and responsibility they all have. I must be impressed, after this and the last visit (sister ship HMS Darling), I have called my daughter on the way home and encouraged her to sign-up! Our Ambassador, Sir John Jenkins, was once again in Eastern Province for this visit, and as always it was good to have him with us, but we will not be using his notes for entering the port!

Doosan Heavy Industries have supplied the world’s largest evaporator unit for Ras Al Khair Ph.1 seawater desalination plant - Equivalent to a football field in size, it can produce potable water for 300,000 people daily

HMS Dragon is a Type 45 or Daring-class air-defence destroyer built for the Royal Navy. Commisioned in 2012 she was most recently employed shepherding a gigantic liquefied natural gas carrier through the narrows of the Strait of Hormuz

36 Forum

summer dreams in an oasis of luxury room with a view of the Red Sea relaxing moments at Evania and Seba Spas a wonderful stay with memories of Jeddah to cherish forever


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Forum 37 ����

GAC Bahrain: A world of logistics services warehousing partner of choice for many leading businesses. Part of the attraction lies with the company’s ability to provide a full suite of complementary services under the GAC umbrella, enabling clients to concentrate on their own strategic development safe in the knowledge that their goods are in safe hands. Labeling, co-packing, batching, sequencing and stock replenishment from the GAC warehouse enables clients to reduce their capital investment and respond flexibly to market demands with minimum waste of time, energy or resources.

GAC Business Manager Mike Camara

GAC’s logistics services are tailored to the needs of each sector it serves, being it retail for the growing consumer market or the transport and storage of vital parts or project cargoes for the region’s oil & gas leaders.


tepping into GAC Bahrain’s 5,000 square metre warehouse in Salmabad is like entering a different world - one with different climates and a plethora of items gracing its pallets, stacks and shelves. Whether its spares for ships calling at the country’s shipyards, toiletries and personal care goods for Bahrain’s growing FMCG market, pharmaceuticals, bulk cargoes, the latest fashions, personal effects, electronics, furniture or the vital equipment needed to keep the nation’s burgeoning economy ticking over, they can all be found here in the newly-upgraded storage and distribution hub with its temperature controlled storage zones and container handling facilities. Across town, at Bahrain International Airport, GAC’s second facility offers all the advantages of a Customs Bonded Warehouse for shippers bringing goods into or out of the country’s larger neighbours like eastern Saudi Arabia, just a stone’s throw away across the King Fahd Causeway. Full package It’s just part of the GAC Bahrain package which makes it the 38 Forum

effective use of space, creates faster throughput and eliminates bottlenecks in the supply chain. GACWare allows for easy electronic data interchange by connecting with clients’ systems and user-friendly online inventory access for clients. The system is scalable and can be used from a small warehouse to a large retail customer with ease. Security is paramount, with the premises monitored around the clock by CCTV surveillance and highly trained security personnel. GAC’s facilities also comply with all Bahrain’s Civil Defense standards. About GAC Bahrain Established in 1957 as a partnership between GAC Group and Abdulla Yousif Fakhro Group of Companies, GAC Bahrain is one of the largest shipping and forwarding agents in the Kingdom. It is the only Integrated Management System (IMS) certified shipping and logistics service provider in Bahrain to have achieved ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 & ISO 14001:2004 certifications. GAC Bahrain is also TRACE-certified. About GAC Group GAC is a global provider of integrated shipping, logistics and marine services. Emphasising worldclass performance, a long-term approach, innovation, ethics and a strong human touch, GAC delivers a flexible and value-adding portfolio to help customers achieve their strategic goals.

Control system Everything has its place, and everything is marked, labeled and tracked by the latest warehousing technology to ensure that stocks are maintained in Bahrain’s shops, and that vital nuts and bolts are delivered exactly when they are needed – not a moment sooner or later. Everything is controlled by GAC’s own proprietary online inventory management system, GACWare. Detailed tracking systems ensure

Established since 1956, GAC employs over 10,000 people in more than 300 offices worldwide. Sign up for GAC’s free HOT PORT NEWS email for daily updates from ports around the world and RED HOT PORT NEWS for free SMS alerts of breaking news at Follow GAC Group on Facebook at and LinkedIn at company/gac-group


The Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Programme announces its 2013 Scholarship Recipients The Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Programme announced the winners of its 2013 scholarships, which make up the Programme’s 14th Group of Scholars, and who include the following students: 1. Ahmed Atef Ashour East Riffa Boys School 2. Ali Mohamed Al-Mubarak Al Tawon Boys School 3. Ebrahim Faisal Al-Haddad Naim Boys School 4. Fatema Abdulhameed Al-Khanaizi Saar Girls School 5. Fatema Ramzi Al-Majed Bahrain Bayan School 6. Huda Ali Hasan Jidhafs Girls School 7. Khaled Abdulmajeed Abdulkarim Ibn Khuldoon National School 8. Samir Ismail Khonji St. Christopher’s School 9. Walaa Mohamed Taqi Al-Khanaizi Saar Girls School 10. Yasmeen Essa Zainal St. Christopher’s School

The Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program (CPISP) was established in 1999 by HRH the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander, and First Deputy Prime Minister, Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa. Since its inception, 136 of Bahrain’s brightest secondary school graduates have been selected on merit to receive this scholarship. The scholarship recipients are selected based on their GPAs, their IELTS and SAT test results, and their Critical Thinking and Leadership Development training scores, which are organised by the Programme. The CPISP awards 10 fully funded

scholarships each year to outstanding secondary school students, providing them the opportunity to study at top international universities and colleges. The annual scholarship recipients include 5 young men and 5 young women from both private and governmental secondary schools. Scholarship recipients choose their own majors and universities that they gain acceptance from, and are not required to return to Bahrain to work after graduation. Graduates are encouraged to follow their desired career paths and pursue employment opportunities in Bahrain and the global arena, where they receive international work experience and exposure.

CPISP receives official from Tabor Academy Director of the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program (CPISP) Dr. Cynthia Gessling received at the Court of the Crown Prince an official from US college preparatory school Tabor Academy, Mr. Connor Bozzi, who is visiting Bahrain to learn about Bahraini culture and the educational system in Bahrain’s governmental schools. Dr. Gessling welcomed Mr. Bozzi and praised the continued ties of cooperation between the CPISP and Tabor Academy. She affirmed that five CPISP scholars attended Tabor Academy before going on to gain acceptance at top Ivy League universities, and that two scholars are currently enrolled there. Dr. Gessling noted that the Program places students from governmental schools into preparatory schools in the United States or boarding schools 40 Forum

in the United Kingdom for a period of two years to obtain either an American High School Diploma or to complete their A – Levels, before they apply to university, in order to strengthen their English language, writing, and research skills, and to adapt to their respective educational and cultural environments in preparation for university. From his side, the Tabor Academy official praised Bahrain’s educational system and thanked the CPISP and the Ministry of Education for arranging

his visits to Sh. Abdulaziz Al-Khalifa Secondary Boys School and Isa Town Secondary Boys School. He also praised the academic excellence of the CPISP scholars enrolled at Tabor and said they have adapted positively in their new environment and have taken an active role on campus and in the classroom. He wished the CPISP scholars success and praised the efforts of the Program to develop outstanding Bahraini students and provide them with top international educational opportunities.

The BSB Sharing Community Spirit The British School of Bahrain is a high-performing, international school with a reputation and vision for excellence and innovation. Based on the English National Curriculum, the school has an international outlook and fosters in its students a global perspective of respect, open-mindedness and acceptance of diversity. The BSB is very fortunate to have all three schools on one campus, which provides a wonderful opportunity for sharing across schools and year groups to build a strong sense of community. "’The ‘BSB Spirit’ is what really makes the British School special. It flourishes

because of our dedicated and caring staff, talented and enthusiastic students, and extremely supportive parent community work together as one team in pursuit of learning." Dorothy Loveland, Acting Head of School. The BSB Year 11 students are currently taking up work experience placements with such Companies as GPIC, Ernst & Young and the British Embassy and even

showing off their talents assisting the BBBF! As always, the BSB very much appreciate the support from companies here in Bahrain and in keeping with the community spirit, have in turn supported 4 students from the Bahrain Polytechnic. Maryam, Amani, Maryam and Reem will be some of the first Marketing Graduates from the Poly, and are

currently working together with the BSB Marketing Team researching and implementing m a r k e t i n g strategies for new and future ventures here at the BSB. Their enthusiasm and youthful take on the future of marketing is impressive. Should your company in the future wish to offer a place to a BSB Year 11 student, please do not hesitate to contact the school to discuss your requirements. The British School of Bahrain always welcome sponsorship for various events, activities and sports competitions; please call Amanda Fergusson on 17610976 to discuss what opportunities the BSB can offer your Company.

BRITISH SCHOOL OF BAHRAIN An Outstanding School - QAA - Bahrain - 2012

A BRITISH CURRICULUM COEDUCATIONAL SCHOOL The British School of Bahrain is a selective, private coeducational Kindergarten-to-Year 13 school situated on one campus in Hamala. Our curriculum is based on the British National Curriculum but we are a truly international school preparing more than 65 nationalities for universities worldwide. The ethos of our school is one of care, respect and consideration towards others.

Admissions Tel: +973 1761 0944 Admissions Email:

Academies Tel: +973 1761 0943 Academies Email:

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Bahrain World Trade Centre testament to stable and sustainable power towers

Final year Mechanical Engineering Students from the Bahrain Polytechnic, recently visited the Bahrain World Trade Center (BWTC), Bahrain’s iconic landmark, to add another practical element to their education on energy conservation and emission reduction infrastructure projects - of which the BWTC stands as a testament. During the visit, the BWTC facility management team welcomed the students and took them on a tour of the development and explained the building’s architect and wind energy technology system. Designed by Atkins, the two 240 metre-high power towers with 50-storeys each, BWTC stands as an iconic landmark in the central business district of Manama, with its 29metre diameter turbines spinning between sail shaped towers,. The wind turbines were successfully installed in March 2007, commissioned in April 2008 and officially certified by Bahrain’s Electricity Distribution Directorate (EDD) in December 2008.

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Bahrain Polytechnic Mechanical Engineering students learn about the deployment of energy conservation and emission reduction at BWTC as part of their curriculum

Inside the building, the BWTC’s tenants also contribute to a reduction in CO2 pollution by using clean wind energy to generate a portion of their electrical energy: a definitive message to the industrialised world that despite its vast oil reserves, the Middle East and Bahrain in particular, can lead the way in the use of renewable energy solutions. The BWTC is a mixed use development in the Kingdom of Bahrain that houses state-of-theart towers designed for

commercial use. It is also at the forefront of sustainable development in the Kingdom with the fi rst ever integrated wind turbine power generating capability. The imposing structure stands as an iconic landmark representing Bahrain’s commitment as an emerging country to the concept of environmental sustainability, alongside national prosperity.

leisure with cutting-edge corporate offices and social amenities which includes the Kingdom’s ultra-modern shopping destination, the MODA Mall, the state-of-the-art, international health club Fitness First, and a range of casual and fi ne dining restaurants, including, Abd El Wahab, BiCE Ristorante, Espressamente Illy Café and Maki.

In addition, to offering an exceptional opportunity for connectivity with the global business community, BWTC combines the essential elements of business and

Offering a 1,700 space car park shared with the adjoining Bahrain World Trade Center, MODA Mall is open all days of the week from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. Brand conscious shoppers can enjoy the free car parking facility as MODA Mall offers complimentary car parking for the first two hours. After the allotted time, customers can continue to enjoy unlimited free parking by submitting their purchase receipt of BD 10/- and above (from any of MODA Mall outlets) as a FREE exit pass to the parking cashier.

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Hotel & Leisure News The Gulf Hotel is now HACCP certified

recognised by scientific authorities and international organisations as the most effective approach for food production safety. "The Gulf Hotel Bahrain has always been known for its strength in food and beverage, considering that we have the highest number of food and beverage outlets within a hotel in the Kingdom. With the HACCP certification, our guests can now count on a higher level of food safety, another core benefit of dining with us," says Mr. Ian McKie, Area General Manager of The Gulf Hotel.

The Gulf Hotel Bahrain has been officially recognised with HACCP certification for outstanding performance with regards to the hotels Food Safety Programme. A two day audit carried out by TUV Middle East

confirmed that the hotels high standards and expertise with regards to food safety meet the exact standards required by this internationally recognised programme. HACCP is a process control

system designed to identify and prevent microbial and other hazards in food production. The system takes steps to prevent problems before they occur and to correct deviations as soon as they are detected. The HACCP is widely

Positive figures for Bahrain’s hospitality industry Dates for The 2014 Arabian Travel Market (ATM) have been released as May 5th to 8th. ATM is the travel and tourism event for inbound and outbound tourism professionals and is held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE. Now approaching its 20th year, the show has grown to become the largest showcase of its kind in the region and one of the biggest in the world. Bahrain featured large at this years event and 44 Forum

according to Alpen Capital’s October 2012 GCC Hospitality Industry Report, Bahrain’s hospitality market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.8% between 2011 and 2016, with the relatively high growth attributed to opportunities for sector recovery following a challenging 2012, prompting forecasted tourism arrival CAGR growth of 2.9 per cent through to 2022. With around 75% of current hotel supply dominated by four and five-star hotels, the future pipeline remains primarily focused on upscale properties, but chains like Rotana and Marriott International are

introducing new mid-level brands to the market. At the higher end of the spectrum, a 260-room Wyndham Grand Manama is expected to open in Bahrain Bay by the end of 2013, followed by the 50-storey JW Marriott in 2016. Marriott International will debut the Renaissance Bahrain Amwaj Island in 2013, with Rotana also opening its first Arjaan property this year. Ernst & Young’s Middle East Hotel Bench mark report for the first quarter of 2013 showed a 21% increase in Room Yield

The Gulf Hotel achieved the HACCP certification by participating in the Jawda program, which is a Quality Management Systems Scheme that enables business entities in Bahrain, including large establishments, to have well defined processes, procedures and product standards in place in partnership with Tamkeen. over the previous year for Bahrain Hotels even though average room rates were down by 8%. An earlier report had tied an increase in occupancy rates to increased attendance at exhibitions and events specifically mentioning Jewelry Arabia and the Gas Trade Forum. Bahrain’s Ritz Carlton claimed a high occupancy for the F1 event with General Manager, Mark Neukom reported as saying: “The Grand Prix has certainly had a positive business affect and it’s great to see how everyone is working together to create a momentum to make this event a big success...”

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Hotel & Leisure News Bahrain Luxury Hotel’s top-notch performance nets TripAdvisor honours Always keeping its sights focused on presenting guests with exceptional service and worldclass accommodations, the Marriott Executive Apartments Manama, Bahrain has been honored by TripAdvisor for its excellence in hospitality, an exclusive award handed out only to a small portion of qualifying hotels worldwide. An ideal destination for business trips, long holidays or relocations, this Bahrain luxury hotel was recently awarded the 2013 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, an accolade which recognizes hospitality excellence and is awarded annually to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveler reviews through the prominent online travel site. "Marriott Executive Apartments Manama, Bahrain is pleased to receive a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence," said Marwan Haddad, director of sales. "We strive to offer our customers a memorable experience, and this accolade is evidence that our hard work is translating

into positive reviews on TripAdvisor."

Navy Base and Bahrain World Trade Centre.

This impressive hotel features spacious Bahrain accommodations including the option for one-, two- or three-bedroom apartments ideal for family travel or extended stays. The TripAdvisor honor affirms the stringent standards maintained by the Bahrain hotel which in addition to luxury apartments features on-site dining and an indulgent rooftop pool with spectacular views.

To qualify for a Certificate of Excellence, businesses must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible five, as reviewed

by travelers on TripAdvisor, and must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months. Additional criteria include the volume of reviews received within the last 12 months. "TripAdvisor is delighted to celebrate the success of businesses around the globe, from Sydney to Chicago, Sao Paulo to Rome, which are consistently offering TripAdvisor travelers a great customer experience," said Alison Copus, vice president of marketing for TripAdvisor for Business. "The Certificate of Excellence award provides top performing establishments around the world the recognition they deserve, based on feedback from those who matter most – their customers."

Gulf Hotels Group donates BD 1000 to the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society

Located just 10 minutes from Bahrain International Airport, the distinctive apartments are convenient to popular tourist attractions and business destinations including the Bahrain National Museum, Bahrain International Circuit, U.S.

Gulf Hotels Group has made a donation of one thousand Bahraini Dinars to the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society, as part of the Group’s ongoing initiative to support organisations that provide a valuable and charitable service to the local community. Gulf Hotels Group’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Aqeel Raees presented the donation cheque to Mr. Adel Fakhro, Chairman of the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society, in the presence of Mr. Garfield Jones, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Hotels Group, and Dr. Mohamed Al Mannai, Manager of the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society. 46 Forum

Bahrain News Tamkeen Supports 171 Companies in gulfBID, Gulf Interiors and Gulf Property Show Under its continuous efforts to provide support to enhance the productivity and growth of enterprises, Tamkeen supported the participation of 171 enterprises in gulfBID, Gulf Interiors and Gulf Property Show in May. The companies benefited from Tamkeen’s "Tarweej" scheme, one of the many business support schemes under its flagship Enterprise Development Support Programme.

Tamkeen Acting VP for Private Sector Support Mr. Mohammed Bucheery commented, “These events are considered one of the most important events within the field of property and construction in the region, and with over 25% of the visitors from regional and international backgrounds, the events provide a major platform for local businesses to expand their operations beyond the Kingdom...”

In gulfBID, the number of beneficiaries this year reached 87 compared to 49 in 2012, while for Gulf Interiors, the number was 72 beneficiary companies, compared with 44 in the previous year, and for the Gulf Property Show, the number of companies supported was 12 this year. Across all three events, Tamkeen provided a support value of approximately BD830,000.

The Enterprise Development Support Programme is in line with Tamkeen’s objective to boost capabilities of the private sector and enhance the productivity and growth of businesses in Bahrain. The "Tarweej" scheme enables companies to maximise their exposure through local, regional, and international exhibitions. All eligible enterprises in Bahrain may benefit from the scheme, but need to apply

one month in advance of the desired event. Tamkeen has allocated over BD 126 million to the Enterprise Development Programme to date, and more than 5,500 enterprises in Bahrain have benefited. In addition to “Tarweej”, it also includes “Istishara” to assist in the strategic planning and determining vision and goals of the company, “Techania” to provide support for the purchase of latest enterprise-related tools and equipment, “Jawda” to assist in the design and application of worldclass quality standards, “Tasweeq” to support the

Tamkeen Enhances HR Practices 37 Human Resource practitioners and business owners from Bahrain were provided an opportunity to further their insights into Bahrain Labour Law in the latest training session provided under Tamkeen’s HR and Leadership

Workshops, part of its efforts to enhance the human capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The intensive four-day workshop, which took place recently at the Gulf Hotel, was the second

in the series on the topic of Bahrain Labour Law and ninth workshop in the series overall. The training modules for the workshops under the programme were designed by leading consultancy Third Wave International and renowned

creation and implementation of effective marketing and communications strategies, the “Large Enterprises Support Scheme” which allows large enterprises to acquire industrial machinery and technology and the “Legal Services Support Scheme”. Enterprises interested in benefiting from the Enterprise Development Support schemes may visit Tamkeen’s Enterprise Development Support Agency at Meral Building located in Seef area, or call the toll-free number (80008001), or email corporate education provider DeakinPrime (DP). The training was delivered by Madhavan Kallath, a reputed trainer accredited by DP. Attendees received certificates at the conclusion of the workshop, which drew its content from Bahrain Labour Law, Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA), and the Social Insurance Organisation (SIO) The next round of workshops, which focus on Training & Development, are due to commence in September. Interested professionals can contact TWI on 3648-8786 or email for further information.

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Bahrain News GPZ Completes the Stunning McLaren Car Showroom at the Bahrain World Trade Centre

Behind every beautiful work of art there is more often than not some concealed secret. This is most certainly the case with the McLaren car showroom which was an extremely fast track project with many technical challenges.

Situated in the heart of Manama at the ideal location of the Bahrain World Trade Center (BWTC), the world’s first state-of-the-art commercial building integrated with wind turbines, the hi-tech showroom features a glass enclosure to house the "super-cars" in a clear box envelope for visibility on all surrounding sides. The design of the main structure and the fitout of the showroom was tailormade to suit the individual specific requirements of McLaren whilst also marrying in perfectly with the existing BWTC location and its surroundings. Built by G.P. Zachariades (Overseas) Ltd, one of Bahrain’s oldest and most successful construction and civil engineering companies, the work itself can be considered as two projects rolled into one. The first a base build (shell and core) designed by WS

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Atkins & Partners and the second a fitout (interior) designed to McLaren’s very own corporate branded specifications. Both these projects were equally challenging in their own way.

Constructed on top of the existing basement car park roof slab of the BWTC, the showroom had many unique features both in the design and in the implementation of the works. The base build consisted of an elaborate design of a steelwork structure, aluminium and stainless steel cladding and the glazing enclosure. The showroom building and its surrounding external paving are all floating on a hidden bed of half metre thick lightweight structural polystyrene. This had to be installed in place of the existing soil which was removed in order to reduce the weight on the car park roof, allowing for the new showroom to be built (structurally safe) on top. The interiors are of very high-spec design, combining aesthetics, functionality and technology. All finishes were implemented to the highest quality and precision to create the appropriate backdrop to showcase

GPZ Director George S Zachariades (left) and Project Manager Alex Joannides

McLaren’s cars and merchandise, as well as the impressive red polymorphic reception. Any onlookers to the project during construction would have seen a myriad of core activities, all working simultaneously within a busy programme of works; such as concreting, steel erection, aluminium and stainless steel cladding, precision engineered glazing, highend granite masonry, painting, millimeter accurate finishing of floor tile, wall and ceiling works alongside all the mechanical, electrical and pumping installation. Alex Joannides, GPZ Project Manager said: "Due to a very short timeframe for completion, the coordination and programming of our in-house teams had to be precise. With all the respective activities; civil, structural, cladding, mechanical, electrical and interior design being carried out in parallel, there was no room for any delay in the work as it was imperative that we met the date for the grand opening, a day prior to the 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix." The showroom

opening ceremony was successfully held on the 18th of April and was inaugurated by Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team drivers Jenson Button and Sergio Perez who made an impressive entrance arriving in a Volcano Orange McLaren 12C Spider. Mr G S Zachariades concludes, "We have over 30 years of experience in building construction, infrastructure and industrial development and have accrued much expertise in these sectors. In building construction, we focus on the premium and high end markets, such as luxury hotels and fully-equipped hospitals, for which stringent and sophisticated specifications are stipulated, and where there is a demand for high quality finishes, including interior design and decoration. We are very pleased to have been involved in McLaren’s project in Bahrain, their Middle East regional headquarters and with their retail partner Al Ghassan Motors, which has given us the opportunity to implement our specialised know-how and deliver a very high standard product."

Bahrain News McLaren Manama in pole position for supercar sales in Bahrain following successful retailer celebration

McLaren Automotive, Mumtalakat and Al Ghassan Motors have officially opened the new McLaren Manama showroom at the Bahrain World Trade Center. The VIP event was hosted by McLaren Automotive Chief Operating Officer, Mike Flewitt, and Sheikh Ghassan A H Al Sulaiman, Al Ghassan Motors’ President and CEO. They welcomed key clients of Al Ghassan Motors, and local dignitaries including Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa and Mahmood Hashim Al Kooheji who represented Mumtalakat, McLaren Group and McLaren Automotive principal shareholder. The highlight of the opening event was an appearance by Vodafone McLaren Mercedes drivers Jenson Button and Sergio Perez, who arrived in a McLaren Orange McLaren 12C Spider to officially open McLaren Manama. Mike Flewitt, McLaren Automotive Chief Operating Officer, said: “It makes me very proud to witness the opening of McLaren Manama, which has been made possible with the support of our partners

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Mumtalakat and Al Ghassan Motors. McLaren Manama is a world class showroom in an extremely prestigious location, which will redefine the sale of luxury high performance cars in Bahrain and across the region. This is a landmark event in the development of McLaren Automotive, not just in the Middle East, but across the globe.”

Sheikh Ghassan A H Al Sulaiman, Al Ghassan Motors’ President and CEO commented.”We are proud to be working closely with McLaren and Mumtalakat and opening this stunning new showroom. It is a jewel in the crown of Al Ghassan Motors’ luxury automotive retail locations and I believe will change the face of sports car retailing in Bahrain. McLaren has very high standards, whether that is on the race track or on the road, and we, similarly, aim to deliver performance that reflects the quality and passion that goes into making these fabulous cars. Our goal is to represent McLaren as they strive to be the iconic sports car company: the 12C, McLaren P1™ and McLaren Manama showroom are just the start for McLaren in Bahrain.”

Commenting on the opening of the showroom, Mr. Mahmood Hashim Al Kooheji, Chief Executive Officer of Mumtalakat said: “McLaren Automotive is one of our flagship investments at Mumtalakat. We are delighted that the company, with its retail partner for Bahrain, Al Ghassan Motors, has decided to open a unique and exciting showroom that is a testament to McLaren’s engineering prowess. With this addition, the Middle East network of dealers is well equipped to meet the strong demand for McLaren’s highperformance sports cars in Bahrain and in Saudi Arabia." McLaren Manama is unique in Bahrain with its location at the Bahrain World Trade Center next to Moda Mall, and the only vehicle retailer

located in such a central and high-profile location in the city. Following the recent Middle East debut of the McLaren P1™ supercar in Bahrain, a second McLaren ‘supercar’ was also presented in Bahrain at the launch event. Having debuted in the Kingdom at the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix, the McLaren MP4-25 Formula 1 car driven by Jenson Button has now returned to Bahrain and will be on display at McLaren Manama. The McLaren MP4-25 was displayed alongside the reigning Middle East Motor Awards 2012 ‘Car of the Year’, the McLaren 12C, and the Wheels Magazine ‘Supercar of the Year’, the 12C Spider; a convertible that Evo Middle East recently stated was “probably the best car on sale today”.

ACK Solutions helps Service Businesses to sell more ACK Solutions has launched a new Marketing and Sales programme designed to help professional service businesses attract more clients. This unique programme is built around getting companies focused on turning prospects into paying clients. Participants build and learn how to use key messages and materials that maximise the impact on their marketing activities. Through this, businesses can transform sporadic and unsuccessful marketing and sales efforts to strategic and prosperous ones. The ACK Solutions team has spent the last 12 months researching and collecting good case practices from abroad and through local trial and error put together this all-inclusive 8 week programme. ACK Solutions discovered that the missing part of the puzzle for a lot of service oriented businesses is in understanding the process of how to turn strangers into prospects, buyers, and clients. The key is around ensuring that a prospect recognises a seller’s value before they

Ahmed Al Akber presenting at the launch of the Marketing and Sales programme at the Capital Club.

are approached to sell. "When you are trying to grow your client base, referrals often don’t come in quickly enough. That is when you turn to marketing and selling your services in a systematic and methodical way in order to get the most out of each of your business development activities" said Ahmed Al Akber, Managing Director of ACK Solutions. "Furthermore, with the help of Tamkeen’s 80% funding through the Enterprise Development Scheme, we now have several professional service companies that have signed up to the

programme and are already attracting more clients". The Marketing and Sales Strategy programme, launched in May, is ideal for consulting, advertising, social media, and similar firms that are professional service businesses and are B2B-oriented. The programme is divided into 7 phases that covers issues such as: setting up effective marketing processes, building a positive marketing mindset, simple but effective messaging, successful selling conversation techniques, and marketing materials.

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Bahrain News Alosra Supermarket Open in Riffa Palms New Branch Offers a Premium Range of Products Alosra Supermarket, the fresh and friendly subsidiary of BMMI, officially opened its doors to the Riffa community earlier this year. Located in Riffa Palms, this is now the chain’s fourth branch across the Kingdom and is in alignment with the supermarket’s expansion strategy to allow convenient access for customers to buy the products that Alosra is renowned for. "We are so proud and honoured to be serving the residents of Riffa," said, Alosra General Manager, Jaffar Al Asfoor. "We know that a lot of our customers take the time to drive all the way from Riffa to our Saar or Amwaj branches to purchase the products they know and love," he said. "We take this kind of customer loyalty and commitment very seriously, and are now thrilled that we can make it easier for them to access their favourite brands right at their very own doorstep." It is this commitment that inspired the creation of Alosra Premium, a new section in the Riffa Palms branch, which includes a handpicked range of speciality goods that are typically found in top-end gourmet retailers such as Harrods and Selfridges. The Alosra Premium section will include brands such as Prestat Chocolates, Rococo, Food Doctor, Jamie Oliver, Sheffield Honey, Eli & Manos, Stokes, Atkins and Potts, Cartwright and Butler and The London Tea Company. "We listened to months of feedback from our customers and carefully

selected brands that matched the results," said Marketing Executive at Alosra, Pavlos Manousos Babiolakis. "The general finding is that customers wanted something new and inspiring - this being the main reason why we have introduced Alosra Premium," said Mr. Babiolakis. "We also wanted to ensure that we are constantly sourcing new, innovative products that suit a wide taste of palettes as well as offering something new to our customers, with the added benefit of it being all under one roof." If proved successful, all branches will hold the same Alosra Premium section, added Mr. Babiolakis. His Excellency, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr. Hassan Fakhro led the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new store. The Alosra team also conducted a tour of the different departments, answered questions and encouraged invitees to sample some of Alosra’s products. The BMMI Board of Directors, BMMI top management and other VIPs also attended the event. Mr. Al Asfoor reaffirmed Alosra’s commitment to thinking local. Alosra’s Think Local programme, launched at the end of 2011, aims to support Bahrain’s local producers by partnering with them and selling their products at Alosra. The step was taken to promote

54 Forum

local produce and cut down on imports thus reducing environmental impacts as well as contributing to our local economy. "At the end of the day, Alosra is local. We are a local organisation that is committed to the training and development of local talent, providing high quality local produce, supporting local producers and addressing the needs of our local communities," said Mr. Al Asfoor. "A part of this commitment is to ensure that our emphasis on quality and support of local produce is easily accessible to our customers across the kingdom. We are delighted that the Riffa community has welcomed us and we are excited to continue proving to them that we are worthy of their loyalty." The new branch is located in Riffa Palms (in Riffa Views) and will be open daily from 7am to 11pm. More about Alosra: The first Alosra Supermarket operates as the anchor store of the Najibi Centre community mall located in the Saar / Budaiya family neighbourhood. Since then, Alosra has branched out with outlets on the Islands of Amwaj, Durrat Al Bahrain, Riffa Palms (Riffa Views) and a soon-to-open branch in Al Raya Shopping Centre in Juffair.

Bahrain News New Associate for Charles Russell Charles Russell are delighted to announce the arrival of Sameena Hanif, who has joined the Bahrain office as a Senior Associate in the Real Estate & Construction team for the Middle East. Sameena focuses on all aspects of development and infrastructure projects and advises on construction and engineering and commercial real estate, including acquisitions

and disposals, property finance, hotel management and operation and related dispute resolution across the Middle East. Sameena has worked in both private practices as well as in-house and was previously a Senior Legal Counsel within the Dubai Holding group of companies. Sameena has lived and worked in the UAE since 2006.

Charles Russell LLP said:

Simon Green, Partner and Head of the Middle East Real Estate & Construction team for

“Sameena’s arrival is a testament to the continued success of our regional real estate & construction team. Sameena’s significant experience in the UAE and her expertise in the hotel and hospitality sector will further enhance our offering to our clients.”

APM Terminals Bahraini maritime professional attends top international management programme APM Terminals Bahrain, a subsidiary of one of the world leaders in port infrastructure and the operator of Khalifa Bin Salman Port, have announced that Mr. Yousif Sanad, the General Manager of Commercial Division, has completed the first part of an international management programme in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mr Sanad was selected by APM Terminals headquarters in The Hague to participate in the executive program. TheMAGNUMmanagement programme is developed in collaboration with ESADE Business School, a leading Spanish business school, and is aimed at accelerating the careers of the General Managers at APM Terminals, worldwide. The first of the modules commenced on the 12 th May 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark. As part of the programme Mr. Sanad will also attend courses in Los Angeles and The Hague later this year. 56 Forum

qualities sought globally: creativity, an open-minded approach and a relationship builder. Furthermore, Yousif, who I have worked with for over two years, has a sharp eye for business, a valuable quality in today’s competitive market.

Mr Sanad graduated from City University in London in 2007 and first joined APM Terminals as a Commercial Analyst that year. He rose to Commercial Manager in 2010, Senior Commercial Manager in 2012 and was appointed as General Manager Commercial earlier in the year.

The course provided participants with a unique global perspective combined with a general management focus, thus giving each participant an edge in preparing to act as effective and successful leaders, in the ever-changing global business environment that APM Terminals operates. Mr Sanad, 27, is among 30

global General Managers selected by APM Terminals to take part in the MAGNUM programme. Speaking about the selections, Marco Neelsen, Chief Executive Officer, APM Terminals Bahrain said, “Yousif is a shining example of a young talented leader possessing the

“We are proud of Yousif’s achievements and believe he will be a valuable player in the MAGNUM program, demonstrating the talent that Bahrain has to offer the business world. Attending such a prestigious management course will not only assist Yousif to acquire an international qualification but will also contribute in further augmenting his professional capabilities in the maritime industry. Bahraini managers represent 54% (19 out of 35) of managers at our office in Bahrain, and Yousif stands out as the one with the most potential for a truly global leadership role.”

Reaching for the sky Arabian International Mechanical Contracting Est. is based in the Sitra Industrial Area, known as "Al Qaryah" district, as a fabrication and engineering company involved in the Petro Chemical & Corporate Manufacturing Industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain and boasts an expanding export portfolio. Activities of the company include the design, fabrication of pressure vessels, tanks, silos, oilfield pipelines, civil and structural works. The company has been fortunate to experience phenomenal growth, since inception in 2008, through the efforts of a dedicated team of experienced professionals drawn from diverse global communities. The GM, Rajan Sharma and the management team decided that it would be a good concept to accommodate all the operational staff in the newly acquired high rise apartment building, adjacent to the manufacturing unit. After consulting with

all the staff there was a unanimous decision not to go just outwards but rather ‘skywards!’ We all know the vagaries of traffic in Bahrain, so the concept was partly was based on dispensing with the complex logistics of transporting employees from various locations usually at peak traffic hours. A kitchen and relaxation area has been provided on the roof top with culinary delights to "feed an army" brought to the kitchen presently on a "Meals on Wheels" basis but plans are to have fully fledged chefs to cater for the diverse tastes of the many different cultural backgrounds. A recent survey indicated, without exception, that everyone is satisfied with the new facilities and even the sea views for miles from the rooftop on a cloudless evening Sunset assists as welcome break for their engineers ‘without borders’.

a dingy garage space, has been turned into administrative offices with a mezzanine floor housing all members of the managerial, professional engineering and administrative staff. The Reception Area has been designed to render a welcoming ambiance to all customers and business associates.

An in house training and conference room has been created and indeed is planned to be shared as a registered Training Institute for young Bahrainis with an interest in taking up an engineering vocation with enlightenment on the theme of work ethics and procedures.

Management Information System (MIS). This allows easy and fast access for the theatre team to the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR), radiology images, laboratory reports, patient safety checklists, and other patient information. Having such information easily available in the operating theatre, together

with the workflow design and implementation of the patient safety checklists, helps ensure patient safety in the operating theatre.

The Ground Floor, originally

The mission of the Company is to actively contribute to developing the economy and promote the employment of home grown talent in a quest to build a robust and further the image of a business-friendly Kingdom of Bahrain.

State-of-the-art operating theatres The International Hospital of Bahrain (IHB) commissions three new operating theatres. Following a complete renovationandrefurbishment of its three main theatres the IHB has amongst the most modern operating theatres in Bahrain. State-of-the-art facilities include modern surgical and anaesthesia ceiling mounted pendants, LED theatre lights, High Definition (HD) viewing monitors, and camera system. Clean

air is ensured by HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filtered air flow. HEPA filtration removes at least 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 microns which ensure the operating zone is kept clean. The concept design of the theatres ensures an efficient workflow from initial preparation of the patient including anaesthesia, to surgery, to the Recovery Room. The theatres are fully integrated with the Hospital’s

The newly renovated Recovery Room, ICU, NICU, Endoscopy Unit and Central Sterilisation Department compliments the new operating theatres. Forum 57

Regional Round-up

Arbitration Gains Popularity across the GCC

Article by Michael Yadgar, Legal Director in the Bahrain office of international law firm DLA Piper

Within the region, arbitration has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, with both domestic and international users increasingly drawn to many of its advantages over conventional court litigation. This is certainly the case in the UAE, but the trend continues across other Middle Eastern jurisdictions, too.


Salalah tourism festival from August

The Salalah Tourism Festival (STF) will start with the Eid festivities this year. Beginning from the second day of Eid al Fitr, the official festival will continue for another 26 days. The dates have been extended almost by one-and-a-half months due to Ramadan, which is likely to start in the second week of July. 58 Forum

A crucial factor in any jurisdiction’s development as a credible centre for arbitration is the existence of a functioning and efficient enforcement regime for both domestic and foreign arbitral awards. One important reason for the growing popularity of arbitration in the UAE is that the historical and wellpublicised problems with enforcement have, in light of some recent developments, progressively begun to recede. The increasing popularity of arbitration as a mechanism for dispute resolution in the region means that it has become increasingly important for business leaders and in-house legal counsel to develop an understanding of the arbitration process and, in particular, how exactly arbitral awards are enforced in this jurisdiction. The festival is more popular as Khareef festival due to a rare geographical phenomenon of delicate drizzling, which begins in the last week of June and continues till September. From July till September the annual summer monsoon touches the Salalah mountain slopes and the coastal area with its delicate drizzling fog. During these three months nature awakens from its slumber and a tender green carpet of grass is decorated with flowers. The whole of Salalah turns green during this time giving a rare feeling to the tourists especially those who visit from the countries where the rains are rare phenomenon.

Our Middle East Litigation and Arbitration team has published a comprehensive Practice Note covering the rules and procedures for the enforcement of both domestic and foreign arbitral awards in the UAE. The Practice Note outlines the legal framework for enforcing awards, the grounds for refusing enforcement, the approach of the UAE courts to enforcement and a summary of significant recent decisions on the enforcement of domestic and foreign arbitral awards. Our Litigation and Arbitration team is one of the largest in the region and specialises in conducting complex, high value, multi-jurisdictional arbitration proceedings and frequently acts throughout the GCC. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of contentious matters. We


Qatar Tourism anounce new website

Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) Chairman, Issa Al Muhanadi, has announced the launch of a new and enhanced website for the organisation. The site has been designed to be a simple and informative, and aims to be a functional and interactive resource for Qatar’s residents, as well as for all the tourists.

Mohamed Toorani

also offer training sessions for businesses and in house legal teams on all aspects of commercial litigation and arbitration. Meanwhile, we are delighted to announce that the Bahrain practice of DLA Piper has bolstered the capabilities of the team with the appointment of Mohamed Toorani to its corporate and finance team. He is a Bahraini national with both international and regional banking experience., provides a structured and visual journey through the different activities that can be done in Qatar as well as the authority’s roles, responsibilities and services. With updated corporate news and QTA-owned and partnered events, the portal integrates and presents tourism, culture and information, in a dynamic way, as well key highlights of places and sections with the virtue of finding and booking a flight for a holiday, checking the weather, and reserving a hotel as well. It also highlights the restaurants in Doha, and mentions the entertainments, shopping, parks and natural landmarks.

Where to go and what to do? Since moving back to Devon, the County of my birth, I’ve been struck at how much has changed in the forty years I’ve lived elsewhere but also how much has stayed the same. Certainly the transport infrastructure has made dramatic improvements with access roads into the south west of England constantly being upgraded but there’s still the traffic jams with all the visitors making their way down to one of England’s most beautiful counties. In addition to beautiful beaches and stunning scenery, you’ll find National Parks, rustic villages and towns, historic buildings and ruins, extreme sports and the best in food and drink. With plenty of places to stay in Devon, the most difficult decision you’ll have to make is where in this unique area of the UK you want to visit first. Devon boasts five areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO Geopark, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and two National Parks. Perhaps the most famous of the National Parks is Dartmoor. Its rugged beauty inspired Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles, and has been used as the backdrop for Hollywood blockbusters. With 368 square miles to explore, you can walk for miles without seeing another soul or visit some of 60 Forum

the Devon attractions to be found on the moors such as Haytor and the fascinating Dartmoor Prison Museum. Feeling a little more energetic? Then why not cycle the Drake’s trail or encounter the herds of pure-breed Dartmoor ponies that wander the wilds? And when you need a little sustenance, be sure to check out the hospitality of the moorland pubs and restaurants, such as the wonderfully named Nobody Inn. South Devon offers the best of countryside and coastline, whichever way you choose to enjoy it. The area is packed with water sports and gentle walks and there are plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy. South Devon is a landscape of gentle rolling hills backdropped by the drama and wildness of Dartmoor, making it a region of contrasts. Its unique character has encouraged artists and musicians to make South Devon their home, and you’ll find plenty of galleries, music festivals and alternative livestyle centres in this part of Devon. North Devon is home to a number of stunning stately homes set in glorious grounds, and some of the county’s best surfing beaches for adrenaline junkies. It too has its own distinct character, and the dramatic beauty of Exmoor is the perfect location to go hiking or mountain biking. North Devon’s dramatic coastline has given birth to a new pastime for the more adventurous

– Coasteering. If you want to get up close and personal with both the craggy landscape and some of the local wildlife, then Coasteering is a great way to experience the drama and thrill of North Devon. Plymouth and Exeter both might be situated in Devon, but they each have distinctive characters of their own. Plymouth is a city for family holidays in Devon. Steeped in history and the scene of Sir Francis Drake’s legendary game of bowls, Plymouth is also hailed as the cultural centre of the county. With great theatre, live music and art galleries, it’s full of excitement and entertainment for the whole family and one of the best places to go in Devon. Exeter also has its fair share of history, with parts of the city dating back to Roman times. However, it also boasts a superb high street with cobbled streets and squares housing high street and independent shops and boutiques. If you’re looking for a

And Finally relaxing cultural getaway with plenty of opportunity for retail therapy, then Exeter’s the place for you. However, it is also close enough to the sea and surrounding countryside that you can base yourself in the city and still enjoy the rest of the Heart of Devon. Torquay though is the gateway to the English Riviera - an area that is packed with things to do. Torquay is steeped in maritime history and plays host to a number of sporting events and festivals, including the Riviera’s own regatta. It also has its own UNESCOstamped Geopark, where visitors can explore a unique ecosystem and take part in a variety of unusual activities such as Coasteering. AND if you want somewhere to stay to use as a base to explore everything Devon has to offer, take a look at the in Torquay where you’ll find a warm welcome.... Ed

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BBBForum Summer 2013 Triannual publication from the Bahrain British Business Forum

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BBBForum Summer 2013 Triannual publication from the Bahrain British Business Forum