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From The Chair

Dear Members, Welcome to the Spring edition of the BBBF magazine. The year has got off to a fast start with many businesses pushing hard on the accelerator after a sluggish 2009. Across all sectors, businesses are dusting themselves down after 2009 and regaining confidence to invest freely once again. The economic climate is considerably more optimistic than 12 months ago, and an excellent time to strengthen relationships and establish new business opportunities. The inaugural Bahrain International Airshow, held in January, was a major success both for trade visitors and the mesmerised general public alike. It was particularly gratifying that Bahrain demonstrated, once again, that it can deliver a world class event. I understand that, in the shade of the corporate hospitality tents, a number of significant aeronautical contracts were signed. In February, The Lord Mayor of London visited the island for a high

profile two day trip. With almost 30% of Bahrain’s GDP originating from the Financial Services sector, the bi-annual visit is very important indeed and was once again well supported by the country’s leadership. It was an honour for the BBBF to host a memorable dinner in honour of the Lord Mayor and his visiting party of City heavyweights. It was particularly encouraging to witness the close relationship between our two islands, particularly in the areas of Islamic Banking and financial training. A critical success factor of Bahrain’s 2030 Economic Strategy, is to develop the skills of young Bahrainis to capitalise on the employment opportunities in the dynamic and rewarding financial services sector. A strong and transparent relationship with the City of London is imperative and for that reason, I consider the Lord Mayor’s visit a major success. We held constructive meetings with both the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and Tamkeen (Labour Fund) with a view to working more closely together. Both parties are keen to explore opportunities with the BBBF, our members and British companies. We have built on these relationships, and I am

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pleased to announce that in 2010, we will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the BCCI to hold joint networking events. In addition, Abdulellah Al-Qassimi, Chief Executive Officer, Tamkeen, will address the Forum at our April 2010 lunch and outline Tamkeen’s strategy, the business and partnering opportunities that are available in the 2030 Economic Strategy. A special mention also to Gulf Air, HSBC and RSA, our 2010 corporate sponsors, who continue to be a great source of financial support and generous encouragement. Their support allows us the financial security to increase the number of initiatives and enhances the quality of events we organise.

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I am proud to announce that our Membership has recently crossed the 400 mark - a milestone in our 15 year history. We hope that you enjoy this edition and look forward to seeing you, and your guests, at the forthcoming BBBF central functions and those organised by our ever expanding number of Special Interest Groups (SIG) – see Page 10 for details.

Bahrain News ................ 38

With kind regards

Lord Mayor of the City

Khalid Al-Zayani Chairman

held during the Finacial

BBBF Tel: +973 1781 3488, Fax: +973 1781 3489, Email: Bahrain British Business Forum, P. O. Box 10051, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Alosra to open in Al Hayat Centre ............. 38 Cluttons recycling initiative .......... 40 Euromotors and Royal Golf Club get together ... 42 Sleep Centre now open for two years ......... 45 And Finally..................... 48 Cover Image: BBBF Chairman and The of London at a dinner Services visit. Forum


The 2009-10 BBBF Executive Committee

Chairman Khalid Al Zayani

Deputy Chairman Austin Rudman Mob: 3969-9475

Treasurer Patrick Dornan Mob: 3924-3739

Secretary Bill Frost Mob: 3963-5110

Member Rob Grey Mob: 3966-3452

Member Rebecca Eriksson Mob: 3953-6989

Member Jill Boggiss Mob: 3996-3026

Embassy Representative Rebecca Topping Mob: 3975-0496

Diary Dates Tuesday 20th April 2010 Speaker: Abdulellah Al-Qassimi (CEO of Tamkeen) Venue: Golden Tulip Hotel Time: 12 noon for 1 pm Cost: Members BD12, Guests BD15

Tuesday 18th May 2010 Speaker: TBA (Visiting Mission) Venue: TBA Time: 12 noon for 1 pm Cost: Members BD12, Guests BD15

Tuesday 15th June 2010 Speaker: from the EDB) Venue: Golden Tulip Hotel Time: 12 noon for 1 pm Cost: Members BD12, Guests BD15

Pictures: Left: Visitors on the Birmingham Trade Mission Right: Lord Digby Jones, UK Business Ambassador Far Right; The Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Nick Anstee 2


From Her Majesty's Ambassador

My prediction in the last edition that the autumn would be very busy was right. As well as the usual pick up of business after the summer the Embassy was involved in four major events. Three of them were embodied into an Embassy programme to reinforce the UK’s reputation as the leading centre of Islamic finance outside the Islamic World. The first was in November when Lord Digby Jones, former Director General of the CBI, former Trade Minister and now a roving UK Business Ambassador, spent a day here and met senior members of the ruling family and the Government. In the evening he gave a speech in my garden to an invited audience, mainly of senior Bahraini businessmen and bankers. Digby reminded us just how significant the UK manufacturing sector is,

both to our own economy and globally. Despite myths to the contrary, we are still one of the world’s major industrial powers. He went on to focus on London’s role as the number one centre of international finance and particularly of its developing in Islamic finance. In December we had the World Islamic Banking Conference. As last year, the largest national stand by far was the UK’s. 17 companies from the full range of financial services were there. We repeated the panel session in which five experts from British companies took questions from the audience. The BBC Arabic Service’s Business correspondent, Nima Abu Wardeh, moderated and threw in some tough questions of her own. UKTI also organised a round tables session. A number of tables were set up in a large room, each focussing on one aspect of Islamic finance and each with one or two British experts in place. This experiment was entirely successful, with just about every table full for the duration.

The Bahrain international Air Show in January was a very different kind of event. The UK was well represented. The Chief of Air Staff (head of the RAF) represented the Government. BAE Systems, Rolls Royce and Airbus all had chalets and numerous other companies had products on display. Airbus announced a major order from Yemenia. The range of UAVs (pilotless aircraft) on display was particularly impressive. But what the exhibitors I spoke to most appreciated was the relaxed atmosphere compared to other air shows: they could actually hold in-depth conversations with others from the industry.

In February the Lord Mayor of London visited for two days. In an exceptionally packed programme he met His Majesty, Their Royal Highnesses The Prime Minister and The Crown Prince, the Ministers of Finance and Foreign Affairs, the Governor of the Central Bank and the CEO of the EDB. He also had numerous engagements with financial service practitioners. He was very grateful to the

BBBF for hosting a dinner at which he spoke and to the Chairman for playing such an active role in the programme. We are now working on following up the visit with some concrete deliverables.

The trade figures for 2009 are now in. As we had expected, there was a drop against 2008 of 13.2%, from £278m to £241m. We don’t yet know how this compares to our competitors, but compared to other markets in the Gulf this decline is a roughly average figure.

Jamie Bowden British Ambassador Forum


Welcome to New Members Richard Botham Senior Director CB Richard Ellis WLL Tel: 1655-6600 Mob: 3960-5084

Andy Hinson Senior Director CB Richard Ellis WLL Tel: 1655-6600 Mob: 3940-8031

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Bjavin Shah Assistant Manager Protiviti Member Firm Bahrain Tel: 1710-0050 Mob: 3604-3644

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Michael Williams Senior Director CB Richard Ellis WLL Tel: 1655-6600 Mob: 3940-2303

Special Interest Groups Special Interest Group - Security strives for peace, law and order. Some possible impacts were aired in the Autumn 2009 edition of this magazine.

As I finally get down to finding the time to prepare this article the realisation hits me that spring is just around the corner and the article deadline line is this very day. So bear with me as I try to condense what has been the busiest period experienced since our partnership with the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) at the beginning of 2009. This partnership remains strong as we develop our links with the Private Sector, through the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), and the Ministry of Interior (MOI) through training and liaison. We also continue to have the strong support from both the UK & US Embassies through trade and security links and the American Chamber of Commerce for Bahrain (AmCham) Membership of the partnership continues to grow but we still need to work on actual membership of the BBBF as we develop and raise our profile going forward. World: Developments in Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan continue to grab the headlines but regrettably not always for the right reasons. As the bombings and conflicts continue to take lives, each country

With our focus being drawn to such locations a worrying trend of industrial and social unrest seems to be gaining momentum in Europe. High unemployment coupled with almost continent-wide public spending cuts as well as savings measures at private firms look likely to boost social and industrial unrest. Greek trade unions have already called strikes in protest against the government’s latest cuts, while British and German airlines, French air traffic control, Italian and Spanish companies have had to battle actual and threatened strike action. Cyber Crime: Cyber Attacks, Email Scams and ATM / Credit Card fraud are all on the increase around the world with reports out of UK putting the cost to UK businesses at £1.2 million per year; I just wonder what the actual cost would be here in Bahrain and throughout the Region. Please note an unusual and frightening approach to an actual email scam below: The Abdullah Rahman Email Scam In 2009 and again in 2010, many hoteliers in the lodging sector have reported receiving threatening emails and faxes purported to be from al-Qa’ida member “Dr Abdullah Rahman.” These emails, and many other similar messages, are different varieties of

known advance fee frauds, also known as 419 internet scams. This particular scam preys on the fears of hotel managers and security directors, using news articles on the spectacular terrorist attacks against the Marriot Hotel in Islamabad in 2008. Hundreds, if not thousands, of hotels received Abdullah Rahman letters over the past few years. The typical “Abdullah Rahman” letter reads: Attention: My name is Abdullah Rahman, I am a Nigerian living in Yemen, I am the Editor to the Alqaeda Sunni Movement in Yemen. I just want to inform you that this movement is launching a suicide bombing attack on your hotel because your hotel has been listed among the 20 top list of hotels that shall be bombed this year due to illegal activities going on in your hotel done by few of your customers. The list is still with me, if you want to negotiate with me I will remove your name and if dont want, I will leave your name in the list. Reply this mail within three days if you want to get your name remove just like your brothers in your city. The negotiation shall be strictly and highly confidential. reply with this email: abdulla_ Dr Rahman Abdullah This is just one of many email scams but one with a quite frightening edge to it which I think you would agree. Remember please report all email scams to eng/index.asp Identity Theft / Fraud: This has now taken on a

whole new meaning and priority; as has been shown with the recent alleged assassination in Dubai by people carrying forged passports of an international level of identity theft. By now you would have read or heard about how the suspected “hit squad” entered the country using British, Irish, Australian and French passports so I will not go into all the details suffice it to say that identity theft / fraud is happening all around us and gets more sophisticated by the day. The BBBF Security SIG sponsored a presentation to the staff of the American Mission Hospital with reference to personal security and identity fraud of which was well received. So if companies would be interested in a “grass roots’ presentation please let me know and I will look at putting something together for the next edition. “Remember to always check your Bank & Credit statements fully” Aviation Security: Plane bombers to Shoe bomber to Pants bomber, whatever next is what is being asked when CBS News learned that U.S. Intelligence officials are seeing a marked increase in terror-related Internet chatter with a frightening focus: Jihadists bent on finding gaps in airport security - all linked to al Qaeda in Yemen. On one radical website, a writer invites fellow members to post information on how to bypass airport screening: “Can I refuse [to pass through] for religious reasons?” Before long comes this answer: “…advise those who wish to avoid the Heathrow Forum


continued...Special Interest Group - Security

scanners to take the train to Paris... and then board a plane from there. Even with this knowledge the use of airport body scanners in the UK may be unlawful, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has warned. Scanners already in place at Heathrow and Manchester Airports may be breaking discrimination laws as well as breaching passengers’ rights to privacy, it said! Note: Our October formal meeting and briefing took place at the DHL Hub at Bahrain Airport where the presentation on Aviation Security covered a number of aspects of this most complex of security fields within this huge worldwide industry. The presentation by Simon Roberts the Vice President Security DHL Express was very informative whilst at the same time highlighting issues such as screening technology and just how determined the terrorist is in their willingness to bring another plane down especially by “home grown” radicalisation resulting in “groups” recruiting terrorists from within the target country Bahrain: The number of Expats have 6


now topped the 50% mark for the first time in Bahrain’s history, as reported by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority. Unfortunately the crime and traffic offences have risen by 20% compared to 2008. The number of cases handled by the Public Prosecution last year was 79,766 with 33,016 being traffic related. The good news though was the drop in theft and drug related cases with theft being 6,758 compared to 7,387 in 2008 and drug cases 983 compared to 1,026 in 2008. To assist the Public Prosecution 20 new Bahraini Judges have been chosen as part of a new initiative to “Bahrainise” the judiciary. Anti Government Demonstrations continue to take place and occasionally get violent with tyre burning

being the favourite tool of direct action but it must be pointed out that these demonstrations do not target westerners. We do our best to keep the membership informed of such gatherings but the passage of information is not always timely so we do encourage the membership to phone or sms in any sightings which will then be passed on through warden systems and the like. Community Police Training programmes continue in various guises but the effectiveness of the “bobby on the beat”, policing marches and policing demonstrations are still areas that need continued development, training and acceptance by all concerned. There are still some outstanding court cases and unanswered questions but it was good to read that the two people who were arrested in May 2009 for smuggling weapons and planning attacks against US targets here in Bahrain were finally convicted in January of this year and subsequently sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. There has been a lot of work being carried out in both liaison and training of specialist Teams to combat Human Trafficking with a

much greater role for police women, which is a great stride forward for Bahrain policing as a whole. At present a Bahraini man is still being held by the authorities in Bangkok accused of allegedly trafficking women to Bahrain to work as prostitutes, a charge that he vehemently denies. Piracy & the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Our friends at the NCIS mission consists of a criminal investigative support, a counterterrorism support and counter-intelligence support wherever the fleet deploys, wherever there is a naval presence, the NCIS special agents are typically either in advance of or along side that presence providing counter-terrorism, force protection and counterintelligence support. Based here in Bahrain their relationship not only extends to the Ministry of Interior but also to our membership by having an Agent attending meetings and briefing us on issues appertaining to policing here in Bahrain and the fight against piracy. It is hoped to have a more indepth article exploring their work in the next edition of this Forum magazine. Report: 18 Jan 2010 - A record ransom payment secured the release of the Maran Centaurus, a massive oil tanker, seized in November 2009 by Somali pirates. The Maran Centaurus was the second-largest vessel ever captured and was carrying an estimated two million barrels of oil with an estimated value of $150 million and with a crew of 28. The ransom payment to the pirates is believed to be between $5 &

the British Pavillion at the Bahrain Air Show. His presentation was very well received as he gave us an insight into the workings of the UKTIDSO and how the UK is at the forefront of technology related to the surveillance equipment at the pavilion. All round we were very fortunate to have some very experienced and established experts in their particular fields joining us at the “Gathering”. $7 million. It is believed that after the ransom was dropped, a shootout between rival Somali pirate gangs, which threatened to turn the ship into a huge fireball, requested assistance from the International anti piracy force for help! Issues that may need a weathered eye going forward: 1. Piracy – What will happen to the British couple the Chandlers? 2. Bahrain – Forthcoming elections? 3. Turkey – What next for the military? 4. KSA – Fallout from the Yemen campaign? 5. Europe – Winter of discontent - What will Spring bring? 6. Iran – What next for the establishment? Meetings: We have certainly been out and about spreading the word and carrying out briefings and conducting formal but mostly informal security orientations for various companies and individuals, for example, those looking at setting up a business or possibly investing here to folks new to Bahrain. Formal meetings

were held at the DHL Hub and Crowne Plaza Hotel where in both cases we were royally taken care of. As mentioned earlier in this article the visit to the DHL Hub included a presentation on Aviation Security but also included a visit to the Hub itself to see the workings of where all our consignments are sorted and sent on to various locations around the Region and World. Special thanks are extended to Peter Brown, Helen Edwards and Shehzad Tariq whilst at the same time congratulations for achieving 100% on the global TAPA A certification and the receipt of the Certificate of Appreciation awarded to DHL Express from Bahrain customs; both certifications being “no mean achievement”.

Members have also visited the Khalifa Bin Salman Port and Bahrain Financial Harbour to meet with the Security Managers in preparation to planning the visits to both locations later this year; once again the welcome was of the highest standard and was very well appreciated. We also attended a number of events such as the Bahrain Air Show with DHL, the first Private Sector Security Awareness Seminar at the BCCI and MOI course graduations. Once again I will develop these new links further and update the reader in the next edition. The final visit of note was the visit to the USS Nimitz of which once again a vote of thanks goes out to RSO Lance Bailey who made the visit possible as we joined senior officers from the

MOI on what was a most extraordinary event. Look Forward: We continue to work and develop our objective in forming sub groups where we believe that within the membership the expertise is there to help and advise on job specific related security issues. The Hotel group in particular is growing with the meeting scheduled for March being Hotel themed so the hunt is on for the experts to step forward. As our profile grows our links with the BCCI and the MOI grow each day so we will be reaching out to them as part of the Private Sector Security Awareness Programme which we are already in discussion with at a very senior level with both organisations. Finally Membership & Sponsorship is an area that we continue to need support with so please do not be “shy" in coming forward as it is you, the reader, that stands to gain as you help us to help you. For further information please do not hesitate to contact Tony Palys on

The meeting format at the Crowne Plaza took on a formal briefing followed by a social networking dinner which saw just over 80 attendees. Speakers included folks from both the UK & US Embassies, EDB, NCIS, Met Police and SAAB Bank. Our guest speaker was Alan Malpas of the UKTI Defence & Security Overseas (UKTIDSO) who we captured from Forum


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Khalid Al Zayani shares his success strategies with Capital Club members Honorary Chairman of the family firm Al Zayani Investments, Mr. Khalid R Al Zayani shared his strategies and secrets of success in February at a unique gathering of Members and their guests of the Capital Club, Bahrain’s premier private business club. Ranked 15th on Bahrain’s Power 100 list Mr. Zayani, revealed his success story and shared his life’s experience highlighting some of his winning business strategies and practices that shaped his achievements, in an interview with Mr. Hisham Nourin, Chief Operating Officer of Trade Card Holdings. Attributing his success to strong mentoring, preparation, and hard work Mr. Khalid said: “If one believes in an idea, one must persevere and chase one’s dream with unwavering determination to reality. The alternative is simply giving up any hope for the better.” In addition to being the Chairman of Al Zayani Investments, Mr. Khalid Al Zayani is the Chairman of Al Baraka Bank, founding member of the American

Mr. Hisham Nourin, Chief Operating Officer of Trade Card Holdings and Mr. Khalid Al Zayani, Chairman of Al Zayani Investments. Chamber of Commerce in Bahrain, and of the Bahrain British Business Council and a board member of the USBahrain Business Council, International Chamber of Commerce, Bahrain National Committee, American Bahraini Friendship Society, Bahraini Moroccan Business Council, Bahrain India Society, Bahrain Technology Transfer Society and Bahrain British Business Forum. The exclusive function was hosted by Capital Club as part of its “Under

the Spotlight” programme which provides personal perspective from the region’s industry and business leaders and entrepreneurs. As Bahrain’s premier private business club, the Capital Club offers a place to relax, celebrate or network in exclusive surroundings, on the uppermost floors of the iconic Bahrain Financial Harbour. It regularly hosts social and business gatherings to facilitate networking among Members and to foster an environment of learning from some of

the world’s most respected leaders. The Club offers an array of benefits to its Members including bespoke dining options, world class gourmet cuisine, and library and meeting rooms with state-ofthe-art audio visual facilities. It provides a luxurious and chic atmosphere unrivalled in the Kingdom. Membership is by invitation only with various packages for Bahrainis and expatriates. It offers international privileges through affiliation with more than 250 clubs worldwide.

Over 200 participants attend Arab Leadership Forum Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa, Chairman of Young Arab Leaders Bahrain, welcomed over 200 participants as he officially opened the three-day Arab Leadership Forum (ALF) at the Movenpick Hotel in February. His Excellency congratulated the participants for their desire to learn and highlighted the significance of the annual event in aiding leadership development among youth. 10 Forum

He said, “We are proud to be hosting the prestigious Arab Leadership Forum once again this year, one of the most well-respected leadership forums for youth professionals in the region. I congratulate everyone here for seizing the opportunity to participate in the forum’s activities, and for having the passion and the commitment to want to advance in their careers and become future leaders in the Arab world.

It is events like this that encourage our youth to adopt a leadership mindset and help lead and drive their careers forwards, and by doing so, drive the Arab world towards success.” Shaikh Mohammed also thanked YAL’s programme partners Kuwait Finance House, ALBA and Hill and Knowlton and its media sponsors, Al Bilad and Al Wasat.

BBBF Membership Survey The BBBF survey of its members was implemented primarily to evaluate the satisfaction level with various activities covered by the BBBF and to find out to find out what the members would like to improve. The survey was open from 25 Feb 2010 till 10 March 2010. 77 members responded to the survey, 75 online and 2 with paper based responses, producing the following results. In relation to the performance of the BBBF in meeting the objectives: Excellent ....................... 13 Good............................. 33 Neutral .......................... 22 Poor ................................ 3 Very poor ........................ 1 In answer to the question: Do the objectives of the Forum align with your interests? Yes ............................... 65 No ................................... 5 Not answered ................. 7 In answer to the question: Are you aware of the Special Interest Groups? Yes ............................... 38 No ................................. 34 Not answered ................. 5

In answer to the question: Are you a member of any of these groups? Yes ............................... 15 No ................................. 56 Not answered ................. 6 In answer to the question:Would you be interested to join these groups? Yes ............................... 47 No ................................. 21 Not answered ................. 9 In answer to the question:Which group would you be interested to join? Security (OSAC) ............. 7 Financial services ........... 2 Construction ................. 11 Law ................................. 3 Organizational effectiveness ................ 16 IT and communications 10 In answer to the question:What other Special Interest Groups would you be interested to join? Property Management; Consulting -entrepreneurs; Marketing & Communications; Construction; Influencing the Government on new laws e.g. Bahrainisation Law; Oil & Gas; Aviation & Logistics; Business Women;

Medical matters; Real Estate Commercial & Residential; Finance & Economy; Streamlining of business bureaucracy and banking processes; Education & training. When asked to rate satisfaction levels of the benefits of membership Excellent ....................... 13 Good............................. 33 Neutral .......................... 22 Poor ................................ 3 Very poor ........................ 1 The top 3 benefits were listed as: 1, Contact directory 2, Networking opportunities 3, Lunches In answer to the question: If you attend networking/lunch events, how do you rate this in terms of a investment of your time? Excellent ....................... 23 Good............................. 31 Neutral .......................... 14 Poor ................................ 3 Very poor ........................ 1 Not answered ................. 5 In answer to the question:Do you attend the monthly lunch meetings? Yes ............................... 57 No ................................. 11 Not answered ................. 9

The BBBForum magazine is produced three times each year and is designed to advise, inform, entertain and promote members of the British business community in Bahrain. 1500 copies of each edition are circulated free of charge to business leaders in the community. All costs of production are met from advertising revenue and all advertisers are charged on the same basis. A full page advert is charged at BD300. A Half Page at BD180, A quarter page at BD100 and a small box advert at BD50. A 10% discount is given to any company booking a series of three adverts in BBBF publications. 12 Forum

In answer to the question:Which format would you consider a monthly meetings other than the lunch format? Breakfast meetings....... 18 Dinners ......................... 13 In answer to the question: What is the one thing you would do to improve the Forum? Raise the profile and reach out at all levels in all organisations, firms, schools and universities; More involvement of members in SIG; Circulate information on dates of SIG meeting; More frequent SIG events; British Embassy should more actively be involved; Informal functions, more social events and social activities, Family get-togethers; More networking; Increase the visibility of the Forum; More Bahrainis and local exposure; Themed forums on key business related issues; Stick to the actual purpose; Comfortable venues with competitive rates and parking facilities; Increase the membership numbers; Widen the type of member; Election process should be open; Acquire membership for BBBF members in other countries British Business Forums; Public relations, advertising, email digest and media coverage.

Financial News CISI in Bahrain The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) is honoured and privileged to announce that Mr Khalid AlZayani, Chairman of Al Zayani Investments and also of the the Bahrain British Business Forum, has agreed to become President of the new CISI National Advisory Council in Bahrain. The Council members are drawn from the ranks of the most senior and respected figures in the banking world in the Kingdom, as well as from major local and regional institutions and global banks. This Council, as the name suggests, will be advising CISI on how best to tailor the assistance it can offer to specific circumstances in Bahrain. It was inaugurated by Alderman Nicholas Anstee, the Lord Mayor of the City of London, during his recent visit to the Kingdom. The Institute has developed strong relationships with accredited training providers, including the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance and the Gulf Insurance Institute, which provide training for many CISI qualifications. Simon Culhane, Chartered FCSI, CEO of CISI said: “The formation of the National Advisory Council represents a major step forward in our relationship with Bahrain. We look forward to developing and deepening that relationship further in the years to come.” 14 Forum

The CISI has been working very closely with regulators, exchanges and academic institutions in the GCC countries over the last five years. A not-for-profit UK based professional body for those working in the financial services industry, the CISI provides professional technical expertise in the development and delivery of high-class qualifications for markets and regulators in jurisdictions where a qualifications framework does not already exist or needs further development. CISI’s globally recognized qualifications provide practitioners, employees, and employers with the greater confidence, credibility and certainty required by the public and by regulators after the long period of turmoil in global financial markets. In UAE and also in Oman and Qatar, the Institute is developing mandatory qualifications-led licensing regimes for the broking communities. The UAE qualification went live in mid-August 2009, and the other two will follow in early 2010. The CISI is able to use a combination of developing new bespoke examinations for the local market and integrating existing globally recognised examinations. The CISI’s mission is to help members attain, maintain and develop their knowledge and skills and to promote the highest standards of ethics and integrity in the securities and investment industry. Formed in 1992 from the Stock Exchange, the

Mr Al-Zayani with some of the Council members and guests at the inaugural meeting of the council

CISI is now the leading examining, training and membership body for the securities and investment industry in the UK, with over 40,000 members who benefit from its programme of professional and social events. As the main examining body for the industry, the Institute provides a range of relevant vocational qualifications attracting over 35,000 candidates a year. The CISI has developed Centres of Excellence with several universities to offer its qualifications, and has made its Introduction to Securities and Investment available to schools and colleges around the UK In addition, the Institute produces publications

and workbooks and runs a series of widely-respected and well-attended conferences and seminars in the UK and overseas. Based in the City of London, CISI is a global organisation with representative offices in financial centres such as Dubai, Dublin, Edinburgh, Mumbai, Shanghai and Singapore. It works in close cooperation with regulators, firms and other professional bodies worldwide. The Institute was granted a Royal Charter by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in November 2009. For more information, please visit or email

Financial News Ernst & Young opens Global Oil & Gas Centre of Excellence in Bahrain

Leading professional services organisation Ernst & Young launched its Global Oil & Gas Centre of Excellence in December at an opening ceremony held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Patronised by His Excellency Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, the Minister of Oil and Gas Affairs and the Chairman of the National Oil and Gas Authority, the launch was attended by local dignitaries as well as senior Middle East and global Ernst & Young partners. Located in Bahrain, the Centre is a key target for Ernst & Young’s investment in its global oil and gas capabilities. While primarily intended to serve the region, the Centre also has a global focus and has already become a hub for oil and gas professionals as well as a resource for meetings, seminars, training and workshops, according to Dale Nijoka, Ernst & Young’s Global Oil and Gas Leader. “Clients can meet with our local oil and gas experts as well as with our global team. 16 Forum

We are bringing together people from the industry to exchange information and best practices. Ultimately, I would like our clients to feel that they have a state of the art facility where they can engage with our oil and gas team and, just as importantly, with other like-minded companies to discuss the issues facing the industry today.” Inaugurating the Centre, Dr. Mirza said: “I am delighted that Bahrain has been chosen as the site of Ernst & Young’s Global Oil & Gas Centre of Excellence. Oil has been a vital part of the national and regional economy ever since it was first discovered in Bahrain in 1932.” Dr. Mirza added that Bahrain in particular had benefited from working with international partners to boost its oil and gas sector. Commenting on the choice of Bahrain as the Centre’s location, Ahmed Al-Aiban, Chairman of Ernst & Young Middle East, said: “We chose to locate the Centre

in Bahrain because it is centrally placed to reach all our clients that operate in the region. Bahrain is an attractive location to do business, with causeway access to Saudi Arabia and multiple flights to anywhere in the region in about an hour.” David Barringer, Ernst & Young’s Oil & Gas Leader in the Middle East, added, “The Centre represents the firm’s recognition not only of the importance of the oil and gas industry, but also the importance of the Middle East to this global industry. This Centre builds upon over 80 years of our operations in this region with much of it focused on the oil and gas sector.” Ernst & Young’s global Oil & Gas Practice comprises a network of over 7,500 professionals with extensive experience of working in the oil and gas industry. The firm’s professionals serve a wide range of companies in the oil and gas industry – national oil companies,

independent exploration and production companies, oilfield service companies, independent refiners and major integrated companies. The global oil and gas practice operates around the world in major oil and gas markets and can be leveraged to help meet the need of companies that operate on a local, regional and international basis. Facilities at the Centre, which is on the 24th floor of the Almoayyed Tower in Seef, include a boardroom, a state-ofthe-art video conferencing facility, a project room with AV facilities and a training room – as well as offices for client usage. “Our Global Oil & Gas Centre of Excellence offers clients from all over the MENA region a secure, convenient and confidential meeting-point and access to acknowledged experts in the oil and gas industry. The Centre will act as a hub of Middle East industry expertise and a focal point for leading practice,” concluded Mr. Barringer.

Financial News Diners Club launches new services for customers Diners Club Bahrain, a subsidiary of Bahrain based BMI Bank, has announced the launch of its unique ‘Business World Gold Membership’ program in conjunction with Regus Group, the world’s largest provider of workplace solutions. The program will offer Diners Club cardholders unlimited access to Regus offices

around the world. Rob Giles, Head of cards at BMI Bank said: “This partnership with Regus is in line with our commitment to providing our customers with quality business solutions around the world. We are pleased to offer them a unique opportunity that complements the bouquet

Successful Standard Chartered Saadiq training for Wholesale banking Bahrain team

of privileges already offered by Diners Club. Our cardholders now enjoy free Regus Business World Gold Membership with the distinct advantage of having unlimited access to Regus facilities, including premium workplace locations and solutions around the world. In addition to this, Diners Club Bahrain offers its Standard Chartered Bahrain Wholesale banking organized a staff training session on Saadiq - Islamic Banking. The training which was attended by 35 wholesale banking team members was to refresh and impart more Islamic Banking knowledge to serve the Bank’s corporate clients better. The day long training session conducted by

customers great benefits that include access to airport lounges, travel and insurance benefits as well as rewards for loyalty.” Regus Business World Membership now offers eligible Diners Club cardholders a gold membership for three years with unlimited access to 1000 business lounges featuring high-speed internet, in 450 cities in the world. Group Islamic Banking team, focused on Islamic Banking products and how they relate to the wholesale banking business. At the end of the training session, an assessment was conducted and the results were excellent as the participants passed with high scores. This training session was a certified course where all successful participants would be accorded with a certification in Islamic Banking.

Standard Chartered Bank launches Custody and Clearing Services in Bahrain and Oman Standard Chartered announced in February the launch of Custody and Clearing Services from Bahrain and Oman. The Bank will provide direct Custody and Clearing services to clients investing in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Sultanate of Oman. This expansion of Custody and Clearing Services takes Standard Chartered’s coverage of the Middle East to five markets and reinforces the Bank’s commitment to the Middle East region and the expansion of its Securities Services business globally. Custody and Clearing Services plays an integral 18 Forum

role in the development of capital markets by providing market access for investors and broker dealers, addressing the growing industry and regulatory demand for segregated safekeeping of investment portfolios. This covers a range of services including equity and fixed income securities settlements, safekeeping, corporate actions, income collection, proxy services, foreign ownership monitoring and disclosure services, cash management, foreign exchange, reporting, and information services to clients. Commenting



The Middle East North Africa(MENA) Securities Services team ready to serve clients. expansion of Standard Chartered Bank Custody Offerings, Jonathan Morris, Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bahrain said, “Standard Chartered has operated in Bahrain for 90 years and the launch of custody and clearing services further emphasizes the Bank’s commitment to the Kingdom. Standard

Chartered’s extensive experience and history in the region allows us to provide both local knowledge and global expertise to support our clients’ operations. Today’s announcement is another important milestone in our strategy to embed our Securities Services capabilities in Bahrain.”

Financial News RSA acquires third largest insurer in Oman RSA Insurance Group plc (RSA) & ONIC Holding SAOG announces an agreement in which RSA Oman will acquire Al Ahlia from ONIC Holding for OMR 19m (US$49m). The purchase price is subject to a net asset value adjustment on completion. In return ONIC Holding will acquire a 20.03% stake in RSA Oman. The transaction will create the largest insurance group in Oman by net written premium. Paul Holmes, CEO of RSA

Middle East, commented, "Through this acquisition of Al Ahlia, we create a market leading insurer in Oman and this enhances our Emerging Markets position in the Middle East. We welcome ONIC Holding as a local shareholder in Oman and value their strategic support as we drive the business forward."

Holding by aligning with an international player in the insurance sector. We believe that this alliance will enhance value to ONIC Holding’s stakeholders and would have a positive impact on the insurance industry in Oman. We look forward to having a mutually beneficial and long term relationship with RSA."

Sayyida Rawan Ahmed al Said, Group Chief Executive, ONIC Holding said

Following the transaction the shareholders of RSA Oman will be RSA Middle East, ONIC Holding, WJ Towell Company, OHI and Mr. Prem Mankand.

"This strategic tie up is a significant step for ONIC

Paul Holmes Completion of the transaction is subject to shareholder and regulatory approvals.

Bahrain's Ithmaar to become premier Islamic retail bank With the verbal approval from the regulatory authorities, Ithmaar Bank is set to become the region's premier Islamic retail bank, according to its chairman, prince Amr Mohammed Al Faisal. Prince Amr told the bank’s shareholders on Sunday that the bank had received verbal approval to proceed with its reorganization plans, and that formal, written approval will follow shortly. Speaking at the shareholders’ general assembly that was held at the Diplomat Hotel in Bahrain, Prince Amr told shareholders that the bank would immediately implement plans for a comprehensive reorganisation with its wholly owned subsidiary, Shamil Bank. The reorganisation, which will turn Ithmaar Bank into a premier Islamic retail bank, involves both banks pooling their resources together to create a single, more efficient 20 Forum

and significantly stronger retail-focused bank with an Islamic license, under the Ithmaar brand. Ithmaar shareholders approved plans for the reorganisation in November 2009. “The Ithmaar board of directors received yesterday (Sunday) assurances from the Central Bank of Bahrain, the Kingdom’s financial services regulator, that the reorganisation plans had been approved and that formal written approval is now being issued,” said Prince Amr. “This allows us to start Ithmaar’s transformation, from a conventional investment bank into an Islamic retailfocused bank, and to focus upon realising our new strategic objectives,” he said. Following the reorganisation, and as part of its new board-approved three-year strategic plan, Ithmaar will focus on developing its retail operations by expanding its products and services

range as well as its delivery channels, and on expanding its geographical reach across the GCC region by offering a wide range of corporate banking services. To fund this planned expansion, Ithmaar had announced capital-raising initiatives designed to raise a total of up to $400 million. The bank’s capital raising initiatives, which include the launch of a mandatory convertible sukuk, kicked off on a high note earlier this month with the successful launch of a rights issue.

bank’s potential,” he said. “The increased capital, which comes immediately ahead of the CBB’s formal, written approval of our reorganisation plans, will help further support the bank’s retail, corporate and financial institutions activities, and enhance shareholder value by amplifying existing synergies,” said Hussain. “This perfectly positions Ithmaar for its planned growth, and we are grateful to the CBB for their continued support and guidance,” he said.

“The subscription period ended on Thursday, and we are pleased to report that the rights issue has raised $103 million,” said Ithmaar Bank Chief Executive Officer Mohamed Hussain. “The offering was an opportunity for current shareholders to further consolidate their stake in Ithmaar Bank and the fact that it proved so successful is testimony to our shareholders’ unwavering faith in the

At the AGM, Ithmaar shareholders elected a new board of directors. The new board consists of Prince Amr, Khalid AbdullaJanahi, Ya’acob Bin Tunku Abdullah, Abdulhameed M. Aboumoussa, Sheikh Mohammed Youseef El Khereiji, Sheikha Hissah bint Saad Al-Sabah, Khalil Nooruddin, Zamil Abdulla Al-Zamil, Mohammed A. Rahman Bucheerie and Nabil Khalid Kanoo.

BBBF launches organisational effectiveness Special Interest Group with Enterprise 2.0 seminar The BBBF launched a new SIG in March focused on organisational effectiveness with a seminar at the Capital Club. The meeting, the first of several planned for this new group, was entitled “Enterprise 2.0” and was delivered by David Ingle, Head of the Middle East Digital Practice at Hill & Knowlton.

The presentation explored the latest social networking tools available and how these tools can be used within organisations to improve knowledge sharing, co-creation, team building, employee engagement and internal communications. This discipline widely known as Enterprise 2.0, was

employee engagement and creativity”. Jill Boggiss, who is heading this new group, asked for other topics of interest for future meetings.

BBBF Board Member Jill Boggiss with David Ingle described as, “a growing topic that will be critical for companies as they restructure and focus on growing their businesses after the uncertainty of the financial crisis,” said Mr. Ingle. “Strong knowledge

of social networking trends and mapping out a detailed approach at the corporate level provides organisations with opportunities for knowledge management and sharing, team building, as well as enhancing

“We had 35 people attending, with a number of people on the waiting list, so our first topic was obviously popular. The members attending the talk expressed interest in knowledge management systems, talent management and retention strategy, flat organisations and employee engagement so our next meeting should be interesting.” For more information contact Jill by email

Tamkeen and Ernst & Young unite to launch the new CIMA PostGraduate Qualification in Business Accounting and Islamic Finance New qualification aligned to Bahrain 2030 Economic Vision to meet regional finance industry skills gap needs Tamkeen, Ernst & Young and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the world’s largest and leading professional body of management accountants, launched its Post Graduate Qualification in Business Accounting and Islamic Finance in the Kingdom of Bahrain on the 23rd of February 2010. The qualification sponsored by Tamkeen and delivered by Ernst & Young, is a one year programme consisting of the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting and the CIMA Certificate in Islamic Finance – both established business qualifications in their own 22 Forum

right with international scope. The programme will arm 130 Bahraini graduates with the skills and knowledge required to bridge a need of 1,340 banking and investment specialists in Bahrain based on the Skills Gaps survey conducted by Tamkeen. Mr. Abdulellah Ebrahim Al Qassimi, Chief Executive, Tamkeen said: “We are proud to witness the rapid progress of our ambitious plan to train 130 Bahraini graduates in Islamic finance and business accounting. We trust that with the support of our partners, Ernst & Young, who will deliver the one-

year training programme that enables graduates to be qualified and certified from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, we will be able to achieve our goals of equipping Bahrain with

qualified professionals who will serve the country’s growing banking sector and human capital demands”. The goal of diversifying the economy and driving growth requires qualified

professionals well versed in global best practices and with an understanding of the global economy; something this certification will provide to aspiring finance professionals in Bahrain. This qualification will help drive future progress where, as the Economic Vision states, productivity and proportion of highwage jobs in the financial sector will be a benchmark for other sectors. Speaking at the event, Aubrey Joachim, current president of CIMA, said: “This innovative certification aims to address the need in Bahrain for qualified finance professionals who are able to operate internationally. The programme will provide foundation knowledge of global business and accounting skills complemented with a wider knowledge of Islamic Finance.” The programme was designed to align with the needs of Bahrain’s finance sector and the country’s 2030 Economic Vision. Those completing the programme will be able to contribute to the nation’s goal of Bahrain growing to become an even stronger international financial hub. The Post Graduate qualification will enable its graduates to operate on a global platform, helping drive Bahrain towards its economic targets. An earlier Ernst & Young study showed an urgent and growing need for Islamic finance professionals with a relatively low number of Bahrainis currently employed in the sector making one of the major

challenges facing Islamic finance the lack of a trained national workforce. Mr. Deen Jayah, Director of Training services said: “We are honored to be the only approved training provider for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and to have been chosen by Tamkeen to execute their ambitious plan to train Bahraini graduates. Ernst & Young and Tamkeen have a successful track-record of collaboration in the task of equipping Bahrainis with qualifications needed to fulfill the leadership’s Vision 2030 put forth for the country’s development efforts. The programme, designed for Bahraini nationals who have graduated within the last 5 years from any field of study, will begin in May 2010. Aside from having graduated within the last 5 years applicants must demonstrate knowledge of English and Math’s and sit through a competitive exam and an oral interview to be selected. For details, entry requirements and applications please visit:

Tamkeen Tamkeen is a semiautonomous yet independent authority which formulates strategic and operational plans to enhance the overall prosperity of Bahrain by investing in Bahraini employability, job creation and social support. Tamkeen is funded by the fees collected by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority. Tamkeen’s main objectives are to support Bahrainis to become the employees of choice, and to support high quality private sector job creation. To achieve these objectives, Tamkeen will invest in the cost and quality competitiveness of Bahrainis (e.g. reduction of cost of employing Bahrainis relative to expatriates, investment in skill and work ethic development programmes of Bahrainis); in tackling employment barriers on both employer and labour market entrants’ sides through a combination of financial incentives and

capability building, and in supporting the private sector’s adjustment to new cost structures by providing access to capital to alleviate short-term cash constraints or improve productivity, and in know-how initiatives that support improvements in productivity and decreased reliance on expatriate labour through spreading management and technical knowledge. Tamkeen has invested more than BD 100 million in more than 40 projects targeting more than 19,000 Bahrainis and 5,700 SMEs. Programmes are continuously being devised as per Tamkeen’s strategy and the numbers of beneficiaries are continuously increasing. For more information on our programmes and initiatives, please contact: Marketing Communications Tamkeen Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 17383335/17383327 Fax: 17382352 Email: Website: Forum 23

THE ROYAL GOLF CLUB BAHRAIN The BBBF and the BBA held their first golf day event at the Royal Golf Club on the 25th February 2010. The main sponsors were Euro Motors, AXA & A&E. Other sponsors included The Royal Golf Club, Batelco, Marriott Executive Apartments, Banyan Tree Resort & Spa, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Gulf Hotel, British Club. Main Prizes Pairs winners 1st place Lou Del Tufo & Myles Lambert 2nd place Colin McKenzie & Norman Baillie 3rd place Freddie Valdez & Tim Henry Woodern Spoon Tim Rockell & Anthony Hambleton Side contests Nearest the pin hole 2 - David Park Nearest Pin Hole 16 - Colin McKenzie Longest Drive Hole 3 - Ian McCahill Captains junior development fund par 3 shoot out winner Lou Del Tufo Think Pink Charity par 3 Shoot out winner Richard Pawson Champagne Chipping Competition winners Steve Wagstaff, Richard Pawson There were 2 par 3 shoot outs where everyone landing on the green went into a prize draw and 2 winners were drawn. Sponsored by Batelco and Marriott Executive Apartments Money raised for the Captains junior development fund BD150 Money raised for the Think Pink Charity Fund BD150 We also had a hole in one par 3 side contest for a Landrover sponsored by Euro Motors and AXA

What is the difference between Coaching, Training, Mentoring and Consulting? Often we hear these words being thrown about when people talk about developing, learning and resolving issues or challenges; but what is the real difference? In today’s fast paced world we can often take whatever learning we can get our hands on without really understanding which one is right for us and/or our organisation. Learning can be encouraged through a number of interventions; I have chosen the four most common interventions and will explore the differences between them. Coaching Coaching is a relatively new vocation. The great benefits of coaching are not fully appreciated by the entire market. Few potential clients really understand what a coach can help them achieve and how valuable the experience will be. In reality, the majority of potential clients think in terms of the specific problems they have, or the outcomes they are seeking. For example, whether you are looking at life, business or executive coaching, clients come to coaches for

a multitude of reasons. Not yet fully understanding the nuances of coaching levels, experience and credentials, many clients choose a coach based on their expertise in non-coaching areas. Many clients want their coaches to share any experience or knowledge that could minimise mistakes and accelerate learning and overall progress. If a coach cannot find an effective way to share their experience to the benefit of the client, they are considered the wrong person for the job. So just how is experience shared, and knowledge transferred in a way that honours the underlying ethics and principals of coaching and benefits the client? I call it “pure coaching” and for me this is the true coaching. While I don’t pretend to offer any universal definitions here, in service of exploring what activities are most compatible with coaching, let me offer the following distinctions: Pure Coaching This is where the client is held as creative, resourceful and whole and fully capable of determining the best path forward. In its simplest

form, the coach assists the client to clarify the agenda, identify options, choose a path, create a plan and stick with it. If they are any good at what they do, the coach will also help the client raise their awareness, connect with their underlying values and strengths, make far more conscious choices, find out what truly inspires them, and achieve extraordinarily meaningful outcomes. Quite simply it is a unique and extraordinarily powerful approach to supporting clients. However I believe coaching is much more than a specific set of skills which can only be applied within a very narrow criterion. Coaching is also a revolutionary approach to human development that embodies a philosophy of empowerment with a process of ongoing support, and this approach can and should be applied in as many ways that assists the clients and helps expand the impact of coaching. Unfortunately, due to the relative youth of this profession, for every person out there looking for a coach, I suspect there is another hundred people looking to solve a specific challenge or achieve a specific outcome. They just don’t know coaching is a much better solution than what they are turning to now. Training Or should I say Training and Education. When one attends training, it is acknowledged that the trainer has specific knowledge and skills (or should!) that the client(s) wants to acquire. The trainer determines the best way to transfer that knowledge

26 Forum

by Kevin Craig and skill, usually in a group setting. Training can be done in a very “coach like” manner too usually with high levels of interaction and self reflection which is in sharp contrast to some of the historic approaches to training and education, (large, passive, data dumps), many of us endured in our education. Today, the best trainers deliver knowledge and skill in the coach like manner. Training is generally offered by people (trainers) in areas they are knowledgeable of, and can have many commercial advantages. Many business and corporate clients are use to receiving skills this way, and some good upfront training can set the scene for some great follow-up coaching. (Note – the American Society of Training and Development has estimated that around the world over $200 Billion is spent on training each year – and the training industry itself has estimated that over 50% of all training is wasted due to mismatches, one-size-fits-all solutions, or lack of follow up. This is a huge waste of knowledge and skill, which presents a valuable opportunity!) Training and Educating can also happen through

books or recordings or other information products you might be interested in. On a cautionary note, too much training and not enough follow-up coaching can shift the energy in an organisation and leave relationships to less than a fully empowered place. Mentoring In mentoring, it is recognised that the mentor is the one who also has specific knowledge, skills and experience relevant to the client’s agenda. This can be weaved into an ongoing coaching relationship, on an “as needed basis” without disempowering the client or fostering a dependency. In other words, any knowledge you might share is held lightly and shared without attachment so you do not devolve into “advice giving”. The client gets the

information or facts they need to accelerate their progress and are left to make their own decision – At all times the client retains ownership of the issue and decides what if any of the mentoring to apply. Mentoring can be a very powerful and natural addition for a client group to understand the common challenges they face. (For example, if you happen to be someone who has started a number of businesses, and know all the pitfalls and shortcuts, knows what works and what doesn’t, you could definitely save your client a lot of suffering.) Consulting In consulting, the consultant shows up first and foremost as “the expert” and many clients will assume the consultant takes ownership

of diagnosing the problem and prescribing a solution. While there are many times in our life when we might benefit from a competent consultant, this should not be confused with coaching as they are at different ends of the spectrum. Can the various methods be mixed and combined when serving a client? Yes, I believe so; however it is important to know what service you are providing. So be very aware are you training, mentoring, coaching or consulting. [Editors Note: Kevin Craig is the only Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) in the Kingdom of Bahrain today, offering Executive and Organisational Coaching through his company Craig Consultants which

specialises in Executive and Organisational Coaching. He held a complimentary “get to know” coaching evening in January 2010 at Elite Seef Residence to enable all those curious of Coaching to find out more about what Coaching is and the benefits it can bring. Attendance was oversubscribed and attendees experienced first hand coaching skills,and had the opportunity to witness live coaching in action developing individuals towards their personal and professional goals. In another Coactive Coaching event in February, the participants, over half of whom were Bahraini nationals, began a course which will enable them to become Certified Professional Coaches.

Forum 27

Medical News The Secrets of Internal Medicine In previous editions I have taken a look at different aspects of medicine and put forward ideas on healthy living, exercise, diet, etc. I thought it would be time to explain one of the medical specialties. Internal medicine is practiced by Doctors specialising in the diagnosis, management and non surgical treatment of complex, serious and even unusual diseases. They all require complex investigations of one or more of the internal organs of the body: that is the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, stomach, etc. Nowadays, as medicine becomes more complex, and specialisation increases an internal medicine doctor will specialise in areas such as gastroenterology (digestive system) or nephrology (kidneys).

The main areas of internal medicine are Cardiology – relating to disorders of the heart (physical not romantic!) Endocrinology – disorders of the endocrine system (glands, hormones) Gastroenterology – digestive disorders Nephrology – diseases of the kidney Infectious Diseases – diseases caused by a biological agent such as a virus, bacteria or parasite Pulmonology – lungs and respiratory tract Hematology – blood, blood forming organs

Internal medicine Doctors are also involved in the major health issues in the developed world that is obesity and the raised levels of type 2 diabetes. These can lead to what is known as metabolic syndrome, which is a combination of medical disorders that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It is estimated that 1 in 5 people have this. People who have it are 3 times more likely to have coronary heart disease, stroke and 5 times more likely to have diabetes. The real concern among health experts is that rising levels of obesity will automatically increase the numbers of those with metabolic syndrome. How do you know if you have metabolic syndrome? The general diagnosis is that if you have 3 or more of the following you have metabolic syndrome and you should make your way to an internal medicine specialist.

The lifestyle in Bahrain does encourage the following to move the wrong way. • Waist circumference men 40 inches or more, women 35 inches or more • Elevated triglycerides (fatty lipid in the blood) – equal to or greater than 150mg/dL • Reduced HDL (good) cholesterol. - Men less than 40 mg/dL, women less than 50 mg/dL • Raised blood pressure – equal to or greater than 130/85 mm/Hg • Elevated fasting glucose – equal to or greater than 100 mg/dL If you are not aware of any of the figures above then a simple check up at the hospital will give you these. Remember the human body is a miraculous machine that works in extraordinary conditions and at the very least we should make sure we give it an annual check to keep it running smoothly. Then you can continue to enjoy your lifestyle.

Rob Grey Director Communications & Development American Mission Hospital For more information on Internal Medicine Call American Mission Hospital on +973 17253447 Ext 385 28 Forum

What is Blood Pressure? When your heart beats, it pumps blood round your body to give it the energy and oxygen it needs. As the blood moves, it pushes against the sides of the blood vessels. The strength of this pushing is your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is too high, it puts extra strain on your arteries (and your heart) and this may lead to heart attacks and strokes. Having high blood pressure (hypertension) is not usually something that you feel or notice. It does not tend to produce obvious signs or symptoms. The only way to know what your blood pressure is, is to have it measured. Blood pressure is measured in ‘millimetres of mercury’ (mmHg) and is written as two numbers. For example, if your reading is 120/80mmHg, your blood pressure is ‘120 over 80’. Every blood pressure reading consists of two numbers or levels. They are shown as one number on top of the other. The first (or top) number is your systolic blood pressure. It is the highest level your blood pressure reaches when your heart beats. The second (or bottom) number is your diastolic blood pressure. It is the lowest level your blood pressure reaches as your heart relaxes between beats. Even if you do not have high blood pressure at the moment, it is important to keep your blood pressure as low as you can. The higher your blood pressure, the higher your risk of health problems.

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Bahrain Construction Update truly Middle East is Appointed as Branding and Communications Agency for Swiss Bahrain Property’s Maraya Development Swiss Bahrain Property has today announced the appointment of truly Middle East to be the branding and communications agency for its 5-star Maraya property developments. “We have been seeking an agency to promote and reflect the luxury & prestige of the Maraya property brand that we have worked so hard to developing for the Amwaj Islands in Bahrain. truly Middle East has impressed us with their creative expertise. During our market research into the various agency options we had found truly to be attentive to our requirements and responsive to our needs. Most important though, is that they have created an exciting, new and comprehensive communications campaign which we are confident

will create a very strong presence for Maraya and allow our brand to achieve outstanding results in the current market conditions. In the concept of our designs and service planning we have sought to deliver high quality finishes with numerous options for our clients to develop their residence of choice. We need the best and most creative agency available to us to convey this message”, advises SBH Chief Operations Officer Mr Robert Kirby. With immediate effect, truly Middle East will be implementing a multichannel campaign for the first of the Maraya developments on Amwaj Islands. “We are very pleased to be working alongside Swiss Bahrain Property on the Maraya brand”, says Adam Sunderland, Managing

3 Bahrain Malls to be demolished

According to an article on the TradeArabia website, three leading malls in Bahrain will be knocked down to make way for a new ‘citywithin-a-city’ development in Manama. The Marina, Lulu and Ramez malls face demolition under a new blueprint being drawn up for the Manama Central Market redevelopment. New plans for the scheme will be ready within 18 months and work on the project could begin by the end of next year, said Manama Municipal Council. The company assigned to draw up the blueprint was officially selected by the Tender Board in March, after being backed 30 Forum

by the Municipalities and Agriculture Ministry and the council. The company, Tashgeel for Commercial Buildings Management has already presented municipal officials with plans on how to kick-off the project. It will work on a five-phase strategy over the next 18 months, after which a company or companies will be contracted to run the project. The five phases include determining the best way to handle investment, marketing the project, coming up with criteria for investors, selecting the best bidders and supervising the creation of artist’s impressions.

Left to right: Hussain Daylami, Public Relations Manager (Swiss Bahrain Holding), Robert Kirby, Chief Operations Officer (Swiss Bahrain Holding) and Adam Sunderland, Managing Director (Truly Middle East) signing the partnership agreement.

Director of truly Middle East. “Maraya is a first class development from a first class company, and we look forward to a long and profitable partnership with the Swiss Bahrain Group. Both companies are relative newcomers to the Bahrain marketplace, and this assignment presents us

with an excellent opportunity to grow together in pursuit of the success of our respective businesses”.

It will work on a five-phase strategy over the next 18 months, after which a company or companies will be contracted to run the development project. The five phases include determining the best way to handle investment, marketing the project, coming up with criteria for investors, selecting the best bidders and supervising the creation of artist’s impressions.

Original proposals, announced in January 2008, included four 28-storey offices and shopping towers, with the new central market taking up the basement and ground floors. Floors one to six would include car parking and a massive shopping mall, while the remaining 20 floors in each tower would house offices. The main development also included four other massive skyscrapers, offices and apartments, swimming pools, multi-purpose halls, gyms and other facilities. Plans also featured a fivestar hotel, a Green Plaza heritage village and park, and a bus station promising to ‘link Bahrain with the world’ via Saudi Arabia.

Tashgeel will have 18 months to complete the fivephase plan and if things go according to schedule, work on the project could easily begin as early as the end of 2011, said council chairman Majeed Millad Al Jazeeri.

The new campaign is in its final stages of production and will appear in Bahrain and other key prospect markets in the very near future.

Bahrain Construction Update Scott Wilson awarded Project Management Commission for High Speed Rail Project in Saudi Arabia Scott Wilson Group plc, the international design and engineering consultancy for the built and natural environments, is very pleased to announce that Saudi Railways Organisation (SRO) has awarded the Group the contract to provide project management support to the new Haramain High Speed Rail Project. The contract to Scott Wilson is valued at £14.5 million over the next five years. Scott Wilson will provide technical, specialist engineering and programme management support

services to the SRO, both at its headquarters in Dammam and around the construction and commissioning sites. This is the first high speed rail programme in the Middle East and is a 320 kph railway linking the cities of Makkah, Jeddah, the new King Abdullah Economic City and Medina, as well as the International Airport in Jeddah. The 440km line will not only provide fast and safe transport for pilgrims to the Holy Cities, but serve as a highly effective public transport link between fast growing and economically

Asry Expansion

As a major part of its expansion plan, in December 2009, ASRY awarded a design and build contract for the construction of a 1,380metre quay wall to Bahrainbased Nass Contracting. The $80 million contract comprises the construction of a 1,200m quay wall, with a water depth of up to 12m, designed to receive 300,000 DWT vessels as well as a 180m berth for 40,000 DWT vessels. Works to the quay wall started in earnest during January and Nass Contracting will have to deliver the first 400m by end of 2010. 32 Forum

active commercial centres. Hugh Blackwood, Group Chief Executive, comments, “Saudi Arabia is a rapid growth area with continuing investment in key

infrastructure. Scott Wilson is delighted to be involved in such a high profile rail project which provides a further opportunity to apply our growing global rail credentials.”

Davis Langdon expands operations

The completed quay wall will be fully operational by the end of 2011. The facility will be equipped with all services, utilities and craneage required for providing efficient alongside repairs. The project is being reviewed and supervised by consulting engineers, Haskoning UK and also includes the construction of all support facilities and infrastructure necessary to ensure a high level of reliability to ASRY’s valued customers. The support facilities and infrastructure are currently in the design phase and are planned for tendering in the third quarter of next year.

Global Construction Consultant Davis Langdon has announced ambitious plans to expand its operations in Bahrain from a local office to a regional hub from which the company will be strategically positioned to undertake projects not only in Bahrain, but also in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan. Having already expanded into new offices at its base in Al Saffar House in the Seef District back in May, the company now has the infrastructure in place from which to make a significant move forward. However, Davis Langdon has still retained its old office in Al Saffar House, now known as its Measurement Studio, from which its Measurement Team will serve projects throughout Europe and the Middle East. To facilitate these plans, the company has announced that Donn O’Shaughnessy will assume responsibilities

as Head of Office, Paul Bonner will be promoted to Director alongside the existing directors Stephen Gee, Spencer Wylie and Paul Ralph, and David Craig will rejoin as Associate Director to manage the Measurement Studio. As a result, the company is now well placed to expand upon its current portfolio of Project & Cost Management services, as well as its specialist services commissions.

Paul Bonner, Director Davis Langdon

Hotel News Manama joins the Top 10 List of most expensive cities worldwide. City

2009 Average Room Rate GBP

2008 Average Room Rate GBP

2009 Average Room Rate Local Currency

2008 Average Room Rate Local Currency

Local Currency Variance




RUB 13,239.87

RUB 13915.53

- 5%


Abu Dhabi



AED 1285.00

AED 1303.30

- 1%


New York City



$ 318.98

$ 414.52

- 23%





€ 225.80

€ 253.31

- 11%





BD 112.48

BD 119.68

- 6%





€ 208.57

€ 244.82

- 15%





CHF 314.044

CHF 358.23

- 12%





DKK 1528.32

DKK 1640.772

- 7%





$ 281.13

$ 315.74

- 11%





€ 199.67

€ 216.43

- 8%


Manama is the fifth most expensive city in the world for corporate travellers according to the Hogg Robinson annual Hotel survey for 2009. Bahrain’s capital jumped 15 places in the rankings last year as massive demand for hotel rooms kept travelling costs high, says the report by corporate travel services firm Hogg Robinson Group (HRG). Moscow was the most expensive city for the fifth year running, with average room rates setting back corporate clients around BD164. Despite having the highest average rates globally, all the cities appearing in the top 10 saw a backward movement in rates when measured in local currency. Clearly the weakness of the UK Pound against many foreign currencies has had a strong 34 Forum

2008 Ranking

effect on the prices paid by the UK corporate traveller. After a 5% fall in average rate London has fallen further down the list to 29th from 16th position in 2008 and 10th position in 2007. The budget hotel sector remained static year on year facing increasing competition from the 3 and 4 star market; the top end of the market held up well, with the lowest average rate decline seen in 5 star hotels (3.5%) as top hoteliers proved willing to sacrifice a degree of occupancy in order to maintain rate integrity. The Middle East region experienced weaker rate falls than other regions. Abu Dhabi only seeing a 1% decrease in average room rate. Manama’s fifth place reflects demand outstripping supply in the region.

Marriott Executive Apartments Manama, Bahrain Partners Air Miles to Launch Loyalty Program for Skyw@lk Café Gaining increasing popularity among families and companies across the GCC and beyond, the Marriott Executive Apartments Manama, Bahrain continues providing additional benefits to its residents and guests. The service apartment announced its recent partnership with Air Miles programme, one of the world’s leading loyalty programme operators. Through the programme, the Marriott Executive Apartments Manama is offering rewards points to guests every time they dine at Skyw@lk Café. The restaurant became one of the venues to offer Air Miles programme. Every guest will earn 30 Air Miles rewards points for every 1 Bahraini Dinar spent when dining at the Skyw@lk Café. According to the General Manager of the Marriott Executive Apartments

Manama Hossein Garan, the apartment is currently running some special promotions and the Air Miles programme is an added value for both in-house residents and restaurant visitors. “This will enable our customers to experience our food and service while enjoying an additional benefit - earning points with air miles,” added Hossein. “As we are striving for quality and excellence, we are partnering with Air Miles to offer our esteemed clientele with great services and supplementary benefits,” said Director of Sales Marriott Executive Apartments Manama, Marwan Haddad. He added that the company will continue to focus on innovative ways to exceed customer satisfaction and he believes this new partnership will significantly work out. Country Manager Air Miles Bahrain Murtadha Qambar

Fraser Suites Seef now open Frasers Hospitality marked the beginning of a major presence in the Middle East with the grand opening of Fraser Suites Seef Bahrain, the first of five properties to come throughout the region over the next two years. The group, which has 33 properties worldwide in 19 cities, is looking to use Bahrain as a regional hub to develop a further nine properties across the region by 2013, according to chief operating officer for Europe and the Middle East, Guus Bakker.

It is the only internationalclass accommodation with direct access to Seef Mall, Bahrain’s premier shopping and entertainment destination. Fraser Suites Seef Bahrain was developed

Country Manager Air Miles Bahrain Murtadha Qambar shakes hand with Director of Sales Marriott Executive Apartments Manama Marwan Haddad witnessed by Account Manager Air Miles Bahrain Bassim Aryan said, since the launching in Bahrain, Air Miles has signed up over 145,000 members to whom they have already issued over 1.2 billion Air Miles. The addition of the Skyw@kk Café to the growing number of Air Miles partners in Bahrain brings the total number of 200 outlets

in the Kingdom. “We are glad to sign up and welcome the Marriott Executive Apartments Manama to the Air Miles programme. It is a great advantage for Air Miles to provide our members with luxury services from such well-known brand like Marriott,” said Murtadha.

by Seef Properties, one of Bahrain’s largest real estate companies, which owns and manages various commercial properties including Seef Mall, the largest shopping and entertainment centre in the Kingdom.

“The Middle East is an exciting growth area and an important pillar in our global network”, said Frasers Hospitality chief executive officer Choe Peng Sum.

The opening of Fraser Suites Seef Bahrain will be followed in quick succession with the launch of two more properties, Fraser Suites Dubai and Fraser Suites Doha. Another two properties already on the drawing board in Oman and Saudi Arabia are scheduled to open within the next two years.

“Bahrain’s growth is predicated on a rapidly diversifying economy with impressive expansion into new areas such as tourism, manufacturing, trade and commerce. The city’s forecast of an estimated 6.7% growth in international arrivals this year, together with a sharp demand-supply imbalance in the hospitality sector, set the scene for a successful start to our expansion,” he said. Forum 35

Hotel News Gulf Hotels Group to operate Mokan's K Hotel in Juffair

Pictured at the signing ceremony are (L to R) Gulf Hotels Group’s Deputy CEO, Garfield Jones and CEO, Aqeel Raees along with Mokan Wll’s Chairman, Khalid Mohamed Kanoo and Director, Faisal Khalid Kanoo.

Gulf Hotels Group, owners and operators of the Gulf Hotel Bahrain, has signed an agreement with Mokan Co. W.L.L. to operate Mokan’s 234 bedroom, four star deluxe K Hotel in Juffair. The K Hotel is already well under construction and expected to open in the second half of 2010. When open, the 21 storey hotel will feature modern, upmarket bedrooms including 2 luxurious penthouse suites, four food & beverage outlets, separate men’s and ladies health clubs, meeting facilities and three levels of car parking.

The property will be Gulf Hotels Group’s second property in Bahrain, alongside the renowned Gulf Hotel, the Island’s largest five star hotel. Mokan WLL Chairman, Khalid Kanoo said “The Gulf Hotel has proved over the years that it is able to compete with international chains and still leads the way in selling the most five star rooms and serving the most food and beverage covers in Bahrain. Mokan WLL is pleased to be able to draw on the Gulf Hotels Group’s expertise and aims to make our new venture

Acquisition incorporates Capital Club ENSHAA PSC, a leading development and investment company with interests in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Australia, has announced its 100% acquisition of Signature Clubs International (SCI). SCI currently operates two of the region’s premier private business clubs; the Capital Club Bahrain, in 36 Forum

the prestigious twin towers of the Bahrain Financial Harbour, Manama and the Capital Club Dubai, located at the exclusive Dubai International Financial Centre. The acquisition highlights ENSHAA'S strategic focus on quality branded products and expansion into the hospitality industry.

the best four star hotel in the Kingdom”.

exceptional service at competitive prices”.

Gulf Hotels Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Aqeel Raees, added “The Gulf Hotel’s association with the Kanoo family has dated back to the inception of the company in 1967 and we are delighted to join forces in this new venture. In managing this property on behalf of Mokan, we aim to set new standards in the four star market, offering customers

The new hotel development represents Gulf Hotels Group’s second management contract, with the Group already operating the 100 room Ocean Paradise Resort in Zanzibar on behalf of Bahrain based Paradise Realty Holding Company. For further information, contact Gulf Hotels Group on 1774 6446

Bahrain News Alosra to open in Al Hayat Shopping Centre Alosra Supermarket, the Fresh and Friendly subsidiary of BMMI, is set to launch its largest outlet to date at the soon-to-open Al Hayat Shopping Centre in the Mahooz district. Owned and operated by the island’s leading provider of pharmaceuticals, Nasser Pharmacy, Al Hayat Shopping Centre is due for completion by Q1 of 2011. This development will cover an area of 8,749 square metres and flaunt two prominent anchor stores – Nasser Pharmacy and Alosra. The new Alosra outlet will present shoppers with a comprehensive range of products housed within its 2,000 square metres supermarket staffed by 100 employees, a majority of whom will be Bahraini nationals. On offer to customers will be a wide selection of fresh produce, meat, fish and poultry, delicatessen, baked treats and household goods. The store will also stock a line up of ready-to-eat salads, sandwiches and sushi from the BMMI Great brand of deli products. With outlets in Budaiya, Amwaj and Durrat Al Bahrain, this is the first tactical venture by Alosra to make its foray into the heart of the island. “This is a great opportunity for us to expand our presence into the Capital Governorate of Bahrain, a market that has long remained untapped by Alosra,” explains Mike Eastwood, COO of Retail and Distribution at BMMI. “Operating a branch just next 38 Forum

door to the island’s central business district of Manama will allow us to broaden our client base and cater to a broader mix of consumers.” “Partnering with premier supermarket chain Alosra was the obvious choice to anchor Al Hayat Shopping Centre,” adds Dr. Fadhel Al Arrayed, Managing Director of Nasser Pharmacy. “The strategic location of the shopping centre, combined with the strong brand names established by Alosra and Nasser Pharmacy will undoubtedly present customers with a novel offering.” Al Hayat Shopping Centre will be supported by a selection of complementary outlets and services including a food court and ample parking, to help create a complete retail experience. The first Alosra Supermarket operates as the anchor store of the Najibi Centre community mall, located in the upmarket Saar/Budaiya family neighbourhood in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Since then, Alosra has branched out with outlets on the Islands of Amwaj, Durrat Al Bahrain and now in Mahooz. Over the years, Alosra has successfully carved out a

leading market share of the Kingdom’s high-end grocery sector, with a loyal and discerning customer base comprising mainly Western expatriates and affluent Bahraini nationals. Known as the ‘fresh and friendly’ supermarket, Alosra enjoys a reputation for delivering fast and friendly service and for the unrivalled freshness and quality of its produce.

from the UK and Holland for fresh items such as bread, meat and poultry, eggs, fruit, and dairy products. Long-life chilled goods arrive every month from the USA and frozen and dry (canned) products every two months from the UK and USA. Short shelf life items, such as biscuits and chocolates, are shipped in from abroad every other week.

In response to customer demand, Alosra specialises in sourcing and supplying particular Western brands and specialty products. These include British chilled chicken, eggs, bread and dairy products, and fresh mussels from Scotland. The supermarket also stocks organic fruit and vegetables on a regular basis.

Doing its part to help Mother Nature, Alosra offers customers the choice of re-usable cloth bags as part of its efforts to reduce the use of plastic bags, which have a harmful effect on the local environment. The supermarket has also partnered with Bahrainbased organisation Recycling for Charity to become the first of many sites for its local recycling bank.

Alosra receives two shipments by air every week

Bahrain News Cluttons launch paper recycling initiative With interest growing in environmentally sustainable programmes in Bahrain, Cluttons has launched a paper recycling initiative with the help of local recycling company, Want2Recycle. The initiative is intended to reduce the environmental impacts caused by wasted paper in commercial properties managed by Cluttons. The aim is to place a paper recycling bin in every office of their managed commercial buildings over the next 3 months. Launched in December 2009, the initiative has successfully been implemented in Almoayyed Tower and the Wind Tower. With a management portfolio consisting of 15 commercial properties, Cluttons plan to

have approximately 500 paper recycling bins in use by April. Mark Egginton, Associate Director, Cluttons said “We’re thrilled to be working with Want2Recycle and so far paper recycling has proven successful in Almoayyed Tower and the Wind Tower. I have received positive feedback from our tenants and they all are keen to make a difference and recycle their unwanted paper and it shows. In December the tenants in Almoayyed Tower recycled 990 Kilograms of paper and 800 kilograms of cardboard. Considering that *recycling 1 tonne of paper saves 30,000 litres of water, the tenants made an excellent effort and I hope that all our other commercial buildings follow suit.”

Warren Jones, Business Development Manager, Want2Recycle said “We’re pleased to be working with Cluttons as they manage some of the most reputable commercial buildings in Bahrain. Want2Recycle’s goal is to provide a simple yet professional recycling service which every company in Bahrain can get involved in. We offer a free collection service and because we are committed to providing the tools to make it as simple as possible for people to recycle, it has been proving extremely successful in diverting large volumes of waste away from the local landfill.” Tim Glover, CEO Cluttons Bahrain said, “At Cluttons we recognise that our operations and those of our tenants impact upon the environment

FedEx Bahrain wins Station of the Year award FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. and the world’s largest express transportation company, is proud to announce the MEIA “Station of the Year” winner for FY09. Bahrain station came second best in the whole of Middle East, India and Africa (MEIA) region. Present during the award giving event were Paul Evans vice president, Operations, Middle East, Africa and parts of the Indian sub-continent, Michael Muehlberger Managing Director operations, Middle East and Mohamad Sayegh Senior manager operations, Middle East. “We have the best teams in 40 Forum

so we are committed to improving environmental sustainability by reducing negative environmental impacts and enhancing positive impacts wherever reasonably practical. Our offices in the UK already have many environmentally sustainable programmes in operation so we are now following their lead with this paper recycling scheme. We believe this scheme will be very successful and we hope that all our tenants get involved and do their bit for the environment.” In other news, Cluttons announced the official opening of an Abu Dhabi office, United Arab Emirates in January 2010. With four existing GCC offices in Dubai, Sharjah, Oman and Bahrain, Cluttons currently enjoys the largest footprint of any property solution firm in the MENA region. to support and inspire each other to go that extra mile for our customers and the communities we serve. I feel honored to be part of Bahrain operations and I am very proud of each and every one of our team.”

From left to right: Michael Muehlberger, Managing Director Operations, Faisal Alamoudy Country Manager Bahrain, Paul Evans, Vice President MEIA, and Mohamad Sayegh, Senior manager operations.

the industry and I am truly honored to work with you all” said the Country Manager of FedEx in Bahrain, Mr. Faisal Alamoudy. “FedEx owes its continued success to its people, and I would like to thank our team members for

their loyalty and dedicated service in past years.” “This year’s recognition is further confirmation that our peopleservice-profit philosophy works well in both good and challenging times. FedEx team members continue

More than 70 per cent of employees within the FedEx operations in Bahrain are Bahraini nationals and our employees’ commitment is undoubtedly responsible for FedEx achieving the highest customer loyalty rating in the industry. I am convinced that what makes FedEx stand out is the “absolutely, positively” spirit that every one of our employee demonstrates said Faisal Alamoudy. Whatever the future holds, where FedEx is involved, I am sure it will be on time and delivered with a smile.

Bahrain News Crown Worldwide Group celebrates 45 years of service The Crown Worldwide Group, a worldwide leader of global mobility, relocation services, information management and high value logistics, proudly celebrates 45 years of service to clients worldwide. What started in Yokohama, Japan, on February 1, 1965 as a small moving company primarily serving the military, is now the Crown Worldwide Group, one of the largest transportation, storage and logistics companies in the world. The group, which is headquartered in Hong Kong, operates from approximately 250 locations. Crown’s staff worldwide will commemorate this special

anniversary with celebratory events at locations throughout the Crown network. Many of Crown’s senior staff members will be meeting in Panama City, Panama, where they will celebrate this milestone while completing the second phase of Crown’s Leadership Development programme. In addition, a special issue of Crown’s newsletter has been created to acknowledge and celebrate Crown’s 45 years in business. It outlines historic milestones, highlights key staff members and discusses innovation and plans for the future. This newsletter is available on Crown’s Web site at: newsletter.

Chairman Jim Thompson commented on the longevity and reach of the company saying, “No company can succeed without loyal customers. You are the reason we exist so on behalf of all the members of the Crown Group we sincerely thank you. Crown’s success is also due to the employees who have helped build the company over the past 45 years. Each, in their own way, has made the company stronger.” “It’s been a very exciting 45 years of development and the most rewarding aspect of it all is that the Crown Group today enjoys a solid financial position, excellent management and staff, and a

steady pattern of growth and development that will see us moving into the future as the only true global company in the international relocation business. Additionally, our records management and fine arts transport business have also expanded globally at a very solid pace." Crown Worldwide Group’s office based in Bahrain would like to take this opportunity, to thank all the BBBF members for their support and would carry on our mission to delight all our customers, whether it is relocating from one part of the world to another or storing their valuable household goods/ documents in our storage facility.

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Bahrain News Euro Motors & Royal Golf Club sign Partnership Deal The management of the Royal Golf Club is pleased to announce that the company has signed a partnership agreement with Euro Motors, the car dealership representing BMW, MINI, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, Maserati and Ferrari in Bahrain.

confirm this partnership which will be beneficial to our Club Members as well as giving Euro Motors a superb venue to showcase car launches and other promotional events,” said Susan Stevenson, Acting General Manager of the Royal Golf Club.

Through the terms of the agreement, the Club’s 9-hole par 3 academy course will be renamed the MINI Monty. “We are really happy to

Added Euro Motors General Manager, Mr. Paul Yates, “We are delighted to be partners with the Royal Golf Club. We have sponsored a

number of golf tournaments in the past and have found them an excellent means of getting our products into the public eye. We look

forward to building on these past experiences to provide first class golfing events in partnership with the Royal Golf Club.”

Bahrain World Trade Centre (BWTC) signs key agreement with GMI

experience of high-end retailing and strategic communications will be a winning combination and we look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

GMI is a Bahrain based organisation and has been operating since 1991 with operations spread all over the Gulf region and beyond. Their knowledge and experience of the local market is extensive and will provide advertisers with the very best consultation when it comes to communicating with their customers. Now based in MODA Mall, GMI will be available to provide the best possible advice to all advertisers on the leasing of promotional areas and the selling of advertising.

The iconic Bahrain World Trade Centre (BWTC) signed a joint venture partnership in January with Gulf Media International W.L.L (GMI). The agreement, signed recently by BWTC management and Fathi Faraj Al Mohamed, Managing Director of GMI marks the beginning of a contract which will see GMI responsible for managing all advertising and promotional

opportunities within the BWTC and MODA Mall premises. Fathi Faraj Al Mohamed, Managing Director of GMI “GMI is delighted to be working hand in hand with Bahrain’s most iconic building to provide a collection of the most exclusive advertising and promotional opportunities on the island. Our joint

This joint venture allows BWTC to bring the very best in glitz and glamour to the island as they invite the most prestigious brand names in the fashion world, housed within MODA Mall, to advertise their brands inside and outside BWTC and the exclusive shopping centre.

Deacons Australia joins Norton Rose Group International legal practice Norton Rose Group has announced that Deacons Australia has joined Norton Rose Group with effect from 1 January 2010. This follows the announcement on 23 June 2009 of successful votes by the respective partnerships. The new international legal practice will be called Norton Rose Group and Deacons Australia will now be known as Norton Rose Australia. The new Norton Rose Group will have a turnover of more 42 Forum

than GBP420m (AUD864m) and in excess of 1800 lawyers, based in 30 offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. In the Asia Pacific region, the Group has more than 700 fee earners operating from 13 offices in Bangkok, Beijing, Brisbane, Canberra, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Melbourne, Perth, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. Norton Rose Group is led by Group Chief Executive Peter Martyr. Don Boyd, the Managing Partner of

Norton Rose Australia is Group Deputy Chief Executive, and Stephen Parish is Group Chairman of Norton Rose Group. Peter Martyr, Group Chief Executive, Norton Rose Group commented: "Asia Pacific is a strategically important market for Norton Rose Group and we intend to continue to expand our business and improve the depth and breadth of our service to clients in the region, focusing on our key strengths

of financial institutions, energy, infrastructure and commodities, transport, and technology." Don Boyd, Group Deputy Chief Executive, Norton Rose Group commented: "We share the same global ambitions to develop our business and improve the depth and breadth of our service to clients. The increased capability of the Group throughout Asia Pacific will enhance our international reach and create one of the bestresourced legal practices in the region."

The Globe Cocktail Lounge Enjoy a relaxing drink before ordering from our extensive Concorde Restaurant menu or try one of our famous cocktails in a comfortable setting. The lounge is located opposite the Coffee Shop. Belgrave Arms Decorated in a traditional pub style this bar is opened from 12 noon until 11pm.

The John Clarke Lounge Comfortably furnished and decorated in cool pastel shades, it’s the ideal place to meet friends or just relax. Situated adjacent to the Coffee Shop, refreshments and snacks are easily available. The John Clarke Bar A quiet, smoke free environment with a pleasant atmosphere, situated off the above lounge.

Sports Bar The Sports Bar is adjacent to the poolside area and is open from 12noon on SaturdayThursday and from 11am onwards on Fridays and on public holidays. Coffee Shop Adjacent to the Lounge, the Coffee Shop is open seven days per week from 10am until 10.30pm.

Ascot Restaurant The Restaurant seats 85 persons and is open for lunch from noon until 3.30pm and for dinner from 6.30pm until last orders at 10pm daily except Fridays when the Restaurant closes at 3pm.

Poolside There is a swimming pool, children’s pool and poolside kitchen. Waiter service is available with a varied menu. Surrounding the pool are sun-loungers, chairs, tables and adjacent there is a lawn where one can relax and sunbathe, eat or drink and at the same time watch the children on the sanded area which has children’s play equipment. Library Situated above the changing rooms, access may be gained by the adjacent stairs. It has approximately 7,000 volumes in the adult library and 2,500 in the junior library, with regular additions. Gallery Bar Situated along from the Library, this room is used for private parties, seminars, small functions etc. Members may book this room for private functions. Windsor Room A large hall used for entertainment and indoor games such as badminton, aerobics and social functions. An excellent stage and dressing rooms add a professional touch to shows and productions. A function bar services the hall and buffett lunch is provided on Fridays from noon until 3pm.

Health Club – “Velocity Fitness Studio” Here we have state of the art facilities – all you need to keep fit. Our highly trained, dedicated fitness instructors will be only too pleased to help and advise you on your personal fitness needs. Our Mission Statement “To meet and exceed members’ expectations through quality service and instruction and to provide a safe and motivating environment”. Sports & Leisure Activities For raqueteers, we have two flood-lit tennis courts and an active tennis league for those who enjoy the competitive edge. For the very fit and wouldbe very fit, our squash courts have excellent facilities. Other sports activities include Cricket, Darts, Cycling, Football, and Aqua Aerobics. Other activities of interest available are Drama, Line Dancing, Badminton and Tae Kwon Do.

Bahrain News Sleep Centre celebrates two succesful years of operation Over 100 people have been treated at the Sleep Diagnostic Centre at The International Hospital of Bahrain since the facility opened in March 2008. People who do not get enough sleep are more than twice as likely to die of heart disease, according to a large British study released in September 2007. Although the reasons are unclear, researchers said lack of sleep appeared to be linked to increased blood pressure, which is known to raise the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Sleep Apnoea is a sleep disorder characterised by pauses in breathing during sleep. The individual is rarely aware of having difficulty breathing and the condition is usually recognised by others witnessing the individual or suspected because of its effects upon the body. The Sleep Centre which is a full service diagnostic and treatment unit, utilizes advanced technology to assist physicians in diagnosing a variety of sleep disorders. The sleep study or Polysomnogram (PSG)

is a noninvasive, painless procedure during which sensors are placed on the skin to monitor brain waves, heart rate, and eye, chin and leg movements. The Technologist also monitors breathing effort, airflow and blood oxygen

level. The recordings become data. The data is analyzed by a qualified physician to determine whether or not the patient has a sleep disorder. For sleep apnoea patients who are obese, a weight reduction programme is also designed.

Freshfields advises on Middle East Al Hoty Granted the ISO/IEC 17025 IWPP Deal of the Year Accreditation Leading Bahrain to International law firm (PWPA) with the Electricity a World-Class Quality Service in Freshfields Bruckhaus & Water Authority was Deringer has won Middle extended to 25 years to Materials Testing Laboratories East Independent Water improve the bankability of and Power Project (IWPP) Deal of the Year 2009 at the Project Finance Magazine awards held on Thursday 4 March 2010. The firm secured the award for advising the Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Bahrain on the Al Dur IWPP. The deal was the first of its kind to close in challenging global market conditions, thanks to an innovative and complex financial structure. US$1.6 billion debt was lent as an eight-year mini-perm, structured to facilitate lending from banks. This was the first time an innovative hard mini-perm structure has been used to finance a Middle Eastern power project. An initial 20-year power and water purchase agreement 44 Forum

the project. This was the first time the Government has agreed to a 25-year term for a PWPA in Bahrain. Harnek Shoker, head of the Freshfields Bahrain office, commented: “We are delighted to have advised on such a landmark deal in the Middle East and on the Government’s third major power transaction. This was a complex deal due to market conditions and the financing structure and strength of experience of the teams involved assisted in the project reaching financial close.” The Freshfields team was led by Harnek Shoker, head of the Bahrain office, senior associates William Breeze and William Coleman and associate Carlo Calabrese.

Al Hoty Analytical Services (AAS) announces another milestone in its portfolio being the first local company in Bahrain to be accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005, General Criteria for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. Scope of a c c r e d i ta ti o n involved test services for its soil and aggregate, concrete, metallurgy, chemical and cement section, NDT and geotechnical testing. AAS also maintains its certification to ISO9001: 2000.

In lieu of the recent downturn in the construction industry, AAS aimed to further upgrade its facilities and acquire the latest equipments available

in the market thus enhancing its software generated-high capacity apparatus related to metallurgy and nondestructive testing including its data logger-monitored rooms, internationally calibrated machines, highlyequipped geotechnical facilities with software-run analysis, among others. Since its inception in 1982, AAS has been focus on its quality policy and has preserved and maintained its integrity. BBBF Member Redha Fathalla says “We pride ourselves on constantly striving for excellence and being the best-in-class ensuring services are maintained to the highest standards”.


Energy Central reaches financial closure on the First Independent District Cooling Application in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Energy Central recently secured the finance required to support the development of the first independent District Cooling application by a private utilities company in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Eastern District Cooling Co. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zamil Industrial Investment Company (Zamil Industrial), and who are a major Shareholder of Energy Central, has signed with The National Commercial Bank (NCB) the first non-recourse project financing done in the region for a district cooling project. Zamil Industrial had signed in November 2007 a 22-year Energy Performance contract with Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) for the complete outsourcing of process and comfort cooling including the building of a centralized cooling plant to supply 20,000 tons of refrigeration within the premises of Saudi Iron & Steel Company (Hadeed) in Jubail Industrial City.

The total project size is valued at approximately SR 300 million and is expected to go on stream during 2010. NCB acted as Sole Mandated Lead Arranger for a 13.5year Murabaha facility for an amount of SR 206 million. The project sponsors will provide the remaining amount as equity. The project has been developed and structured by Energy Central Company, and advised by Gulf International Bank (GIB).

The loan agreement was signed in Dammam on 27 January 2010 by Abdulla Al Zamil, Chief Executive Officer of Zamil Industrial and Mansoor Durrani, Head of Project Finance, NCB, in the presence of Khalil Issa, CEO of Energy Central, and other representatives from Zamil Industrial, NCB and GIB. Khalil Issa stated: “We are delighted to achieve this major milestone towards the completion of this very

challenging project. The strong teamwork of advisors and financiers supporting our initiative is greatly appreciated”. Durrani added: “We are privileged to be a part of this wellstructured Islamic project finance deal. We anticipate that there will be a number of similar district cooling projects to be financed with similar structures in the GCC, and are pleased that Zamil has become the first Saudi entity to close such a transaction”. Drake & Scull International together with Zamil Industrial are building the project. Zamil Cool Care will be the Operator of the various facilities. Further management of the assignment also involves Energy Central. Baker & McKenzie Ltd. acted as the lender ’s legal counsel, CJR Consulting Ltd. as the borrower ’s counsel and FVB Energy as the Technical Consultants.

Bahrain News New Will Writing Service If you have property in the UK or other assets such as a life insurance policy, long term savings plan, unit trust or equity portfolio in the UK then, for the sake of your loved ones, you really ought to have a UK Will. In fact, even if you already have a will but have been divorced, started a family, entered into a civil partnership or remarried then it is almost certain that you need to draw up a new will or make substantial changes to your current will. Around 70% of the UK adult population do not have wills, in these cases the laws of intestacy intervene and impose rules that may not be in line with your requirements or expectations, for example if you are unmarried your partner could get nothing! BBBF member Brian Davis of AssetProtect limited, an authorised financial planning consultant at Nexus Financial Services in Bahrain, is a Will Writer and fully qualified member of the UK Society of Will Writers. These days Will Writing is a highly specialised field, the finer points of which are not necessarily best handled by the normal family solicitor. For instance Protective Property Trusts where you don’t lose your home to pay for your Partner’s care fees, Lasting Power of Attorney which gives you control now over your personal and business affairs in the case of your incapacity, Guardianship arrangements for your children, inheritance tax mitigation and estate planning and many more

services are explained offered. If you are UK domicile (which generally means born there) all your worldwide assets are liable to UK inheritance tax but with a properly structured Will your tax liability can be eliminated and everything you’ve worked for preserved for your loved ones. Brian has at your disposal an extensive panel of highly specialised UK based lawyers. Additionally, should you find yourself the Executor or Trustee of a Will and need help, then Brian can arrange professional assistance for you or have your duties administered efficiently on your behalf. The Society of Will Writers is a non-profit making self regulatory organisation which seeks to protect the Public and serve the interests of those men and women who are active professionals in our field. The Society has set itself two main tasks : To promote to the public at large the real need and sense in having a valid Will; and to act as a selfregulatory body by vetting practitioners through stringent membership requirements, proficiency standards and on-going training.

Protiviti Member Firm (Bahrain) SPC celebrates the Company’s 1st Anniversary Protiviti Member Firm marks the occasion of the Company’s first year of operation in Bahrain. ‘Our first year of operation has been an exciting time for us. With a talented team, we have built up a solid client base and grown rapidly. Bahrain Financial Harbour has proven to be a superb location for our offices and we have also found Bahrain to be a truly “business friendly” destination’ said Robert Brown, Managing Director Protiviti Member Firm Bahrain. Protiviti specialises in outsourced and co-sourced internal audits, business operations controls and effectiveness, technology security and continuity best practices, technology infrastructure and resources management, financial derivatives consulting, and business fraud risk consulting. The Company also advises management and boards of directors on corporate governance issues, organisation-

Robert Brown wide operational risk management, and proper integration of internal and external audit services. Protiviti’s clients include more than 35 percent of all Fortune 100 companies, more than 25 percent of all Fortune 500 companies, and more than 20 percent of all Fortune 1,000 companies. The firm has a strong employee base with over 3,300 professionals based in over 60 offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia–Pacific. In the Middle East, Protiviti Member Firm currently have offices in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait and Muscat.

UK General Election 2010 voter registration In the last UK general election less than one percent of the eligible expat population registered to vote. This represents a waste of nearly 2.3 million votes. As long as you are a British citizen, living abroad, and were registered to vote in the UK within the last 15 years, you can register to vote from abroad.

Your vote is important even if you are not living in the UK – you will probably have financial interests there, as well as relatives, and friends back home. And you may decide to return one day. Please register now, visit the website and fill in the form - It only takes 5 minutes

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Alas, poor Shakespeare, we knew him well Wikipedia, my current source for most information tells me that Modern English is the form of the English Language spoken since the ‘Great Vowel Shift’ in England in roughly 1550. It also tells me that the ‘Queen’s English’ is the accent of Standard English in England and that the Queen herself has changed her pronunciation over the past 50 years. How far this change has gone, Wikipedia doesn’t say but I doubt if she’s quite ready to adopt the latest version of ‘Shakespeare Speak’ which has just been updated by British satirist Martin Baum in his book, “To Be Or Not To Be, Innit.” He apparently told reporters that his aim was to update “the important sexist, duplicitous, cross-dressing and violent moments that made William Shakespeare well wicked.” Martin Bauam’s updated version of Hamlet reveals: “Dere was somefing minging in de State of Denmark.” The Danish Prince, who is renamed ‘Amlet, asks: “To be or not to be, innit?”, while Romeo pines for his “fit bitch Jools”. Mr Baum’s version of Romeo and Juliet sets the scene for the starcrossed lovers with: “Verona was de turf of de feuding Montagues and de Capulet families. “And coz they was always brawling and stuff, de prince of Verona told them to cool it or else they was gonna get well mashed if they carried on larging it with each other.” Mr Baum’s other titles include Macbeff, Much Ado About Sod All, 48 Forum

And Finally

De ‘Appy Bitches of Windsor, De Taming of de Bitch, Two Geezas Of Verona and All’s Sweet That Ends Sweet, Innit. In an extract from the latter we learn that: “Helena was de orphaned bitch of de well famous quack doctor who, with de geeza called Bertram and his Countess muvva, had been living in de Rossillion turf forever. Although they had been well full of respect for each other, over de years, Helena had been falling for Bertram big time and wanted to get all jiggy jiggy with him. Bertram, though, being de all macho geeza, didn’t really care coz he fought she was well minging. But his muvva, on de other hand, quite liked de idea of Helena becoming her son’s bitch. But true lurv was dealt de cruel blow when de King of France geeza was taken all deathly ill in Froggyland and without de moment of hesitation, Bertram decided to go to de King in de Paris ghetto leaving Helena all Billy No Mates. However, coz she was de daughta of dis well famous but dead quack doctor, she fought she could do somefing to help. So unknown to Bertram, Helena followed him finking that she might be able to come up with de special cure for de King geeza - which amazingly she does! And all coz she was de daughta of de well famous but dead quack doctor, innit. Well, as de King geeza is well chuffed with de bitch for saving his life, and as de sign of his respect for coming up with de cure for not being all dead, he gives her some

well cool bling for her finger and tells de bitch that she could get all jiggy jiggy with one of de palace posse. Dis was brilliant for Helena. Coz as Bertram was dere in de palace, she went all girl power and picked him ahead of all de others who was all ready, waiting and gagging for it. Bertram, on de other hand, was not. Alright, so Helena saved de King from being all stiff but even so, he still fought she was de first class minger who was stalking de crap out of him, innit.” If the Bard was living today, Mr Baum writes on his website, he would “still be writing in the Globe turf, getting loads of respect from the Stratford-upon-Avon massive and producing works of pure genius.” If you can’t find a copy in your local bookshop, you can download a pdf file for only £2.95 from

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