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As founder of Signature Wedding Entertainment, Andrew McCarron has proven himself to be one of the most requested DJ’s in the South East QLD area. In 1993 Andrew started his career in DJ’ing and fell in love with it. Performing at over 100 weddings a year, Andrew has received rave reviews about his professionalism and service.

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Packages 5 Andrew is an Accredited member of the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA). In 2011 Andrew McCarron was awarded the best Wedding DJ Service &

Customised Lighting

Wedding MC Service in Queensland at the ABIA awards . Andrew is also viewed

& Theming


as an industry expert by his peers culminating in being asked to be a seminar presenter at the 2011 Mobile Beat conference in Las Vegas. The biggest DJ

Planning & Creative


conference in the world.


In my 18 years as an entertainment professional, I’ve had an amazing time

Contact 9

helping couples…just like you…to create unforgettably fun wedding receptions. I’m humbled that those newlyweds call me their friend, long after their event has ended. I believe that great things happen with a little imagination and that no dream is impossible. I embrace the creative spirit and value curiosity as the spark that ignites innovative ideas. I consantly monitor trends to be better capable of providing my couples with a creatively unique, entertainment experience.


We only accept 1 booking per day which means 110% dedication to you..”

About You the most important people

Your wedding day will be beautiful.

Your wedding day will be exciting.

Your wedding day can be more than you ever imagined.

Your wedding will be my only booking that day.

You have the right to an amazing wedding reception. You do not have to settle for average or ordinary.

You have the ability to create a celebration that everyone will remember and all others will try to live up to.

You have the right to be as stress free as possible, because you know you are dealing with professional.

You have this one chance to make your guests say that was the “Best Wedding Reception... Ever!” will you trust this day to just anyone?


The way that i look a it, i have between 5 and

Worry no more! I am your DJ & MC, we will meet many

6 hours to make this a day that our clients will

times, and with our planning documents cover every

never forget. “Helping create incredible and

detail. Your wedding will be unforgettable because of

unique, once-in-a-lifetime celebrations for

it’s connection with you and your guests, not because of

people is my passion in life.”

some cheesy, talent less DJ you meet for the first time on your wedding day.


Signature Weddings the customised reception of your dreams The Signature Wedding package is NOT a typical DJ offering! DJ music is simply one small component. This unique showcase is actually more like a “production” consisting of; uniquely crafted moments, a specialised ensemble of music, customised wedding traditions and unbelievable creativity. All personally prepared and professionally hosted by your Signature Wedding Entertainment Specialist. I know that every wedding is not the same... I believe that every wedding should be as distinct as the individuals involved. Every couple has a special character and qualities of their own, and i feel that the celebration of their union should reflect these qualities and characteristics, and should reflect the personalities of the special couple themselves. Typically i invest about 30 hours into the planning of your special event. The last thing you need to be worrying about is the entertainment on your Wedding Day with a Signature Wedding you are guaranteed peace of mind.


To me, what i do is so much more than just a DJ. If i had to nail down my job description, it would include Wedding Coordinator/Director, Master of Ceremonies, Idea sharer, Listener, Music programmer and Sound guy.”


Packages creating the dream When a bride begins to look at the 100 or so DJs in the South East Queensland area she becomes overwhelmed with the price differences ranging from around $300 to as much as $5500. This is not a place to find a “cheap DJ.” Good DJs aren’t cheap and cheap DJs aren’t good. It is little wonder there is such a great confusion trying to understand what DJs offer, and more importantly what they don’t offer or don’t do. It is hard sometimes to get a clear picture simply over the phone or from their website. Before you sign any contract, always meet with your prospective DJ & MC not just the owner of the company to get that true feeling if you and he “fit.” Ask what they will do to make your day better.


The price you pay for entertainment is

Your budget is probably a big factor in who you will

directly proportional to the quality you

choose, and place your trust in, and who you give the

receive, which is directly proportional to the

potential success for your entire day.

success of your event.”

My pricing starts at $500. But a price list has little value if you don’t know what you are getting for your investment. I would like you to consider your reception as a planned experience, not something ordered off a menu board. It is important for me to understand your vision of your celebration early in the planning process. You will see the value of these packages with me will far surpass your expectations and the competition. My entertainment services are designed for the discerning Bride and Groom that want an unforgettably fun wedding reception and require the expertise of someone that knows how to make that happen. To think is to create – The creation of your wedding day starts just as your courtship did with a meeting… a place where you, your fiancé and your Wedding Entertainment Specialist can discuss your ideas and create your unique vision. After our meeting we can decide together if we are a right match for each other and if you’d like to go forward with us as your Wedding Entertainment Specialist. Unlike most DJ wedding entertainment providers i do not take a cookie cutter approach to your wedding. One size does not fit all. Every wedding i produce is customised to the distinct style of the Bride and Groom. As such we have no fixed pricing structure as this would be disrespectful to you and would be treating your wedding as if it was the same as the last wedding we produced or the one before that etc. In our initial consultation i will gather a geat deal of information about you and what your dream wedding is all about. From this we customise a package to suit your needs to help you to fullfill your dreams.



Customised Lighting & Theming transform your venue from standard to amazing

Let me make your wedding spectacular. I offer the latest in digital and intelligent light systems to dazzle your guests. Through creative lighting design i can create the magical atmosphere you desire. I offer a wide array of special effects including lasers, fog/haze, atmospheric lighting, such as uplighting and pinspotting, to highlight focal points, walls and tables. Uplighting is the easiest way to transform an everyday room into a fantastic, irresistible environment, perfect for hosting an unforgettable wedding or event. It can be easily tailored to any event space, as well as to specifically enhance the décor of the affair.


If you want to take your event from ordinary to extraordinary, i can make it happen.”

Dancing On a Cloud. Enjoy that special dance with soft clouds covering the dance floor. A treasured moment that is captured by your photographer and videographer as you appear to be dancing on top of white, billowy clouds created using a special dry ice fog machine. Dancing Under the Stars. Using our custom laser effects we project hundreds of red and green laser beams onto the ceiling and walls of your venue to create an artificial sky. We are able to cover very large spaces with our special laser effects.


Planning & Creative Process making dreams a reality I place a special emphasis on the planning that happens before your event because we believe that the planning that goes into your wedding ahead-of-time is just as important as what happens the day-of on the dance-floor, and i have a concrete process that hits on every conceivable detail. During the planning process, i will use comprehensive and detailed planning materials to help me gather tons of information about your event that will help to ensure the overall success of it. I will work with you to find the style, atmosphere, and flow of events that is right for you and your guests. I can offer ideas for variations and substitutions for some of the traditional events to make sure your celebration is the perfect fit for you. Aren’t too keen on the traditional tosses? No problem! Want to get all the kids at your wedding involved but don’t know how? Want absolutely anything customised? I can help! As for planning, there is much much more information required for a successful and exceptional event than just the names of your bridal party, what types of music you like, and the song selections you will dance to through the night. These items are the “gimme’s” that are just the tip of the iceberg, and with many services, these few items are just about the extent of the information they gather when planning for your wedding. I go to great lengths to make sure i gather much more information. I know that there is a lot to think about and keep track of, but with AMC Events you never have to worry about the minutia. You should be enjoying your experience... not worrying about the entertainment for your event. How i help you plan for your event: Step 1: Our initial consultation will allow us to guage if we are the right fit for you and vice versa. We will go over the many options and inclusins in my packages as well as get a feel for what exactly you are looking for in your wedding entertainmnet. Step 2: We will start with the Online Planner, which is a highly detailed template that is a number of pages long, to gather all of the relevant information for your event. This planner allows us to start to gather all of the information we need for each part of your wedding from beginning to end, and it provides an excellent starting-point for the order of events. We then note the special events and elements you would like to include in your wedding, and help develop the order that will work best for you and your guests. This Online Planner gathers all of the information about the announcements you would like me to make, details regarding the logistics of your celebration, musical selections and styles for the different parts of your event, and much much more.


Step 3: Progress meeting. At this meeting we get together to discuss how your planning is proceeding and to again discuss any ideas or changes to the way you are approaching your wedding. Step 4: Venue visit (if required or a venue that we are not familiar with). At the site visit we conduct a venue survey to customise your lighting and theming elements of your package. We also discuss with the venue manager the preliminary details of your reception. Step 5: Final Planning Meeting. Usually about 2 weeks out from your wedding. This meeting is to finalise all the information previously submitted via the planner and in our previous meetings. Are you working with a professional wedding/event planner/coordinator? Great! i will work seamlessly with them both before and during your event to make sure that our running sheet is synchronised with theirs. Don’t settle for a service that does not help you develop an organised, written itinerary for your wedding day! Attention to detail is key! Creating a personalised and unique event takes planning, and successful planning takes attention to detail! Seeing attention to detail and great organisational skills on the part of your disc jockey & master of ceremonies beforehand can give you a lot of insight as to how they might actually perform and handle themselves when it matters most - at your event. These traits can also go a long way towards providing you with confidence in your dj & mc, and peace-of-mind regarding your wedding day. Bottom Line: As many a past bride can tell you, it is not simply about finding a warm body to hit play, or hiring the lowest bidder... at least it shouldn’t be. Getting a DJ to show up at your wedding is not a problem at all (most of the time). Getting a DJ that is well within or even well below your budget will not be too much of an issue either. Getting a DJ for your event that is conscientious, detail oriented, and that will provide superior pre-event planning, along with a quality, consistent performance, all while keeping the focus on your guests, your event, and above all you, can be a bit of a challenge. The biggest challenge by far, however, comes in finding a DJ that can deliver both of those - quality and affordability. In other words, the biggest challenge you face is finding the overall best value in a DJ service for your wedding. It is our goal to provide you with this value, and to exceed your expectations. Give me a try... I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider my services for your event, and look forward to talking to you about your special event. Please contact me today to ask about our detailed event planning services and how i can help you customise YOUR special day.

uld be so delighted to say we are your wedding entertainment specialists for your big day. Choosing the right DJ for you, will make such a difference to the excitement of your day and i hope that after meeting you will have found that DJ. I really do love what i do and you will see why my professional, customised style of wedding entertainment and my personal approach to weddings has made AMC Events so popular. Thank you again, for your email and i do look forward to meeting with you personally for your free consultation, be sure to call to book in a time for us to meet.


Andrew McCarron Andrew McCarron Wedding Entertainment Specialist

Andrew McCarron Signature Wedding Entertainment

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The Signature Wedding Entertainment brochure.

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