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iPhone App Development: Guide for amateurs and pros Are you an iPhone lover? If yes, then you surely know the feeling of developing an application for the iPhone on your own. If you think it's a very tedious task then you are mistaken. No doubt it's bit difficult to plan out whole process and then following that particular plan is even more difficult. It's even more tougher if you are planning to it all alone. Because in that case you are planner, developer, researcher, seller, and also the customer support. But all this can be accomplished if one plans out properly and follows all the necessary steps. Following these steps might be easy if one sketches out these steps properly and with proper prior thinking. Here are few of the helpful points which might be important if you want to develop a good and useful application. Essentials: What's needed before you start? Starting with a computer which is a necessity. You require a computer with Mac OS. Next you would require latest version of iPhone SDK. Lastly you need to join Apple iPhone Developer Program which costs around 99$. Again you should have a good knowledge in Objective C because just a wish to make an application isn't going to help. Idea for the app: Think out of the box If you just have an idea for an application then the question you should ask yourself is “Why & Who?”. Meaning Who is going to use it and Why? If your answer is something like “Everyone because it's gonna be mindblowing” then you have some serious thinking to do. Think out of the box for the idea of an app if you really want to create a meaningful and successful app and want more and more people to use it. Find the Target Market. Ask yourself why would anyone think of paying for your app if you are going to charge for it? Once you understand all this and get answer to all these questions you are ready with a good cooked up idea for your application. Naming Conventions Naming your app properly is an important part of the whole process. This is because determining a 'hook' for your application is important. The name of your application gives an idea to the user what's the purpose of the app that you have created. Programming: Become a developer If you love programming then you can easily learn Objective C and then start creating your app. You should get Xcode if you don't have it. According to Apple, “Xcode is a complete, full-featured IDE built around a smooth workflow that integrates the editing of source code, with the build and

compile steps, through to a graphical debugging experience – all without leaving the view of your source code.� Remaining part solely depends on you and your programming skills. Hiring a developer: A better way to go If someone is not comfortable with programming it might get a bit tedious to learn everything from scratch. Hiring a iPhone Application Development team or a company has many advantages. You will have the best resources at your disposal with knowledgeable iPhone app developers doing the work with high precision and in limited time frame. So your work is reduced and you get the best possible outcome. About the author: Author of this article is a heading a team of mobile app developers in a leading firm. She strongly believes that iPhone app development in India has grown drastically in last 2 years because of many good developers coming up with new ideas for apps for their clients.

iPhone App Development:Guide for amateurs and pros  

Are you an iPhone lover? If yes, then you surely know the feeling of developing an application for the iPhone on your own. If you think it's...

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