"Interests" by Nada Gordon

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biodiversity, enka, alternative pedagogies, home couture, courtesans, flarf, color samples, open source utopianism, canon destruction, felines, spice, rufflers, peoples of the world, soups and salads, decorative papers, psychedelia, temporary dependent zones, sparrows, theories, etc.

Archaeology, Angling, Archery, Bonobos, Botany, Ceramics, Convicts, Courtesans, Dandies, Eccentrics, Evolutionary biology, Extra virgin olive oil, Exuberance, Flyfishing, Gardening, Georgian History, Goldrushes, Hermits, Homebrew, Imari, Inuit, Jivaro, Kakadu, Kangaroos, Kilims,Colin Lanceley, Linguistics, Megafauna, Napoleonic wars, Oral history, Orchids, Ornithology, Peter Rabbit, Pompeii, Prehistory, Porcelain, Primates, Puffins, Quackery, Quiescence, Rock art, Raku, Shamanism, Skeptics, Solitude, Taphonomy, Tarts, Victorian History, Vikings, Voodoo, Wilderness, Wombats, World War 1, Xerophytes, Yanomami, Zydeco, Zen ,Zoology,

Culture, ancient culture, courtesans, geisha, oiran, tayuu, apsaras, science, religion, mother goddess worship, incense, body adornments, unguents, herbs, fine fabrics, silk, satin, champagne, gourmet food, eccentric beauty treatments, opiates, jewels, crowns, powerful women, gowns, runways, balls, affluent men, pleasure, starts, silence, stillness, The Universe, fine arts, wines, cheeses, Asia, whales, animals, chariots, gems, perfumes, collyrium, mysticism, chanting, kohl, false eyelashes, masks, characters, mystery, illusion, everything.

alliteration, courtesans, glottochronology, women in science and technology, Indian wines

American Chemical Society, fashion, crappy techno, enka, listening to music, the ocean, yoga, bubble tea, oil painting, shopping, being angry

Jesus, people, Israel, Judaism, making stuff, nebulae, and many other things

accordions, Amélie, Anna Sui, art history, astrology, Audrey Tautou, baking and cooking, Chris Garneau, collecting old keys, Corinne Bailey Rae, costume design, creative writing, dark chocolate with coffee, Diana+, dreary weather, fashion design, fawns, freckles on pale skin, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, graphic design, herringbone patterning, hippie culture, hopelandic, humming and singing, Iceland, illustration, insomnia, La Vie Bohème, languages, les francophones, Leslie Feist, monochromatics, Mushaboom, New York City, obsessive compulsive disorder, olfaction, photography, polaroids, receiving and writing letters, Salvador Dalí, Sasha Pivovarova, Sigur Rós, sparrows, superstitions, the supernatural, theatre, tongue-in-cheek humor, vonlenska, wishful thinking, Yann Tiersen

sparrows, how to live this life, chinese, japanese, shinto, pagans, metabolism, mystics,sounds, traditional culture, fuck post-modernism, fravashi, photoshop, design, flower arranging, space, healing, meditation, eclectic,

drawing, illustration, hydra-arts, illustrators, whiskey, paper,ink, biros, beermats, photocopies, carbon paper, travelling, pencil crayons, czech animation, books, collage, collecting, flea markets, cipicek, car boot sales, ephemera, stamps, plants, paper, tin toys, nicknacks, glass, nibs, pots, flowers, prague, barcelona, munich, daffodils, peter blake, letraset, cats not dogs, buttons, very small things, tortoises, rummaging, occasionally crocheting, lego-mini-figures, pirates, fossils, dinosaurs, pear cider, marionettes, fairy lights, matryoshkas, stained glass, rowing boats, museums, Lindow Man, Oetzi, conkers, allotments, Jet, Emeralds, toys, blythe, typewriters, monchichi, hedgehogs, libraries, nostalgia, seedlings, becherovka, sci-fi, hi-fi, lo-fi, gameboy, yoshi, cities, rosary beads, the royal art lodge, kitscherama, jesus stuff, insects, crypts, stickers, badges, moths, mix-tapes, nephews, reading, small ceramic animals from charity shops, gardening, geraniums, pumpkins, gourds, sneaking around, peas, childhood, bud-vases, hole-punches, bottles, sparrows, bumble bees, dragonflies, brewery tours, walree, news, whitby, preserved things in jars, zelda, pomegranate, toadstools, bottersnikes and gumbles, the 70’s, vintage catalogues, childrens books, answering questions, love,

Photography, Tattoo’s, Hardcore, Indie, Tree’s, Boys, Piercing’s, Colors, Pencils, Sparrows, Eyeliner, Flannel, Skinny Jeans, Fashion, Troy, Donuts, Jr Bacon Cheeseburger, Knitting, Polaroids, Blazers, Kurdt, Puppies, Fabric, Jewels, Blood

super powerful female vocalists who are actually men, obscure pop culture references, good grammar, people watching, dancing in the rain, ridiculously cute accessories, singing really loudly in the shower, glitter, swings, word games, crayons, listening, sparrows, summer evenings, unreliable narrators, conversing in parks, heart-shaped cookies

red lipstick, tendrils of hair, bluebird flash art, dotted lines (or dots in general), stars, Russian folk art, faded deer, raspberries, sadness, stark white forests covered in snow, opium poppies, owls, banana bread, brown paper, the texture of knitting, cake in general, oriental fabric, little glimmers of hope, Versailles, melted crayons, sparrows, rag dolls, hula hoops, painting with ink, gingerbread, wearing dresses, calm euphoria, artdeco chrysanthemums, and kisses from Nathan

Interests: mapquesting, culture shock, half-smiling, sharpies, my cat leonard, kitsch, vintage dresses, skating on thin ice, dirt, poems, feminism, the moosewood cookbook, hanging out with lesbians, hair dye, trying too hard to find symbolism, npr, books, film, thinking about going to grad school, talking about psychiatric drugs, talking about where to go when the zombies come, sex education, boxing, buried treasure, laughing at the expense of others, bodies of water, crises, puns, quantum physics, crayons, sparrows, Jews, dropping hints, dropping bombs, dropping balls

mice, sparrows, mice, chippy bones, mice, running through fields of grass and mice, singing along to my favorite tunes, mice, throwing pieces of horse hoof in the air, mice and chasing balls and rope toys. Oh and mice, did I mention them?

Lemons, squirrels, sparrows, sea shells, natural light, hardwood floors, book collections, night swimming, holding hands, nude portraits, clams, and ugly ducklings.

Jesus Christ, Family, Friends, Genealogy, History, Classical Education, Swimming, ATCs, Hedgehogs, Horses, Children, Marriage, Sewing, DIY, Cooking, Spice, Sharks, Jellyfish, Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Planets, The Church, CS Lewis, Debate, Sleeping, Subeta.org, Bangles, Mehendi, Amethyst, Opal, Moonstone, Ruby, Copper, Gold, Music

india, anne frank, asian friends, black & white photographs, bollywood, bollywood icons, books, composing ringtones, day dreaming, designing, dreams, dus, eating, fire, flute, friends, gelpen, harry potter, holding hands, ice, icons, india, indian friends, life, love, madness, marathi, moon, moonlights, mouth organ, movies, music, night ride, percussion, playing music, poetry, pride and prejudice, railways, rain, raincoat, ringtones, run, sarkar, serius black, shouting, singing, snow, spice, stars, stuff., sugar, sydney carton, vivek oberoi, whistle, writing, yuva.

anything interesting, life, bling, money tree, history, asians, heels, sleep, BMW X3, smell of old books, weather, politics, gossip girl, philosophy, theories, sea, brunch, doodle, languages

Veganism! Bicycles, traveling, journalism, networking, sarcasm, positivity, mornings, summer, yoga, walking, running, kayaking, camping, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia.. and all languages spoken in those countries and anywhere else in Asia. Clear skies, nice clouds, full moons, jazz, good anime, honesty, recycling, Bee’s Oriental Foods Market, punk, foreign films, Moleskin notebooks, documentaries, foreign newspapers, colors, black and white photography, darkrooms, studios, urban exploration, Swiss friends, vegetables, cats, slightly dark humor, funk, receiving things in the mail, sending packages, polka dots, old film cameras, road trips, inspiration, thrifting, Europe, Russia, India, heat activated wallpaper, animal rights, stripes, Polaroids, tasteful body mods, my future, [some] video games, brown and green, theories, jargon, breaking up Louis Theroux’s probably unhappy marriage and running away with him, Macintosh computers, laughing, smiling, infoshops, celebrations, unique names, local organic farmers, graduate school, boycotts, drawing, people watching, street art, modern art, collage, men in shorts, trains, farm labor, sewing, art galleries, museums, tea, globes, maps, discovering new music, learning Japanese, meeting new people, yams, saving

the world.

(in no particular order), conversation, tumbleweed, bats, city skylines, thunder storms, modern art, my dad, drum lines, the power of persuasion, time travel, lip gloss, scrapbooks, doing nothing, Pulp Fiction, football, mangos, theories, physics, genetics, futurama, love, dreams, fire, dasies, flying, dawn, Saturdays, apple jacks, snow, urban legends, old Nickelodeon cartoons, outerspace, cooking shows, beaches, dancing, music, henna, shoes, metalocalypse, lists, hands, traveling, rollercoasters, milk, road trips, #2 pencils, herbal tea, jelly bellies, snowboarding, words, green, daydreaming, 80’s rock, movies, human emotions, human behaviors, human reactions, him.

collies, botanical brews, botany, boundaries, boxes, byzantium, camping, catnip, cats, charity shops, charms, compost, cooking, corvidae, corvids, costuming, cottages, crafts, crochet, culpepper, cunning folk, cunningcraft, cures, curses, daoism, discworld, divination, dry-stone walls, essential oils, european folk art, fairy tales, feathers, fermentation, finding things, folk art, folk cures, folk magic, folk tales, folklore, frau holda, frugality, fungi, garden lore, gardening, gargoyles, garlic, genius locii, gerrard, greenhouses, grieve, growing, haberdashery, hamingja, handmade, hats, haws, headscarves, hedges, hedgewitchery, heirloom recipes, herbology, herbs, hidden folk, hills, history, holy wells, home brew, honey, hoods, hoof and horn, hufflepuff, igors, kitchen witchery, leaf-mould, leather-bound books, leechcraft, leechdoms, legends, libraries, literature, long skirts, loup garou, make do and mend, manure, material culture, mead, medieval, medieval clothing, medieval europe, medieval music, meditation, moon, mulled wine, must, mycology, myth, mythology, myths, natural remedies, nature, needle cases, nettles, noticing things, occult, old musty books, old trees, oliver postgate, order of the dragon, orlog, ornithomancy, paganism, patchwork, permaculture,

pins, poetry, polytheism, poppets, pumpkins, quite interesting, rain, reading, rivers, roast parsnips, rocks and moss, roots, sacred objects, sacred sites, sacred springs, scrying, seasonal food, secret compartments, secret diaries, seeds, sewing, sheds, shells, soil, spells, spices, stones, streams, sun, synesthesia, tarot, tea, thunderstorms, toads, traditional witchcraft, twigs, vegetarian food, vlad tepes, walking, warm socks, weather lore, weaving, weeds, werewolves, wildcraft, wind, wisdom, witchcraft, wort, wortcunning, writing, wyrd

books, writing, contemplating, indulging, procrastinating, fooling around, sleeping, people, theories, asinine behaviour

being right, convincing other people i am right, films, helping people, hubris, knowing i am right, learning how to spell, music, my ego, politics, pompousness, sex, theories, vulgarities, women

things that interlock, journalism, water guns, inhaling, exhaling, creative nonfiction, painting, linguistics, the flaneur, London, etymology, profanity etymology, debauchery, cryptozooology, urban legends, noir, psychedelia, the 8-bit age of video games, Doki Doki Panic, exotic produce, not wearing pants, Tina Fey, outdated slang, creative text messaging, Secret of Mana, distancing myself from crowds, David Cross, hookah, bettas, ampersands, Dylan Dog

rationalism, rationality, rationalist, stoic, existentialist, agnostic, meta perspective, acatalepsia, epistemology, pataphysics, quantized form, horror vacui, art brut, psychedelia, wonderlust, melancholia, dejavu, surreality, neurosis, awkwardness, idiosyncrasies, nuances, sarcasm, sociology, androgyny, pan/sapiosexual, collarbones, abandoned buildings, airports, chess, stride piano, hipster, raves, shrooms, pcp, blotter, lsd, acid, four twenty

1960s counter culture, 7 inch records, Anita Berber, Anita Pallenberg, anti-quackery, Anton LaVey, Algonquin Round Table, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Asperger Syndrome, atheism, Aubrey Beardsley, autism, autism rights, Banksy, Bomp, Carl Sagan, cashmere, Christopher Hitchens, collecting records, critical thinking, culture jamming, Cynthia Plater Caster, Daniel Dennett, decoupage, DIY, DIY culture, Dorothy Parker, drawing, Eddie Izzard, fanzines, feminism, film noir, F.K. Waechter, fleamarkets, freakscene, freegarianism, high heels home improvement, home recording, George Carlin, Greg Shaw, Hollywood Glamour, Hollywood scandals, Hunter S. Thompson James Randi, Jean Harlow, Jinx Dawson, Joan Crawford, Julie Doucet, KatieJane Garside, Keith Moon, Keith Richards, Lauren Bacall, libertarianism, lo-fidelity, lowbrow art, Mae West, melamin, mods, Muppet Show, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Neue Frankfurter Schule, neurodiversity, Nico, objectivism, outsider art, painting, Pat Condell, Penn and Teller, playing guitar, politics, pop art, pop culture, powerpop, psychedelia, quackery, queer culture, Richard Dawkins, Riot Grrrls, Robert Crumb, rock’n roll, satire, science, sculpting, second hand fashions, secularism, silk, singing, skepticism, Tallulah

Bankhead, Tank Girl, The K Foundation, The KLF, thrift stores, underground comics, vintage clothes, vintage magazines, vintage pin-ups, vintage Tupperware, vinyl records, yippies, YouTube

alchemy, all things hippy, ancient cultures, astrology, chess, cinema, crystals, dressing up, finding out the meaning of life, flirting, healing, kinky boots, kissing, languages, literature, love, molto chic, magick, mythology, nipples, the occult, ogling hot people, older men, philosophy, photography, pin ups, poetic terrorism, pool, psychedelia, reiki, revolution, rock ‘n’ roll, shamanism, snail mail, tai chi, tantra, tarot, tutus, universal consciousness, water balloon fights, yoga, young hairy men

Caravaggio, Cookie Monster, absurdism, agnosticism, anatomy, antiquity, astronomy, camp, classical liberalism, cowbell, dadaism, demonic ramblings, entropy, gore, great justice, grok, horror films, journamalism, Lovecraftianism, machismo, motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane, panda bears, politics, psychedelia, schlock, science fiction, surrealism, violent video games, writing, zombies, Bill Hicks

Leer, Escuchar, música, fotos, fotografía, el campo, escribir, un lugar, la civilización, papeles, borrador, el mar, árboles, agua, piedra, draw, amigos, cine, música, ronda, bocetos, pinceles,cuerpos, luz, bañados, cuerpo, photos, hojas, poesía, arquitectura, artesanías, paisajes, acuarelas, Naturaleza, Montaña, historia, Arte, pueblos, ciudades, viajes, senderismo, poemas, aldeas, diseño gráfico, literatura, salinas,yuyos, apuntes, retratos, tinta, desnudos, lapiz, ilustración, gramilla, Photography, Digital,Photography, Art, Literature, Architecture, Interior Design, Knitting, Travel, Education, Flickr, Canon, Eating, Sleeping, Napping, Resting, Lounging, Walking, leica, poesía, árboles, les arts plastiques,l’écriture, la poésie, earth, poetry, distortion, dirt worship, music, land, sacred, profane, collage, writing, gender, myth, archetype, comparative religion, wine, train whistles, library, gardening, mexico, portugal, goddess, anarchy, sex, moon, psychedelia, travel, books, reading, anthropology, snakes, chakras, autonomy, nature, comics, graphic novels, photography, indians, yoga, meditation, shamanism, indigenous, vegetarianism, deep, Digital Imaging, Design, Factory Records, Literature, Music, Nikon, photography, photoblogs, images, pro-photography, professional photography,

digital photography, graffiti, modernism, Art, Languages, America Latina, Americas Latinas, Africa, Civilizations, Madrid, Tours, large format photography, black & white, digital, zen, haikus, koans, satori, cactus, trabajo, sol, espíritu, papel, madera, viento, sandía, melón, silencio, libertad

absurdity, aimless nocturnal wanderings, all-night diners, avant-garde, bizarre news, celebrating the lizard, comparative religion, compulsive list-making, counter culture, dangerous-looking men, debauchery, decadence, devilry, divine madness, ego death, emotion, enlightenment, esoterica, eurotrash, feeling sullied and unusual, folly, foreign films, gnosticism, gonzo journalism, grammar, hermetics, hinduism, inguinal ligaments, insanity, intelligence, irreverence, knavery, lasciviousness, literature, luxury, meditation, memento mori, metaphysics, mischief, mysticism, mythology, nonordinary reality, numinosity, obscene pants, obsession, occult, opulence, paganism, pageantry, pan, paparazzi photos, passion, philosophy, pomp, portrait photography, postmodern bullshit, primal religions, psychedelia, rapture, roguishness, roma, rum, science, seduction, sexuality, shamanism, solitude, sound and fury, spirituality, stupid celebrity gossip, sublimity, tantra, taoism, tarot, tattoos, teh intarwebz, thelema, theology, tight black leather, useless books, voodoo, weird frenchmen, weird libidinal rage, weirdness, wine

agglutinating languages, animals, applied linguistics, case systems, Charo, dictators, domesticity, Esperanto, foreigners, karaoke, morphology, paternity testing, psychedelia, puppets, records, Russian, Scrabble, Boggle, Turkic languages, free food, Central Asia

Surrealism, Postmodernist Poetry, Lee Perry, Psychedelia, The fact that you can’t suck your elbow

strange animals, strange people, general strangeness, synonyms of strangeness, secret cabals of the american elite, vintage fantasy art, early animation, new animation, gross animation, nostalgia, picture framing, flash, avoiding sunlight, skulls, canoeing, sitting by fires, interwebbing, thinkin about stuff, mood lighting, sexual reproduction, asexual reproduction, plants, echinoderms, kitty cats, bugs, evolution, history, food, psychedelia, fractal geometry, symmetry, syncopated rhythm, media, telemundo, black sabbath, black magic, Sci-fi, nihilism, child care, beer

Biodiversity, ecosystems, music, mountains, hiking, bicycling, kayaking, nature, human nature, photography, fossil and mineral collecting, native plants and animals, exotic invasive organisms, invasive plants, native bees, birds, “writing�, wild places, figuring out what animals are thinking, figuring out what animals are trying to tell us, gerbil racing, having too many interests, primate behavior, deep conversations, extraterrestrial intelligence, weather, semiotics, mountain hiking, some aspects of technology, virtuous cycles, landscape makeovers, what landscapes should not wear, oenology, live music, pop psychology, noise management, environmental atrocities, the McCullough Effect, contingent aftereffects, neural networks,

Oak Trees, Skulls, botany, Cacti, Dumpster Diving, Epiphanies, Bats, Sage, Lichen, Graveyards, Ethnobotany, Cephalopods, Moths, Native Plants, Dog Training, Biodiversity, Pessimism, Milkweed, Onions, Lycanthropy, Quakers, True Friendship, Pitbulls, American Pit Bull Terriers, Slime Molds, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Paranoia, Banana Slugs, Seed Saving, Poisonous Flora and Fauna, Propagating Plants, Balsamic Vinegar, Quail, Chimeras, Big Old Trees, Manzanita, The Creosote Bush, Fewer People, Dudleya, Chitons, Condors, Hearing Voices, Nebulous Profundity, Parasitic Plants, Cryptobiotic Crust, Dog Vomit Slime Mold, Ultracrepidarian Critics, Solipsistic Introjection

current events, reporting, journalism, Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, coal, sustainable energy, green technology, liberalism, equality, arts, writing, fiction, poetry, screenplays, my cats, Jen, literature, Nietzsche, Freud, linguistics, language, theory, theories, the economy, piracy, getting stuff for cheaps, the pub down the street, coffee, proletarians, Marxism, serial novels, novels, good beer, blurred genre fiction, non fiction, making random lists of my interests, dead languages, exercise, hiking, spelunking, mountaineering, fishing, tracking, organic things, building things, woodworking, restoration, stocks, capital investing, theoretical physics, really, would you rather have an uninformed reporter?, opera, Russian Formalism, Tolstoy, TOE, Atlantis, making up uses for Stonehenge, Old English, beer, bourbon, fine dining, cooking, cooking for Jen, certain art. I should stop now... I could just keep on going

Nada Gordon is a founding member of the notorious Flarf Collective and the author of Folly, V. Imp., Are

Not Our Lowing Heifers Sleeker than Night-Swollen Mushrooms?, foriegnn bodie, and (with Gary Sullivan), a techno-romantic nonfiction novel, Swoon. She believes that, potentially, everything is material for poetry. Visit her blog at http://ululate.blogspot.com.

Cover by Jillian Brall

Scantily Clad Press, 2009