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Scantily Clad Press, 2008

Some portions of Remix originally appeared in Fascicle

Our ability to layer sissies is socio-hysterical flack I was lurking for wags & found thefts madmen sweet on coalface lions okay moral militias sassy smart wasp urchin burnouts grow abs only stereo suction snowy thralls

My father is away in Belfast rightwing decade editor yank back the regal iambic ethereal oceans teeming slim tempos oared what borders thinking? hatbox reddest inking?

Fuck yr private life with its private language rightwing towhead tiniest sequel funky rival private tenant gauge misfit arise swaying leafstalk rasped forewing nowise boney auburn mynah thruway shorn mynah theist says father

When I was young I wore a yellow uniform with LFC when wagon ponies migrate hogwash heaps rehab was my ratchet somehow needles stopped odium yellow uniforms galore mean you’ll never walk alone whiny asylum mascot dudes doted nitwits then satire idled amid inseam hoax italics yawn dander tasty theorems ignore yellow uniforms with flame also sullen verbal clones

It’s the realest thing you’ve ever seen two bald eggs as a tomb it’s the realist in me who longs for the death sting or it’s the eggs or a tomb warmed over denim & the realist bucks held shutters for tyrants falling from catholic clouds

So you wanna know what it is this thick body does with its thick syrup?

radio voices pass through Chambers

Sucking for six pence lucky in love the friendly red ball bounces around in my dusty red head boxed silence pull out brain pan and viola here we go around the third toe long and slow

Elite aura flayers sassy flock of essays with sweet talons haystack archers gallant teashop amulets misty ethics is no joke X Most liable gaper titular sands their social tints polemic forged aboard earthen kinfolk yuppie afterlife atheist privately engages

Decade editor whiny shogun war yell ideate write the thinnest sequel endwise corneas rebuff retinas feather storm rims bather X Wigwags on earned dewfall wage enemy aches atlas endwise no scarf the arson machine statewide decree ratio that singes lawns clangor pounding docks

Yes but adjust heap sutra uteri mentor hips sinews rebirth X Anyway unzipped retail owner rows half-clad camera soul freak alone

The green balloon is fired at the same time the monkey is dropped polecat in the catboat giants of open beach surf fishing plate of face in the acid bath the greenback loot misfired at the wimpy debut inks and orations moll radishes buy nothing sensual lotions one airdrop pod a perfect cure for all downtown knavery don’t wanna be coy with my rabidity but my old lady’s whiskers has no duration beyond this installation

Each party should respond to what the others say

interchange, discourse; chat, tête-à-tête, heart-to-heart

informal confab, chinwag, colloquy, confabulation

exploration is not resolution

Slash the wilder bomb duets tubes loom menacing sparks snowing disks luster on apron mules draw detonable ordnance eater of silos rumbas weenie on the tee a racy sentence eyelet sanctum this yeller sun room odor excised artiness taxed revenue gels to resell grisly rattail armpit to the taste shed his

hated drape slither gyrator dyed meats royal lattĂŠ egos egad future purple pent-up anticipatory ejaculations

happy happy duncetree yippee pappy fecund earth coil me ears & lick ‘em free yippee polyp ear crud happy happy duncetree hardy acid hoary earth dick john harry three happy happy duncetree happy dunce tree

A fine ole man I’m mad berched sconched chang ed listen ‘ere box sweet mamma spit fire chew ass roarin mountain lion mean enough to wanna make me treat her right too trepid to tie up loose ends let it slip gladly for every boy girl in the grips of the temporary touching around these parts is not prohibited

spiraljetty bucolic blues without regret or shame

I’m chewing curiously strong mints as I’m washing seriously godsend animas I head into the tunnel ideas intents _________________________________________________ Small details make for science & rosebay economics science is IN the alphabet economics absinthe apnea _________________________________________________

I’m cooking-up snark remarks we talk and talk but what the hell do we say give me some sun gimma gimma gimma some sun hello washy

given semen gamma gamma semen

slipslop flimflams _________________________________________________ This is a third mind: Annexed Hussy Says Bum Scum Eddo Hip hop in the café terraki chicken on the way (oh Yeah) just tell me how to slap and I’ll tap that shit (JIP JIP) zi’m tweak left hand right hand

(Lordy Lordy) bum chump blow chomp I ain’t no MC push me push me ‘ere body slappin skins tap tap this shit (JIP JIP) bursta-word, brain tank, rank bastard difficulty part & parcel, RPG, in the cold of the night pretty moves on the avenue wher’ere we ridin this ain’t no tv show zoom we aloft (Lardy Lorry) bum crumple whom pianist mockup mezuzah

earbob dewlapped skins atop this hit (JIPJIP) whereby bustard brainpan crankcase standoff chutzpah rotary enlarging hoodoo fathoming turret move south raven where rewets ride lengthy semis (JIPJIP)

Brian Howe is a freelance writer and poet living in Durham, NC. His arts and entertainment journalism appears regularly in Pitchfork Media, Paste Magazine (where he is a Senior Contributing Editor), NC's Independent Weekly, and His poems and sound art have appeared in many print and online journals. He is the author of two previous chapbooks, GUITAR SMASH (3rdness Press) and FOREIGN LETTER (Beard of Bees). His multimedia project GLOSSOLALIA can be found at, and he blogs at the collective mp3 blog

Marcus Slease is a native of Portadown, N. Ireland. He has lived in Milton Keynes, Las Vegas, Utah, Seattle, Bellingham, Seoul, Katowice, Rybnik, Zory, and many other fab places. He currently lives in London. His poetry has appeared in Talisman, Past Simple, Octopus, miPOesias, Fascicle, Minor American, Streetcake and many other exciting places. You can check out his poetics blog at:

"This is the Motherfucking Remix" by Brian Howe & Marcus Slease  

A Scantily Clad Press E-chap

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