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Always land on their feet An anthology of accompanying artwork to illustrate passages from the writings of

Rev. Launceston P. H olsworthy illustrated by Andielines Graphic arts

elsewhere. . .

Imagine if you can a planet elsewhere in the Universe, a world immeasurably superior to ours where due to the effects of erosion, evolution and a benign neglect the planet had changed in so many ways it’s difficult to know where to start.

As you floated closer (and 'un-squinted' your eyes) any familiarity would soon disappear as the evolutionary effects would become clearly visible. The planet itself had compacted and condensed over the many aeons it had lazily floated around the Galaxy and was now about a sixth of its original size. This gradual shrinking had significantly lowered the gravity of the planet, which is why the plants and trees that had survived the ravages of time had evolved into enormous specimens. Some almost geological in form with huge gossamer like canopies shading the ground, and with nothing but evolution and perfect growing conditions to affect them, they had all flourished aided by the lesser effects of gravity ‌ big time.

morning side

evening side Most of the dim light that fell on the evening-side was reflected from the underside of the low clouds that hung like an insulating blanket over the softly undulating ground. Occasionally it would be illuminated by short-lived flashes of brightness, and you could hear distant thunderlike sounds in the sky as old and dying stars imploded in this distant part of the galaxy. The planet was warmed by these flashes from many millions of light years away and this was now becoming a regular occurrence. He hardly noticed that just lately each 'day' had seemed warmer than the last. I suppose you could call them his ‘days’, as the flashes now seemed to act as his alarm clock, not that he knew what one was of course, but they certainly made him feel cosy and pleasant when he finally decided to wake up.

Extracts from the writing's of


Launceston P. H olsworthy (Retired) HISTORIAN AND EXTREME THINKER.

the gravity cats always land on their feet.  

Some illustrations to accompany gravityQuest its probably about time, by the reverend Launceston P. Holsworthy.

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