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GenealoGical SourceS at nortH aYrSHire HeritaGe centre SaltcoatS

Manse Street, Saltcoats, KA21 5AA Tel: 01294 464174 Email: Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 9.30am-1.00pm, 2.00pm – 5.00pm Saturday 10.00 – 1.00pm, 2.00pm – 5.00pm Website:

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INTRODUCTION The North Ayrshire Heritage Centre brings together a comprehensive range of unique materials relating to North Ayrshire’s rich past, which will be of interest to both the serious researcher and the casual browser. The collection includes books, newspapers, maps, photographs, genealogy sources and substanstial archival collection, as well as objects and artefacts pertaining to the area. The District of North Ayrshire comprises Skelmorlie, Largs, Fairlie, West Kilbride, Ardrossan, Saltcoats, Stevenston, Irvine, Dreghorn, Kilwinning, Dalry, Kilbirnie, Beith and the Isles of Arran and Cumbrae.

We welcome your visit, whatever your interest.

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HOW TO TRACE YOUR FAMILY TREE Find as many CERTIFICATES as you can to take you back to 1855 when compulsory registration was introduced in Scotland. Remember to note place of residence, as the other sources are listed by parish. Use the 1841 to 1901 CENSUS RETURNS in conjunction with certificates to provide further information about your ancestors and their households. Census returns give address, name, relationship to head of family, age, marital status, sex, occupation and place of birth. From age and place of birth you can apply for a birth certificate if the person was born after 1855, or you can search the OPRs if the person was born before 1855. Remember:

- the 1841 census does not give as much information as the later ones, - information could have been misheard or wrongly recorded, - ages may be rounded up or down.

OLD PARISH REGISTERS – if a person was born or married before 1855, check the Old Parish Registers, which record the births, baptisms, proclamations, marriages and sometimes deaths up to 1854. Remember

- check 1854 (Register of Neglected Entries) - there may be gaps in the registers - before 1855, people were not required to register - these are Church of Scotland records only.

A birth entry will give you the child’s name, names of parents and date of birth/baptism. Some may give address and father’s occupation. INDEX TO THE OPRs – compiled by the Mormon Church and available on microfiche. Entries are arranged by county, then alphabetically by surname within that county. If you are unsure which parish in Ayrshire your ancestor was born or married, check the index first. If you find them listed there, you can then go straight to the relevant OPR. THE INTERNATIONAL GENEALOGICAL INDEX (IGI) – compiled by the Mormon church, this index contains births, baptisms and marriages submitted to them by their members. Names and dates from family bibles, wills, diaries, etc are included along with OPR entries. Do not confuse this with the Index to the OPRs. This is also available online at MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS – these can be a good starting point if you know where your ancestors might be buried. These are a transcript of headstones, and in North Ayrshire this was carried count in 1985. Every headstone that was legible at that time was recorded. Many were also photographed. LOCAL NEWSPAPERS – have columns of birth, death and marriage announcements. They also have obituaries.

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HOW TO TRACE YOUR FAMILY TREE YOUR OWN BIRTH CERTIFICATE Gives you ⇒ your date of birth ⇒ your place of birth ⇒ your father’s name ⇒ your mother’s name (maiden) ⇒ place of parent’s marriage ⇒ date of parent’s marriage ⇒ your father’s occupation ⇒ if parents are deceased

Apply for

YOUR PARENT’S MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE Gives you ⇒ date of their marriage ⇒ ages of both parents ⇒ groom’s name ⇒ bride’s name ⇒ groom’s father’s name ⇒ groom’s mother’s name (maiden) ⇒ bride’s father’s name ⇒ bride’s mother’s name (maiden) ⇒ place of marriage ⇒ groom’s usual residence ⇒ bride’s usual residence ⇒ occupation of groom ⇒ occupation of bride ⇒ occupation of groom’s father ⇒ occupation of bride’s father ⇒ if any are deceased ⇒ name of minister ⇒ witness details ⇒ denomination of church




Gives you

Gives you

⇒ date of his birth ⇒ date of his parent’s marriage ⇒ (your grandparents)

⇒ date of her birth ⇒ date of her parent’s marriage ⇒ (your grandparents)



BIRTH CERTIFICATES OF GREAT GRANDPARENTS (if born 1855 onwards) If born before 1855 check the Old Parish Registers

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DEATH CERTIFICATES A DEATH CERTIFICATE gives you ⇒ date of death ⇒ age at death ⇒ occupation of deceased ⇒ marital status ⇒ spouse’s name ⇒ name of deceased’s father ⇒ occupation of deceased’s father ⇒ name of deceased’s mother (maiden) ⇒ if parents or spouse are deceased ⇒ cause of death ⇒ time of death ⇒ informant’s details ⇒ residence of death not at home Apply for BIRTH CERTIFICATE BIRTH CERTIFICATE

Can lead to



Can lead to



Can lead to


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HOLDINGS CENSUS RETURNS These are produced every ten years and are released to the public after a period of 100 years has passed. 1841 – 1901 for County of Ayrshire. 1841 - 1901 for the Isles of Arran and Cumbrae. 1911 (Scotland – only available on scotlandspeople) 1911 (for England - vouchers cost £5) There any indexes available for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1881, and 1891.

OLD PARISH REGISTERS County of Ayrshire. Isles of Arran and Cumbrae. INTERNATIONAL GENEALOGICAL INDEX Great Britain and Ireland.

SCOTLANDS PEOPLE The Heritage Centre is offering a voucher scheme for access to Scotlands People. Start-up cards cost £7 for 60 credits. Top-up cards cost £5.60 for 30 credits. Cards are only available from Local History Libraries. They can be used within the library or at home. Please note that they cannot be used with your existing Scotlandspeople account. Website: Page 6 of 12

POOR RELIEF RECORDS Ardrossan Beith Cumbrae Dailly Dalmellington Dalry Dreghorn Dundonald Irvine Kilbirnie

1846-1925 1845-1925 1855-1925 1855-1877 1911-1920 1886-1925 1872-1901 1845-1921 1827-1930 1856-1903

Kilmarnock Kilwinning Kirkmichael Kirkoswald Largs Muirkirk Stevenston Straiton West Kilbride

1863-1925 1839-1925 1847-1925 1839-1925 1875-1925 1912-1920 1856-1925 1902-1925 1857-1861

Who qualified for poor relief? Normally people receiving poor relief were unable to support themselves, either through age or incapacity. They included orphans, the sick or disabled and the insane. The 'sturdy beggar' or the able-bodied poor, were not generally entitled to support and were indeed legislated against, although in practice many did receive some degree of assistance. BURIAL RECORDS

Ardrossan Dailly Dalry Dreghorn Irvine

1874-1925 1876-1914 1866-1925 1849-1925 1818-1862

Kilbirnie Kilwinning Kirkmichael Largs West Kilbride

1887-1930 1870-1894 1881-1923 1862-1925 1859-1923

MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS For all graveyards and cemeteries within North Ayrshire, from earliest legible until early 1980s. We hold photographs for most of the North Ayrshire cemeteries. We also hold some for other areas of Ayrshire. Please ask for details.

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NEWSPAPERS Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald Beith Echo and Northern District Advertiser Dalry and Kilbirnie Herald Irvine and Fullarton Times Irvine Herald Kilwinning Chronicle Largs and Millport Weekly News Saltcoats, Ardrossan and Stevenston News Stevenston Gazette

1857 – present 1904-1913 1894-1926 1874-2003 1877-2005 1894-1950 1877-2005 1906-1908 1894-1926

VALUATION ROLLS We hold the majority of the County of Ayrshire from 1914 until present. However, there are gaps in the collections, therefore it is advisable to check in advance of your visit. In addition we also have: Ardrossan Beith Cumbrae Dalry Largs Stevenston

From 1892 1902-1904 1855-1938 1900-1902 1911-1912 1892-1893; 1896-1897

ELECTORAL ROLLS These are held at Ardrossan, therefore, prior notice must be given. Ayr County Council 1956-1976 Cunninghame District Council 1977-1995 North Ayrshire Council 1996 – present LISTS OF VOTERS 1854, 1857, 1859, 1868, 1879-80 TRADE DIRECTORIES 1837, 1851-52, 1887, 1908-09, 1935-37, 1973 Page 8 of 12


We have a collection of maps and photographs as well as local history books and pamphlets which may pad out your family’s social history. NEED HELP? If you are unsure how to begin putting together your family tree or are having trouble finding your family, we can provide you with our time and professional expertise to guide you in your research, as well as instruction on how to use our facilities. If you want to research your family tree but don’t have the time, take advantage of our genealogical research service and let us do all the work for you. GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH SERVICE We offer a genealogical research service where we can put together your family tree, adding as much additional social history information as possible from all of our resources. This service includes access to the scotlandspeople website. If you choose to use this service we will search through scotlandspeople and the Old Parish Records for births, marriages and deaths; monumental inscriptions, burial records, census records (1841-1911), valuation rolls, poor relief records, newspaper archives (from 1857 to 2011), books, maps and photographs. Please ask us for a quote. Page 9 of 12

tHe traDitional naMinG Pattern For ScottiSH FaMilieS This tradition was followed generally across Scottish society regardless of religion or social standing. Son First son after father’s father Second son after mother’s father Third son after father Subsequent sons after: Great-grandfathers / uncles / friends / minister / doctor / Schoolmaster /Landowner / prominent people … and so on.

DauGHter First daughter after mother’s mother Second daughter after father’s mother Third daughter after mother Subsequent daughters after: Great-grandmothers / aunts / friends / minister’s wife / doctor’s wife / schoolmaster’s wife / landowner’s wife / prominent people … and so on.

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ONLINE RESOURCES Cost: £7 for a Start Up voucher and £5.60 for a Top Up voucher. PLEASE NOTE: The vouchers cannot be used with your existing Scotlandspeople account if you currently pay direct to the website by credit card. Cost: Free, however you must register with them. This site contains: • A database of birth, marriage and death intimations for the Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald • A database of First and Second World War casualties found in the Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald • Poor Relief database Cost: Free This website contains records from the largest genealogy organization in the world. Cost: Free This resource is an ongoing project which aims to eventually hold the 1841-1891 U.K. census records. Cost: Free The Commonwealth Graves Commission website provides information on those who fell during the First and Second World Wars. Cost: Free This website provides information on Scottish miners and mining areas, compiled from old reports, gazetteers and newspaper articles. Includes lists of mining accidents. The National Archives of Scotland The National Archives of Scotland hold on deposit a small proportion of church records for other Protestant denominations, including the Methodist, Congregational/United Reformed and Scottish Episcopal churches, the Unitarian Church and the Society of Friends (Quakers). Page 11 of 12

English or Welsh ancestors? Cost: subscription based. Contains English and Welsh genealogical records, Passenger Lists and military records Cost: subscription based

Do you have IRISH ancestors? Have a look at the following websites: The Public Records Office of Northern Ireland The General Register Office for Northern Ireland The General Register Office for the Republic of Ireland National Archives of Ireland. contains births, deaths, marriage and census records Catholic ancestors? Records of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland are held by the Scottish Catholic Archive and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Glasgow Archive. Catholic births and marriages are also available on the Scotlandspeople website.

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