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Andrew Latheron Architecture Portfolio 2020

Hi there, thanks for taking a look at my portfolio I’m a UK-qualified architect who has worked in South East Asia since 2013 My experience covers a wide range of sectors and I enjoy adding new challenges to that list I have a passion for BIM and have working experience in both ARCHICAD and Revit Beyond architecture I enjoy being creative and finding new ways to express myself

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Tenders & Competitions City Rail Link (CRL) Auckland Founders’ Memorial Singapore NS Square Singapore Melrose Village Singapore

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Interiors & Features


Level 48-50 Penthouses

Kuala Lumpur

Institutional Ravenscourt Park Preparatory London Colfe’s Sixth Form Centre London Hammersmith Academy London BIM & Recent Studes Adaptive Families - Conceptual Mass Modelling - Dynamo - Building Performance Monitoring - Humanitarian OpenStreetMap -

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Freehand Studies Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo 45 Academic Projects St George’s Almshouse London La Muette Intervention Paris VR Projection Gallery -

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Sample Drawings Various Projects -




Commercial & Mixed Use 05

Mixed Use Towers Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Outline planning approval given in 2014

Two tower mixed development for a private client. Part of a larger masterplan to form a pedestrian link between two high end shopping destinations in central Kuala Lumpur.

Substructure commenced 2016

Tower A: 55 storeys. Residential apartments, facilities and penthouses.

Contract sum: RM 600m

Tower B. 35 storeys. 6* hotel, 280 keys and facilities. Podium: 8 storeys. Ground level lobbies and retail. Higher levels hotel back of house and parking. Basement: 3 storeys. Parking and M&E.



Chao Phraya Estate Bangkok, Thailand

Mixed used development in central Bangkok for a private client. Brief required the design to maximise number of river views.

Outline planning approval given in 2014

300m river frontage connecting:

Appointed as design consultant

7* Capella hotel. 100 keys.

Contract sum: RM 3bn

5* Four Seasons resort style hotel. 355 keys. Ballrooms, convention centre, leisure facilities, spa and three speciality restaurants. 73 storey Four Seasons luxury branded residential tower. All corner units.



Bukit Bintang Masterplan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Phase 1 approved in 2014 Each component to be submitted separately Contract sum: Undisclosed

Masterplan connecting 4 separate sites in central Kuala Lumpur. Proposed scheme forms an air conditioned pedestrian link from the high end shopping district in Bukit Bintang to the Tun Razak Exchange (currently under construction). Pedestrian link passes through boutique retail arcades and elevated parks, home to live-work studios, public library and cafes. Scheme incorporated two residential towers, two hotels (6* and 3*) and an office tower, each with separate ground floor entrances.



Sales Gallery Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Full planning approval obtained in 2014

Two storey + mezzanine gallery for hosting show units. Assumed unit sizes based on local standards +1.8m tolerance. Intended to display units for several developments over a 15 year life span.

Contract sum: RM 3m

Full height atrium and catering facilities for private events. Ground floor gallery able to house one large show unit. Mezzanine gallery able to house two average show units. Upper floor sales office and meeting rooms. Specialist facade coordinated with Meinhardt Malaysia.



Landscaping Masterplan Private Development, China Landscape masterplan commissioned in 2020 Indentification and resolution of planning issues Site wide circulation and water management Interfaces with buildings designed by different architects Contract sum: Undisclosed 14

NB. Images omitted for confidentiality Landscape masterplan for a holiday resort, catering for domestic tourists escaping their everyday urban environments Proposed scheme had to resolve three residential typologies (high, mid and lowrise) designed by three different architects and provide a variety of unique landscaping nodes throughout an otherwise flat site Key planning concerns (vehicular and FEA circulation, water management and security access) were addressed and refined to suit a constantly changing brief



Tenders & Competitions


NB. For confidentiality, only publicly available images can be shown

City Rail Link Auckland, New Zealand Tender period Sept 2018 - January 2019 Tender awarded 2019 Enabling works commenced 2019 Contract sum: $ 4.4bn


Worked within an international consortium bidding for the D&B contract for New Zealand’s largest transport infrastructure project. Architectural scope included design and reconfiguration of public and BoH areas for two underground stations and A&A works to one overground station. Adaptation of client’s reference design to comply with current regulations and a 50% capacity increase. Brief was co-authored with representatives from Auckland’s Maori communities and required proposals to embody both environmental and social sustainability.


NB. Images omitted for confidentiality

Founders’ Memorial Gardens by the Bay East, Singapore Stage 1 of Architectural Design Competition Submission included a 1:500 scale model Competion closed April 2019

The brief called for a new national landmark, ‘one which honours Singapore’s founding generation of leaders, celebrating the ideals and values upon which Singapore is built.’ Our architectural response celebrated the nation’s legacy, identity and values; a city in a garden, an open cohesive society. The design mimised building mass without compromising spatial quality. A strong, reflective inner core, standing independently within a wider sphere. Natural ventilation and natural light were employed throughout. I constructed a 1:500 scale model in tandem with design development.



NS Square Marina Bay, Singapore Expression of Interest & Outline Design Applications closed July 2019

Singapore’s annual National Day Parade is currently held on a temporary floating platform. The EOI called for a permanent, purpose built stadium incorporating sports facilities and a National Service museum. Our outlne design minimised footprint, activating the public spaces and inviting the community into the new building. The proposal addressed the current grandstand’s inflexibility, allowing for a far wider range of events. The design greatly improved pedestrian and cycle connectivity across the site via elevated linkways and a landscaped public promenade which would no longer be cordened off during performances.


NB. Images omitted for confidentiality


Melrose Village Clementi, Singapore Stage 1 of Architectural Design Competition Competion closed September 2019


A complete redevelopment of an existing childrens residential home on a challenging sloping site. The brief required proposals to cater for a significant increase in residents of different ages, genders and levels of special needs while maintaining the feel of the existing building. Based on the latest pychological and sociological theories, our design proposed a homely village-like arrangement of dormitories and facilities, balancing both inward supervision and outward privacy. Particular attention was paid to the phasing of the construction to minimise further disruption to children. Modular construction and PPVC were employed to reduce construction period, improve quality and cost.

NB. Images omitted for confidentiality



Interiors & Features 27

Fitted Furniture Penthouses, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Completed 2016

Internal fit out following renovation of two penthouses at The Troika - a three tower luxury condominium by Foster & Partners in centre of KL (completed 2008). At time of completion, the penthouses were the two highest level apartments in Malaysia.


Double Height Shared Lobby Penthouses, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Internal fit out of communal lobby space at The Troika penthouses.

Completed 2016

Brief required finishes to be similar appearance but higher quality than those on lower floors. Scope also included a new spiral staircase and refurbishment and commssioning of existing express lifts.


Swimming Pool Penthouses, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Renovation of 13m length private pool and new decking area.

Completed 2016

Pool designed with concealed drainage and sloping edge to maximise refective surface. Access to pump and treatment equipment via removable panels.


Meeting Pavilion Penthouses, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Completed 2016

Installation of new meeting room and new decking area. Low-E glass with tinted interlayer specified to reduce solar gain. Concealed structure and framing. Below deck drainage.





Ravenscourt Park Preparatory London, UK Full planning approval given in 2009 Completed 2011 Contract sum: ÂŁ3.5m BREEAM: Very Good

A new build upper school for an independently funded preparatory school. Scheme comprised a multi purpose hall with retractable seating, nine classrooms with balconies, a dedicated science lab, art and music departments, special needs facilities and a break out library. Original site clearance work involved controlled removal of asbestos and invasive plant species. School pupils were invited to design patterns used for school fences, signage and manifestation.



Colfe’s School Sixth Form Centre London, UK Full planning approval given in 2012 Completed 2015 Contract sum: £6.5m BREEAM: Very Good


A new build sixth form centre and landscaping within the existing school quadrangle. The new facilities included nine specialist classrooms, common room, cafe and quiet study areas. Solar panels, a green roof and rainwater harvesting were employed to achieve the required BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’.

Hammersmith Academy London, UK

An PPP academy sponsored by the Mercer’s Company and Information Technologists’ Company.

Full planning approval given in 2009

Specialism in Information Technology.

Completed 2011

Facilities included auditorium, sports hall, library, fitness suite, digital editing and IT suites.

Contract sum: £17m BREEAM: Excellent



BIM & Personal Studies


Adaptive Families Revit Families driven by reference points that adapt based on their context.

Top: Adaptive parking bay family Floor based family calculates the max number of bays that can fit between two end points. End points can be pinned so that the number of bays update as the restraints move. Each bay is a nested family that can be scheduled. Bottom: Adaptive curtain wall panel family To be hosted within a curtain wall. Family’s dimensions are governed by the curtain grid dimensions.


Conceptual Mass Modelling Revit Conceptual volumes that can be driven parametrically to produce non standard Revit components.

Top: Model of Walnut Table, Zaha Hadid for David Gill Gallery Small scale, double curved, interlocking forms. Modelled as conceptual masses and arrayed. Bottom: Model of 30 St Mary Axe Facade, Foster + Partners Structure and glazing built up through a series of conceptual masses and using curtain wall-by-face and floor-by-face tools. Surface subdivided and adaptive families applied. 41

Dynamo Revit Plugin Visual programming tool for Revit. Allows users to write their own scripts. e.g. automation of repetitive tasks, calculations, data manipulation, randomisation.

Potential use case: Routine to randomise transom arrangement. User selects the curtain wall element. Script extracts all grid elements and filters to select only the horizontal grids. Script lists all curves (segments) of each horizontal grid and randomises the order. Script informs Revit to select X number of curves and remove them. Script can also be used on vertical grids and to change element properties (type, spec etc).


Building Performance Monitoring Dasher 360 Ongoing Autodesk research project using BIM to visualise Building Management information throughout the life of a building. Global building sensor market forecast 24% CAGR between 2015-2020.

Dasher 360 is a browser-based building data visualisation project. Building perfomance assessed during the life of the building though sensor data (temperature, sound, humidity, energy use, motion etc). Designers use the data to confirm whether design decisions had the intended effect and inform future decisons. Clients use the data to adjust building systems and identify those requiring maintenance. Data can also be used to demonstrate compliance with environmental targets and regulations. 43

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap (HOTOSM) Community Mapping Tool Community mapping tool designed to aid with disaster relief and community projects

HOTOSM uses the open source OpenStreetMap platform to aid relief response to natural disasters, disease outbreaks and immunisation programmes. The international mapping community uses recent satelite imagery to confirm current locations of buildings, roads and other facilities to inform the aid teams on the ground. The tool also allows for moderators to validate the community submissions before results are published. The above images are taken from my assistance with the San Pueblo earthquake relief effort, Sept 2017.


Freehand Studies Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo Sketches of facades, shading devices and spaces during 2017-2018.

Top: Shading devices incorporated into facade expression. Intake grilles hidden in shadow, window upstands hidden from below. Bottom: Masonry clad shading device. 1 course / 4 course expression. Overhanging corner treatment.



Academic Projects


St George’s Almshouse London, UK Diploma project (2009) Site adjacent to Grade I listed 18th Century church by Sir Nicholas Hawksmoor.

Site located in inner city area with high crime rate and aging population. Three main concerns: 1. Crime rate highest within public garden surrounded on three sides by outward facing buildings. 2. South side exposed to busy four lane road but also only access to direct sunlight. 3. Aging local population with few forms of entertainment.


steel glazed swimming pool

Direct light

Direct noise

masonry perimeter wall

Relative noise levels

portland stone & mortar church walls



Scheme proposed to: 1. Close the block with an inward facing 24hr occupancy building. 2. Form a barrier that muffled traffic noise but admitted light. Claim additional light through skylights. 3. Provide a self-monitoring community housing scheme for an aging population. Providing entertainment and social spaces for residents and the wider community. 49

Scheme proposed a single storey sheltered residential development for aging community in a series of mews. Use of skylights allows for dense naturally lit single storey plan. Residents can determine their own level of privacy.


Crime deterrent design allowed for 24hr passive surveilance of all communal areas, including park. Roadside studios, community spaces and cafes provided enterntainment for residents and formed a habitable noise buffer.


La Muette Intervention Drancy, Paris, France Diploma project (2008) 1930’s housing scheme, used as an internment camp during WWII.


Project diagnosed the housing estate as suffering from depression due to its traumatic history. It queried whether the building’s condition could be improved using current psychological techniques.

Treatment involved providing more communal spaces to decrease feelings of isolation and encourage aerobic exercise. Every apartment was provided with a balcony which would admit more sunlight and could be easily modified to suit the resident’s requirements.


VR Projection Gallery Two Places, Anywhere Diploma project (2008) Submission for RIBA “Museum of the Future“ competition.

Headmounted projectors project views from within a 3d model onto whatever background the ‘visitor’ aims it at. Real world location determines location in the 3D model. Footage streamed to projector in real time as you walk around. Captions follow you around on the floor. Explore a castle within a forest. Explore a shipwreck in a city. Explore the moon in a multi storey car park. Bring lost buildings back to life.


Footage projected onto real world

Footage captured inside 3D model in real time

More viable with current technology, Microsoft HoloLens (2016)

Top: Real world location without projection Bottom: Projected model and real world location merged



Sample Working Drawings


Finishes Plan


Feature Staircase Details


Internal Alterations Plan


NB. Image omitted for confidentiality

Phased Refurbishment Plan


Section Through Parapet Junction


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Andrew Latheron - Architecture Portfolio 2020  

Andrew Latheron - Architecture Portfolio 2020  


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