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Kick Start Your New Year We are well and truly out of the festive swing of things now! I truly hope you have all enjoyed it. Many of us will have indulged a little too much and I could tell you the various ways to have limited the damage, however if you have been consuming copious amounts of food and drink ... it probably wouldn’t have mattered. And who cares? It's a few days off with the family... so we hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Year! However, once the bells stop ringing and the wine stops flowing you will inevitably want to get back to your healthy ways quickly. I have put down 5 pointers for you to follow this week in order to optimise your health following the Christmas & New Year celebrations! Let’s make 2014 your best year yet. Change is only a decision away....

1.Hydrate Hopefully you have kept yourself well hydrated throughout the holidays, but if you haven't ... get to it right NOW! Get 3-4 litres of clear water a day in to help remove the toxins in your body and up regulate the metabolism straight away. Little and often sips of water throughout the day consistently will make you feel amazing over time.

2. Vegetables Vegetables probably weren't your main priority during the celebrations but you need to get plenty on now! Have a wide variety of veg, including plenty of greens with each meal for the next 7 days! Also take 1-2 servings of a greens powder each day as well. This will flush your body with a range of antioxidants which will help a lot as it is exactly what your body is craving at the cellular level!

3. Omega 3s Get plenty of omega 3s back into your diet from oily fish, extra virgin olive oil, organic eggs and fish oils! This will help support better cell permeability and improve brain function. You will feel more alert, mentally primed and positive to stay focussed on your healthy decisions.

4. Go Decaf The chances are your sleeping pattern was thrown out of whack during the holidays. As a result I want you to rest the adrenal glands and switch to a high quality decaf coffee for the next 14 days! Once you reintroduce caffeine for 2-3 servings a day you will find it will help much better.

5. Gym Time For the next week make all of your workouts full body sessions and keep it intense! Keep rest periods down to 30-45 seconds, focus on blood flow and keep that heart rate up! Lets focus on getting blood into the muscles and burning calories. This will also help you get over the initial muscle soreness you get when you have a short break ready for the next phase!

What's the next phase you ask? The 56 Day Challenge of course...


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