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Andrew Lamberto Hobbies   

Andrew Lamberto has many hobbies. He enjoys collecting old currency and coins.  He also loves to hike, bowl, ride bikes, and exercise regularly. He was selected for  the ALL SCIL baseball team in high school both his junior and senior years. He is  very active and likes to stay busy whether he is at work or taking time off for one  of  his  hobbies. No  matter  what  kind  of  company  or  agency  you  work  for,  it  is  important  to  look  professional.  Many  people  simply  don’t  know  how  to  dress  professionally  and  a  dress  code  can  act  as  a  handbook  to  help  them.  They  learn  with types of clothing are appropriate for work and which ones are not. 

Andrew Lamberto Training Employees  Andrew Lamberto trained employees regularly when he was a Director or Human Resources. He trained a twenty-five-member management team on interviewing techniques and best practices. He also conducted workshops and coaching sessions that contributed to sound hiring decisions. He even trained employees to follow policy and conducted employee evaluations and investigations on a regular basis. He was responsible for overseeing employee benefits. He connected vendors with employees and helped the employees take advantage of dental, health, vision, and life insurance perks that were available to them. He also helped choose the vendors who would offer these perks and benefits.

Andrew Lamberto Employee Health Incentive Programs 

Andrew Lamberto wanted to help make his employees healthier and aware of their  options  so  he  created  a  health  incentive  program  that  rewarded  them  for  taking  care  of  their  health.  Whenever  the  employees  attended  health  workshops  or  had  regular checkups, they were rewarded with gift cards and prizes. He also created  online  health  management  tools. .  As  the  Director  of  Human  Resources  for  San  Bernardino  County,  he  was  in  charge  of  overseeing  the  county  employees.  He  worked  hard  to  increase  his  employee's  morale  by  offering  incentives,  hosting  educational  meetings and offering  day to day  support. He tried to  be involved in  every aspect of his agency and help his employees with anything they needed. 

Andrew Lamberto Responsibilities Andrew Lamberto was directly responsible for a subordinate staff of 150 human resource employees, sixteen memorandums of understanding, and preparing and administering an annual budget of sixteen million dollars. He also formulated, recommended and implemented many Human Resources policies and procedures while employed as the Director of Human Resources for San Bernardino County. He also monitored compliance. He hired on many new ones whom he knew would take their jobs seriously and help improve the county. He wanted to make sure he kept the hardworking and skilled employees and also made it a point to convince potential employees to take certain positions.

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Andrew Lamberto - Hobbies  

Andrew Lamberto has many hobbies. He enjoys collecting old currency and coins. He also loves to hike, bowl, ride bikes, and exercise regular...

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