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executive committee President Elaine Ames Operations and Marketing Manager, UHNSP Central Washington University 400 E. University Way, MS 7513 Ellensburg, Washington 98926 509.963.1838

Treasurer Micheal Seraphin Coordintor of Purchasing Willamette University 900 State Street Salem, OR 97301 503.370.6055

President Elect Kelly Ammendolia Assistant Director of Residence Life University of Puget Sound 1500 N. Warner St. #1003 Tacoma, WA 98416-1003 253.879.3317

Secretary Jenni Chadick Resident Director University of Puget Sound 1500 N. Warner St. #1003 Tacoma, WA 98416-1003 253.879.3317

Past President Steve Fitterer Director Residence Services Mount Royal University Alberta, Canada 403.440.6279

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Alaska-Yukon Representative Maria Bonifacio Associate Director of Residence Life University of Alaska Anchorage 3700 Sharon Gagnon Lane, Suite 101 Anchorage, AK 99508 907.751.7448

Oregon Representative Erik T. Elordi Assistant Director of Family Housing & Conference Services Southern Oregon University 1250 Siskiyou Blvd. Ashland, OR 97520 541.552.6229

Alberta Representative Judy Eyben Res Life Facilitator Lakeland College 5707 College Drive,Vermilion, AB T9X 1T2 780.853.8480

Washington State Representative Michelle Primley Benton Administrator for North Campus/ Diversity Initiatives University of Washington Housing & Food Services 206.543.4862

the soundings the official nwacuho newsletter

northwest association of college and university housing officers

The Year-End, Mid-Year Dichotomy


In-Hall Academic Support


Saying Goodbye to a UW Landmark


Tent City On Campus


The Story of Student Loan Interest Rates


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The Year-End, Mid-Year Dichotomy By Elaine Ames

While writing this article, I am straddling several different timelines at once. We are

closing the residence halls for the 2011-2012 academic year, assigning students for the 2012-2013 year, and working on marketing for the 2013-2014 year. It is the same in NWACUHO. Countless hours have already been spent preparing for the February 2013 conference; negotiations and preparations are underway for the 2014 conference; work on the master plan is progressing; decisions and arrangements are being reached for the regional reception at the ACUHO-I conference, plans are being finalized for drive-in conferences, and upcoming webinars are being constructed. The list goes on and on. I find myself wondering how I can be early and late at the same time. It is interesting to me that we are at year-end at mid-year. During this transition when one year ends, we need to celebrate our accomplishments while being continuously aware of the opportunities that are coming in the new year even at mid-year. I suspect the scenario is the same for all of you as well, regardless of whether you are involved in residence life, facilities, operations,

or whether you are entry level and upper administration. With the closing of the academic year, it is also the time when many of you may be job searching or interviewing at different institutions. In some cases, you may be leaving our northwest region. While we wish the very best opportunities for you, we will miss you. Although we may catch up with one another at events like the ACUHO-I conference, know that you always have friends here and you are welcome at NWACUHO! Before we know it, fall will be here along with training and students moving on to campus for another year. It seems we barely have time to catch our breath from finishing one year before starting another. Enjoy your summer, look for the NWACUHO announcement of webinars and drive-in conferences, and plan for fall opening. The NWACUHO executive board will be meeting in Tacoma, WA in October, and in the meantime, we will continue to straddle all of those timelines to make sure we continue working on the master plan, the 2013 conference, recruitment of candidates for executive board positions, and more.


a letter from the president


NWACUHO Soundings

In-Hall Academic Support How OSU and other universities, are enriching the residence life experience, one tutor at a time. by Nicholas Martin, Oregon State University

Creating a cultural shift within an institution is a challenging, lengthy process. Historically speaking, residence halls have served as spaces in which social interaction and community involvement flourish, often times resulting in a divide between the residential experience and academic career of a college student. Untapped potential exists within residence halls to truly enhance student skills and academic competencies outside of the classroom. For three years now, University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) at Oregon State University (OSU) has been actively pursuing further opportunities for enhancing the academic experience of our residential population. Much of this work stems from feedback provided by campus partners (academic departments and support services), as well as critical reflection on the part of leadership within the department. Reorienting the strategic goals of UHDS to account for academic success and student development (our first strategic goal), the Residential Education branch of University Housing aims to make academics a


the soundings

summer 2012



central component of the community experience.

yet, the subject of academic success

a community that is continuously

As the Graduate Teaching Assistant for

remains incredibly challenging

invested in dialogue on the subject

Academic Success and Engagement, my task

when marketing programs or in-

of academics and supportive of its

has involved leading programmatic efforts that

hall services. The topic itself is

members in this respect is paramount

challenge students to look beyond traditional

highly personal, especially so

to nurturing student success; hence,

measures of a successful college career

when a student believes they are

we have altered our approach to

(grades, GPAs, and even getting a degree)

unprepared or are already struggling

crafting a residential experience.

as well as creating ongoing conversations

to succeed in college (especially in

We are eager to expand our

on the subject of academics within our

terms of course grades). Identifying

efforts, and hope that others might

residential communities. Why are students

tangible channels via which critical

draw inspiration from and provide

choosing Oregon State or any institution of

reflection, self-exploration, and

constructive feedback to the work that

higher learning, for that matter? How does

knowledge of resources can be

we are attempting to accomplish with

the college experience tie into one’s life goals

fostered is ultimately critical if we

respect to changing the dynamics of

or career aspirations? What does a student

are to effectively support students in

residence life.

need to know to complete their first year?

their development. We believe that

These questions have informed and guided our efforts to meaningfully enrich and enhance the academic careers of our on-campus population. Such efforts have included supporting the implementation of in-hall tutors from both our Writing Center as well as Math Learning Center. With social cognitive theory in mind, we hope that students seeing other students working with tutors in a lounge may convey the fact that, in a residence hall, individuals focus on their studies. Refining and facilitating transition-themed, skill development-based “RE-THINK� workshops within residence halls has provided residents with opportunities to reflect on their own practices and develop the skills and knowledge sets necessary to become self-reliant. Hopefully, the workshops have sparked and will continue to generate greater conversation among students on definitions of success and practices to achieve such success. On a surface level, our efforts seem fairly simple - a few programs, tutors, in addition to intentional check-ins facilitated by Residents Assistants;


summer 2012

NWACUHO Soundings

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Michelle Primley Benton says “goodbye” to a University of Washington landmark - and “hello” to an exciting new residence hall.


summer 2012



“If you want a happy ending, that depends,

saw firsthand with the closure of Mercer

as well as get a sneak peek at some of

of course, on where you stop your story.”

that, while what’s to come is exciting,

the plans for the new Lander site. Folks

residents past and present appreciate

got creative, with everything from Batman,

an opportunity to say goodbye. Working

Far Side cows and the Landa Panda

in student affairs, we know that change

etched on the walls, to whimsical poems

the University of Washington – Seattle has

and transition are never easy; with that

ode to Lander. Residents from the 50’s

been abuzz with cranes, scaffolding, and

in mind, we wanted to make sure that the

to this year took part in the celebration,

all of the typical accoutrement that come

existing Lander got a proper send-off.

and many got to leave with their very own

along with a large-scale housing master

Multiple units across our department came

Lander mailbox as a unique keepsake.

plan. As we’ve watched four new buildings

together to bid adieu to Lander in style.

rise up, the joy and excitement from

The Lander Residential Life staff hosted a

Saying goodbye is always difficult, and

residents and staff have been infectious.

year-end event entitled Lights Out Lander,

indeed if we stopped the story there the

But sometimes, in order to make way for

giving current residents an opportunity to

result is a bit sad. For Lander, the story

new and exciting improvements, it means

not only wrap up the end of their first year

continues: demolition is underway, and

letting go of a piece of campus. Last year,

of college (Lander served as a First Year

new Lander Hall will be an important

we said goodbye to Mercer Hall. This

Experience community), but to leave their

anchor in our West Campus community,

month, we said farewell after 55 years to

mark on the building itself. Equipped with

housing our regional desk and introducing

Lander Hall.

paint, Lander residents gathered in the

a new architectural element to the area

first floor entry and placed their multi-

when it opens in 2014. You can find more

As home to many of the Housing and

color handprints on the wall, along with

information about our growing West

Food Services offices, as well as the

their signature. Residents were thrilled to

Campus Community here. As we continue

primary meeting spaces within our system,

engage in a little bit of sanctioned graffiti.

to implement our Housing Master Plan, we

– Orson Welles

For the past 2 years, West Campus at

Lander holds a special place for many

learn from each new building we bring on

staff members throughout the department.

As news spread that Lander would not

and offline. Knowing we will say goodbye

From new staff experiencing their first HR

be renovated, but would need to be

to Lander’s attached sibling Terry, we can

trainings in one of its meeting rooms, to

demolished, former residents and staff

begin to celebrate what it’s been, and look

the thousands of first-year students who

came out of the woodwork looking for an

forward to what it will become. The closure

have called it home, Lander has welcomed

opportunity to say goodbye to their former

of the building is not where we stop our

many to the University of Washington. In

stomping grounds. From that interest

story, and we look forward to welcoming

Residential Life our Assistant Director,

came the Farewell Lander event, an open

some very happy residents to the new

Chris Jaehne, began his UW career as the

house inviting past residents to share their

Lander in 2014!

Lander Hall Resident Director in 1992. We

memories and experiences on the walls,


summer 2012


NWACUHO Soundings Creating a cultural shift within an institution is a challenging, lengthy process. Historically speaking, residence halls have served as spaces in which social interaction and community involvement flourish, often times resulting in a divide between the residential experience and academic career of a college student. Untapped potential exists within residence halls to truly enhance student skills and academic competencies outside of the classroom. For three years now, University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) at Oregon State University (OSU) has been actively pursuing further opportunities for enhancing the academic experience of our residential population. Much of this work stems from feedback provided by campus part-


ners (academic departments and support services), as well as critical reflection on the part of leadership within the department. Reorienting the strategic goals of UHDS to account for academic success and student development (our first strategic goal, to be exact), the Residential Education branch of University Housing aims to make academics a central component of the community experience one encounters at OSU. As the Graduate Teaching Assistant for Academic Success and Engagement, my task has involved leading programmatic efforts that challenge students to look beyond traditional measures of a successful college career (grades, GPAs, and even getting a degree) as well as creating ongoing conversations

on the subject of academics within our residential communities. Why are students choosing Oregon State or any institution of higher learning, for that matter? How does the college experience tie into one’s life goals or career aspirations? What does a student need to know to complete their first year? These questions have informed and guided our efforts to meaningfully enrich and enhance the academic careers of our on-campus population. Such efforts have included supporting the implementation of in-hall tutors from both our Writing Center as well as Math Learning Center. With social cognitive theory in mind, we hope that students seeing other students working with tutors in a lounge may convey the fact that, in a

spring 2012



Tent City goes to school by Andrew K. Rogers, Seattle Pacific University

On a warm Saturday during Spring Break, when many students were out enjoying time off, dozens of Seattle Pacific University students chose to forgo relaxing in favor of helping their homeless neighbors. For the previous two months, SPU hosted Tent City 3, a portable community of 100 homeless men and women, on their athletic field. Now, Tent City 3 was scheduled to move to a new site, and many students wanted to help their new friends with the transition, loading moving trucks with crates and supplies, giving hugs and saying their proper goodbyes to their neighbors. During the winter quarter, SPU had the opportunity to assist TC3 while bringing awareness to students of the issues of homelessness.

up their site. During those winter months,

Once a week, TC3 residents and students

on any given day, students would visit

would gather to hear SPU professors

their new neighbors, bringing them meals

talk on topics ranging from “Women in

or knitted clothes, read books together,

Homelessness,” “Affordable Housing

take tours of the community, offer haircuts,

Crisis,” and “Advocacy” in an open forum.

wash feet or talk about life. Peer Advisor Audrey Riddle was selected Tent City 3 Resident Tracy Arant was

by SPU administrators to act as the

overwhelmed at the gracious welcome.

Tent City 3 liaison. Riddle visited the

“They make us feel like real people,”

community on a weekly basis, spent time

Arant told reporter Rachel Belle from Kiro

getting to know the residents and helped

97.3. “You’re on the bus and they’ll start a

relay information from their community

conversation with you. They come down

to the SPU community. For Riddle, being

all during the day and hang out. When

in community with the TC3 residents

you’re used to be looked down on for

was deeply impactful. “It’s not about

being homeless, or people are leery of you

me serving someone, it’s about us both

or afraid of you because they think you’re

serving each other,” she said. “It was such

gonna rob them or kill them or something.

a blessing to be a part of their story for a

These people, it seems like they really


do understand that we’re them, just in an unfortunate set of circumstances.”

Students were more than eager to get involved. When Tent City 3 moved to SPU in January 21st, almost 200 students greeted the residents and helped them set

“The best part is it’s not like it’s an act,” Arant says about SPU students. “They’re

In return, the Tent City 3 residents talked

genuine, in everything they say and do. It’s

about their experience and taught students

really cool. For what it’s done for my spirit

about issues regarding homelessness.

inside? Words won’t explain.”

From left to right: Tracy Arant, (student) Audrey Riddle, Lisa Ewing, (student) Alex Mikulas. (97.3 KIRO FM Photo/Rachel Belle)


summer 2012

NWACUHO Soundings

The Story of Student Loan Interest Rates Josh Gana, University of Washington, explores the political debate on how to keep interest rates low on students loans - and the price students may have to pay.


summer 2012


If you have been following political landscape in the United States over

the past couple of months, you may be scratching your head and wondering what the heck is going on with student loan interest rates. You’re not the only one. It’s probably all the more perplexing for our Canadian colleagues. What is clear is that the July 1 deadline is drawing near and it’s an election year, so really, anything could happen – and likely will have by the time you are reading this article. So, what is the issue? In 2007, Congress approved a law that reduced interest rates on new federally subsidized student loans as part of the College Cost Reduction and Access act. The act dropped rates over the following four academic years from 6.8% to 3.4%. Well, July 1, 2012 is the four-year mark so the law is set to expire – and unless further action is taken, interest rates will revert to the 2007 rate of 6.8%; double what it is right now. The good news is that both Democrats and Republicans have agreed that the loan rate SHOULD be kept at the current level. The dissent comes in how to pay for it. The cost of maintaining the low rates is approximately $6 billion per year, and the funding has to come from somewhere. Republican lawmakers have proposed increasing premiums employers pay on federally insured pension plans, Democrats have proposed eliminating a tax preference for corporations, and other proposals have suggested eliminating a portion of the health care overhaul.


sun setting of a law that will result in an immediate increase in interest rates on any new federally subsided student loans. Both sides don’t want it to happen but nobody can agree on how to pay for it. So, it’s deadlocked. By the way, these subsidized loan recipients represent nearly 8 million need-based students in the United States. These are the students who are borrowing to get through college, often paying to live in the residence halls with student loan proceeds. If they’re anything like me, they wouldn’t make it through college without loans. A doubled rate would incur approximately $5000 in additional interest costs for each of these students; many with tenuous job prospects in this market. I’m sure that there will be some sort of compromise before this issue of Soundings is published, and whether it is a temporary extension, a compromised long term solution, or a full-fledged reauthorization of the current law what is clear is that education in the USA is very much a political issue, and it all comes down to dollars at the end of the day. Either way, taxpayers end up picking up the tab – but is now really the time to increase the costs of attending college with the state of the economic condition? Josh Gana is the regional representative for the ACUHO-I Public Policy Advisory Committee, a group that analyzes pertinent legislative action for the Association.

So here I write, two weeks before the

Editor’s Note: According to US News & World Report, in a last minute decision by Congress, the interest rate on subsidized Stafford loans taken out as of July 1, 2012, will remain at 3.4 percent for one more year. But under a temporary provision that lasts until July 1, 2014, holders of subsidized Stafford loans taken this year and next will no longer enjoy an interest-free grace period after graduation. Historically, the federal subsidy extended for six months after a student completed school, meaning students would never pay for the half year of accruing interest. For more information, visit


summer 2012

NWACUHO Soundings


state and provincial updates

Alaska Pacific University

Submitted by: Tim Flynn & Sonja Olson Summer at APU comes with some

robust new class of students from all over

relaxation and planning for the fall. Our

the lower 48 and Alaska

student staff is working with conference



Summer in Alaska means construction McMillen

and we are in the process of replacing

services for all of the camps we host on

Student Center recently received our

the sidewalks on half of our campus and

campus and our summer students are

brand new furniture and also got new

improving the walkways to and from our

out enjoying the Alaskan summer and

technology that will allow us to stay eco-

academic buildings. A recent energy audit

the occasional black bear on campus.


We are now able to utilize an

pointed out some areas where we could

Preparations for welcoming back students

interactive events calendar so that student

be saving money and helping save the

in August are underway and collaboration

groups can post activities on our new flat

environment, so APU is in the process of

is ongoing with our neighbors next door,

screen televisions. In addition to our new

several renovations to improve our carbon

UAA, for student staff training and

couches and tables, APU put out new


welcome week activities for residential

study furniture in the Atwood Residence


Halls to welcome back the students in the

We are looking forward to a



University of Alsaska Anchorage Submitted by: Maria Bonifacio We are excited for the arrival of our new

will be all equipped with fire sprinklers!

improved classroom.

Residence Coordinator, Jessie Pooler.

Hooray! This summer also calls for the

A handful of our student leaders and two

She is coming to us from Northern Arizona

arrival of some new furniture and the

of our ACUHO-I Interns (Thomas Harwell

University, where she received her Master

painting of some of our areas. Along these

and Lauren Moguel) got the opportunity to

of Education in

same lines, Residence Life has received

attend a three day E3 leadership retreat.

Counseling- Student Affairs . She will

funding to totally reconstruct/ update one

The University partners with Volunteers

be taking over for our previous Residence

of our two on campus classrooms. The

of America’s Communities Mobilizing for

Coordinator, Stephanie Whaley, who after

classroom is North Hall will be painted,

Change on Alcohol, who were partnering

three years in Residence Life here at UAA

new desks have been purchased and it

with our local military base and the E3

will be moving over to Career Services.

will become a smart classroom. We are

High Ropes Leadership retreat. All of the


looking forward to showing the students

students and staff that participated had a

renovations are being completed this

who are enrolled in our Creating Success

lot of fun, but also learned a lot too.

summer, so our Main Apartment Complex

in College course all about our new and





A group of UAA students learned the value of teamwork at the E3 High Ropes Leadership Retreat.


summer 2012




University of Lethbridge

Submitted by: Steve Brodrick Greetings from Southern Alberta!

to the west.

The coulees in Lethbridge are very

In support of our academic mission and

green after a rainy spring. Despite the

the student experience, Residence Life

weather, construction is moving ahead

at the U of L is also pleased to announce

with a new and exciting building project.

a new positions being created for fall

The University of Lethbridge skyline is

2012. The newly created Residence Life

dominated by two cranes on the south

& Education Coordinator role will help

end of campus where our new five story

develop community as well as facilitate

259 bed apartment building is under

academic and social success through

construction. Situated at the south end of

programming. Please keep your eyes

Aperture Park, the new facility will feature

peeled for a posting coming soon. The

a commanding view of the Old Man river

past year has been action packed and we

valley to the east and the Rocky Mountains

look forward to another exciting year of

growth and development in 2013.

Construction is underway for new 5-story student apartment building at the University of Lethbridge

Lakeland College Submitted by: Judy Eyben Facilities Update: All new windows are being put in the single housing units in Lloydminster this summer.

British Columbia University of Victoria Submitted by: Chelsey Evans

Staffing Changes: We will be saying

vide the requisite skills needed to succeed

pleased to be offering the following options

goodbye to Residence Life Coordinators

in their positions based on previous experi-

in September 2012: Health & Wellness,

Dan Cantiller and Olivia Harvey in June.

ence in the role.

Sustainability, Academic Engagement, and

Both Dan and Olivia served our program

- This year we will be piloting a mandatory

Leadership & Civic Engagement. We will

for two years and we wish them luck in their

Roommate 101 Program in our shared,

also be offering our Substance-Free and

new endeavors. We are pleased to wel-

suite-style neighborhood. This program

Quiet Floor interest-based communities.

come our new Residence Life Coordinators

includes the development of a Roommate

David Protheroe (who was a student and

Guide and agreement for students to fill out

Professional Development Initiatives: In

Residence Coordinator at UBC) and Alison

with their Community Leader (student-staff

March we held a one-day Residence Stu-

Dailey (who was a student at Wilfred Lau-

member) in the fall.

dent Leadership Conference for current

rier University, and a Community Coordina-

and prospective staff living in residence. Initiatives: Our Themed and Interest-

Student-staff ran workshops for their peers,

based Communities, which launched last

covering diverse topics from programming

September, saw great success throughout

to student engagement. This year we were

Training Changes: This year, we have

this past year. This year, we will be working

pleased to host delegates from both the

added differentiated fall training streams

to further engage students and enhance

University of British Columbia and Vancou-

with associated learning outcomes for our

our intentional programming efforts within

ver Island University.

new, returning, and senior paraprofessional

these communities. We have readjusted

staff. The purpose of this addition is to pro-

the focus of some of our themes and are

tor at the University of Waterloo), who will be joining our team at the end of June.

University of the Fraser Valley Submitted by: Tracey Mason-Innes Staffing Changes: Whitney Fordham

Training Additions: Junelle Mah is taking

joined us last November as our Housing

the ACUHO-I RA Training course and


we look forward to getting new ideas and


implementing them.

summer 2012

NWACUHO Soundings University of British Columbia Submitted by: Kate Ferguson Staffing Changes: We were pleased

the University of Guelph working as

to welcome three new Residence Life

an Assistant Residence Life Manager

Talking When the Stakes are High – Kerry

Managers to UBC in June.

where he oversaw a student staff team,


• Crucial Conversations: Tools for

First, meet Pamela Wettlaufer. Pamela

managed student behavioural issues, and

• The Holy Man – Susan Trott

joined us from the University of Waterloo

worked with the rest of the management

where she has worked this past year

team to provide training and development

World That Can’t Stop Talking – Susan

as a Community Coordinator in one



• Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a

of Waterloo’s largest residence halls,

And finally, say a big hello to Amy

UW Place. In her role as a CC she

Stewart! Amy is very familiar with UBC and

What Motivates Us – Daniel H. Pink

supervised a staff team, supporting them

the Residence Life program as a former

• The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

in their personal growth and development,

Residence Advisor. Amy spent the first



two years of her Residence Life career

Hate Networking: A Field Guide for

development, and addressing issues that

at Totem Park and then moved to Gage

Introverts, the Overwhelmed, and the


for the suite style experience. In 2011

Underconnected – Devora Zack



Before joining the team at UW, Pamela received





Amy graduated from UBC with a BA and

• Drive: The Surprising Truth About

• Networking for People Who

• The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team – Peter


a double major in Economics and Human

University of Toronto Mississauga with

Geography. For the past year, Amy has

• Multipliers: How the Best Leaders

Crime, Law and Deviance and Political

been developing her supervisory skills as

Make Everyone Smarter – Liz Wiseman

Science majors. While at UTM, Pam also

a Residence Coordinator at Place Vanier. Traditions: UBC’s Mentorship Program

worked as a student staff member, both as a Residence Don and a Programming Assistant.





is entering its 4th year. Each year students

Coordinator Book Club – Our Residence

in senior leadership positions in our

Kyle Lethbridge is a graduate of Wilfrid

Coordinator team of 16 will be assigned

Residence Life program are matched up

Laurier University where he earned a BA

to read a book and will take turns leading

with a mentor from the Student Affairs field

in Communication Studies and Geography

a book club discussion once/month in

at UBC.

and Psychology Minors. While a student

conjunction with a partner RC and a

To prepare our staff to get the most out

at WLU, Kyle worked as a Residence

Residence Life Manager. The books we’ve

of the relationship we focus some training

Don. Most recently, Kyle has been at

selected for this project are:





means and how it can be beneficial to their experience. As a result of this program our staff have been able to connect with other professional staff around campus.


culture of mentorship is now strong Residence Life and our student staff are excited about the tradition of mentorship that has been established and the potential it holds. Many staff have shared that their mentors were an influential part of their experience and they continue to keep in touch with their mentors. Many



our that

past the





beneficial for them, keeping them informed of the current student voice and about relevant topics on our campus.


summer 2012




Oregon State University Submitted by: Ann Marie Klotz Ann Marie Klotz is the new Associate Director of University Housing & Dining for Residential Education. Ann Marie comes to OSU from DePaul University, where she served as the Assistant Director of Programming and Training in Residential Education. She is in the process of completing her Ed.D. from DePaul in Educational Leadership. Alexander Matiash is a new Resident Director who will be working in Poling Hall. Alexander comes to us from the University of Connecticut, where he recently earned a Master’s Degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Leandra Schaffer is our new Graduate Assistant for Academic Success & Engagement. Lea earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Pacific University in 2011, and will be pursuing a Master’s Degree in College Student Services Administration at OSU. Dawn Snyder is our new Operations Manager for Residential Conferences & Building Services. Dawn was a Resident Director at Oregon State University for

three years and prior to that completed her Master’s degree at Penn State University. Aimee Scrivens is our new Residential Conferences & Building Services Coordinator. Aimee was a Resident Director at California State Polytechnic University for two years and prior to that completed her Master’s degree at the University of San Francisco. We are introducing a new transfer student living experience in or residential program. This will be a unique opportunity for transfers students to live in a community with others who are undergoing a similar transition to OSU. We are in the process of developing learning outcomes, identifying academic partnerships, and budgeting for this unique living community. Transfer students choosing this living option will have the option to live in a double-asa-single room, have an optional meal plan, and an upgraded community kitchen option. First Year Experience: OSU is beginning the process of

redefining our priority for providing a comprehensive first-year experience on the Corvallis campus. More to come! Nicholas Martin (Former Graduate Assistant for Academic Success & Engagement): Graduate Student Scholarship for the 2012 Northwest Association of College and University Housing Officers (NWACUHO). David Akana (Assistant Director for Residential Education): OSU Division of Student Affairs Service Award. Ann Marie Klotz (Associate Director for Residential Education): Herstory Award from the Association of College and university Housing Officers International (ACUHO-I). Kathryn Magura (Operations Manager, Assignments & Customer Service ): Robert P. Cooke Talking Stick Article of the Year Award for the article “Making Gender-Neutral Housing Work” that appeared in the July + August 2011 issue of the magazine

Pacific University Submitted by: Jessa Carpenter In the 2011/2012 academic year the department of Residence Life at Pacific University successfully operated under a new organizational chart. Instead of using 5 entry-level professionals as Resident Directors, one for each hall, the new structure allowed for two experienced professionals to split the campus in half. This meant larger paraprofessional staffs, decreased visibility, and a real hard look at some of the more time intensive administrative tasks that had previously fallen on the Resident Directors. Ben Dictus and Megan Hockert, the newly appointed Area Coordinators, rose to the occasion, not only maintaining the level of services available and student satisfaction


but, in some cases, improving! Ben Dictus was previously a Residence Director here at Pacific University and Megan Hockert joined us after 4 years as Residence Director at Syracuse University. This summer Residence Life and Housing are continuing along the same path of continual improvement by hosting their very first (and therefore best ever) ACUHO-I intern, Jessa Carpenter (me!). As the inaugural intern I have been asked to benchmark some current processes and protocols against other institutions and to dig deep into assessment. I am currently a graduate student in the University of Florida’s SPHE program and this is my

first time ever living on a college campus! Meanwhile, the Housing department is spending the summer coordinating Pacific University’s growing pains. Our enrollment continues to increase every year, bringing even more eager students to the doorsteps of our 100% capacity residence halls. Housing is currently exploring every possible option to welcome those waiting list students onto our residential campus while still providing the student services that lead to success. Together we are tackling transitions, challenges, and opportunities!

summer 2012

NWACUHO Soundings Southern Oregon University Submitted by: Tim Robitz We would like to thank Michelle Schuster, Assistant Director for Maintenance and Operations for her years of service to University Housing. Michelle worked for Housing for 15 plus years and will be moving over to the Southern Oregon University Library. We are lucky to keep her in the SOU family. The North Campus Village - our new Residence Halls and Dining Facilities

are currently under construction and proceeding on time with opening set for Fall 2013. The joint partnership with ACC will allow SOU to add 702 new beds to housing. The residence halls will have suite style and semi-suite style units located adjacent to a new dining facility that will emphasize made to order display cooking. You can track progress on the development at northcampus

Currently Southern Oregon University is in the process of awarding a new Campus Food Service contract. With the new facility and campus changes, the institute is looking at a number of companies to oversee and develop an all encompassing campus food service. The selected company will oversee: residential dining, all retail, concessions, catering and vending.

Hall), Michael Wode (Corrado Hall), Amanda Murphy (Kenna Hall), Danny Zimmerman (Villa Maria Hall), Sr. Sue Bruno, OSF (Fields Hall), and Joe Burke (Christie Hall). New assistants are: Abi Stokes (Kenna Hall), Tyler Zimmerman

(Christie Hall), Diana Querciagrossa (Mehling Hall), Erin Kelley (Corrado Hall), and Fiona Corner (Fields Hall). We are excited to welcome these new staff members to the University of Portland and to NWACUHO!

Additionally, we are delighted to welcome new staff to our team. Anelise Montán joins us as the new Quad Area Coordinator. Anelise comes to WOU most recently from the University of Portland where she served as a Resident Director. Michael Mann, Coordinator for Leadership and Programs and the new RHA Advisor, joins us most recently from Illinois State University where he completed his master’s degree. Prior to attending ISU, Michael was an undergraduate student

at Oregon State University and worked in University Housing and Dining Services. In terms of building projects at WOU, we are taking a break from constructing new facilities in Housing, but are doing a minor remodel in Barnum Hall this summer. However, the University is moving forward on a new Science Building. The groundbreaking for the DeVolder Family Science Center, a 21,000 square foot facility, took place June 16 and is scheduled to be completed by September 2013. The Science Center

University of Portland Submitted by: John Merchant The University of Portland will start the 2012-2013 academic year with several new hall directors and assistant hall directors. Joining the Residence Life team as hall directors are: Mark DeMott, CSC (Shipstad Hall), Gina LoSchiavo (Mehling

Western Oregon University Submitted by: Tina Fuchs

Several changes are taking place at Western Oregon University as summer continues. At the end of June, University Housing said farewell to Valerie Bagley, Assistant Director, and Justin Collins, Area Coordinator for the Quad. Both are moving on to new endeavors that will offer them unique challenges and experiences. David Sundby, Assistant Director, and currently the RHA Advisor, will assume new duties related to Academic Initiatives and Assessment.

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summer 2012

soundings project will help accommodate record enrollment by providing increased space for program development and improved the student learning environment by leveraging current technologies, state-of-theart analytical techniques and modern safety controls.

Finally, University Housing wishes to congratulate our own Stephanie Anderson, Ackerman Hall Area Coordinator, on receiving the 2012 ACUHO-I New Professionals Scholarship. With the award, Stephanie was able to attend her first ACUHO-I conference this summer. Way to go Stephanie!

Willamette University Submitted by: Elizabeth Trayner Willamette University’s Office

institution, WSU. Jess Varga

of Residence Life has had a

has moved over to lead the

number of changes. Elizabeth

Kaneko Commons as the

Trayner started as the new

Coordinator for that area.

Director of Residence Life as

Chris Toutain and Heather

of June 1 and is excited to be

Coakley are remaining in

returning to the Northwest.

their current areas. Tori Ruiz

Most recently she was serving

continues in her role as Office

as Assistant Director for Staff

Coordinator and a wonderful

Development and Diversity

asset to the office.

at the University of Southern California. Prior to that she

Katie Hellman of Bowling

had been at Occidental

Green and Amy Collinsworth

College, California State

of University of Tennessee

University, Chico and the

have been a wonderful

University of South Dakota.

summer addition to the team

Also joining the team is Janae

as ACUHO-I interns. They are

Brewster as Area Coordinator

excited to be here and get the

for the Eastside. She had

opportunity to explore Salem

been at a fellow NWACUHO

and the surrounding area.

summer 2012


Washington Eastern Washington University Submitted by: Josh Ashcroft & Toni Taylor Staffing Changes: Welcome Rachel

fall, Josh will return to the University of

Department Initiatives: We purchased

(Rebar) Briscoe as a new Residence Life

North Carolina at Greensboro to complete

RoomSync, a Facebook application

Coordinator! Rachel returns to EWU after

his Master of Education in Student

that allows residents to select their

a stellar student staff career. She left to

Personnel Administration in Higher

own roommate. We are pleased with

complete her graduate work and earned a

Education. We already know we’ll miss

the results thus far. If anyone has any

Masters in Student Affairs from Northern


questions about it, you’re welcome

Arizona University while a live-in graduate

Construction/Maintenance highlights:

to contact our Room Assignments

hall director. She just finished a year at

During spring quarter, construction

Coordinator, Melanie Duggan at 509-359-

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as a Coordinator

began on the new residence hall! We’ll


of Student Development. Recently

have a web camera installed by mid-July

Professional Development Initiatives:

married, Rachel and husband Jeff will live

and you can check that out and learn more

This summer all staff are reading and

in Dryden Hall.

about the new building at http://access.

discussing “The Happiness Advantage:

The Seven Principles of Positive

Welcome also to new graduate assistant, Tricia Wahler. While Tricia

We are contracting the installation of

Psychology that Fuel Success and

continues work toward her Master of

shower stall inserts in Streeter Hall this

Performance at Work” by Shawn Achor.

School Psychology degree, she’ll be

summer using acrylic custom inserts.

Other news: At NACURH in June we

working on academic initiatives in the

Streeter Hall also will receive a hall

had two students sworn into the Regional

residence halls. Tricia was the Community

office overhaul making it more functional,

Board of Directors for PACURH – Richard

Advisor for an LLC floor in 2009–2010

ADA compliant and easier on the eyes.

Arquette as Director and Cameron

and implemented the very popular Library Lights Out program. Finally, we are grateful to have Joshua Moll working with us this summer as

Dressler and Pearce will have floor

Pilkinton as the Regional Technology

kitchen upgrades to include new cabinets,

Coordinator. Our National Communications

fixtures, sinks, stoves and increased

Coordinator was awarded a conference pin

counter space.

by the Director for her excellent work as a

an ACUHO-I intern. Josh is working in

Pearce and Streeter Hall will be fully

first time NCC. Advisor Michelle Schultz

many facets of the operations including

wireless by end of summer, leaving only

received her 4 and 5 year PACURH Pins

closing a hall/EOY checkout of residents

one hall without full Wi-Fi.

of Service.

while the hall director was on maternity

Traditions: The Moonlight Breakfast

leave, summer camps and assisting with

during finals week was well-attended and

Outstanding Student Organization at the

FirstSTEP freshman introductions. This

expanded to include all students.

Student Leadership Excellence Awards.

RHA won the 2011-2012 EWU

Gonzaga University Submitted by: Esther Gaines Gonzaga is in an exciting place with

New to the RD team are Justin Muzzi,

The excitement of new energy and ideas

new staff joining us in waves. Joey

Adam Strenge, Rachel Rasmussen, and

is brought a great level of excitement

Sammut received a promotion and now

Marche Simon. We also are gearing up to

to the department and we are looking

holds the position on Area Coordinator.

bring a new Grad RD on board, Chris Doll.

forward to how it will play out this year.

Seattle Pacific University Submitted by: Andrew Rogers spend more with her newborn son. Stacia

McCulluough, has accepted a Academic

wishes to three of our teammembers in

We’ve said goodbye and well

Cumberland, our crackshot Administrative

Affairs position at Whitworth University.

Residence Life that are moving on in

Assistant, has moved from teaching

We thank them for their service and

their careers and lives. Dana Stadelmen,

staff how to balance their budgets to

dedication to their work and students.

Apartment Residence Hall Coordinator,

teaching kids how to play piano. And our

is moving to California and excited to

sweetest and most optimisitc RLC, Anna


summer 2012

soundings University of Washington Submitted by: Michelle Primley Benton It’s an exciting time of transition on the

Stevens Court Resident Director to the

years to make way for additions to our

University of Washington – Seattle campus

Leadership & Programming Specialist

West Campus community. Residents and

after a successful closing on June 9. We

position. Anton Zanotto has transitioned

staff past and present celebrated the hall

are pleased to welcome new staff and

from Lander Hall Resident Director to

with events, including an opportunity to

see some of our returning staff move

the Conduct & Compliance Specialist. In

sign the walls and take home a Lander

into new roles. We have added two new

addition, this month we welcome 4 new

mailbox. The new Lander Hall will open

Administrators to our unit, bringing our

RDs to campus: Laura Lambeth, Kira

in 2014. As we say goodbye to Lander,

Administrator team from 3 to 5; we are

Newman, Christina Shapland, and Susan

we say hello to our two new residence

excited to add Alice Schweihofer from The

Sherbak. In addition, we have had the

halls opening this autumn, Elm and Alder

Ohio State University as the Administrator

pleasure of working with our ACUHO-I

Hall. Elm will feature our first full-service

for Apartment Life and Michelle Primley

intern, Janie Sacco, who will be returning

restaurant, Cultivate, as well as a West

Benton, who has transitioned within HFS

to Loyola University Chicago mid-July.

Campus fitness center. Alder will house our

to the Administrator for North Campus

We have appreciated her hard work this

first full grocery store, as well as feature

& Diversity Initiatives. Erica Barton has

summer. Finally, we are continuing to

Alder Commons, which includes meeting

transitioned to the Administrator for

interview for our confirmed Resident

rooms and an auditorium for programming,

Student Development, focusing on our

Director openings.

lectures, and conferences. Finishing

department’s student leadership and

touches are being put on both buildings,

development initiatives and programs.

UW said goodbye to a landmark, as

and we look forward to welcoming

Drew Zimmerman has transitioned from

Lander Hall was demolished after 55

residents in September.

Walsh Construction Co. Building Smart • Building Green • Building Community Located in Washington & Oregon Walsh Construction Co. is a general contractor specializing in student housing, academic facilities, affordable mixed-use and multi-unit housing. Renovation, historic preservation and high-end resorts round out the Walsh portfolio. University of Washington Nordheim Court


NWACUHO Soundings

Program Highlight: UBC’s Thunderbird Green Chef Challenge

By Cristel Moubarak, University of British Columbia

L- R, Jackie Ehlert, SHHS dietician, Organizers Cristel Moubarak and Jenny Huang, Residence Advisors

As a Residence Advisor in Thunderbird,

my colleague Jenny Huang and I identified some gaps in our community in terms of nutrition, sustainability and health. Most of the students in suite-style residence have never had to make a meal prior to living independently, let alone adjusting to UBC’s high sustainability commitments and mandates. So, in November, we planned an event that brought concepts of healthy eating, easy cooking and green living together featuring professionals from UBC Student Housing and Hospitality Services (SHHS) – and the Green Chef Challenge was born. The Thunderbird Green Chef Challenge encompassed two components; education and action. The education portion featured 3 guest speakers. Dr. Jackie Ehlert (registered dietitian with the Food Services branch of SHHS) started the talks with “Wise Eating” where she described how to incorporate healthy choices into an enjoyable diet. Chef Steve Golob (Chef at Place Vanier) talked about “Cooking Made Easy”


Green Chef Challenge Judges: Steve Golob, Vicki Wakefield, Jackie Ehlert, and competition commentator Josie Midha

- he gave advice and shared interesting

the salads on taste, nutritional value,

stories on how to make day-to-day cook-

appearance, creativity and station cleanli-

ing easy for students. On par with UBC’s

ness. After presenting the dishes to the

sustainability program, Vicki Wakefield

judges, the participants and attendees had

(SHHS Purchasing Manager) shared a lot

the chance to bond over delicious salad

of information on how to recycle properly


at UBC and characterized a lot of common mistakes made by students on what can

Through this event, Thunderbird residents

be recycled. After her talk, there was a fun

had the chance to get together and learn

competition called the “Green Test”, where

about valuable health, nutritional and

three participants sorted various items into

sustainability facts. They had the chance

can, paper, glass, plastic or landfill bins.

to create some memorable moments with

A prize was awarded to the contestant

fellow residents, Residence Advisors and

who sorted and recycled the most items

UBC SHHS staff. In addition, this event al-


lowed the Thunderbird community to learn about and take part in the Green Star

The second part of the event, the Thun-

Program initiative driven by SHHS which

derbird Chef Competition, featured three

promotes recycling and sustainability by

teams of two, who had 30 minutes to

having residents set three specific sustain-

make a creative salad with the secret

ability goals.

ingredient, basil. The twist was that all the ingredients they chose to use had to be

This event was the recipient of a PACURH

used up with no waste or leftovers. While

regional “Of the Month” (OTM) award, one

Josie Midha (UBC’s Triple O’s manager)

of 14 Regional Awards out of 176 nomina-

was the commentator in the competition,

tions in the Pacific region presented by the

Chef Steve, Dr. Jackie, and Vicki judged

National Residence Hall Honorary.

summer 2012



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Soundings Summer 2012  

NWACUHO Summer Soundings issue featuring articles on student loan interest rates, Tent City, and regional updates.

Soundings Summer 2012  

NWACUHO Summer Soundings issue featuring articles on student loan interest rates, Tent City, and regional updates.