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Crimson Chaos Strategic Plan Goal: Make The University of Alabama home athletic events the loudest and toughest place to play in the Southeastern Conference. Objective 1: To increase student participation, attendance numbers and membership by adding 3,000 new members and averaging over 50 percent student attendance at basketball games by 2015. Strategy 1.1: Offer increased communication with current members. Tactic 1.1: Issue a newsletter to showcase events for members that hosts players, teams and coaches. Tactic 1.2: Produce a fact sheet that better communicates information about Crimson Chaos. Tactic 1.3: Write a Crimson Chaos blog to better serve current members and communicate about upcoming events and games. Strategy 2.1: Offer new, innovative techniques that target new members, especially incoming freshman. Tactic 2.1: Write announcement release to target media Impressions and showcase benefits to members. Tactic 2.2: Produce television PSA to seek out new members by reaching new audiences. Tactic 2.3: Write a news release to publicize the lecture series that will be given by Alabama athletic coaches.


Crimson chaos strategic plan final