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Andrew J. Stewart (740) 334-3221 Cleveland, OH

Education ● Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, OH Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts Concentration: Painting Relevant Courses: Gallery Management, Computer Imaging, Photography I-II, TwoDimensional Design, Painting I-IV, Three-Dimensional Design, Survey Art History I-II, Modern Art History, Contemporary Art History, Medieval Art History, Islamic Art History, Drawing I-II, Figure Drawing, Ceramics, Sculpture ● Granville High School, Granville, OH

Relevant Experience Freelance Artist Ongoing ● Creating custom artwork based on client’s request ● Use of Adobe Photoshop, sharpie marker, pencil, charcoal, acrylic, and watercolors ● Using an XYZ printing da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3D printer to create custom sculptures Trademark Global, Lorain, OH March, 2013 – Present Fine Art Manager Artist Management ● Seeking out new artists and negotiating licensing agreements to reproduce their original artwork for sale on dozens of online retail stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, Wayfair, and Kohl’s ● Ensuring contracts are up to date and terms are followed ● Creating monthly sales reports for each artist to show which images are the most successful ● Disbursing quarterly royalty checks to each artist with sales reports and personal letters Production ● Overseeing the transfer and organization of new artwork and prioritizing schedules for production order ● Creating print ready production files from artists’ digital files using Adobe Photoshop ● Using Adobe Photoshop to create marketable images for each product to be displayed on our partners’ websites ● Writing website copy for images describing the subject matter, materials used, and biographical information about the artist ● Determining mass market retail pricing for products, as well as shipping specifications Product Development ● Developing ideas for new ways to present wall art, including new framing styles, panel set configurations, and materials on which to print ● Determining safe packaging method for new products ● Setting market prices for new products based on cost of materials and royalty rates for artists

2 Trademark Global (continued) Marketing ● Creating sell sheets to help sales managers present new products to their buyers ● Aggregating sales data to determine what subjects and styles are most successful in select markets, and hand picking artwork for the appropriate websites Frames Unlimited, Westlake, OH September, 2012 – March, 2013 Framer ● Designing custom layouts, composed of a variety of mats, fillets, frames and UV protective glass, based on the client’s artwork ● Joining wood and metal frames ● Cutting custom mats and glass ● Wrapping mats in fabric ● Painting bevels and French lines on custom mats ● Mounting artwork using conservational methods and materials ● Arranging and hanging consignment artwork in gallery space Licking County Art Association Member/Volunteer

May, 2011 – Present

The 2011 Bryn Du Art Show: “Into the Fray”, Granville, OH Featured Artist

Fall, 2011

The 2010 Bryn Du Art Show: “Media Rhythm”, Granville, OH Featured Artist

Fall, 2010

Richard M. Ross Museum, Delaware, OH Gallery Assistant ● Laying out and installing/tearing down exhibitions ● Mounting labels for artwork and signage for exhibitions ● Framing and un-framing artwork ● Installing artwork on gallery walls ● Adjusting lights in gallery space (on ladders) ● Patching and painting holes in gallery walls ● Finishing bases ● Renovation of gallery space and storage space ● General gallery maintenance

August, 2008 – May, 2009

Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH June, 2008 – August, 2008 Intern ● Installing/tearing down exhibitions ● Installing artwork on gallery walls ● Packing and unpacking shipped artwork ● Patching and painting holes in gallery walls ● Finishing bases ● Dusting and polishing artwork ● Assisted in managing and cataloging inventory in storage space ● General gallery maintenance

3 Special Skills  Art ● ● ●

Excellent figure drawing skills Proficiency in realist and impressionist styles Experience with charcoal, paints (both oil and acrylic), pencil, sharpie and ink, pastels, watercolor, ceramics, photography, and digital media. ● Photography: ● Experience with Nikon D70 DSLR camera ● Film development and printing ● Cutting, mounting and framing photographs using archival materials ● Museum: ● Laying out gallery spaces ● Framing and hanging artwork for exhibitions ● Business aspects of running a museum ● Framing: ● Joining wood and metal frames using brads and V nails ● Stretching canvas for paintings ● Experience with wall-mounted mat/glass cutter ● Experience with dry mount press ● Software: ● Experience in both Windows and Macintosh workstations ● Microsoft Office Suite ● Adobe Photoshop and related software ● Scanning software ● Internet navigation ● Strong organizational skills ● Effective troubleshooting ability ● Clear and concise communication skills ● Multitasking ability

Andrew Stewart Fine Art Resume  
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