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==== ==== The #1 Secret Electric Car Vendors Don't Want you to Know! ==== ====

A few brave souls, and not just professionals, actually design and build electric vehicles from the ground up. Why not just build these vehicles? That way you can own and race them. With the high cost of gasoline and diesel fuel impacting the use of automobiles, trucks, buses, it is time for these cars. And what better place to get going than our own backyards or garages like during the 1950s with the hot rod cars. We saw not only good but phenomenal designs come out of those times. That so many young people built and showed or raced. America, and now the rest of the developed world, has a love affair with their automobiles. From the beginning, we do not want to make the car very strange, because one of the perceptions of these cars is people think that they are toys, or cheap that you cannot drive high-speed, that they are not a real car. You should know that regardless of what the PR machine tells you vehicles can be converted to electric power and battery-powered cars may be the wave of the future some advantage of electric motors is their ability to provide power at almost any engine speed. The energy generated to power the electric car and the energy to move the car is 97 percent cleaner in terms of noxious pollutants. Even assuming that the electricity to power these motors is not produced from rooftop solar or natural gas lets assume it comes 100 percent from coal, it is still much cleaner than gasoline produced from petroleum. It will take private sector investment in electric drive vehicles, power trains and new battery technologies and this will come enough people need something and someone will supply it.

Let me ask you this question? Why don't you have an electric car yet? Is it because you think it's too expensive? What if I told you that you can have your own electric car setup for $300 or less!? It's true! After extensive testing I have made these plans available to everybody worldwide!

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==== ==== The #1 Secret Electric Car Vendors Don't Want you to Know! ==== ====

Why Not Build Your Own Electric Vehicle