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With the coming of the end of the world, many people have begun searching for information on how to survive doomsday 2012 and in turn, many information as well as books and guides were made. Several websites were made as well as communities, forums and chat rooms aside from that. You will find these following useful tips on most websites, books and guides. It is important not to survive alone; join a survival group or form one. The end of the world or the start of a new one is the one that you are dealing with and you must remember that. Mankind will die with you if you are the only person to survive. Other people are important for you to interact with and to help you remake the world. Find a place for your shelter; there are still some disagreement on the ideal location because there are many disasters that are said to come on doomsday and it looks like wherever you choose may protect you from one disaster but seems to be a potential target for another. If you hide away from tsunamis up in the mountains, you will be a perfect target for meteors and if you hide from meteors deep under the ground, you might get yourself several hundred miles below sea level. It is best to consult this dilemma with survival books such as 2010 Contact to be able to get the safest place in the planet. Make your shelter sturdy enough to withstand any blasts, storms, quakes and other extreme conditions to ensure your safety. To accommodate your group, your food as well as other supplies your shelter should be big enough; if possible make one with an effective waste disposal system so that you keep your shelter neat and your survival group healthy. Food and water stores should be enough for all the members of the community and make it last a long time. The food should be preserved to last about a year or longer without compromising the nutritional value and the taste. To make the food taste great keep a good supply of salt and dried spices. To keep the water safe for consumption keep a water purifying system; water should be used wisely, if possible make your shelter near a water supply. During the duration of the destruction and afterward you will need the supplies that you kept. Keep as much tools and stuff as you can because you do not know what will be left; also keep a collection of seeds of fruits, grains and vegetables. The list must have many things in it and you can refer to survival manuals for this. Between you and the group and between your group and other survival groups, there should be a means of communication. You will find out if there are others that can join you and help you build a new civilization with this. A transport vehicle is not bad to have. Make it something that does not need fuel since you do not

know if there will be fuel available. The handiest thing you can get is a bike. These are just some of the how to survive doomsday 2012 tips you will need to do in order to survive the coming holocaust. After that you will be facing a new challenge on how to make a new civilization for the new world.

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==== ==== The MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO To see for Survival in 2012! ==== ====

How to Survive Doomsday 2012 - Effective Tips  

The Most Important Video for survival in 2012! What do i need to survive 2012, survival f...

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