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==== ==== The #1 Secret Electric Car Vendors Don't Want you to Know! ==== ====

In today's world some people are deciding that it would be cheaper, in the long run, to own an electric vehicle and having to pay for gas in their cars. You can convert your gas vehicle into an electric vehicle fairly easily with the resources that available these days. This is of course if you want to take the time to build or convert your vehicle into an electric vehicle. If you have to commute to and from work everyday then an electric car is not the best option for you. An electric car battery can only run for thirty to seventy miles per day. But those numbers could change also with different driving conditions. If you live in an apartment with no garage then it may be almost impossible for you to recharge your car at night. These are all factors that you should take into consideration before deciding if you want to switch over to an electric car or stay with your gas vehicle. Some other considerations First and foremost you need to decide which type of car you want to use to build your can electric car; a smaller car is best but bigger cars will work also. You would want to make sure your car has a manual four or five speed transmission. Manuals are more efficient to it might save you some electricity. And since these types of cars are so effective, you will not have to be shifting up and down as much. You will need to add an additional system; this additional system that you will need to add in your car and add an extra 200 to 500 pounds to your cars total weight. So when considering which car to use you need to make sure the car is not extremely heavy so the extra weight you add will not put your car into an obscure weight class. A few more things to keep in mind when choosing a car for when you build your own electric car, power steering and air conditioning. If your car has power steering then you will need to have a separate motor for that. Also air conditioning drags on your battery so your battery will die sooner with an air conditioner. There is a way that you can still use your air conditioner though; you just have to use a special magnet system to work the compressor. Electric cars and hybrids are becoming more and more popular. If you really want to build your own electric vehicle there are plenty of resources out there that can help you get your car up and running correctly. An electric car in the long run could be a benefit because you would save money on gas.

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==== ==== The #1 Secret Electric Car Vendors Don't Want you to Know! ==== ====

How To Build Your Own Electric Vehicle