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==== ==== The #1 Secret Electric Car Vendors Don't Want you to Know! ==== ====

Understanding how to build your first electric car is not really hard is presumed. In 1995, it took us about 2 weeks to convert a Toyota Corolla for only few hundred dollars. I know that the question on your mind is how we did it? Not to worry before you go through this article and follow the steps. I bet you, you will certainly be up to speed. To start, the following primary items should be at your disposal. The principal author any gas vehicle, a detailed electric car plan, every simple home tool like drills, wrenches etc, and should be handy. To the main work proper, a large D.C or A.C motor and batteries should be acquired. But A.C motor is expensive, go for D.C type, since our aim is to build electric car and not put a hold in our pocket. A fairly used or refurbish D.C motor can serve our purpose here. D.C motors is easier to install too. In this quest of building electric car, procuring the batteries and D.C motor is the heaviest cost in the project. Now, find a friendly mechanic or rent a hoist to help you detach the gas engine from the car. Leave the clutch and flywheel in their place, thus, making a enough room for the batteries and D.C motor to occupy. After conversion you will drive just like automatic transmission, no need of shifting gears in traffic, and no frequent clutching like a gas engine. The accelerating ability takes some getting used to as there won't be a vehicle in town that will take you off the line at stop light, for this is no slow golf cart. Understanding how to build your own electric car is not just interesting, it is educating and fun. With gas prices determined to hit $10 per gallon, the time is right to make a switch to electric conversion.

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==== ==== The #1 Secret Electric Car Vendors Don't Want you to Know! ==== ====

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