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Why would you need a survival guide for 2012? The answer is simple. Something is going to happen in 2012. You probably feel this, I feel this and a bunch of other people do. What exactly, we will not know until the event will occur but we do have a couple of options. Option 1 The Mayans have predicted the end of the world people say. The Mayans say the people have interpreted this the wrong way. On 21st of December 2012 the long count calendar will end and which means we will then enter a New Age. Currently we are in the Pisces Age and will then enter the age of the Aquarius. This will bring mankind on another level of consciousness. We will be completely different and the world would look a lot better. Let's hope that this comes true. Option 2 Option 2 is the less bright side of the options that could happen in 2012. People have been talking about this mysterious Planet X for a while now. They think that in 2012 this planet will come so close to the earth, that it would have a massive effect on everything and everyone on the earth. There would be so many disasters and people believe Africa would be the safest place to be. Option 3 Nothing will happen in 2012. We would live happily ever after. Now people do not like surprises most of the times. The government does have secrets and there have been some people in the past that have managed to get some insight into some serious business. Some even say the government has built bunkers and such. It is in your human instinct to survive. You want to survive. If option 1 or 2 would happen you just want to be prepared. Nowadays this is possible as many survival guides are flooding the internet.

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==== ==== The MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO To see for Survival in 2012! ==== ====

A Survival Guide For 2012  

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