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Seamonkey Exclusive November 2013 Edition

What’s Inside Page 1: A Word From Our LTG Page 2: Reminders and Updates Page 3: Meet the Divisional Team Page 4: Elections Page 5: Recap (Articles) Page 6: Cont. Recap (Articles) Page7: Until Next Time

Contact Information Lieutenant Governor: Jerry Thomas— Regional Advisor: Mrs. Alyson Palmer– Executive Assistant: Pauline Nguyen– Division Secretary: Aaron Quiamzon– Division Tech-Editor: Andrew Cruz– Division Specialist: Sharlene Lim–

A Word From Our LTG

Hey there Seamonkeys! It’s your LTG checking in, I hope you all had a splendid time at Fall Rally South at Six Flags, because you all made it very enjoyable for me. I could not ask for a better division to help lead. Though even though FRS is over, we still have the rest of the key club year to enjoy and do service. Also, keep in mind elections are coming soon, and to start preparing for those. Other then that, Have a very thankful Thanksgiving and don’t forget to invite me to your Key Club Inductions, I would love to come watch. Love you all, and enjoy the newsletter! - Jerry Thomas Division 28 West Lieutenant Governor

Reminders and Updates December DCM

Club Inductions

When: TBA

Contact Jerry to

(Stay Tuned on Reflector)

Attend your

Membership Dues: $11

Club’s Winter


(Contact information at Table


Inductions! Of Contents)

Last Day Dec. 1 After Feb. 1 ~Delinquent

~Submissions~ *Submit Articles And Visuals To Andrew Cruz (Division Tech-Editor) By The 15th Of Every Month By 6:00 P.M. *Submit MRFs to Jerry and Aaron Quiamzon (Division Secretary) By The 30th of Every Month By 6:00 P.M. *Submit Newsletters to Andrew Cruz (Division Tech-Editor) By The 15th of Every Month By 6:00 P.M. *Submit MoM Nominations to the Division by the 30th of Every Month by 6:00 P.M.

Meet The Divisional Team Hey Seamonkeys! I hope you enjoyed Fall Rally and all these events that have been happening recently. Though it is time to start thinking about getting enough hours for induction, and maybe even running for a position inside your club or higher! You Seamonkeys are truly wonderful and I am so happy to be serving all of you. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and to stay safe. Keep on Serving!

Love, Andrew Cruz Division Tech-Editor

Aaron Quiamzon Division Secretary

Sharlene Lim

Pauline Nguyen

Division Specialist

Division Executive-Assistant

Elections Election Time Is Coming… Want to help lead your Key Club? President– The club president is responsible for setting and monitoring the goals of the club, running club meetings, appointing committee chairs and delegating tasks as necessary, recruiting, training and retaining members and maintaining regular communication with the lieutenant governor of his or her division.

Vice President- The role of the club vice president can be summarized in one word: service. The vice president serves the president, other club officers, committees and the general membership. He or she is also expected to learn the duties of the president in order to fill in or take over as necessary.

Secretary- The office of secretary is one of the most demanding in the organization and a good secretary is essential to the proper functioning of any Key Club. The secretary is responsible for taking minutes, keeping records and maintaining all important files for the club.

Treasurer- The club treasurer controls the club’s money, both its collection and disbursement. He or she collects member dues, prepares and monitors the budget and maintains accurate financial records.

Bulletin-Editor- The club editor is responsible for keeping the membership informed about important activities, opportunities and deadlines at the club, district and international level. The “bulletin” may be a printed piece or electronic update.

Historian- the club historian is in charge of taking pictures of service at events the clubs attend, uploading those pictures for the club to use via newsletters (etc.), and help making the Bulletin and or other creative visuals for the club.

Sergeant-At-Arms– Also known as SAA, this position in key club is a very diverse and special board member. The task of this position is to primarily help create cheers, teach cheers, maintain peace within the club, help keep the club civilized, and essentially help in any way possible to keep the club at its feet.

Recap- Articles Light The Night Walk Cimarron-Memorial had a great time helping out at the Light the Night Walk this year. Although there were only a handful of clubbers there because many members opted to attend an alternative event the club was participating in on the same day, I’m really glad that I decided to attend this one. Light the Night raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society, which funds treatments for those illnesses. It was good to know that I helped contribute to this charitable organization, even if it was as small as cheering the walkers on. This is definitely an event that CMHS Key Club will attend again in the future.

- Allison Atienza CMHS Key Club President

Fall Rally South 2013 I had the best time at Fall Rally South this past weekend. It was my first ever Fall Rally and I could say I had the time of my life. First of all, the spirit session was outrageous, seeing all this spirit in the air, and even though we didn’t win, I am so proud of division 28 North for winning! Also, I met so many different key clubbers from our CNH district, and I also got to ride a lot of rollercoasters. It was the best event I’ve been to all year, and I definitely will go again next year. It was an experience I will never forget.

- Sharlene Lim Division Specialist

Recap- Articles cont. Kickball for Cancer Clark’s kickball for cancer event was a great way to keep the club members motivated and pumped for key club events even after Fall Rally. I really enjoyed playing kickball with my friends and cheering each other on. It felt good to know that playing kickball with everyone would also be helping support funding and aid for cancer. I think everyone had fun, and I hope there will be more events like this in the future!

- Trina Hua Clark HS Key Club Sophomore Rep

Until Next Time I hope you Seamonkeys enjoyed reading. I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving and a wonderful season of service!

- Andrew Cruz <3 Forever Serving You Great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather by the presence of clear strengths. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; John Zenger

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D28W November Newsletter  
D28W November Newsletter