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Buying new and used cars at affordable prices

In today’s scenario when the fuel prices are sky reaching it is very difficult to afford luxurious stuffs for an average earning family. When it comes to buying a car then even a low end a new model can prove to be very costly for some of the people around the world. To overcome this, the best thing to do would be buying a used car also called as second hand. Buying used cars instead of new ones can prove to be beneficial in many ways starting from your budget. Used cars are inexpensive and are easy affordable especially when you are planning a holiday in places where public transport is either underdeveloped or jam packed. People from all over the world visit Doha for spending time with their families during vacations and that is the time when you would want to roam around the entire day and at times till late night. For this having a car of your own would be better. ‫( السيارات الجديده والمستعملة في الللدوحه قطللر‬new and used cars in Doha, Qatar) are usually found in the same showrooms as they serve the demands of all the customers. These showrooms cater to the needs of everyone as they have ‫السيارات للبيع و لليجار‬ (Cars for sale and for rent) as well. If you are new driver then driving a used or rented car is a better option because you might end up adding a few scratches on it. Rented and used cars are better for short trips as well if you do not need a car for daily purpose. The low cost attached to these cars is the most attractive feature which is spotted by many. Used cars also have better engines as compared to the new ones being manufactured today. However, the scrap value might not be so high but then you also need not spend much for possessing it. Even the ‫( أكبر معارض السيارات في الدوحه قطر‬biggest car showrooms in Doha, Qatar) have ‫ا‬ ‫( لسيارات للبيع و لليجار‬Cars for sale and for rent) and they check the condition of the car before keeping it in display. This maintains their reputation and they also

succeed in attracting the customers with affordable cars. Many customers give the cars back to the dealer from whom they purchased initially and this makes easier for the dealer to accept it. They service the car properly before offering it to somebody else.

Buying new and used cars at affordable prices - This is the second article that addresses our experience in Doha Qatar during a 6 months visit as a Fulbright sc...