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Iggy’s Famous Clam Cakes

Iggy’s Delicious Doughboys

other healthy versions include her signature black bean brownies, coconut shortbread and her newest cookie called the Resolution Maker, which is made with whole grains and walnuts, sweetened with date sugar and made with partial butter and partial coconut oil. These are all vegan as well as being great alternatives to less healthy snacks. Darlene says people keep coming back for more because they get the same product every time, and they are always made fresh. D’s Lectables also has a cookie of the month that works in correlations to what is in season that month. Besides ordering Darlene’s cooked baked goods which comes in various quantities even party baskets depending on your preference, she also is selling dry cookie mix and vanilla sugar packages. For more information on ordering or varieties and much more please visit D’s Lectables website at: http://dslectables.com. By Kelly Paterson

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