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OXFORD GUARDIANS Looking after your little angels

Our Philosophy At Oxford Guardians, we place the emotional, educational and welfare needs of your child at the centre of what we do. We do our best to make your child feel happy, secure and grow in confidence. We want your child to flourish at school and enjoy their stay in the United Kingdom. With Oxford Guardians you can be sure that all these aspects of your child's welfare and progress will be managed professionally by a small, experienced and caring team, always on hand to offer help or support to your child.

Sarah Bacon, Director

“ I could really talk

to them about everything . . . I grew up from a childish boy to a graduate from Aston University.�

Guardianship services Oxford Guardians provides comprehensive and personal guardianship services for international children studying at UK educational establishments from primary school through to university. We provide our services to children at boarding schools as well as independent day schools and Sixth form colleges. Our team covers the geographical area from Manchester to the South of England, but as with all our services, special arrangements can be made for children in schools north of Manchester.

We take care of the child’s needs before they come to the UK by helping with documentation and travel plans as well as preparing the child for their new life at a British school. On arrival the child would be met and accompanied by a member of Oxford Guardians to the new school. Oxford Guardians supports the child during their stay in the UK with matters related to health, welfare, home stay provision, schooling and legal requirements.

Carefully selected and welcoming host families Oxford Guardians selects a suitable host family for the child taking into consideration the child’s age and interests. We ensure that all police checks, references and documentation required in connection with the host family have been done. Choosing the right host family for exeats, half terms and holidays is very important for the child’s happiness and well-being. For this reason Oxford Guardians introduces the child to the host family before their first stay and visits the host family regularly during the academic year.

Our host families treat the child as one of the family. They involve the child in family activities, providing a home away from home. Living with an English family enables the child to experience British culture and further enhances their stay in the UK.

“ There are lots of

memories of the nice times, such as the trip to Spain with John’s family, or the Easter treat in Gayton, or watching Friends’ last episode with my guardian.”

Health and welfare In an English boarding school the child’s health needs are taken care of by the school’s welfare department. The child will be registered with the local National Health Service doctor by the school, or by us if required. Part of the ongoing support Oxford Guardians offers is help and advice when the child needs extra health care support, for example dental check-ups or the need to see a specialist doctor. Away from home, the child needs additional emotional support. Oxford Guardians can do this effectively by having regular contact with

the child, and working together with the parents, the host family and school. We also help the child with everyday practicalities that need to be organised, like setting up a UK bank account, arranging a phone card and pocket money. If necessary, we can help arrange the purchase of the school uniform. Oxford Guardians are here to help the parent and child when things go wrong – by arranging emergency medical treatment if required and giving advice in the event of a crisis. We have a 24-hour telephone contact service.

Working with your child’s school Adjusting to a new school in a new country and culture may require day-to-day advice and support. Oxford Guardians is that point of contact for the child, the school and the parents to ensure that the child is settled and happy in the new environment.

Oxford Guardians supports the child’s academic needs by assisting with GCSE, A-level and university/college choices and courses; monitoring the child’s educational progress and arranging additional tuition when necessary.

Our team makes sure that the child’s, parents’ and school’s needs for weekend exeats, halfterm and holiday periods are suitably met.

We offer advice and handling on placement to future schools and arrange English language and revision courses for the holidays.

Attending parents’ evenings and discussing your child’s academic progress with their teachers is part of the services offered by Oxford Guardians. We keep parents regularly informed of the child’s progress at school.

We also visit or contact, as appropriate, the school in the event of an emergency.

Getting around At Oxford Guardians we want to get to know the child from the very first day. We meet the child on arrival at the airport and settle them in the new school. At the beginning and end of terms, we arrange transport for the child to and from the airport safely and securely with an Oxford Guardians’ trusted driver. We also assist with flight arrangements and booking of tickets. At half terms and exeats we arrange all transport to the host family.

Pre-arrival contact and UK legal requirements Children and young persons under the age of 16, whose parents live abroad, must have a UK based guardian when they want to come to study in the United Kingdom. Oxford Guardians assists with document preparation prior to the child’s departure to the UK, particularly with reference to the Visa requirements. We supply a pre-arrival pack that contains useful information to help the child to settle in and have an enjoyable stay in the UK. If the child has any medical conditions, allergies,

special dietary or other requirements we need to know in advance. We strongly recommend personal and medical insurance for the child prior to departure. When necessary, we register the child with the local police. If parents wish to visit the child in the UK, we can arrange a letter of invitation for parents’ UK Visitor Visas.


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Oxford Guardians  

Oxford Guardians provides comprehensive and personal guardianship services for international children studying at UK educational establishme...

Oxford Guardians  

Oxford Guardians provides comprehensive and personal guardianship services for international children studying at UK educational establishme...