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10/6/2013 Grant  Augsburg,  Drew  Hall,  Jake  Ruggles

Dear Professor  Chung:

I. Statement  of  Problem  -­  Global  Warming  is  affecting  climate  and  extreme  weather This  research  needs  to  be  conducted  because  not  only  are  the  lives  of  humans  being affected  through  things  like  tornados  hurricanes  and  droughts.(which  affect  everything  from crop  growth  to  death  of  humans)  but  also  the  lives  of  flora  and  fauna  are  being  affected. Some  species  are  being  driven  out  of  their  natural  habitats  or  toward  extinction.

II. Purpose  of  Study  -­  To  discover  why  its  occurring  and  how  to  fix  it The  goal  of  the  study  is  to  figure  out  what  exactly  is  causing  these  specific  changes  and how  to  fix  them.  This  is  important  because  identifying  the  exact  cause  helps  to  identiify what  course  of  action  should  be  taken.  Unit  of  analysis  will  be  temperature  vs  population. Without  certain  species  life  is  not  the  same.

III. Research  Questions  /  Hypothesis For  the  purpose  of  this  study,  the  following  question  were  addressed:

i.                                      What  ways  can  we  reduce  losses  of  flora  and  flauna? ii.                                    How  can  we  prevent  more  natural  disasters? iii.                                Are  greenhouse  gases  the  main  cause  of  climate  change?

As part  of  this  study,  investigation  included  one  research  hypothesis: iv.                                Hypothesis:  If  greenhouse  gases  continue  to  accumulate  in  our  atmosphere,  then climate  change  will  continue  to  occur,  causing  an  increase  in  severe  weather  such  as hurricanes  and  droughts.

IV. Conclusion  (Impacts,  Benefits) Tell  me  why  your  scientific  topic  and  display  deserves  a  spot  in  the  museum Without  a  global  understanding  of  how  climate  change  affects  weather,  the  problem  will  not be  solved.    That  is  why  it  is  vital  that  people  become  informed  of  this  problem.    Weather also  has  the  potential  to  change  anyone’s  life,  so  this  problem  appeals  to  everyone,  which will  attract  attention  in  the  museum.    Although  humans  might  not  be  suffering  from  climate change  effects  yet,  plants  and  animals  are.    The  display  could  show  what  has  been happening  with  those  plants  and  animals  and  that  humans  could  be  next  if  we  aren’t proactive  about  the  problem.


Drew Hall [Drew  Hall,  Co-­Principal  Investigator]

Jake Ruggles [Jake  Ruggles,  Co-­Principal  Investigator]

Grant Augsburg [Grant  Augsburg,  Co-­Principal  Investigator]  Greenhouse  Gang

Project Proposal  
Project Proposal