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Business Picture Producers Two Picture Producers are on shift each weekday WBR1: 1045-2245 WBR2: 1100-2315 The WBR person sits in VTN37 and the other for NCH in VTN32. The allocation of WBR1 and WBR2 does NOT relate to which Channel you’ll work on so check with your shift partner. Mostly, the core team of Richard Tulip, Andrew Hill or James Harness will usually do the WBR shift when working with someone from outside the regular team. ~ The work is generally divided into WBR/NCH but there can be some crossover. The WBR Picture Producer may ask the NCH Picture Producer to do edits and recordings to help spread the workload. Its helpful to have the running order open of the next WBR and be familiar with what’s going on in case you have to suddenly help out or take phone calls. Keep an eye on the N8 clip checker too. The NCH person is usually given any features to edit for the evening or future days. You’ll have to juggle the hourly recording of guests too! See pages 13 & 14 for Business programme schedules. ~ Biz Picture producers use Jupiter far more than other editing shifts. Use the link below to read up on any functions you would like to know more about. Jupiter Training Manuals


’WBR1 1045’ Biz Picture Producer Things to do when you arrive

Record 1040 Biz guest

Check News Channel 1030 running order for a DTL / 2w / Studio guest

WBR 1130 running order

Look through the pages to make sue there are clips in each HL / VT / OOV page Automate guest DTL and LSE Presenter recordings

Do Biz Story Comp Tape

Gather and localise early morning Biz packages and log them on ENPS. Its good to get it out of the way in case you’re busy later.

Sometimes you might have to…

Take feed from Singapore

Singapore office might feed a VT for the WBR 1130 or for later in the day. If it’s not got a booking on ARRIVALS BOARD then record SINGAPORE on Jupiter

Quicklink or FTP

BBC Mumbai may have sent a clip overnight to run on WBR 1130 or later in the day. The 1130 SBJ or Planning Editor will let you know when you need to get this. Play recording on Qedit timeline to check picture quality is ok.

Record Web pages

Phone the News Online central technical area (CTA) on 58469. Record the source "news online" on Jupiter. You can ask them to scroll the page, and/or zoom in on bits. If they or you are busy you can email webpage link to “News interactive CTA staff". They will record it themselves and sent you the clip on Jupiter


Richard – regular James - milky Andrew – just hot water


Recording a DTL Guest on Jupiter Check the Biz section of the running order for any clues about the guests name and location Compare this to the ARRIVALS BOARD bookings (often the names are misspelt!) Change the booking slug if necessary on Jupiter – this will show on the BOARD and become the clips title. This can all be done in advance and set to auto-record, BUT, it might record wrong source or FAIL so keep an eye on it. Save server space and make things easier to find by CHUNKING just before the interview start. Delete the stuff you don’t need if you are 100% sure it’s not needed.

If a live interview is dropped due to Breaking News it becomes a pre-record. (Prerecords can be pre-booked too) Record DTL as normal on Jupiter A producer will come into the edit suite to ask the questions by phone. On Rolec select guest’s source eg NP7, MB11 etc, to hear answers in real time. Don’t have TV volume too high or they will hear themselves back. Call SCAR x48000 and ask them to route your phone to the guest you are recording. Play back the recording on Qedit time line to keep an eye on Levels and as backup. KEEP VOLUME OFF If possible LOCALISE the recording in QEDIT before stopping recording on JUPITER.

PRE-RECORDS Sometimes the producer will ask the questions from their desk in the Newsroom. Tell them which News Package to select on Rolec and record it on Jupiter. Sometimes the producer willsort askthe therouting. question from their desk in the Newsroom. They will phone SCAR and Just record it and let them know which News Package to select on Rolec.


Recording a Studio Guest on Jupiter Camera sources are on the Omnibus router only, so not directly recordable on Jupiter. The aim is to get the studio camera routed onto an ISO line that can be selected on Jupiter. There are FOUR ISO lines for each studio. The TD or MM will tell you which one is free, usually ‘1’ or ‘2’ On Jupiter the source is called N6-ISO1 etc, N8-ISO1 etc.

N6 and N8 have different setups so you have to ask different people.

News Channel (N6) Call the Comms TD x48269 and ask them to route the relevant camera into an N6 ISO. Or Before they go to the gallery, ask the SBJ to get the TD to route the camera onto an ISO. They should then message or call you to say which ISO to record.

WORLD (N8) Call the Comms TD x48280 to find out which camera the guest will be on. Or Before they go to the gallery, ask the SBJ to call or ENPS message you which camera (“N8 Editor” is the SBJ login in the gallery). THEN Call Media Manager x49496 and ask them to route the camera onto an N8 IS0. The TD can also do this but they might be unsure which one is free. TIP1: start a recording on ISO1 then change the source if Camera is put on anot TIP1: start a recording on ISO1 then change the source if the Camera is put on another source. Its recording quicker toin change source than start from scratch. TIP2: create a timed advance on Jupiter by selecting NEW BOOKING > New Arrival Booking on Jupiter’s “Arrivals Board”. Fill in the details and make it an Automated recording. TIP2: create a timed recording in advance on Jupiter by selecting NEW BOOKING > ‘New Arrival Booking’ on Jupiter’s “Arrivals Board”. Fill in the details and make it an Automated recording.


New York The NY Business office usually feed a VT for 2200 WNT:BE There is a block booking feed on the Arrivals Board everyday 2145-2255 called World News Today Business Inserts. Most times this will be on NP39. So we don’t have to remember to manually record this feed every day we have created a timed recording on JUPITER Arrivals, called bz/NY Biz (for Picture Producers) and records NP39, 2140-2259 Although this is on the Arrivals Board it is NOT a feed booking, just a recording. Therefore, any change to the start time or News Package of the real feed (World News Today Business Inserts) will NOT modify our recording. You will have to make the changes yourself.

Things to be aware of 2100 World sometimes want the NY VT early for their bulletin. NY will sort the feed times. When NY feed there could be holes in it for graphics. Ideally we should have been told in advance and found the graphic on JUPITER. They may feed a separate pay-off to add to the end of the VT so it can be played in later bulletins. They may feed a VT for the next morning’s WBR 0530. Don’t let NY distract you from the priority of the 2200. Tell them to feed it and then check the recording when you can. Clip it up as usual and send the details to the relevant people – NY will tell you who.


Live Playouts to Gallery Right click on the clip Select Playout (just below DELIVER and EXPORT) POSITION eg VTN37 Set TO eg JREP8 Hit OK Set

IF YOU YOU GET GET AN AN ERROR ERROR MESSAGE…… MESSAGE…… IF JREP could could be be in in use use already. already. Choose Choose another another JREP: JREP: 6, 6, 8 8 or or 9 9 JREP If you can’t get one call Mediawire to get one x48685 If you can’t get one call Mediawire to get one x48685 Or check check on on CURRENT CURRENT PLAYOUTS PLAYOUTS and and call call person person directly directly Or In Sidebar press

PRE CLONE if Status isn’t READY

Hit CUE ITEM so the first frame (or wherever the red curser is put) shows on the JREP The PLAYOUT button should now be GREEN Call the Gallery:

World - N8 Comms TD x 48280 NCh - N6 Comms TD x 48269

Tell them which JREP to select, what it shows and if its

SPLIT TRACKS On the Gallery’s cue PRESS

large green PLAYOUT button

NOT the normal small play button








Biz Story Comp As many BIZ VTs are comped onto the tape as possible Find them on Jupiter by searching bz-* and by using “Biz Last 12hrs” filter (depending on OUTLET setting)

Add clips to CLIPLIST. Right click on clip to EXPORT to Jex folder EDITING > BUSINESS MAC 1 Right click on clip and select KEEP DECISION**. Change delete date to 2 weeks time ** this is optional but useful for ongoing stories**

Localise VTs into QEDIT and string together (short clock in between is nice) Assemble edit onto current BIZ STORIES COMP. Log on relevant page in PICTURE PRODUCERS WBRPP grid Add the timecode of the start that days’ compilation Cut and paste (using Jupiter’s AUTOMATION EDITOR) the clips name and put into the ENPS page Add description / key words in brackets next to the clips name to help search for the pics within the VT As new VTs are fed or cut add them to the comp list. If a VT is fed for TX the next day is SHOULD NOT be added to the section of the day it is received. It should go under the date of TX. Message to a colleague if you’re not on shift the next day.

EXAMPLE 01.15.14 Wednesday 30th July (key word description helpful) - BZ-SIEMENS/MOORE/0530/30/7 (klaus Kleinfeld, von Pierer; court case) - BZ-STEEL/CASSIDY/0530/30/7 (same as above but - BZ-EADS/BOCKMAN/0530/30/7 (factory, A330 fuel tanker, A380) - BZ-NINTENDO/ONG/0630/30/7 (WII, XBOX 360, DS games for sale, in Singapore) - BZ-MITTAL/PREREC/1201/30/7 (Nigel Cassidy intv with Aditya Mittal) - BZ-LVBS/OOV/1240/30/7 (Liverpool Victoria banking Services website statement re PPI fine) - BZ-FED/FLEURY/2200/30/7 (fed exterior, bernanke, Bear Stearns, merrill lynch)

TIP1: Create a folder on WORK IN PROGRESS to avoid cluttering your cliplist. TIP2: Try to do the morning VTs before lunch. Doing them all at the end of the day is tedious!! TIP3: Ensure items have BIZ as the OUTLET so the “Biz Last 12hrs” filter works TIP4: Some 2200 VTs from the previous night are renamed as ‘0530’ VT next day. Check clip ‘relationships’ so you don’t dub the clip twice onto the Comp Tape.


Archiving Biz Library aka “WBRPP” & “bz-lib” We keep our own archive of pictures. This is done in three ways! • • •

Online in JUPITER On tape, logged in WBRPP ENPS grid JEX’d to the Business Mac (experimental!)

JUPITER Keep best few minutes of pics as a ‘bz-lib’. RECOMMEND TO KEEP the item TAPE Keep longer rushes on the comp tapes (also serves as a Jupiter back-up) Log on WBRPP grid JEX JEX all stories and new ‘bz-lib’ clips to Business Mac1

What should I archive? Work on the basis of “best pics” on JUPITER and everything onto tape/JEX.

Track and rushes feed: the long form rushes onto DV comp (try and cut out spooling, interviews, PTC); sequences from the cut story put together and published as a ‘bz-lib’ clip.

Agency feed item: onto tape and publish as a “bz-lib”. Use dopesheet shotlist for our ENPS log and JUPITER description. Sub down the text where possible so its easy to read. Ideally cut out any soundbites/voxpops UNLESS they are of a VIP (like a CEO saying s/he will not resign or promising not to cut jobs!)

Tape brought into edit suite: We don’t have DV-to-DV dubbing so this can be time consuming. Method a) load the rushes onto Qedit and then dub off on our DV Comps. Method b) ask the BJ/Rep to ingest onto Jupiter. Localise and then dub off on our DV Comps. If the pics are very good/unique publish the best pics to JUPITER as a ’bz-lib’. Consider if it’s worth publishing the rushes and suggesting to Library they dub off their own copy from JUPITER. Do use this using RECOMMEND TO KEEP.


Biz ROTs / PasBs Jupiter recordings last just a few hours. There are some exceptions, eg 2200 WNT, that have a longer life. Copies of almost all the late WBR programmes (the old style NY/London co-pres) are on DV comps in VT37. Some have Astons, some are Clean. These date from early mid 2001 to 16th May 2008 Any other WORLD ROTs outside of these times or dates can be ordered from Library. Recent NCh ROT tapes are kept by Mediawire in a cupboard somewhere in the Newsroom. A selection of older N24/NChtapes are kept for archive, the others are junked.

Clip Checker The PC in VT37 can only ‘dump’ N8 running orders to the N8 clipchecker N8 Clip Checker The PC in VT32 can only ‘dump’ N6 running orders to the N6 clipchecker N6 Clip Checker


ENPS Macros Programme your ENPS ‘F’ keys with shorcuts. Click green Rover on your Name folder, Select ‘Settings’, then Macros tab. Cut and paste the codes below, between and including the { } into the Macro column and add a description. Press SAVE.

CG Aston


Automation Clip


Graphics Central




ENPS Searches To save preset searches Press grey SEARCH box at bottom of ENPS. When you’ve made adjustments to the tick boxes go to ADVANCE OPTIONS tab. Next to SAVE NEW type a name for the search. Hit SAVE NEW. To use this search: highlight the name in the list and hit SELECT.

Useful searches Agency Dopesheets

Un-tick BBC CONTENT, tick AGENCIES AGENCIES tab: tick grey ALL box; CATEGORIES list tick ALL; NEWS WIRES list tick BBC MATERIAL, BBC AMS, APTN SCRIPTS, REUTERS TV. Go to ADVANCED OPTIONS tab and save the search.

WBRPP (Biz tape logs)

Tick BBC CONTENT, un-tick AGENCIES BBC CONTENT tab: tick grey ALL box; tick grey SCRIPTS box; un-tick grey MY WORK box. Dropdown menu: select TC3 BUS/NNIGHT; tick TVC BUSINESS in list. Go to ADVANCED OPTIONS tab and save the search.

News Channel Running Orders (1week)

Tick BBC CONTENT, un-tick AGENCIES BBC CONTENT tab: tick grey 1WEEK; tick grey RUNNING ORDERS box; tick grey SCRIPTS box; un-tick grey MY WORK box. Dropdown menu: select TC2 NEWS24/NOL; in list tick ALL ARCHIVES ON TC2…; tick NEWSROOM TV. Go to ADVANCED OPTIONS tab and save the search.

World News Running Orders (1week)

Tick BBC CONTENT, un-tick AGENCIES BBC CONTENT tab: tick grey 1WEEK; tick grey RUNNING ORDERS box; tick grey SCRIPTS box; un-tick grey MY WORK box. Dropdown menu: select TC4 WORLD; in list tick ALL ARCHIVES ON TC4 WORLD; tick BBC WORLD NEWS. Go to ADVANCED OPTIONS tab and save the search.

MY ENPS column Shows you the most recently arrived or modified pages Set it up by clicking on the green ROVER on the HOME icon Choose MY ENPS CONFIGURATION WIRES TAB: tick REUTERS TV; BBC AMS; APTN SCRIPTS SEARCHES TAB: hit NEW; left box type a name eg Biz tape logs; middle box select SEARCH; right box select a preset ENPS search (see above) eg the one for Biz tape logs; tick ENABLED Hit OK. The middle ENPS column toggles between FOLDER LIST and MY ENPS.


General Info Door Codes

Edit suite door Sound studio

C4051 9758

Ctrl T

ENPS topline message

Useful Phone Numbers LSE gallery

020 7797 3161

Mediawire Millbank TX Lines Bookings General Biz Office

48685 36325 49011 67572

World N8 Gallery Output Gallery Comms

x48281 x48280

Biz general number Biz 1 Biz 2

x48818 x57353 x48707

Media Manager


NewsChannel N6 Gallery Output Gallery Comms/technical

x48262 x48269

Biz Biz

x49175 x56642

Business Newsroom WBR SBJs WBR Planning editor Mantej (UK Planning)

x64198 / 65037 / 63183 x59318 x63052


News Channel Business 40 mins past each hour

1040 ~ 2240 OOVs, FLOATs, SOTs, record 2ways

HEADLINES 1840 2240 No Biz at 1940 (M-F), or 1840 Fridays only


World Business Report Schedule • • • • •

1130 WBR 1210 Biz OOVs 1235 Biz PROMO into Ad Break 1240 WBR (for World News Today) 1330 Biz for Bulletin from 1340ish Lunch Break

• • • • •

1610 Biz OOVs 1635 Biz PROMO into Ad Break 1640 WBR (for World News Today) 1730 WBR 1830 WBR from 1840ish Evening Break

• • • • •

1925 Biz PROMO into Ad Break 1935 Biz PROMO into Ad Break 1940 WBR (for World News Today) 2100 NYSE Bell rings (EVN) 2200 WNT Business Edition

(plus OOVs or SOTs on request at 10 past each hour)




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