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Are You Interested in Valet Parking Services? Here is Some Helpful Information. Valet parking is an added parking service offered by the most affluent of places for example hotels, restaurants, clubs, and banks to make your experience much more valuable. One of the advantages of valet parking is that it allows stack parking. Stack parking is whereby one can park more than one car into a given physical space. The valet always holds the keys as he can move cars in case of convenience such as freeing a blocked car. Another advantage of valet parking is that valets park cars closer and straighter than customers would park. This will save space in the parking lot and prevent the inconveniences. An efficient valet service must have a system to handle the expected number of guests and cars. This may include a place for designated greeters, stackers, a system for marking car locations, valets, and/or shuttle service for the end of the event.

Different types of entities that offer valet parking.

* Malls: Shopping malls provide valet parking due to the high numbers of customers. Malls charge a fee to park at a designated space, keys given to the valet, and tickets issued. * Banks: Banks also offer valet parking for their clients. Some banks go to an extent of having an elegant waiting area complete with financial magazines and the day's newspaper. This conjures up the image of a fine hotel experience in a bank. * Single Event: Single events for example; weddings, corporate events, and school functions employ Valet parking. You can hire valets for these events and assign them roles for efficiency. Parking may be at the streets near pickup location, parking lot or at an offsite location that can handle many cars. * Airports: Almost all airports offer valet parking. This is because some travelers leave their cars in the airports until they return from their destination. It is commonly commercial parking and the more you park the lesser the rate charge. * Restaurant and eat-outs: In such a scenario, parking is usually in the establishment's own lot. Valet parking in restaurants is usually a reserve for customers and frequent visitors. The nicest and most flashy cars are always parked in front of the restaurant. This is done as a marketing strategy. Restaurants trying to attract tourists may park rental vehicles or transport services. Restaurants looking to attract spenders may park expensive cars in front, including those of the restaurant employees or owners. * Casinos: The major casinos particularly those in Las Vegas and Atlantic City provide free or low cost valet parking.

* Clubs and Bars: Most of the uptown clubs and bars provide valet parking. The cars on the street have a huge bearing on the clientele inside.

* Hotels: Most hotels have enough parking lots, multi-layer lots, parking in front or back of the premises parking houses, hydraulic structures, and shuttles for car owners. Hotels usually charge more for valet parking when compared to restaurants, bars, and other places. This is mainly because of the overnight stay and guaranteed security. Valet parking can be a symbol of standing and success that some businesses employ to impress their clientele. The importance of a valet's service presence is the attribution to quality and overall excellent performance.

Valet parking has evolved into an important value-added service, and when performed correctly it improves the quality and service ratings. It has also evolved into commercial parking and enterprises are making an extra penny. Access the best service with

Are You Interested in Valet Parking Services? Here is Some Helpful Information.