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Aspiring architect with 2 years of experience in New York City. Strong background in CAD and applying creative solutions to designs. Seeking position as junior architectural designer in a challenging work environment. 09/2016 01/2018

New York, NY Staff Architect Arpad Baksa Architect, PC • Managed multiple residential and commercial projects simultaneously in a fast-paced office. • Obtained approval from Landmarks Public Hearing Commission for

the restoration and extension of a corner lot mixed-use residential and commercial building in SoHo. • Coordinated directly with clients and engineers on a regular basis. 06/2014 08/2016


08/2014 06/2016 08/2010 06/2014


7+ years 1+ year 6+ years 7+ years 2+ years


7+ years 6+ years 6+ years 4+ years 3+ years

Queens, NY Architectural Intern Lu Ning Architecture, PLLC • Took on many responsibilities working directly under principal. • Had a large role in designing a new 23,000 square foot mixed-use residential and commercial building in Corona, Queens. • Recognized by management for strong and consistent work ethic.

Master of Architecture University at Buffalo

Buffalo, NY

Bachelor of Science in Architecture University at Buffalo

Buffalo, NY

AutoCAD Revit Rhinoceros and V-Ray Adobe Creative Suite SketchUp Design Model Making and Woodwork 3D Modeling and Rendering Digital Fabrication Construction Drawings

51 MACDOUGAL STREET Historic Building Restoration Year: 2017 Team: Arpad Baksa Architect Severud Associates

• Restoration of historic landmark building with a rooftop addition and ground floor commercial extension • Prepared drawing sets for Community Board and Landmarks public hearing

Macdougal Street storefront detail

• Coordinated design with Landmarks Preservation Commission to preserve historic characteristics of the district

West Houston Street storefront detail


12PM - 7PM 11AM - 7PM 11AM - 7PM


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11AM - 7PM

Macdougal Street elevation

West Houston Street elevation

32-65 107TH STREET

New Building Development Year: 2015 Team: Lu Ning Architecture Z&T Engineering

• New 23,000 sf building with 4 retail spaces, 20 residential dwelling units, and recreation area • Had key role in the design and development of both retail and residential floor layouts, and facade studies • Performed zoning and energy analyses to comply with NYC building regulations • Coordinated design and systems with mechanical and structural engineers, and worked closely with client on regular basis

First floor plan

107th Street elevation

Northern Boulevard elevation

B3: BRICK BLOCK BEAM Concrete Masonry Wall Year: 2015

Team: Taras Kes; Andrew Kim; Cortland Knopp; Kenzie McNamara; Timothy Ruhl

• Semester long material research project focusing on concrete and seismic load capabilities • Worked in a group of five to design, fabricate, and assemble concrete masonry units into a performative screen wall installation • Took an active role in the creation and development of the connection and assembly details, and methods of fabrication • Led daily critically constructive discussions, organized production schedule, and managed team work output

Tension crank: Wire tightened for wall stability

Horizontal unit to unit connection: Wall ties

Unit to floor slab connection: Tension wire bolted to ground

THE LIVING WALL: ARC Wood Frame Modules Year: 2011

Team: Daniel Boyle; Vadim Fedorishin; David Heaton; Hanna Ihrke; Andrew Kim; Amanda Mumford

• Semester long project focusing on construction methods and modular designing • Worked in a group of six to design, construct, and transport an inhabitable wood frame module • Created shop drawings, construction details, and physical/digital structural analytical models • Coordinated between digital drawings and models with physical feasibility models and full-scale builds

Massing model

Framing model

Cladding model

Horizontal module connection: Fastened bolts

Horizontal module connection: Fastened bolts

Vertical module connection: Slotted 2x4s

ZIPPER CHAIR CNC Milled Chair Year: 2015 Team: Andrew Kim; Matthew Meyers

• Furniture design/build project focusing on physical and digital methods of woodworking • Worked in a team of two to design and fabricate interlocking wood strips to create a curved chair • Made use of Grasshopper plug-in for Rhinoceros to create form and toolpath for CNC milling


3D Printed Modules Year: 2013

• Experiment with 3D form based on procedurally generated behaviors • Worked in a team of two to explore methods of creating form patterns and micro-structures • Made use of Processing to develop parameters for simulated behaviors and Rhinoceros to create form for 3D printing


Public waterfront restoration (2015)

Public waterfront restoration (2015)

Community facility design entry (2013)

CASE STUDY Project: Conibear Shellhouse Architect: Miller Hull Partnership 5

1. Foundation

• Existing piles • Existing pile caps • Existing concrete topping slab

2. Shell Bay External Wall

• Cast in place concrete panel with 6” x 8” steel angle corner • R-11 batt insulation

3. Deck Floor

• Existing steel frame structure with R-14 insulation • 2” composite metal decking • 2 ½” concrete topping slab • Hot rubberized asphaltic membrane • Protection sheet • Drainage composite • 1” rigid insulation • 2” topping slab with broom finish

4. Dining Room Floor

• Existing steel frame structure with R-14 insulation • 2” composite metal decking • 2 ½” concrete topping slab • 3” R-19 rigid insulation • Vapor barrier • 2” topping slab with floor finish

5. Deck Roof • • • • • • • •

PTD steel purlins 2” x 6” P.T. nailer 2” x 6” tongue and groove decking Plywood sheathing Vapor barrier 6” R-21 rigid insulation ¼” overlayment board PVC single-ply membrane





6. Curtain Wall

• 5 ½” curtain wall system with thermal break with 6” wide vertical aluminum fin at exterior

7. Garage Door

• 12’ x 11’ aluminum garage door with insulated glass • 12’-0 ¼” x 2’-11 5/8” aluminum louvers


8. Guardrail

• Painted ½” x 3” flat bar welded to 6” x 6” steel angle and column • ¾” x 6” galvanized steel plate top rail

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Andrew Kim Portfolio  
Andrew Kim Portfolio