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The Staff, Students, and School Board at Andrew Community School would like to wish you and your families a Safe, Happy, and Healthy New Year!


Families came to school on the evening of October 25th to learn more about math strategies and Common Core math. Students showed their parents and guests why it’s important be able to explore number sense and solve math problems in a variety of ways. Guests enjoyed learning from our students as well as seeing how our students are working SO hard to take the lead on their learning.

Andrew LEAP: L​eadership​ E​ducation​ ​in ​ A​fterschool​ P​rograms

Pete Bonifas Activities & L.E.A.P. Coordinator Andrew CSD

It has been a great semester of before and after school activities here at Andrew! We are currently in our second year of running an Iowa 21st Century Community Learning Center and have partnered up with local providers, volunteers, and school staff to offer 17 different programs to engage our students every night, with over half of those programs being new or offered for the first time! New programs to Andrew’s L.E.A.P. this fall semester were: Yearbook, Hawk Herald Helpers, Geocaching, FOSS Science, Zumba, Snap Circuits, Cullerful Cupcakes, YMCA Dance Lessons, and a weekly visit from the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium! We also continued our partnerships with our local Iowa State University Extension, the Hurstville Interpretive Center, and the Maquoketa YMCA for weekly programming. In addition to these activities, students also participated in Legos, Flag Football, and Movies & Popcorn on the big screen. As we reflect back on our first year of offering programming with Iowa 21st Century Learning Center funding, a phenomenal 95.5% of students in our building attended programming in 2015/2016! In addition to that, 58.3% of our building’s students attended programs 30 days or more! A ​ ll​ programs are free for students to attend and run five days a week, every day school is in session. Each day begins at 7am with open computer lab and study time until 7:40am. Programs vary nightly and run every night from 3:30pm - 5:30pm. Andrew L.E.A.P also has 30 days of summer programming.

L. E. A. P.

Happy Holidays from Andrew CSD! What a wonderful time of year to engage in fun learning opportunities during and outside of school. It was so nice to see so many Andrew families and friends join us for the holiday music performance this year. Floor seating was full and the bleacher area was nearly filled up to the rafters. Thank so much for continuing to support our students and our school. High levels of community support and engagement continues to be a defining strength for our school district. As we approach the holidays I wanted to share some information relative to the season. As we all know too well, the holidays come with Iowa winter weather. Please know that myself and our Andrew staff will monitor the weather closely to ensure the safety of our students and families. When making a decision to delay, release early, or cancel school we consider a number of factors including; coordinating our plan with partner school districts, impact on families and transportation, and most importantly...the safety of all. In the event of a weather related change we will do our very best to get information to you in a timely manner so that you can coordinate plans. We are always open to feedback from our community on these issues. Pleasing everyone if a difficult task, but through open dialogue will will do our best to be responsive to the input from our community members. On a final note, I wanted to share some community feedback we received from a survey we recently administered to families. The positive results indicated in the pie graphs below reflect the passion and commitment our staff brings to this school to create a positive environment for all to learn. The data collected reinforced many of our school’s core values. As you can see, parents overwhelming expressed satisfaction with how much the staff here cares about each child we serve. Other survey questions also identified the perception that Andrew CSD effectively prepares our young people to be successful in school and beyond. I know that I feel extremely fortunate to be able to call Andrew CSD home for my children. I hope you all do as well. We have an incredible team of educators in this school that do incredible things for our kids. Before you leave to enjoy this holiday season with friends and family, please consider taking a moment to thank the members of our team for all they do to make Andrew CSD a special place for us all. Sincerely, Chris Fee Andrew CSD Superintendent

Happy Holidays, While working on this edition of the Hawk Herald, we had a group of student leaders returning from buying gifts for children in the “star program.” Students at Andrew brought pennies to raise money for gifts for children as part of the community star program. The students were so excited to contribute to this service project and also to go shopping for those students to find a special gift for each of them. Especially during this time of year, I am so thankful for our students and their focus on service and leadership and how they can positively impact others. Our students have shown many acts of kindness throughout the semester such as during our first quarter service projects which included bake sales, painting fire hydrants and raising money for cancer research to name a few. Our students are extremely familiar with the 7 habits and are now learning about the principles of each habit. For example, when I went into a 2nd grade classroom this week they explained how they were writing thank you cards to staff throughout the building to show random acts of kindness. They explained that this was Habit 7 or “Sharpening The Saw” because it strengthens their body, heart, mind and soul which is one of the principles of this habit. Teachers are doing an amazing job of integrating the 7 habits and the principles of the habits into their daily curriculum of reading, writing, math, science, social studies and in the specials areas. We are also excited to share that Andrew CSD will have their review to reach their Lighthouse Milestone on February 28th. This will be a full day of representatives from Franklin Covey coming to the school to review with students, staff and parents how we have implemented Leader In Me. Please let me know if you are interested in being on the parent panel for this review. Our staff and students have worked so hard to implement the habits throughout our school to support leadership in all our students and this is an opportunity to celebrate the great things that are happening at Andrew. We look forward to celebrating this milestone with everyone during our Leadership Day on Friday, April 7th. On our Leadership Day we will also be participating in a whole school/community service project called Kids against Hunger. We will share more about this as we get closer to Leadership Day. At the beginning of January, our students will be taking their winter i-Ready progress monitoring assessment to show their progress in reading comprehension and math. Students will also take their winter FAST screening assessment to show their growth and needs in the areas of reading accuracy and fluency. We will be excited to share your student’s growth with you and also use the information to guide next steps in your child’s instruction. We are looking forward to a very exciting second semester full of learning, leadership and fun. We have many ways to become involved. As always, please reach out through email or call 563-627-3221 if you have any questions or would like to talk more about the work that is taking place at Andrew everyday! There is so much exciting work happening and we’d love to have you come and visit anytime or get involved in our many volunteer opportunities. Best Regards,

Tara Notz Principal, Andrew Community School District

Halloween Parade

Best Elementary Costume: A Minion Noah Wedig

At Andrew School every year we have a Halloween Parade. Every year the students win the different awards which are the cutest, the most creative, most funniest, the scariest, and a group costumes award. Every year at Andrew School when we do the halloween parade there are a lot of different costumes. We march around the new gym in our costumes. It turns out good every year. If you win a costume award you get a drink or a treat bag. There are judges that judge you on your costumes. Every year it has some funny costumes, cute costumes, scary costumes, and some of the most original and unique. By: Irene DeMoss


Funniest Costume: A Mummy Calen Fee

Best Group Costume: Afton Ties Alana Barker Most Creative Costume: Mine Craft Kaden Miller

Scariest Costume: Krishawn Simmons

Best Teacher Costume: Friendly Witch

Best Middle School Costume:

Mrs. Sharon Asmussen

Wrestler Hunter Williams

VETERANS DAY Andrew Community School hosted their annual Veterans Day Assembly on November 11th in the school gymnasium. Veterans Day is an important day to honor our veterans. Andrew’s art teacher, Mrs. Bresnan, just got back from Afghanistan. All of the students are happy that she is home safe. Now she has a new member of her family, a little boy named Simon. We all thank our veterans for serving our beautiful country. At our assembly we thanked some of the million veterans. My great grandfather Till was a veteran and I never got to meet him, he died when my dad was a baby. If he were still alive I would thank him along with my great grandfather Kilburg. Thank You Veterans!

By: Karlye Till


For the past year Andrew students have missed their art teacher. In the middle of September she came back. I feel like it was just yesterday when she left. All of the students made amazing cards and later that day we let go of balloons in honor for earlier veterans. Thank you for your service Mrs. Bresnan. Written by : Adalynne Leach

Sept, Oct.,and Nov. Award Winners  

September Leadership Award Winners: Cora Widel (3) Ilah Portz (2) Devyn Dunne (1) Aubrie Ramirez (K) Kyra Ihrig (PreK) Darrell Miller (7) Emma Ihrig (6) Trinity Long (5) and Cate Dunne (4). Morgan Jordan was absent for photo. Afton Ties was the recipient of the Middle School P.E. Leadership Award Carson Casel (absent from photo) received the award for the Elementary. Kaitlyn Heiar received the Leadership Award for the Middle School Choir.

October Leadership Award Winners: Faith Hankemeier (4), Klaire Till (3), Morrell Johnson (2), Anita Borrenpohl (1), Joe Ihrig (K), Elena Hickson (PreK), Allison Ernst (8), Cale Widel (7), Delaney Dunne (6), and Jami Portz (5)Nalani Waller, Morrell Johnson and Afton Ties were the recipients of the P.E. Awards. Mariah Barton, Emma Ihrig, and Morrell Johnson were the recipients of the Band/Vocal Awards

November Leadership Award Winners: Hope Hankemeier (1) Art, Kaden Miller (3), Autumn Balk (2), Calen Fee (1), Arabella Wagner (1) Elementary Music & P.E., Lizzy Fee (K), Ian Begeske (PreK), Ryder Kilburg (8), Alissa Dearth (8) Midle School Choir, Jariyana Burnett (7), Isabel Krabbenhoft (7) Band, Jaden Manning (6), Cale Widel (7) Middle School P.E. Alexis Holdgrafer (5), and Cody Hurt (4)

2016 Sports by: Jami Portz  

Boys Schedule

A group of the 5th grade girls got together and put together a cheer group for our Middle School Sports Teams. They are Adalynne Leach, Trinity Long, Grace Hankemeier, Jami Portz, and Karlye Till. Thanks girls for cheering on our teams!

Jan. 19 - 4:30 vs. Cal-Wheat Jan. 23 - 4:00 at Easton Valley Jan. 26 - 4:30 vs. Midland Jan. 30 - 4:30 vs. Marquette Feb. 2 - 4:00 at P.O.P. Feb. 6 - 4:00 at Cal-Wheat Feb. 9 - 4:30 vs. Easton Valley Feb.13 - 4:00 at Midland Feb. 16 - FINISH Feb. 21 - 4:30 vs. P.O.P.

2016 Girls Basketball and Volleyball

Kayla Bruggenwirth, Alyssa Manders, Coach Janie Cornelius, Dakota Johnson, Isabel Krabbenhoft, and Faith Courter.

Helen Dearth, Kayla Bruggenwirth, Faith Courter, Nalani Waller, Coach Erin Johnson, Dakota Johnson, Kaitlyn Heiar, Afton Ties, Isabel Krabbenhoft, Alyssa Manders, and Coach Janie Cornelius

National Hot Lunch Week A few of the faces enjoying National Hot Lunch Week. Everyone enjoys seeing the smiling faces and enjoying a delicious meal with a loved one. Thanks to our cafeteria staff (Jill Huling and Deb Van Dorn) for preparing the wonderful meals and also for everyone taking time from your busy schedules to join in. A smile is worth a thousand words!

Thank You Andrew Fire Department

A big thank you to the Andrew Fire Department from the Andrew Staff and Students for the time you spent with us demonstrating and talking about fire safety. We were all very excited to see the Air Care helicopter land at our school. It was great to be able to ask the pilot, nurse, and paramedic all the questions and to see what the inside of the helicopter looked like. It is always helpful and less scary if or when something happens if you are prepared and know what to expect. By: Karlye Till

A. F. D. The Andrew Fire Department received the October Community Leadership Award from Andrew Community School. Accepting the award for the department are firefighters Shawn Bruggenwirth, J.C. Cornelius, Ryan Hingtgen, Curtis Roeder, Mike Roeder, Aric Olsen, and Zach Jamison. Thank you A.F.D. for all you do for our community and school.

Community Service Projects Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade students enjoyed working hard to make a difference for our friends at Clover Ridge, Maquoketa. Students made Indian Corn and Thanksgiving Turkey decorations and also a turkey placemat to bring joy and smiles to their fall season.


Andrew 3rd graders held an Alex's Lemonade stand for our first quarter service project. We raised $132 for childhood cancer research!

The fourth grade class made craft kits to send to the Children's Hospital in Iowa City. The craft kits included, Pokemon Sun Catchers, Snowman popsicle ornaments, flag sticks, gem magnets, and alligator clothespin clips. We hope many kids will enjoy making these crafts during their hospital stay.

5th graders worked on making "Future Andrew Hawks" t-shirts to give to new babies in our school district. They also decorated tumblers to give to new Andrew students as welcome gifts.

For our 1st quarter service project, Andrew's Amazing Powerhouse Players team synergized with the town of Andrew and the Andrew Fire Department to paint the fire hydrants throughout town. We had 14 students, 3 parents, and some staff working together to make a difference in our community. Our team also helped to fundraise for the Andrew Fire Department by selling Little Ceasar's pizzas.

The Living Leaders middle school team traveled to the Homeward Bownd Siberian Husky Rescue located north of LaMotte on October 21st. Homeward Bownd is a non-profit Siberian Husky shelter sponsored by Marla Theisen and volunteers. They pride themselves in the well-being of huskies and finding these dogs a forever home. The students raked leaves, cleaned pens and dog toys, walked dogs, washed vehicles, and vacuumed the shelter’s loft. The students learned how the gift of giving is truly a rewarding experience.

Leaders of Thee Town Andrew Middle School Team held a bake sale for The Wildlife Conservation Society. The total amount raised was $270!! :) Great job to these kiddos!

The Seven Habits Habit 1- Be Proactive means I am in Charge of myself. I need to know how to lead myself before others. For example controlling your attitude.

Habit 2 - Begin With The End In Mind means to have a plan before you tackle a task. For example if you are going to go on vacation you need to know the details before you leave. Habit 3 - Put First Things First means to do the important things first. For example if you have a test tomorrow, but the Cubs are playing tonight you should study before you watch the game.

Habit 4 - Think Win-Win means thinking of others ideas and your’s and combine them all together to create one great masterpiece. For example if you and your friend and going to enter a contest together and your creation is a volcano. Your friend wants the outer part to be made of paper and glue, but you want it to be cardboard and tape. You and your friend then combine ideas. The paper and glue will go over some cardboard and tape. Habit 5 - Seek First to Understand Than to Be Understood means to listen before you talk. For example if someone is telling you a story and you have a question about their story wait until they are done then ask your question. Habit 6 - Synergize means to work together. For example if you are on a football team you need to work together to get a touchdown or stop the other team from getting a touchdown. Habit 7 - Sharpen the Saw means to have a balanced lifestyle. Exercising and eating healthy will help you create a balanced life. For example walking/running are exercises and fruits and vegetables are healthy for your body plus they taste terrific. Written by: Allison Ernst and Isabel Krabbenhoft 

Andrew Lions Club

Andrew Lions Club and Trooper Dan Trooper Dan came to school to eat breakfast with students and build relationships. Andrew Lion’s Club provided doughnuts for all. The Andrew Lions Club received the Community Leadership Award at our November Leadership Assembly. Each month members of the Lion’s Club visit the classrooms and read stories to the students. The Lion’s Club also sponsors vision checks and does a community food drive. Accepting the award for the club are members: Connie Weirup, Sherry Peters, Diane Rittmer, Tom Marcus, Jim Weirup, and Steve Peters. Andrew Community Schools thanks you for all that you do for our school and community.

Girls Scouts “Are you looking for a place where your daughter can build strong friendships, learn new skills and build lasting memories? The Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois would like to start a troop for Andrew Elementary! The only thing needed to start a troop are two leaders and a can do attitude! This is a great opportunity to spend more time with your girl, be a positive role model, and make your community a better place. Any questions about being a leader? Please contact Sara at 563-823-9940 or email”

Homeward Bownd Andrew School wants to help celebrate growing families! Do you or someone you know in the Andrew area have a new family member? We would LOVE to help them celebrate! If so, please call the school at ​672-3221 We have a small gift for the new baby hawk in your life!

What: Fundraiser When: Saturday, January 28th Where: At the Rescue Time: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm Menu: We will be serving Homemade Soup, Rolls, Desserts, Water, Coffee, & Hot Chocolate

Cost: $5.00. *We will also have dog sled rides for children,” weather permitting.”

Please keep pulling tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. This contest will end Friday April 7, 2017. Let’s see which class can collect the most!

2016 Penny Race Andrew Students are the Best! Each year Andrew School host a Penny Race for one week. During this week students gather pennies to get stars from the local Star Program. Then the shopping begins. Not only does this teach our children the gift of giving and caring but it also puts a smile on the faces of others less fortunate. This year students raised $384.03. Way to go Andrew Students!

Band and Vocal Performances

On November 15th Andrew School held its Fall Middle School Concert. Combined Choirs and the Middle School Band performed a variety of songs for the audience. Middle School Choir performed many humorous songs including: A Cold In My Nose, Zum Gali Gali featuring Allison Ernst on Flute & Alissa Dearth on Bongo Drums, Whisper!, The Snow Carol featuring a Duet by Kayla Bruggenwirth & Alana Barker, Just Like Clockwork!, and ending with Tic Tac which used half empty tic tac boxes as a percussion instrument! The band portion of the concert included three songs: Sugar Plum Samba, The Ghost Lights of Newton County, and concluded with An American March.

December 15th the elementary students at Andrew School held their Winter Program! The Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade students performed "The Grumps of Ringa-Ding Town." The Bells of Ring-a-Ding Town have stopped ringing because the pressures of the season has gotten the residents all grumpy! A severe winter storm pounds the town and the grumpy citizens are reminded how much they need each other. When peace, love, and joy returned, the bells of Ring-a-Ding town began to ring again! The Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade students performed "Holiday Windows" where children sing about looking in at the festive windows including: Bring On The Snow, Holidays In The Sun, Makin' Toys, Down-Home Cookin', and Ring In A Brand New Year!

Hawk Herald - January - March 2017  

The Hawk Herald is the official quarterly publication of the Andrew Community School District in Andrew, IA.

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