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Why you need to build an email list if you are to create a sustainable online business From Andrew Collinson Of You may have heard the expression "the money is in the list" and what that means is if you are going to make money online you have to have a customer base who are wiling to buy from you. Now if you have a web site that is selling a product and someone comes to your site but does not buy then you will have lost them forever. How much better it would have been if you had got their contact details so you could tell them about a special offer coming up in the future. You may have encountered this in the offline world where you buy something in a shop and they ask you if you would like tot go on their mailing list.They want your details so they can keep on marketing to you. The same applies online,if you have no list then you have no customers to market to. So you need an email list and you build this list by having a website that captures a visitors email address and offering a free product such as an ebook.Make sure it is good content not just some re-hashed stuff that everyone knows about. But as well as offering products you need to be able to build relationships with your customers as they are more likely to buy from someone they know like and trust.

So you want to mix selling with providing tips and advice that they will find useful that you offer for three. A good ratio would be two email with content for every one that is selling a product. You also need to keep emailing your list so they don't forget who you are. I bet you receive many emails from people and you think " I don't even know this person,how did I get on their list?" Chances are you did opt into their list it's just such a long time since they last emailed you you've forgotten who they are. So even if you have no product to offer at this time send them one email a week with someone useful tip so they know you are someone who provides good value. As your list builds you can then start to look for Joint Venture or JV partners who can promote your product and you can promote theirs. This is a great way to increase sales and build your list because people on your JV's list will opt into yours if they like what you are offering. Don't go for the really big gurus who have massive lists,go for ones that have lists bigger than yours but not too much bigger. So go out now and build your list of subscribers.A good rule of thumb is you will earn $1 per month from each subscriber.So if you need $3000 per month to quit your job then you need three thousand subscribers. To learn how to build that list got to

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Why You Need you to Build an Email List presents why you need to build a list of email subscribers if you are to create a sustainable online bus...