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The Nine Dietary Laws By Andrew Collinson In Dr Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care he lists seven dietary laws which we should all adhere to.

Law No 1:Our food should be natural whole and pure which means it should be as close to as nature produced it .So you cannot take a cucumber and make it better than it already is.Man on the other hand can take a food and make it worse through processing.Take white flour for example which has been stripped of almost all it's vitamins and minerals.It can almost be considered a non food. The food has to be organic in the senses no artificial fertilisers were used in it's growing.You should avoid any foods that have been processed in any way,even food in cans often has chemicals added to it.

Law No 2 we should set food in the right proportions that is 80% carbohydrates 10% protein and 10% fat.For most people they are eating too much fat and too much protein.This comes about through eating too much meat and dairy products so you must reduced that and increase you fruit and vegetable intake.

Law No 3 you should have a variety of different fruit and vegetables,just having potatoes each day is not good.This may be a habit of yours but it is one that needs to be broken. Law No 4 eat raw food. With cooking be it roasting,frying steaming we destroy at least 60% of the enzymes in the food giving our body a much harder job of digesting the food.So you will find that when you eat raw food you will not have that bloated feeling you get when eating a cooked meal.Enzymes are proteins that speed up the chemical breakdown of food so if they are all present in food you digest then your body has a much easier job. Law No 5 we must allow the body to heal itself.To often we rush to the doctor to get that magic pill but all we are doing is increasing the profits of pharmaceutical companies.An illness is the body's way of cleansing itself so you must allow it to do the work.Prevention is better of course and eating the right food and liquids will reduced the amount of sickness you feel dramatically. Law No 6 The Law of Deficiency if you eat refined food lacking in vitamins or nutrients and food grown on depleted soils then this will lead to disease,hence

the need for food that is whole and in the right proportion.

Law No 7 we must have the right ph balance which is in favour of alkaline.To much meat will induce an acidic ph level and the body will have to use calcium from the bone to neutralise it.This can lead to osteoporosis in later life. Law No 8 eat in moderation.It is clear people are eating too much as we look around and see the level of obesity.An excess of refined carbohydrates created an excess of sugar which puts a strain on the production of insulin.If the ability to produce insulin is reduced then diabetes is the result. Law No 9 you need to have correct food combinations.As I have said the correct proportions are 80% carbohydrates 10% protein and 10% fat but that does not mean having all the protein in one meal and all the carbohydrates in the next.Oh and eat melon separately as it does not go well with other food. So stick to Dr Jensen's nine laws and your health will improve.

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The Nine Dietary Laws presents the nine dietary laws that will lead you to better health.