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Hello I'm Andrew Collinson and I want to help you deepen your spiritual practice


Whatever your spiritual practice Christian,Jewish,Muslim,Buddhist Hindu or Sikh then if you are a sincere practitioner you must devote a lot of time to your practice.

The problem is that in this modern world with the cost of everything rising we must earn a living .So we are left with the problem of balancing the two.

Some people argue that to earn money is against spiritual practice but I am here to tell you it is not.Any organised religion needs money to operate and if you go on any retreat then you will have to pay for it. Sure they try to keep the cost as low as possible but they have their own running costs which must be covered.

The problem with a conventional job is that you are only paid when you are working so you need a way of leveraging your time so you earn whilst you are doing your practice.

Wouldn’t that be a great thing?Well there is a way of doing it.

Now we have the power of the internet at our disposal.We can create an online business which we can run from anywhere in the world.

In this eBook I am going to show how to get started.As your income grows and comes in on autopilot you will have more time to devote to your spiritual practice.


So let’s get started You are going to need a few things to get started 1. A computer and an internet connection 2. This blueprint 3. A burning desire to succeed so you can devote more time to your spiritual practice

So what is the system? One of the first question I am asked is can you really make money online whilst you are asleep? It seems an alien concept to most of us as we taught that we need to go out and get a job. Indeed out entire education system is built on the assumption that we pass exams go to university and then go and work for someone else.We are taught that time is money and we can only earn whilst we are at work.You have to think “time is time and money is money”.The two are separate and that’s how it should also be.This system allows you take whatever results you are getting now and multiply then manifold.

Step One: Find a product To earn money you have to have something tosell.It can be a product or a service that people want which will solve their problem or make their life easier.The good news is even if you can either get someone else to create a product for you or sell a product that has already been created.For myself I like to create my own as there is a greater sense of satisfaction but youcan make a lot of money by selling the product from others.

Step Two: The traditional way of starting your own business is to rent a shop stock it with your product and then open the doors to your customer.The problem with this method is you have a high upfront costs rent wages and inventory purchase.Then you have no guarantee anyone will buy your product.With the internet you upfront costs are minimal .But you 4

will need a platform to sell on and that will be a website or blog.The trick is to find a niche where there is high demand and low competition.We will look at how to do that later.

Step Three: You need customers: So you have found the product and you have the platform.Now you need the customer.You can have a great product but if no one wants it then it will not sell.You need to do proper keyword research so see if people are actually looking for what you want to offer.The beauty of keyword research is that can avoid making the costly mistake of creating a product no one wants.

Do you need any special talents? No you do not.I am from a generation which were never taught how to use a computer at school. I remember when someone brought in a pocket calculator and we all thought it was really cool.So no you do not have to be a techie.But you will need to educate yourself in marketing and once you have that knowledge you must APPLY IT.If you do not take action then nothing will happen.It is this combination of knowledge and application that will lead you to success.So there will be a lot of hard work at the start.This may interfere with your spiritual practice but the rewards will come later when you can (a) do that three month retreat and (b) pay for it too.

When you get back home you will find all your bills paid for and see how much money you made whilst you locked yourself away from the world.


Building a list and having a relationship with that list You must have a list of email subscribers if you are going to sell anything.But you must have a relationship with that list because people are much more likely to buy from people they know like and trust.Are you someone who puts the phone down on cold callers.Yes so am I and this is because the person did even bother to get to know me.

You need to build that list because that is where your buyers come from .You can build that list by offering people free advice and tips on how you built your business.Please understand you do not have to jump into the make money online niche.This advice can be applied to any niche from juggling to making garden gnomes.What you need to have is an opt in page sometimes known as a squeeze page where in return for a reader giving you their email address you give them a free product. It could be a  An eBook  A newsletter  A video course If people are offered it for free then are more likely to take it and give you their email address. The other great thing is you now know each person is interested in what you have to offer and will probably want more of it.By giving you their email address they are giving you permission to send them more stuff about your niche be it free or paid. Don’t worry if your opt in page is not very good just get it up there with an opt in form on it.As Seth Godin said “just ship”. That way you start funnelling all those potential customers into your list.

Building the landing Page There are three elements to a good landing page 1. A big bold headline that stops people in their tracks. 6

2. Have an opt in form from your auto responderservice.Keep the information you ask for to a minimum.Just ask for first name and email address.Make sure you use a good auto responder like Get Response or Aweberas they give you all the technology you need to maintain even a huge list. 3. Keep the site simple but make sure it has a professional appearance.If necessary get someone from to build it for you.

Now the marketing bit You need people to come to your site so you must start marketing.You can never do too much marketing but at the same time do not spread yourself too thinly.Learn one strategy at a time say video marketing or social media.If you have some money do Google ads or Facebook advertising but get educated before you start as you can lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing.I have used Adwords and I have to say it is the quickest way of getting people onto your list if you choose the right keywords.Just start with a few keywords that work well and then right some killer ads.You only have a few characters with a Google Ad to make a good impression so chose your words well.This will lead to higher click through rates.

With Faceook adsthe same principles apply as with Adwords except that youare only advertising to Facebooksubscribers .BUT you can be much more targeted on who sees your ad.You can choose only people of a certain age and who have expressed an interest in the niche you are in.

Doing Joint Venture A JV is when you team up with someone who is in a complimentary niche to you and you agree to promote their product to your list and vice versa. Make sure the person you are dealing with has a good product as you don’t want to be seen promoting a poor product to your list.If you do people will start to unsubscribe from your list. 7

Hopefully some of the people on your JV’s list will opt into your list as will some opt into the list of your JV.In this way both of you benefit and your list will grow.

Article Marketing You can write a great article about your chosen niche and then have it published on hundreds of article hosting websites.Many of these have high page rankings .As you are able to post links back to your landing page this will drive more traffic to your opt in form

Make sure you have your keyword phrase in the title and in the first sentence of the article.This will help the search engines rank your site. Ensure you website address is in your signature file so people can click to your landing page.It is better if you write the articles yourself as your passion for your subject will show however if you are pushed for time and have a budget you can hire people at to write them for you.

Video Marketing Video is another area where you can drive traffic to your website.You Tube is the third most visited website in the world after Google and Facebook so the traffic there is massive.

Set up your own channel on YouTube and start recording videos then upload.People will view your videos and share them with others.Pretty soon you will have a lot of hits and more traffic coming to your landing page.

As you add to your videos the list of them is displayed to anyone who views even just one of your videos


Make sure you ask for a call to action on your videos both in the video itself and in the description section below the video.This will also drive more traffic to your website.

Blogging Blogging is very important and you do need your own personal branding site that acts as the hub of all your traffic generation strategies.But make sure you broadcast your blog posts to your email list and also your social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as otherwise you will get no traffic.

The Blogging platform of choice is Wordpress and make sure you get the paid version which is more versatile than the free will have to buy a domain name for the .org site which you can get at Namecheap and you will need a hosting service and I recommend Hostgator.

Search Engine Optimization To get high up on the search engine rankings for your chosen keywords you must do two things keep adding great content to your blog and start to build back links.Google likes to see a site expanding and want to see inbound links from authority sites as proof that your site has status amongst other bloggers.The easiest way is to comment on other blogs as you are allowed to post your own website information.

Ensure also that you keywords are shown in your meta tags as well as the first sentence of your blogpost.Then Google will know what you post is about.

SEO is important as over the long term you will gradually start to be number one for certain keywords and it will become almost impossible for anyone else to overtake you unless they are adding a massive amount of content and generating lots of back links. 9

What to do next Learn the art of attraction marketing and give real value to your target market.If you are following a spiritual practice then you will a person who is real and doesn’t want to rip people off.So have a genuine concern for your customers and they will start to buy from you. Do not sell hard right out of the gate.People will unsubscribe from your list very quickly if you do that. Tell them about yourself and offer them products which you can genuinely say will be of benefit to them.

Follow all this advice and you will have something to sell a platform on which to sell it and customers who want to buy it.

As to the product you can either create our own in which case you will get 100% of the sale price. Howeverif you have no product then go with affiliate marketing as the product is already in existence and you have no worries about shipping or dealing with customers.The only downside is that you only get a part of the sale price usually in the region of 50 60%.

Start off small and offer you list a freebie such as an eBook or report. Then offer as an upsell a small priced product somewhere between $27 and $97 dollars that will start bringing the money in.Only offer a product that you would buy yourself and use.

Then you can start thinking about that retreat you want to go confident that you have the money to pay for it, can afford the time and know when you get home you will have earned even more.

As a starting point to increasing your understanding of marketing on the internet I recommend The Internet Laptop Lifestyle Video series from Internet Marketing Guru Stuart Ross. 10

You can instant access to ithere. In this content rich training you get over 7 hours of cutting edge internet marketing training.You will learn        

The six rules to six figures How to outsource How to build a list How to build your marketing funnel How to build your blog How to get traffic Learn about mailing lists Why information marketing is the best business model

I can tell you I have watched all the videos and there is no fluff or waffle here just great advice on how to take immediate action and build a business. Dive right in with this training and then TAKE ACTION as this is the only way you are going to build a residual income that will support your spiritual practice.

I wish you well and may you always have a calm and peaceful mind. Yours in Mastery Andrew Collinson Please say hello on my blog at


How to Earn money to support your spiritual practice  

Andrew Collinson of shows you how to build a recurring income that will free up your time and allow you to...

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