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GETTING STARTED WITH EZINE ADVERTISING BY Andrew Collinson of One of the best ways to build your list of email subscribers is to do some form of ezine advertising. If you have been trying to build a list using free resources such as video social and article marketing I expect it is taking much longer than you would have hoped. The truth is you must be adding a huge amount of content to the web if you are even going to be found by the search engines and even then it could be months or years before the effort pays off. The truth is you must regard free marketing strategies as a long term method for generating leads. They will come eventually but they will take time. The trouble is you do not have that time. You want to see an income coming in now. You may already be spending money on internet marketing products and want to see a return on your investment. To get that you must have paid advertising as part of your marketing strategy. You can go down the Google Adwords route but unless you know what you are doing it could end up costing you a lot of money. You must pay Google for every click that happens on your ads regardless of whether you get a sale or not. If your offer is not persuasive then you will get no sales. With Ezine Ads you pay a fixed fee which can potentially give you a lot more clicks than you would otherwise get with Google. The more clicks you have the lower is the cost per click whereas with Adwords the more clicks you get the more you pay.

So how to you go about finding a placing an ad? Go to Google and then type in the word or words that is your niche followed by the word "ezine" or "newsletter" This will bring all the ezine or newsletters that operate in your niche. Then go the ezine website and see if they accept ads. There are five types of ads solo, banner, classified, sponsored and advertorial. The most effective but the most expensive are solo ads and sponsored. Sponsored ads can be placed at the top middle or bottom of the newsletter however at the top will get the most clicks. Solo ads are ads that go out to the newsletterʼs subscriber list as an email. They go with nothing else hence the expression solo ad. You could say they are the email equivalent of a lead capture page. There is no other distraction and you have one call to action. Click on the link to your website. Next write your ad with a compelling headline, list the benefits of the product and finish with a call to action. If they ad gets you clicks then list it again with the same ezine only this time change the headline and see if that ad does better. If it does keep on changing it until you have an ad that you cannot better. Then if it makes you money in excess of the cost of advertising runs it forever. This is ezine advertising. Do it now if you are not getting the lead quantity you hoped for.

Getting Started with Ezine Advertising shows you how ezine advertising can rapidly increase the number of people who opt in to your email list.

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